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Where in the World is Cirque du Soleil?

“Honey, pack your bags, we’re flying to the circus!”

If you’re in need of a well-deserved vacation, we have some inspiration for your next destination! 

If you’re in search of some well-needed entertainment, we have some suggestions for your next show!  

If you’re in need of both, you’re in luck, grab your passport and hop on a plane with Air Canada to somewhere new! We’ve been around the globe a few times now and we can tell you the best spots to visit and attend a Cirque du Soleil show.   

Alegría in Tokyo, Japan 

One of our most famous creations is currently touring Japan, making audiences gasp at daring acts, swoon at unforgettable scenography, and shed a tear during emotional musical performances. After their stay in Tokyo, the cast and crew are headed to Osaka. Why not follow them, and go for a second round of Alegría?  

Find flights to Tokyo.

Photo by Jezael Melgoza

CRYSTAL in Brisbane, Australia

We’re bringing the sparkling cast and crew of CRYSTAL to Queensland this July – pretty on theme since it’s winter on that side of the world! If you’re willing to make the trip, Australia has so many sights to offer, you will want to stay a while and make it an unforgettable journey, mate.  

Find flights to Brisbane.

LUZIA in Frankfurt, Germany

Is Europe calling your name? Head to one of Europe’s biggest airports on your Air Canada flight and meet us in Frankfurt. Enjoy every bit of charm the old continent has to offer in this magnificent 1st-century city. Discover its historic sites still existing alongside the tallest skyscrapers of Germany. 

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Photo by Steven Wei

KOOZA in Denver, Colorado

Let yourself feel the hot high-desert sun this summer and head to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado for some vitamin C… as in Cirque du Soleil! KOOZA is making a detour to Denver on its way between Toronto and Calgary, and so should you.

Find flights to Denver.

Corteo in San Francisco, California

The Bay area is well-known for its foggy weather and its picturesque red bridge, but there is so much more for you to discover. Between checking out the illustrious Painted Ladies bordering Dolores Park and a visit to Alcatraz after a tour of Pier 39, you’ll have just enough time to attend a representation of Corteo at the Chase Center.

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Photo by Romain Briaux

OVO in Cairo, Egypt

Our colorful swarm of athletes is heading to the land of the Great Pyramids! This ancient city is rich in history and mysteries. Soak up the desert’s bright sun before enjoying a great adventure in the minuscule world of OVO.  

Find flights to Cairo.

ECHO in Montreal, Canda

Hailing from Montreal, most Cirque du Soleil shows debut there. ECHO is Cirque’s latest creation and will open on April 27th, 2023. Now’s your chance to easily visit one of the most incredible cities in Canada with Air Canada!!  

Find flights to Montreal.

All the resident shows in Las Vegas, Nevada

Of course, you know by now that we’ve been bringing our Cirque flair to Las Vegas’ Strip for almost three decades. With a wide variety of signature shows by Cirque du Soleil to choose from, the bustling city will keep you busy every night of your stay.

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Photo by Tobias Smietana

Is your dream destination not listed above? Check out our website and select your favorite city to know if we are visiting soon.

Safe travels, Cirque fans!

Cover image by Rafael Leão.

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