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Water Parks in Miami

Start your Miami adventure with a splash at some of the best water parks in town.

Florida's hot, humid summers can feel almost unbearable, especially if you're visiting from out of town. But that doesn't mean you have to let sweat and sun bring you down. If you need to beat the heat between all the other things to do in Miami, you've got plenty of options.

Sure, Miami's full of natural beaches to explore, but what's more exciting than swooshing down a massive water slide only to careen into the water with a larger-than-life splash? Not much, if you ask us — unless your answer is one of our Miami shows, that is!

We love the water park scene in Miami, and if you take the time to explore it, you'll find out why for yourself. Pack up your towels, swimwear, and sunscreen, and let's make a splash at the best water parks in Miami to cool off.

Family-Friendly Water Parks in Miami

If you've got a whole family to plan around while you're in Miami, it can be to find something that's a good fit for everyone. This is especially true if your kids are all different ages and have different interests.

Fortunately, Miami has some top-notch, family-friendly water parks, so get your little ducklings in a row. It's time to explore some of the best water parks in Miami.

Tidal Cove

Dive into Tidal Cove, where kids and grown-ups can enjoy some fun in the sun. Located in the JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa, this water park offers nonstop excitement.

We especially love the flashy Kids Cove area, where the littlest members of your family can explore an emoji-themed kid-centric water park experience.

An adult must accompany children under 6 years of age at all times, and you'll discover gentler waterslides among pipes, valves, and pull ropes that change how water flows through the playground.

Older children, teens, and adults can visit other world-class attractions. For thrill-seekers, we recommend the Aqua Drop. Experience the feeling of free-falling like our acrobats through this nearly vertical waterslide, and land with a splash into the pool below.

When the park's numerous slides and attractions have you feeling worn out, try taking a leisurely break in the Oasis Pool, Lazy River, or Laguna Pool. If you're looking for a family resort with a water park in Miami, this one should be pretty high on your list.

Photographer: Mariakray

McDonald Water Park

Technically, McDonald Water Park is in Hialeah, just 30 minutes from Miami's center, but it's still worth checking out. Here, you'll explore a community water park that's much smaller than some of the other options, but that's part of the appeal.

It's not as crowded or busy as bigger attractions, which may be a relief for families with younger children who don't want to deal with hustle and bustle. Check out the small splash area for younger children, where they can revel in making waves and spraying water.

Older children may be more entertained by the only wave pool in South Florida. As the name implies, it occasionally makes waves that splash through the pool area. We love the scenic, 1000-foot lazy river attraction, where you'll dreamily drift amid trees and waterfalls under the Miami sun.

Calypso Bay Waterpark

Splash in style at Calypso Bay Waterpark, where the waves will wash your worries away.

The primary appeal for families with younger children is the whimsical water playground with waterslides, pipes that pour water, and all sorts of valves to explore. It's a safe area with attentive lifeguards, and children delight in all the antics.

There's also a lot on offer here for adults, such as the massive, four-story waterslides that deliver a thrill when they send you zooming around the curves.

We love drifting around Lily Pad Walk, which is a nearly 900-foot lazy river ride. If you get peckish during the day, you can check out the full-service concessions stand for a snack.

Photographer: Michelle_Raponi

Venetian Pool

One thing about us is that we absolutely adore the Venetian Pool. This is one Miami water park you won't want to miss. It's like stepping into a storybook setting, with a massive swimming pool lined with dreamy palm trees that sway in the breeze as waterfalls cascade over stone grottos.

Surrounding the swimming area, quaint Italian village-style buildings complete with terracotta roofs pull the whole theme together, and the effect is phenomenal. You'll feel like you've been transported to a secluded paradise as you float on the water or soak in the sun on one of the lounge chairs.

Younger children will be pleased to know there's even a sandy area where they can play to their hearts' content. What makes this location unique, however, is that the water is actually from the Biscayne Aquifer.

Over 820,000 gallons of fresh spring water is drained each night before being replenished the next morning.

Paradise Cove Water Park

Paradise Cove Water Park has four separate play areas, each tailored to different age ranges. Children aged 5 and younger can enjoy Parrot's Point, where the playground is tamer.

The more popular playground, suitable for children of all ages, is Sharky's Lagoon. You'll find three big slides amid a playground featuring a lively ocean motif, with sea animals spouting out water and overhead buckets pouring out on whoever happens to be underneath them.

Crazy Creek is another area of the park where riders can sit on a tube and ride around the 410-foot loop. Four bigger waterslides, each towering five stories above the park, await children meeting ride requirements and adults looking to get on the Paradise Pipeline.

Each slide is around 400 feet long and flushed with 400 gallons of water each minute to wash riders out into the plunge pool at the end.

Adventure and Thrill-Seeker Water Parks

Not all water parks are made equal, and these are designed to evoke screams as you traverse their attractions.

We appreciate the exhilaration and adrenaline rush earned from making your way through some of the most exciting parks in the area, and we're sure the thrill-seekers in your group will love them, too.

Check out some of the best thrilling water parks in the Miami area, and prepare to be amazed.

Rapids Water Park

If you're looking for high-energy thrills, you'll find them at Rapids Water Park in Miami, where the rides are as rough and tumble as the name implies. You'll feel suspended in midair on some of these rides, and it's worth every second of heart-pounding joy.

One of the most daring rides you'll find here is the Black Thunder, which thrusts a multi-person raft into an enclosed tunnel of darkness that flips through a vortex before plunging its riders into the drop pool at the bottom. We won't judge if you scream!

Another favorite is the Rapids Racer, where you and five others can line up on a massive slide across six lanes and race to the finish line.

If you'd like to traverse the water park in style, you can also rent a cabana for the day, where a host will take orders for food and drinks from the numerous snack bars and deliver them straight to you.

The cabanas also have ceiling fans to keep you cool. This is an ideal choice if you're taking a large group with you since it can serve as a home base while people meander off on their own.

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Bucky Dent Water Park

Bucky Dent Water Park is a great family-friendly option in the Miami area if you're looking for something a little smaller. It's got a few waterslides, a pool, and a children's play area, all operated and maintained by the city of Hialeah.

Thrill-seekers can enjoy the 150-ft. water slides that twist around and plunge them straight into the pool, while younger members of your party can play at the splash activity pool and water park.

The park has a concession stand where you can pick up snacks during your stay. You can't bring outside food in with you, so plan accordingly.

Unique and Specialized Water Parks

Are regular water parks too mainstream for you? Maybe you like your parks to bring extra pizazz to the experience. Look no further because these parks are meant to thrill, giving a whole new meaning to playing in the water.

After you’ve splish-splashed your way through the city’s water parks, check out some of the stellar New Year’s Eve events in Miami.

Miami Watersports Complex

You won't find typical water slides and attractions at the Miami Watersports Complex, but what you will encounter is an entirely new world of fun. Whether you're a total newbie to watersports or consider yourself a pro, this aquatic wonderland delights visitors.

Feel the wind whip through your hair as you wakeboard or water ski behind a boat. Older kids can get in on the action with parental permission and supervision.

If you've never played on the water like this before, you can rent equipment and pay for lessons on-site to prepare for the adventure of a lifetime. Just be sure to book your lessons in advance online to ensure availability.

If you'd rather stay closer to shore, check out the Aquapark, where you can explore three obstacle courses at different skill levels near a beach area. Children must be aged 6 or older, at least 43 inches tall, and able to swim to participate.

Photographer: Benjamin Klaver

Surfside Community Center

The town of Surfside operates the Surfside Community Center, a vast, oceanfront property with luxurious water amenities. We love the inclusion of a relaxing Jacuzzi here, where you can soak your troubles or aches away after a day of excitement.

The recreational pool has lap lanes for people looking to exercise and an outdoor plunge pool with a waterslide. The children's activity pool entices kids with a small playground and splash pad equipment in a shallow wading pool.

While the real appeal is in the water amenities, there's still plenty to do if you or someone in your party prefers to stay dry. Explore a green space and two multipurpose rooms that constantly have activities and programs running.

This location, while exciting, is somewhat exclusive. Residents of Surfside or those staying in a Surfside hotel must provide valid proof of ID and residency or stay.

Local Community Water Parks

Community water parks offer a fantastic way to experience Miami and its surrounding areas while discovering local culture and ambiance. We have a few top picks in the area that will no doubt catch your attention.

Haulover Park

Haulover Park is the largest stretch of undeveloped beachfront across the county, and it's truly a sight to behold. You'll find this natural water park north of Miami Beach, and upon arriving, you'll be dazzled by shimmering white sand and open sea, where you can take a dip knowing lifeguards are nearby.

One detail you should know before visiting here? The northern part of the beach is clothing optional. It's often deemed one of the best beaches in Miami — and in the nation.

You can fish, swim, and boat here, fully embracing everything the prime location the beach has to offer, and if it's windy, you'll probably even see some kites soaring overhead. On the southern end is the Bark Park and a stretch of beach for dogs, so your canine companions can get in on the action.

Photographer: Raphael Nogueira

Tropical Splash Water Park

We adore Tropical Splash Water Park, where children can play all over the jungle-themed equipment. Water cannons offer the chance to playfully aim at friends walking by, while the water slide can be a great way to cool off.

There are two complete water playgrounds here, allowing younger children to climb and enjoy small slides separate from the bigger, sometimes more boisterous kids who can get a little too caught up in the excitement.

The second playground has a spiral slide, two turning slides, water guns, and a big bucket that's constantly filling up with water. Look out when it fills up completely — it's going to spill, and any unsuspecting people underneath are in for a shocking surprise.

Making a Splash: Concluding Thoughts on Miami's Water Parks

Miami's water parks are like a dream come true, creating the perfect playground for adults and children alike to get down in the water and have a grand time. We love them all, from the gentler places our youngest friends can play safely to the thrilling attractions that dare you to try them and everything in between.

When you're done soaking and sunbathing, why not make your way over to one of our shows in Miami at the end of a busy day? We'll keep the fun rolling with fantastical tales and out-of-this-world stunts performed by our expert artists. We're waiting to take you on an unforgettable journey through imaginative environments.

Marvel at our evocative acts woven together with carefully crafted stories. We like to inspire our fans to think outside the box (or circus ring) and dare to dream larger than life, and that's what you'll get visiting one of our shows. When you come to see us, you'll learn that sometimes, limits are meant to be broken.

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