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Disney Springs Orlando Restaurants

At these Walt Disney World Resort restaurants, Italian flavors dance beside American aromas, and Mexican cuisine stands side-by-side with Pan-Asian dishes.

Amid adventures filled with mouse ears and twinkling lights, there’s a world where unexpected delights wait around every corner. When you're in this city, trying as many Disney Springs Orlando restaurants as you can is a must.

Every dining spot boasts a unique menu, atmosphere, and feel. Some are perfect for big groups and mini explorers, while others offer an intimate dining experience. Here are some of the best restaurants to add to your list of things to do in Orlando.


Mexican food is a cacophony of flavors, where delicate tortillas cradle spicy meats, tangy salsas, and creamy avocado.

1. Frontera Cocina

Step through Frontera Cocina’s doors and leave the ordinary behind. Chef Rick Bayless’ passion for flavorful cuisine is evident in every dish, including the tangy tortilla soup and sizzling carne asada tacos.

Kids can wrap their little hands around quesadillas and have fun sampling soft-serve vanilla ice cream — do you dare to drizzle mildly spiced chamoy over yours? As the sun sets, twinkling lights and the soothing serenade of mariachi music wash over you.


The dishes of Ireland include rich stews, root vegetables, and soft, crusty bread. In these eateries, it’s all about togetherness.

2. Cooke’s of Dublin

Immerse yourself in the spirit of the Emerald Isle at Cookes of Dublin. The rhythmic sounds of traditional music draw you into an atmosphere that feels like a warm hug.

Don’t miss out on the chef’s famous fish and chips — there’s even a yummy gluten-free option. Plus, a kid’s portion gives mini adventurers a chance to have their first taste of this classic.

3. Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant

Let the energy of Raglan Road sweep you off your feet. Gaze in awe at the Irish dancers’ fancy footwork and feel the fun of live traditional music. The homey scent of shepherd’s pie and bangers and mash mingles with the joyful sound of guitars and fiddles.

It’s a hearty celebration of food and the wonder of gathering among a large group of friends and strangers.


Ready to wander into a cheesy landscape of melted mozzarella, crowded with the toppings you love most? Here are some of our favorite pizza places in Disney Springs.

4. Blaze Pizza

Looking for a restaurant in Disney Springs, Orlando, that serves keto pizza? At Blaze Pizza, your personal taste and preferences take center stage — and the team caters to many dietary requirements.

Here, you’re the master choreographer of topping selection and an accomplished conductor of base and sauce choices. An inferno flashes as your creation disappears into the oven. Minutes later, the curtain rises on your circular masterpiece.

5. Pizza Ponte

Hankering for a slice of New York-style pizza in the heart of Disney Springs? Perhaps you’re looking for a quick, tasty bite? Either way, Pizza Ponte is unmissable. Tuck into colossal slices that are crisp at the edges and taste like a trip to Italy via New York.

Chewy crust, aromatic sauce, and gooey mozzarella combine to create a familiar yet consistently thrilling combination of flavors, smells, and textures. Pizza this good never fails to satisfy, and that's why we love it.

6. Terralina Crafted Italian

At Terallina Crafted Italian, a relaxed murmur of appreciation for high-quality food welcomes you. Aromas of simmering tomato sauce, fresh rosemary, and fragrant basil linger as you sit down at the elegantly set table.

Sunlight casts a warm glow across the brick walls, and soon, your table is overflowing with pillowy bread, heartwarming pasta, and fresh salads. Breathe a sigh of relief before you get back to exploring as the vibes transport you to Italy’s cobblestone streets and sun-drenched vineyards.

7. Summer House on the Lake

The intoxicating scent of jalapeño cornbread and the celebratory clink of mimosas invites you into Summer House on the Lake. At this Californian paradise, you can try delicately infused cocktails and decadent, fresh-from-the-oven cookies.

Feeling super hungry? Fill up on fluffy buttermilk pancakes drenched in real Vermont maple syrup, breakfast tostadas with pulled chicken and black beans, or steak frites. And that's just for brunch. Summer House’s lunch and dinner menu boasts mouth-watering pasta, pizzas, and other comfort food classics.


Taste the delicate flavors of the ocean. White flaky fish, succulent shellfish, and the fresh scent of lemon and herbs promise satisfaction.

8. The Boathouse Orlando

The Boathouse Orlando takes you on a fine dining adventure through land and sea in a restaurant that looks like a boat. Oysters catch the light like precious treasure on your plate, their briny sweetness waiting to make your taste buds sing.

For the main course, a succulent steak casts a savory spell while your champagne cocktail sparkles mischievously. There’s an otherworldly quality to experiences of this caliber — much like our breathtaking shows.

9. Paddlefish

Got a twinkle in your eye and a hunger for the extraordinary? Welcome aboard Paddlefish at Disney Springs, where aroma, flavor, texture, and beauty tickle your senses. Smoky steaks, meaty crab, and tomatoes with creamy rémoulade are just a few favorites you can sample.

Portions are generous, cocktails are strong, and southern classics get modern makeovers. Paddlefish is for anyone who loves bold tastes and nautical vibes alongside fine food.


When you visit Orlando’s Disney Springs restaurants, trying at least one of its famous burger places is obligatory.

10. D-Luxe Burger

At D-Luxe Burger, carnivore dreams come true. Juicy patties rest on brioche, wheat, and pretzel buns. Looking for a vegan burger in Disney Springs? This one comes with vegan Gouda, pickles, and salad.

The floats and artisanal shakes are out-of-this-world — and of course, you’re never too old for one! We especially love treating ourselves to a s’mores gelato shake while taking a pit stop from the heart-pounding fun.

11. Planet Hollywood

If you’re looking for a Disney Springs restaurant with a huge selection of exquisite cuisine, Planet Hollywood is a stellar choice. Step onto the red carpet and strike a pose among the quirky movie star decor.

Especially awesome for birthdays and special occasions, the staff always goes the extra mile to make you feel like a million dollars. We never leave without eating at least one portion of the world-famous chicken crunch tenders.

12. The Edison

Head over to The Edison, a rambunctious Roaring Twenties hot spot that’s equal parts feast and spectacle. Edison-style light fixtures cast a warm glow over plush seating while a live band puts a jazzy spin on well-known tracks. We especially love starting a meal off with the outrageously delicious Clothesline Candied Bacon.

For the main course, the short rib with creamy mashed potatoes never fails to impress. It’s pure comfort meets luxury.


When in Orlando, do as the Floridians do. There are some awesome places where you can enjoy a taste of home. Here are our favorites.

13. House of Blues Restaurant & Bar

The world fades into a hazy blur of nostalgia and fun at the House of Blues Restaurant & Bar. Whether you’re here for a performance or dinner, the live music seeps straight into your soul. Evocative folk art lines the walls, and every dish on the menu packs serious flavor.

Think barbecue nachos with a mountain of cheese, pulled pork, zingy sauce, and crispy onions. Come to the House of Blues to let loose as you dig into some soul-warming food. You're sure to leave with a southern swing in your step.

14. Rainforest Cafe

The jungle comes to life at Rainforest Cafe. Squeals of delight echo through the room as lush foliage, chattering animatronic animals, and the occasional thunderstorm bring a touch of drama to dinner.

We love it when the lights dim and a rumble of thunder makes the animals run for cover. Much more than a meal, this is an unforgettable experience. Seeking more dinner-time theatrics? There’s a whole world of themed restaurants in Orlando to explore.

15. T-REX Cafe

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? No matter your age, T-REX Cafe leaves you feeling as awestruck as a little kid. Prepare to be transported back to the prehistoric era when giant dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Chow down on steaks, burgers, and pasta as enormous life-size animatronic T. rexes and woolly mammoths wander around the room. Now and then, a meteor shower threatens your entire table with extinction — it’s a feast for every sense.

16. Chef Art Smith's Homecomin'

As soon as you enter Chef Art Smith's Homecomin', down-home southern hospitality washes over you. At your table, a steaming bowl of shrimp and grits with tasso ham soothes and delights.

Next up, braised short ribs fall apart when touched, then melt in your mouth. At Homecomin', sides such as hush puppies, mac and cheese, and southern slaw make it feel like Sunday dinner any night of the week.

17. Splitsville

Splitsville in Orlando is all about keeping the good times — and the bowling balls — rolling. This isn’t your average bowling alley fare.

Sure, it has cheesy nachos, burgers, and chicken tenders. But it also serves fresh sushi and grilled salmon. The cocktails are equally impressive, with a huge list featuring everything from piña colada floats to refreshing old-fashioneds.

18. STK Steakhouse

Get dressed up and prepare for a fancy celebration at STK Steakhouse. Legendary tomahawk steaks and filets are just one element of this buzzy eatery. It also has oh-so-flattering lighting, party vibes, and trendy booths.

Like any steakhouse worth its salt, the sides here are mind-blowing. Don’t miss out on the Parmesan truffle fries, creamed spinach, or sweet corn pudding.

19. Wine Bar George

Take a break from the hubbub and watch the world go by from Wine Bar George’s balcony. Munch on mac and cheese bites, share a cheese board with your nearest and dearest or go all-out and order a steak to accompany your cabernet sauvignon.


Italian food is rustic, fresh, and wholesome. This delicious cuisine features a medley of vibrant sauces, fragrant herbs, and piquant aged cheese.

20. Maria & Enzo’s Ristorante

Whisk yourself away to Maria & Enzo’s Ristorante and experience a taste of Italy in the heart of Orlando. If you’re looking for somewhere that makes perfect homemade pasta, this is your sanctuary. Simple classics such as spaghetti e polpette with marinara sauce and Parmesan melt the heart.

Likewise, rigatoni al ragù Bolognese is guaranteed to leave you satiated and smiling. Don’t worry, kids, you won’t miss out — you can build your own pizza at Maria & Enzo’s Ristorante.

21. Enzo’s Hideaway

Disappear into Enzo’s Hideaway for an afternoon. It’s a subversive speakeasy set in a stone-clad tunnel. Nibble on cured meats and artisan cheeses as you work your way through the extensive drink menu. Now is your chance if you have - we love those little cylinders of joy.


Cured meats and deep flavors define Spanish cuisine, and Disney Springs has some enchanting Iberian eateries.

22. Jaleo by José Andrés

Jaleo by José Andrés has all the vibrancy and spirit of a Spanish eatery. Bright colors and pretty tiles take you directly to the markets of Barcelona, and you never have to leave Disney Springs.

Come for favorites such as patatas bravas — potatoes served with a garlicky tomato sauce, or try the show-stopping paella, cooked traditionally over a wood fire.

23. Pepe by José Andrés

Pepe by José Andrés is a grab-and-go concept with mouthwatering Spanish treats. Get yourself a juicy ibérico pork burger, refresh your palate with some zingy gazpacho, and wash it down with a glass of sangria. This is the best of fast food.


Take a culinary journey in the heart of Florida. Here, sweet, sour, spicy, sour, and umami flavors create perfect harmony on your plate.

24. Morimoto Asia

The food at Morimoto Asia is nothing short of culinary artistry. It’s pure theater — which is why we love it so much. Here, chefs twirl knives while preparing dim sum delicacies, Peking duck, and ultra-fresh sushi.

The huge, high-ceilinged space blends Asian imagery with industrial chic while dramatic lighting creates a breathtaking backdrop for your meal.

25. eet by Maneet Chauhan

Sample the exotic flavors of India at eet by Maneet Chauhan. Inside, the space pops with resplendent color, vibrant patterns, and eclectic decor that’s as bold as the food. Every playful morsel intrigues and delights. Fragrant spices, aromatic herbs, and tender meats showcase the best of Indian cuisine, filling your belly and lifting your spirits.


Forged in fire and smoke, check out these restaurants for a taste of tender, smoky deliciousness.

26. The Polite Pig

Prepare for true Southern hospitality and the deeply satisfying flavor of wood-smoked barbecue at The Polite Pig. The restaurant is full of friendly staff and the aroma of meats slow-cooking.

Taste the dedication to barbecue in every dish, whether you opt for USDA prime brisket, cedar plank salmon, pulled pork, or smoked chicken.

27. B.B. Wolf's Sausage Co.

Ready to get acquainted with a whimsical hot dog stand where the sausages are housemade? Say hello to B.B. Wolf's Sausage Co. Get creative at this charming eatery and customize your dog with whichever toppings take your fancy. Order a beer and a portion of fries on the side, and prepare for more Disney-shaped adventures.

Savor the Memories: Disney Springs Restaurants

Disney Springs is a culinary stage where a variety of dining options can be found in a lively atmosphere. After you've had your fill of local cuisine, head to one of our shows in the Orlando area.

We'll take you into a world of dreams as acrobats leap across the stage, mesmerizing you with every movement. Let us take the lead as we immerse you into our intriguing storylines, carefully woven to evoke a tapestry of emotions.

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