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Best Flamenco Shows in Madrid

There’s no place like the flamenco capital of the world to witness artistry in motion.

Flamenco displays the heart and soul of the country's culture in full force. As the Andalusian Roma migrated from India to Spain centuries ago, they brought their love for musical expression with them.

Upon interacting with the Sephardic Jews and Moors who already called Spain home, the art of flamenco was born. Watching dancers perform this folkloric dance is one of the most awe-inspiring things to do in Madrid.

Flamenco shows offer breathtaking displays of passion as the rhythm guides the performers. The intensity of the music fills the air as a story unfolds. A flamenco show is a phenomenal starting point if you’re looking for a taste of Spanish culture beyond the restaurants and landmarks.


The oldest parts of Madrid are in Centro, where over 1,000 years of history unfold. With so many stories to tell, it’s no surprise Centro has opportunities to appreciate flamenco shows.

1. Corral de la Morería

Established in 1956, Corral de la Morería is among the most prestigious flamenco tablaos worldwide. The New York Times called it the best tablao in the world and for good reason. Daily shows wow audiences with dancers, singers, and guitar players who create unforgettable experiences.

Some of the finest flamenco artists, such as Blanca del Rey and La Chunga, have graced this stage. Pair the show with a gastronomic journey led by renowned Chef David García for a complete cultural experience.

The Michelin Star-winning Restaurante Corral de la Morería serves just four tables at a time, with amazing dishes carefully cultivated to leave your taste buds begging for more. Enjoy your meal as you marvel at some of the best flamenco dancing in Madrid.

2. Cardamomo

At Madrid's Cardamomo, the tradition of flamenco blends with an avant-garde vision. Master flamenco dancers and emerging talents share the stage, capturing Madrid’s ability to seamlessly blend modern and historical elements.

On average, 24 shows play weekly, running every day of the year, including holidays. But there’s more to savor at Cardamomo than the jaw-dropping dancing. Freshly prepared tapas and an extensive drink menu elevate the experience.

While plenty of beer and spirits are on the menu, the carefully cultivated wine list pairs perfectly with the show. Sip on Spanish cava while you admire the dancers' sheer artistry and raw emotion.

3. Teatro Flamenco Madrid

At Teatro Flamenco Madrid, expert dancers evoke feelings and inspire dreams with the same dedication to performing that we embody. Every fluid movement and beat of the music commands reverence from the audience.

Shows take place in the Teatro Alfil. The tables and chairs are arranged, so no matter where you sit, you can see the raw passion in every dancer's expression. You can also get in on the action and learn the art of this traditional dance.

Professional performers frequently teach flamenco classes here. Attendees delve into various aspects of the art, from singing and dancing to mastering the guitar, castanets, and percussion instruments that harmonize to create the entire show.

4. Essential Flamenco

Everything at Essential Flamenco is designed to accentuate the intimate art of flamenco. Sit right at the front of the stage, where you can witness every movement, expression, and hand gesture.

Three shows each day invite tourists and locals to appreciate the heart of this centuries-old form of artistic expression. These shows take place in a 180-year-old brick cave with no amplification for the music, allowing you to experience how the first flamenco shows were performed hundreds of years ago.

5. Centro Cultural Flamenco Madrid

Delve into the history and culture of this dance at Centro Cultural Flamenco Madrid. The musicians and dancers work in perfect harmony, captivating the audience with every move. You're close to the performers at this small venue, so there's no need for sound amplification.

After the show, other areas within the cultural center offer a deeper dive into flamenco. One exhibit features jewelry, traditional dresses, shawls, and other elements used in performances.

6. Tablao Las Carboneras

Venture into one of the city's most iconic flamenco venues at Tablao Las Carboneras, which sits on the ground floor of a palace that once belonged to the Count of Miranda. Despite its historic location, it combines both modern and traditional flamenco trends.

Prestigious performers dance on the stage with precision and grace worthy of a palace setting. Dinner and drinks add to the ambiance. The menu features local favorites, such as Iberian ham, goat and sheep cheeses, and Spanish omelets served with beef stew. Don't forget to wash your meal down with a refreshing sangria.

7. Torres Bermejas

It’s not hard to bask in the splendor of Torres Bermejas. This venue oozes elegance by design. It replicates the interior of the Torres Bermejas of the Alhambra in Granada. Arabic motifs adorn the walls, and tiles and coffered ceilings add to the extravagance. The venue is as much a spectacle as the shows on its stage.

Each live show features a stunning combination of singing, dancing, guitar playing, and clapping. Nothing here is rehearsed. The fluid movements are improvised, meaning each show encompasses the true sentiments felt in the moment. Indulge in delicious Spanish cuisine as you watch and immerse yourself in the experience.

If you’d instead join in on the action, the venue offers flamenco workshops occasionally. It’s the perfect opportunity to get your body moving and take some of Spain’s rich culture home with you.

8. Teatro Magno

Experience flamenco in pure opulence at Teatro Magno. Red velvet and golden accents line the walls, and three floors of rooms and theaters host dances, events, and performances. It primarily houses some of Madrid’s best nightlife scenes, but occasionally, a flamenco show lands on its calendar.

9. Tablao de la Villa

Enter an 18th-century mansion and prepare to be ushered into a world of sheer elegance. Tablao de la Villa welcomes traditional flamenco artists onto its stage. Each show lasts about an hour and takes you on an emotional roller coaster that could rival the ones at Madrid’s theme parks.

Enjoy the full experience with an authentic Spanish meal. Order delectable tapas, such as Iberian ham or Manchego cheese, or an entire meal, such as Iberian pork cheeks or braised oxtail. You'll never leave this tablao with an empty stomach.


Visit the Arganzuela neighborhood to watch some of the best flamenco performances in Madrid.

10. Café Ziryab

Café Ziryab's goal is to make audiences fall in love with flamenco. Its traditional and modern interpretations attract viewers from around the world. Those truly interested in the art can engage in regular roundtable discussions after the shows.

Flamenco classes taught by expert dancers are tailored to every experience level. Even if you’ve never danced a beat in your life, you'll be able to learn the art of this traditional dance.


The vibrance of flamenco’s history perfectly echoes the multicultural influences in Lavapiés.

11. Tablao Flamenco La Quimera

When you perform the flamenco dance, you tap into the feeling known as "duende." It's a heightened emotion that every flamenco dancer strives to achieve as the rhythm of the music guides them.

The dancers at Tablao Flamenco La Quimera don't use any choreography. Instead, they let the music guide the show while the audience takes it all in. The restaurant's menu is filled with traditional Spanish fare, from paella to Galician-style octopus.

This venue also boasts a flamenco school, where you can take theoretical and practical classes. Expert instructors will guide you through the history and techniques culminating in this beloved dance style. Don't forget to show off your new moves when you return home.

12. La Cueva de Lola

In the heart of Madrid, La Cueva de Lola awaits. Here, you'll be surrounded by an original 17th-century flamenco cave and immerse yourself in the dance’s rich history.

For an hour, the show blends dancers' grace with melodic voices and expertly played guitar. Echoing Madrid's deep love for the arts, the dancers effortlessly captivate the crowd.

Paired with the mouthwatering Andalusian flavors of the menu and national wines or delicately sweet sangria, the entire experience is unforgettable. The Iberian meats and cheeses make the perfect embellishment to an already incredible Madrid flamenco show.

Puerta del Sol

You might visit Puerta del Sol to see its famous clock, but you’ll want to stay for the flamenco.

13. Tablao La Carmela

Vaulted brick ceilings surround you at Tablao La Carmela. Flamenco breathed new life into what was once a convent’s coal cellar, injecting a newfound vibrancy and purpose into the historical site.

Within the halls, performers live and breathe flamenco, interacting with the crowd at every opportunity. Each show takes on a life of its own as dancers move with the room's energy and react to the audience.

Visitors can choose between four menus, each offering a different culinary journey with vibrant flavors.


In Vallecas, flamenco comes alive with a tradition passed on for generations.

14. Taberna Flamenca El Cortijo

Tourists like to visit the places the locals frequent to experience a destination’s culture. In Madrid, the locals go to Taberna Flamenca El Cortijo for a flamenco experience that brims with heart and soul. Tourists are welcomed with open arms, but the restaurant primarily caters to locals.

It’s a bit of a Madrid hidden gem for tourists, but that makes it all the more meaningful to visit. Here, the only thing more beautiful than the music and dancing is each performer's sheer passion. The venue, which two professional flamenco dancers founded, showcases the spirit of this ancient art.

Unforgettable music and dancing guided by intuition meld with the intimate atmosphere and typical Spanish gastronomy. Of course, it’s easier to appreciate the skill that goes into the dance by learning more about it. This venue offers introductory workshops designed to teach the fundamentals of flamenco.

Work up an appetite while learning simple steps and develop an ear for catching the rhythms you’re likely to hear.

15. Tablao Flamenco Los Porches

While most flamenco venues tend to have more intimate settings, Tablao Flamenco Los Porches dances to the beat of its own drum. It's the largest flamenco complex in Madrid, with three flamenco tablaos and an extensive restaurant all in one location.

Each stage has its own shows and unique atmosphere, and the shows change regularly. Tapas and other special dishes combine authentic Spanish cuisine with a creative gastronomic twist to make an experience unique to this establishment. As you dig into dishes like paella, it’s impossible not to smile.

The venue hosts other engaging events that provide opportunities, including paella cooking and flamenco classes.

Exploring the Heartbeat of Madrid Through Flamenco

Madrid has earned its reputation as the flamenco capital of the world. After the curtains close on a flamenco show, head to the big top for an otherworldly experience. Our shows in Madrid share parallels with the local flamenco scene, from the unforgettable music to the touching stories played out with athletic artistry.

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