Cirque du Soleil Turns 39 Years Young

Put on your party hat: it’s Cirque Week and we’re celebrating 39 wonderful years!

The past year was filled to the brim with exciting happenings and wonderful news for us. Cirque Week is just around the corner and June 16th, our birthday, marks the start of the celebrations. There are many ways to celebrate alongside us and commemorate all we’ve accomplished in our 39th year as creators, innovators, and entertainers.   

“Celebrate What Exactly?”, You Might Ask. 

Our artists’, cast’s, crew’s and employee’s multiple accomplishments over the year. So many things happened that we can be proud of! It’s been quite the year at Cirque, in Montreal, in Las Vegas and all over the world! The list of reasons to raise our glass keeps getting longer and longer every day, so much so we couldn’t possibly list them all… But here’s to trying anyways!   

Across the Globe

Cirque has been a household name internationally for decades, but we’re still making waves everywhere we set foot. In the past year, our touring shows shined bright and dazzled audiences of every horizon. 

A Bit Closer to Home

Home is wherever our epic artists, talented crew and devoted employees are.

  • All year long, the 30th anniversary celebrations are being held in Vegas. This is no small feat, as iconic shows like Mystère and “O” turn 30 and 25 years old respectively. But that’s not all, 10 years ago, Michael Jackson ONE opened the doors of its theater to the public. 30 very busy years on the Strip that went by at lightning-speed. 
  • Internally, we recruited a team of sensitive and knowledgeable personnel who came together to form a DEI committee set towards new diversity, equality, and inclusivity goals and they were given tools and resources to educate the Cirque du Soleil family.  
  • Discover the Extraordinary, an artsy and impactful look into what makes Cirque du Soleil so unique saw the light of day. This campaign is the successor of The Sun Rises and The Intermission is Over campaigns. A fitting follow-up after the post-pandemic relaunch.  
  • Our online community kept growing and growing up until we reached a colossal milestone: we passed 1.7M followers on Instagram! Join our community and follow us there.  
  • We partnered up with world-renowned brands like NYX, Air Canada, and Mastercard, amongst other, so we could bring to life anything our crazy imagination could make up. We're even holding a giveaway with our partners at Sun Life, check it out!  
  • And, finally, we launched a blog so we can keep our dear Cirque fans updated on all things CDS (and we’re very happy about that!)  

High Honors for the Teams 

All this hard off has paid off in the most flattering way possible. We do what we do out of passion for the arts, but I think we can all agree that getting recognition from our industry peers brings validation that we’re doing it right!  

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