Discover the Extraordinary

We are all born from the sun. We reach beyond. Beyond the expected. Beyond the infinite. Beyond, beyond.

Cirque du Soleil is renewing its commitment to take audiences beyond expectations, to the outer limits of imagination, color, and to feel the deepest emotions. A commitment to the extraordinary we made four decades ago and continue to uphold to this day.

See Cirque du Soleil’s extraordinary for yourself:

The experience of a Cirque du Soleil show goes beyond the expected and transcends languages, countries, and cultures. Why should we bend to boundaries when we can challenge ourselves to disrupt what’s rational, practical, or expected? Beyond is where our future lies.

Reinventing Creativity

For those who’ve just now been introduced to Cirque du Soleil: welcome to the show, we are thrilled that you’re finally joining us! As our fans know well, we are so much more than just a troupe of acrobats.

We travel the world to do outrageous things, subversive things, wildly artistic things. Things other people haven’t. And when we are ready to set sail towards tomorrow, we leave everywhere better than we found it.

Where others can only imagine a better world, we bring it forth for all to see. Our creative spirit pushes us further, beyond, so our people can radiate brightly all over the globe. It takes a lot of moxie to reinvent creativity, and it takes the outlook of many different voices to do so.

Uplifting our Community

At Cirque du Soleil, we’re firm believers that our strength resides in the natural diversity, equality, and inclusivity we’ve nurtured over the course of our long history.

As a superhuman family, it is our responsibility to those within our community and surrounding it to be daring and spearhead the era of change that’s upon us. Endless optimists that we are, we take pride in celebrating this diversity and lead by example.

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