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Themed Restaurants in Orlando

Order up! Wild and wacky wonders are on the menu at Orlando’s eccentric eateries.

Orlando is a land of culinary plenty. Florida’s farmlands and coastal cities form an epicurean wonderland, and this charming city nestles right into it. Orlando’s visual splendor draws visitors across the globe for a peek at castles and colorful characters. But the city’s spirited tastes take them to new heights.

Here, every dining space offers a niche reprieve from reality. While creating your list of things to do in Orlando, add these spots with creative plates and unmatched flavor. These are the must-see themed restaurants in Orlando.

Entertainment and Fantasy

You can catch dinner and a show at these fantastical dining venues.

1. T-Rex Cafe

A few doors down from our high-flying, breathtaking theater, you'll find another portal through space and time. Your themed eatery adventure should begin with a stop at the T-Rex Cafe. Bring the whole family for this Jurassic journey, where reanimated fossils lurk behind every palm frond.

Tree-lined dining spaces make eating environments for dinos and humans compatible, meaning you might share your meal with a mighty new friend. Our prehistoric neighbors serve up a menu worth roaring about. Tomato-flecked caprese flatbreads and Paleozoic chicken sandwiches make delicious use of the earth’s bounty.

At the watering hole, creative cocktails channel tropical flavors and dino-inspired mixers. For dessert, dig your spoons into a smoking Chocolate Extinction. Careful! One wrong bite, and you might wipe out an entire species.

2. Rainforest Cafe

Leading the parade of Disney Springs restaurants is a beloved mechanical menagerie. The Rainforest Cafe is a Disney Springs staple, still sparking wonder with animatronic animals and floral-heavy decor. Jump into this eternal jungle adventure to add your name to the list of explorers willing to brave the untamed wilderness.

Of course, you’ll have to stop for provisions along the way. Delicious, energy-offering fare fills this menu, fit for every taste. Fuel your expedition with ancient grain bowls, saucy spare ribs, and spicy stir fry.

When you’ve made your final discovery, celebrate with a citrus-laced slice of key lime pie or spring for the Sparkling Volcano, a massive brownie topped and sauced to your heart’s content.

3. Planet Hollywood

Even in Florida, Hollywood glam is never hard to find. At Planet Hollywood, movies and food intermingle for an eating experience that pleases all the senses. Four dining floors leave plenty of space for memorabilia, and this restaurant is full of it.

Genuine film artifacts dot every nook and cranny, eliciting squeals of recognition from lifelong moviegoers. Treat your taste buds to explosive flavor as you feast your eyes on the merch. An all-American menu dishes out comfort food and indulgent bites.

Dig into the five-cheese dip as you shed a tear over memories from Titanic and line up a bacon burger bite while fawning over Star Wars props. Great food, good films, and a side of nostalgia — it doesn’t get much better than this.

Disney Magic

Tasty treats abound across the universe. Try them all at Disney’s dynamic dining halls.

4. Be Our Guest Restaurant

A tale as old as time comes to life in this storied ballroom. The Be Our Guest Restaurant captures an iconic scene from Beauty and the Beast, capturing it just long enough for you to be part of the experience. Wander the halls of the enchanted castle to reach your spot at the table.

Ancient knight-lined corridors and Gothic stone details capture the intrigue that engulfs Belle’s romantic saga. Three dining rooms mean you’ll never know what to expect — legends abound of magical roses in the study in the chandelier-studded ballroom.

As masters of full-sensory experiences, we consider this majestic ballroom to be top-tier.

5. Cinderella’s Royal Table

A Disney classic gets the culinary treatment at this fine dining experience fit for a princess. Say hello to Cinderella before ascending an ornate staircase to the gilded banquet room. Here sits Cinderella’s Royal Table in all its majesty. Medieval stone archways and intricate stained glass windows craft a setting straight from a fairy tale.

Peer out the window for a bird’s-eye look at Fantasyland below, and cavort with magical characters stopping by to visit your hostess. The Royal Table welcomes guests for every meal, but the breakfast banquet is particularly enchanting.

Carnivores delight in the traditional breakfast, while the pastry plate sates the appetites of those with a sweet tooth. Court beverages range from crisp lemonade to rich hot cocoa, with specialty cocktails on the rocks to keep spirits bright. There’s no dress code, but don your tiaras and stately capes to fit right in.

Source: Disney World

6. Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant

It’s a horn-honking, rubber-burning trip to the past at this dynamic eatery. The Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant buckles guests into car-shaped booths for a high-powered journey back to the '50s. Give in to the nostalgia as you settle into the picture of drive-in theater flair.

Retro sci-fi clips grace the big screen as you chow down, complete with aliens, robots, mummies, and more. Twinkling taillights and a star-studded sky round out the atmosphere. But this restaurant runs on more than vintage charm.

The signature drive-in burger is topped with a tangy bourbon-bacon jam, while the chicken salad sandwich is flecked with crisp apple bites. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong with a magical dessert finale.

7. Oga’s Cantina at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Traversing other worlds is high on the list of things to do in Orlando. But when all that intergalactic exploration leaves you thirsty, only one destination will do. Oga’s Cantina is a universally beloved watering hole among unsavory smugglers, traders, and tourists. Perhaps it’s the live entertainment, which retains a pleasantly robotic twang.

Or maybe the crowds are drawn to its retro, slightly rusted decor and curvy bronze bar. More likely, though, the galaxy’s penchant for quenching concoctions makes this spot so popular.

Feel free to take your time sipping and people-watching. On occasion, you might get a peek at Oga’s infamous regulars.

8. Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen

Satisfy your wildest cravings at this tropical tavern. The Jungle Skipper Canteen takes diners on a culinary trip across the globe, on the hunt for the next great flavors. Fans of Disney’s longest-running river excursion rejoice at this extension of Jungle Cruise lore.

Hop off the steamer and into this quirky dining space, packed with curios from the latest expedition. This menu draws inspiration from various continents for a fantastically fused feast. Sample some family recipes passed down to Dr. Albert Falls.

Here, you’ll discover tasty noodles laden with toppings, crispy fried chicken, and tangy pickled vegetables. Specialty cocktails put the fruits of the jungle to good use, while the dessert menu boasts citrus flair.

Cultural Immersion - EPCOT World Showcase Restaurants

The fruits of the earth are on full display at EPCOT. Escape to new tastes at these diverse dining experiences.

9. San Angel Inn Restaurante

Your journey around the world in eighty plates starts at the San Angel Inn Restaurante. Here, an eternal twilight casts the dining space in purple shadows. Jungle trees poke out of the dim horizon, a lush, leafy barrier between you and a curiously glowing volcano.

Spectacular in their own right, these natural wonders are but a backdrop to the true focal point: a stunning Mayan pyramid stretching toward the night sky. Candlelight illuminates the offerings at your table. A menu packed with authentic Mexican cuisine means you’re in for an evening of decadent delights.

Sopa Azteca makes a traditionally tasteful start to the meal before diving into mouth-watering entrées. Ribeye tacos and chipotle chicken enchiladas are inventive takes on long-held favorites. As always, a slice of tres leche de horchata ends any meal on a sweet note.

10. Le Cellier Steakhouse

The voyage continues with a trip to a cozy Canadian château. Le Cellier Steakhouse brings America’s northern neighbor all the way to sunny Orlando. Drawing aesthetic inspiration from a graceful wine cellar, this spot beckons hungry guests inside with warm lights and rich reds and golds.

Prime meats and salt-kissed seafood stud this menu. Exquisite cuts, such as ribeye and filet mignon, are served alongside classic flavors, such as caramelized onion and herby potatoes. Add a touch of luxury to the table with beef tartare and fresh mussels.

As the wall scones flicker, dine on Le Cellier’s signature poutine for a true taste of Canadian cuisine. For dessert, maple crème brûlée and peanut butter tortes make a jolly end to a scrumptious meal.

11. Via Napoli

A slice of Italian country life resides in EPCOT. The pleasantly rustic dining space at Via Napoli draws visitors craving a warm, family-style experience. Amidst smooth overhead arcs and dainty murals, the smoky scent of wood-fired pizza sparks a sense of calm.

Happy chatter rings out here, punctuated by the awe-filled sounds of foodies in their natural habitat. Authentic Neapolitan-style pizza graces the menu. Keep it classic with a margherita pie, or choose your own adventure with a vast assortment of toppings.

Come for the pizza and stay for the antipasti, which includes saffron risotto balls and fried calamari. You wouldn’t visit Italy without testing a dessert, and the same rule applies here. Sit back with a scoop of sorbetto, and you might feel the ghost of a Mediterranean breeze on your face.

Source: Patina Group

Unique Experiences

Fresh flavors and eclectic entrees are served up at these out-of-the-box haunts.

12. ICEBAR Orlando

In this city’s tropical heat, sometimes you just need a place to chill — enter ICEBAR Orlando. This below-freezing bar transports guests directly to the Arctic. Meticulously carved from 70 tons of ice, ICEBAR is both an architectural wonder and a spectacular watering hole.

Step inside this temperature-defying space all year long for a taste of the cold, surrounded by twinkling sculptures and charming ice princesses. Fuzzy coats are doled out upon arrival, and you can pick up the icy cocktails on the menu.

With coconut cooladas and tequila refreshers in hand, use ICEBAR’s frosty photo ops to record your night braving the chill. When you feel frostbite setting in, head next door to the toasty Fire Lounge. This hidden gem in Orlando will warm you up quickly with flaming cocktails and hot, spicy fare.

13. The Edison

Time-honored thrills abound in The Edison’s dusky, brick-studded interior. The 1920s roar loudest in this space, dressed and decked with industrial relics. Here, electricity buzzes, and jazz is the music of the day.

Walk through these doors, and you’re met with a true escape into the past. Housed in an antique power plant, The Edison serves up nostalgia and Gothic flair to guests eager to leave modern sensibilities behind.

This menu takes classic cuisine to new heights. All your favorites are here — each with an innovative twist. Think tender short ribs and pickle-brined roasted chicken. Entertainment offers ear candy along with the meal, with thumping basses and deep-voiced crooners.

On a lucky night, you might glimpse an aerialist in action. And if this sparks a new hunger for high-flying feats, it’s a good thing we’re just down the road.

14. Mango’s Tropical Cafe

This glittering tropical paradise brings island adventures indoors. Mango’s Tropical Cafe exists outside of all boxes. To call it a bar, restaurant, or nightclub is to undermine its essence. In reality, Mango’s is all of these things and more.

Celebration central, community hangout, concert venue, house of joys — this place can be anything you want, including a fabulous place to have a meal. Every night is a party here. A two-story stage hosts some of Orlando's best DJs, dancers, and musical acts.

Three nights per week, the Mango’s live crew ignites crowds with a spirited samba, all dolled up in shimmering feathers. The cocktails here are on theme: strong, inventive, and neon-colored.

Signature plates include shareable and comfort foods like pizza, tacos, and sliders. Convenient, handheld fare means you’ll never have to stray too far from the dance floor.

A Culinary Adventure Across Orlando’s Themed Dining Wonderland

With taste buds sated and experimental thirsts quenched, it’s time to find a feast for your other senses at one of our shows in Orlando.

Our curious cadre of twirling tricksters can satisfy your taste for adventure as you travel with us through mysterious lands with a lovable cast of characters at your side. Our journeys are a treat for the soul, offering a breathtaking escape from reality you’ll never want to end.

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