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Best Madrid Theme Parks and Amusement Parks

Madrid isn’t all palaces and historical sites. These theme and amusement parks bring exhilarating thrills.

When the streets of Madrid blur together, and you’re looking for action-packed adventures, it’s time to see the city from another angle. Of all the things to do in Madrid, the best theme parks and amusement parks rank highly.

Roller coasters, waterslides, and adventure parks evoke thrills around every turn. As creators of thrills and adventures, we can appreciate the heart and artistry put into every one of Madrid’s theme parks.

Adventure Parks

Traveling to a new country is an adventure, but these theme parks add a brand new element to the thrill.

1. Aventura Amazonia

Madrid has two Aventura Amazonia adventure parks: Cercedilla and Pelayos. Whether you’re alone or with family or friends, these parks promise an intense experience.

Explore Fuenfría Valley in Cercedilla to discover the largest adventure park in Spain. The park has 114 games in the canopies and 33 zip lines with stellar views. Children aged six and older can get in on the action. Its seven circuits will have you leaping, soaring, and falling like our most seasoned acrobats.

Pelayos sits near the San Juan Reservoir. It offers 99 treetop games to push your body to its limit and 25 zip lines running through stunning expanses of woods. Not much compares to the freedom of weightlessness as you fly 255 meters through the trees.

2. De Pino a Pino Navacerrada

As much fun as exploring Madrid’s historic city streets can be, sometimes you need fresh air. Surrounded by majestic mountains and pine trees, you’ll uncover the natural beauty of Spain at De Pino a Pino Navacerrada.

Leave all hesitations behind in the parking lot and climb high into the tree line to brave zip lines, net bridges, and swinging platforms. As you jump, climb, and swing the day away, you may discover you can do much more than you thought.

3. Tirolinas GO!

There’s no shame in screaming as you’re propelled down zip lines or jumping from platform to platform at Tirolinas GO! in Madrid. The visceral experience of plummeting as fast as gravity can carry you tends to have that effect.

This adventure park is in Guadarrama and encompasses the Encinillas Reservoir. The reservoir is part of the experience, with a 380-m zipline over its surface available for those who dare approach it.

Here, you’ll find circuits aimed at all skill levels. Tree-to-tree circuits and zip lines keep you active and engaged as you push yourself to the limits and see how far you can get.

Amusement and Theme Parks

Whether you’re a daredevil seeking the ultimate thrill or prefer your amusement parks on the gentler side, you’ll find what you’re looking for in these Madrid amusement parks.

4. Parque de Atracciones

Parque de Atracciones is a park within a park. As you wander the vast green spaces of Casa de Campo, you’ll spot orange roller coaster tracks that peek out above the canopy in the distance. Screams of joy fill the air as you approach, promising fun family days.

The park features four themed zones, each offering a completely different ambiance. Children adore Nickelodeon Land and its abundance of cartoon characters ready to greet them. In Tranquilidad, zombies crawl through The Walking Dead Experience.

The 32 attractions throughout the park and the live shows culminate into an unforgettable experience.

5. Parque Warner Madrid

Parque Warner Madrid evokes nostalgia in those who grew up with legendary cartoon characters, such as Bugs Bunny and Yogi Bear. This theme park has five distinctive zones and offers DC superheroes, classic cartoon characters, and chances to delve into the behind-the-scenes world of movie-making.

Take a trip down memory lane as you ride through a massive picnic with Tom and Jerry on a coaster. If you like your amusement with more intensity, strap yourself into the Lex Luthor Invertatron, which relentlessly whips you around at high speeds. The Batman Gotham City Escape gives all who dare to ride it an adrenaline rush.

Of course, your favorite movie scenes wouldn’t be possible without the expert artists behind them. Our shows are the same way — they’d be impossible to put on without the immense support from backstage experts.

This park also offers a BackStage LAPD Experience, where you can experience what it's like to drive through an action-packed police chase.

6. Parque Warner Beach

Madrid summers might be hot, but a trip to Parque Warner Beach beats the heat. Situated next to Parque Warner Madrid, this aquatic park makes you feel like you’ve stepped into an old-school cartoon.

For the youngest children, shallow pools and splash playgrounds offer a chance to cool off. It's one of the best things to do in Madrid with kids. On the other end of the spectrum, true adrenaline rushes await on rides that send you free-falling down a wet slide or flying through rapid currents aboard a raft.

Historical Theme Park

You'll feel part of living history at this Madrid theme park.

7. Puy du Fou España

Nearly every street in Madrid exudes the country's rich, centuries-long history. While you could visit palaces, museums, and royal grounds, there’s another way to discover the incredible stories behind Spain’s capital city.

At Puy du Fou España, you're transported back in time, surrounded by cobbled roads, tents, and village structures. This park cultivates a dramatized rendition of Spanish life over the ages, complete with shows and four themed villages from various times.

While the shows play throughout the park during the day, the real fun begins at night. The Dream of Toledo plays in the evening, taking viewers on a 1,500-year journey across history.

This epic display of artistry has 200 actors and dazzling special effects. As weavers of artistic tales, we appreciate the effort that goes into this huge display.

Parks Outside of Madrid

Once you start exploring amusement parks, you'll crave their exhilaration. While these options are outside Madrid, they’re worth the day trip for countless adventures.

8. PortAventura Park in Tarragona (6 hours)

In Tarragona, the PortAventura World Resort entices people from across Spain and worldwide. PortAventura Park is one of the most beloved parts of the resort, featuring six world-themed zones and over 40 rides.

Discover the Far West, which evokes imagery of Wild West films and cowboy standoffs amid thrilling rides, such as the Grand Canyon Rapids and Stampida — a gigantic wooden roller coaster.

Journey into Polynesia, where you can enjoy Polynesian dance performances between thrilling rides, such as the Kontiki. Hop aboard a catamaran that flies through the air. If dance inspires you, attend one of the best flamenco shows in Madrid.

Children flock to SésamoAventura, the Sesame Street-themed section. Kid-friendly attractions, such as roller coasters and a train ride, excite the littlest members of your family.

9. Ferrari Land (6 hours)

Experience the prestige and luxury of Ferrari in PortAventura World Resort’s Ferrari Land. True to the brand’s wicked-fast reputation, this park houses Europe’s fastest, tallest roller coaster. The Red Force reaches impressive heights of 112 meters and pushes speeds up to 180 km/h.

Within five seconds of launching, you’ll hit the max speed as it spirals you to dizzying heights and throws you down stomach-lurching drops. A kid-friendly, toned-down version of the park’s coaster takes a gentler approach to racing. Numerous other rides and attractions create the ultimate car fan’s paradise.

The fanfare continues with impressive displays of artistry. Performers clad in flowing dresses perform traditional Italian folklore dance. The fanfare reaches all-time high levels at the acrobatic shows in the Ferrari Land pits.

It’s hard not to bop your head along to the beat while watching impressive displays of contortion, choreography, and mind-blowing feats.

10. Isla Mágica in Seville (5 hours)

Spain is a nation of wonders and stories spanning across the world. From explorers crossing the oceans in search of new lands to the history of Spain during the Age of Discovery, fantastical tales come to life in Isla Mágica.

The moment you set foot on Isla de la Cartuja and walk through the park’s gates, you’re propelled through a portal into the 16th century. If you have a high tolerance for thrills, take on the intense Anaconda roller coaster. The Jaguar coaster uses sharp turns and inversions to mimic the movements of the apex predator it’s named after.

Swinging pirate ships elevate the experience. As performers, we know a good show when we see one. The Guarida de los Piratas captures the frenzy of pirate life with stunts that we'd be proud to call our own.

11. Terra Natura Benidorm (4.5 hours)

If you’ve ever spent a hot summer day walking around a zoo, you know how desperate you can get for a chance to cool off. Terra Natura Benidorm solves this problem by intertwining the zoo with its aquatic park, Aqua Natura.

Here, you can hop aboard tubes and fly through slides before splashing into the pools below or enjoy the Adventure River, which carries you along the currents. Take a moment to visit the sea lion aquarium and educational demonstrations to see how amazing these friendly creatures are.

12. MiniHollywood Oasys Theme Park in Almeria (5.5 hours)

The only European desert sits in Tabernas, where MiniHollywood Oasys sprawls across the golden lands. Your voyage takes you through three major areas. Safari through the Zoological Reserve, or find a reprieve from the desert heat at the Aquatic Zone.

But the Western Town is the real star of the show. This wild-west-themed area served as a premier setting for Western films in the '60s and '70s. As you stroll through the dusty paths, you’ll walk in the footsteps of movie stars like Clint Eastwood.

The Cinema Museum highlights the rapid advancements in entertainment, from Chinese shadow puppets to the first projector featuring sound. Along the walls, you'll find posters for the 213 Western movies filmed here.

13. Tibidabo Amusement Park in Barcelona (6 hours)

Tibidabo amusement park sits atop Mount Tibidabo in Barcelona. It opened in 1901, making it Spain's oldest amusement park. The park has 25 rides and attractions, from daring roller coasters to classic favorites like carousels with brightly adorned horses.

For a view of Barcelona’s iconic skyline, hop on the Avió. The ride was first introduced in 1928 and underwent a complete renovation in 2017. Children and adults can soar through the sky in a replica of the first plane that flew from Barcelona to Madrid.

A more interactive journey lurks within a stone castle that looks like it belongs in a storybook. This fantastical attraction features lighting effects, holograms, and sound elements as visitors enter areas inspired by classic fairy tales such as Snow White and Hansel and Gretel.

Check out the performances between rides. The Marionetarium is particularly impressive, with marionettes brought to life by puppeteers in endearing, whimsical shows.

Photographer: Elliot PARIS

14. Sould Park Fuengirola Puerto (6 hours)

While most amusement parks have designated areas for children, Sould Park Fuengirola Puerto caters to them. Everything here is kid-sized, leaving your little ones the chance to run, bounce, and spin to their hearts' content while you sit back and sip refreshing drinks.

An abundance of child-oriented rides bring the joyous sound of giggles and shrieks of ecstasy in spades. It’s hard not to feel the infectious excitement as your kids ride on trains, hop aboard a miniature free-fall tower, and discover bounce houses. After a day of fun here, they’re sure to sleep well.

The Thrills and Wonders of Madrid’s Theme Parks

Madrid's theme parks take you on a wild ride. But when you want to take the adventures out of your hands, put them in ours. We’ll take you on a journey through wacky, whimsical, and wondrous worlds.

Come to one of our shows in Madrid for an adventure that rivals the excitement found at any theme park. Watch as our acrobats soar through the air and perform otherworldly stunts in their breathtaking costumes. Our stories unfold with unexpected twists that will have you on the edge of your seat. At our shows, there are no limits.

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