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Best Miami Beaches for Fun

Bury your feet in the sand, sculpt sandcastles made of dreams, and soak in the sun’s glorious rays at the best public beaches in Miami, Florida.

There’s a spellbinding place where azure skies meet golden sands. More than a vacation destination, the beach is a lively celebration of togetherness and joy, where nature and humanity coexist in perfect harmony. Exploring the pristine coastline is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Miami.

Miami and beaches are like music and dancing, food and wine, or hats and sunglasses — a dream match. After you're done soaking up the sun, why not head over to one of our shows in Miami? It's the perfect end to a relaxing day!

Whether you’re a local looking for a new haunt or a tourist ready to surrender to the tranquil embrace of Miami’s beaches, you can find the perfect coastal spot for every occasion.

Family-Friendly Beaches

The sound of the beach is unmistakable. Surrounded by the sea’s rhythm and loved ones’ laughter, it treats you to a symphony of warmth and comfort. Make memories you’ll remember for the rest of your life as you dig giant holes in the sand and eat ice cream under the amber sun.

Splash, play, and paddle your way through these family-friendly beaches in Miami, Florida.

South Beach

If you don’t live here, you might be confused by Miami Beach versus South Beach — and what about North Beach and Middle Beach? Fear not, fun-lovers, we’ve got you. They’re all part of Miami Beach.

When you’re thinking about Miami’s seaside, you’re probably picturing South Beach. Its seemingly untouched white sands, bouncy palms, and ocean views mean it’s one of the most popular coastal destinations in the world. Endless good times await at South Beach.

Take your little ones to Lummus Park, with its vibrant kid’s playground, a hub for meeting new friends and swinging across the monkey bars like our acrobats. Or visit South Pointe Park, where active families can hike and bike to their heart’s content and finish with a homemade feast at a public picnic table.

Do you prefer it when someone else does the cooking? Head to Ocean Drive when you’re done swimming and sandcastling. You'll find quaint pastel seaside buildings, restaurants, and cafes as far as the eye can see.

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Crandon Park Beach

Searching for a hidden gem in Miami? Crandon Park Beach is the city’s best-kept secret on Key Biscayne. Once part of the U.S.' biggest coconut plantation, it became public property in 1940 when the generous owners donated it to Miami-Dade County.

A never-ending grove of palm trees makes for an evocative sight set against the glass and concrete backdrop of Miami’s skyscrapers. As you explore the breathtaking two-mile beach, you’ll find heaped dunes, twisting mangroves, and just the right balance of activities and relaxation.

The best bit for little ones is the sprawling sandbar, transforming a large portion of the beach into an inviting lagoon that’s the ideal depth for tots to wade in. You can even pop over to Crandon Park Beach for an alfresco family barbecue at one of the on-site grills.

We’re most captivated by its skating center, where our performers would happily spend the mornings cutting loose on the roller rink.

Matheson Hammock Park Beach

Matheson Hammock Park Beach is a tropical wonderland for little kids, big kids, and the young at heart. Bordered by a botanical garden and the unforgettable Biscayne Bay, it’s an oasis of serenity south of Coral Gables. Seawater flows into a man-made tidal pool designed for sandy little feet to paddle in.v

Why not bring your picnic basket along to have lunch beside a lake or dine at the majestic coral pavilion? Then, master the ancient art of navigating the ocean at Matheson Hammock Park’s full-service marina, complete with a powerboat school and sailing club.

Beginner beachgoers — try kayaking, kitesurfing, and stand-up paddleboarding as keen anglers fish for mullet, snapper, snook, and tarpon under the bridge near the tollgate.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Few structures inspire creativity like lighthouses, shining as beacons for weary sailors. Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park is home to one of these mysterious maritime towers that cuts through fog, foam, and tide.

Bring the kids here after daylight fades to see its beam dance across the sky and illuminate the darkness. As you climb to the top together, imagine the timeless tales these silent storytellers would tell of bravery and resilience and drink in the heart-pounding views.

There’s more to the park than the 200-year-old Cape Florida lighthouse, though. Race down the 1.5-mile paved bike path, rent quad bikes, or bring your kayak along. When hunger strikes, paddle down to Boater’s Grill for paella, locally caught whole snapper, burgers, or pasta.

Oleta River State Park Beach

At around 1,000 acres, Oleta River State Park Beach is one of the best parks in Miami. It's also the largest urban park in Miami and all of Florida and a haven for nature lovers and thrill-seekers. Set up camp with the entire family and prepare for an action-packed trip with something to delight everyone.

Immerse yourself in the Miami landscape on a walking or nature tour, where passionate locals share their hard-earned knowledge. Bring wetsuits if the idea of scuba diving inspires excitement — or stick to snorkelling if you’re new to diving. Either way, a firsthand underwater view brings endless joy.

Hit the slopes on a rented mountain bike, go hiking, end the day with fishing, and chow down on freshly barbecued mullet for dinner. Retire to your air-conditioned cabin and get plenty of rest so you're ready for more action-packed fun the next day.

Beaches for Water Sports

Miami’s public beaches are stages for adrenaline-pumping exploits and aquatic acrobatics — something our performers know a lot about. We love waking up at first light to drift along the beach’s mangrove-lined shores and witness the soft, pastel Florida sunrise.

What could feel more inspirational than the sun’s pink flow reflecting off the tide as you bob and lilt along the ocean? Let the rhythm of waves wash over you like a beautiful poem as you experience true freedom at one of Miami’s best public beaches for water sports.

Hobie Beach

Hobie Beach is a playground for skilled athletes and water sport enthusiasts alike. Windsurfers, sailors, kitesurfers, and kayakers find their groove at this Downtown Miami beach spot, with extraordinary city views and swaying palms.

Locals try to keep Hobie a secret because it doesn’t get as busy as some bigger beaches, and it boasts free parking. Named for legendary surfer Hobie Alter, the beach is alternatively known as Windsurfer Beach.

The only thing it’s missing is a flume — but you can shoot down slides until your fingers get wrinkled at the top water parks in Miami.

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Surfside in Miami is a beach town that, despite its small size, is brimming with excitement! This charming, residential community is situated between Bal Harbour, Miami Beach, and the Atlantic.

You’ll love its exquisite beach, family-friendly parks, and boutique shops and restaurants. Come here to shake off the hustle and bustle of city life, and take advantage of the endless opportunities for indoor and outdoor activities.

Are you tempted by tours and day trips? Does the notion of a novelty cruise or water activity whet your whistle? Perhaps you see the whole family learning about Miami’s fascinating history from the quirky comfort of a Segway — Surfside has it all.

21st Street Beach

Take refuge on the translucent shores of 21st Street Beach, and discover some of the best swimming in Miami. Little ones can get a first taste of saltwater swimming while their parents catch rays on the wide, white sands. Lifeguards are always on duty during the day.

The raised boardwalk running along the beach is ideal for cycling, jogging, or leisurely post-lunch walking. Cross the road, and you'll find restaurants, a mall, and the Bass Museum of Art — one of the best museums in Miami. There’s even a cute farmers market every Sunday at the picturesque Collins Park.

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Relaxing and Quiet Beaches

Find solace at a quiet public beach in Miami, where the waves invite you into the ocean’s soft caress. Practice your downward dog, ponder the nature of existence, or hold hands with your lover at one of these meditative sanctuaries.

Bal Harbour Beach

Bal Harbour Beach looks like a postcard brought to life, with a never-ending coastline. Sink into the sand’s delicate touch and leave your footprints on this sumptuous Miami beach. Next, meander down the scenic beach path to admire the view of the seawall jetty.

Gaze far into the cloud-kissed horizon as you cast a line out to catch a barracuda, flounder, mackerel, or grunt. You might even be lucky enough to see pelicans. In addition to being a peaceful oasis, Bal Harbour has a luxurious vibe, with high-end shops and exquisite hotels and resorts.

We see this 1-mile stretch as an unparalleled escape from the city, with its refined yet relaxed atmosphere and endless scenic beauty. Meticulously designed and thoughtfully curated, it’s just as well put together as one of our shows.

Virginia Key Beach Park

Virginia Key Beach Park is a contemplative haven with a thought-provoking history, and it's about as idyllic as it gets. An emblem of activism and solidarity for the Black community during segregation, it holds a special place in the city’s history.

Shaded by palms and mangroves, you’ll find this beach in Miami hidden away, surprisingly close to Downtown. Soak in the glorious views of nature from the whimsical miniature train, ride the antique seaside carousel, and settle down in a rented beach cabin with a grill and a family-sized table for some people-watching.

Other wholesome activities include paddleboarding by moonlight and taking a kayak tour of the luscious, mangrove-studded shores. Bring your loved ones, or check out this Paradise Island for a moment of solitude. Both options are bound to make you smile.

Photographer: Nick Fewings

North Beach Oceanside Park

Step onto North Beach Oceanside Park, and you’re welcomed by an expanse of open space. If that isn’t enough to invoke instant calm, head over to the outdoor fitness center with self-powered gym equipment for a heavy workout.

Afterward, wallow in those blessed-out feel-good hormones amidst the beautiful sand dunes and ocean. The grills and barbecues have plenty of space between them, so this beach never feels crowded.

It’s a great spot for a quiet lunch or dinner set among Miami’s natural beauty — and you can bring your dog along, provided they’re on a leash.

Embrace the Sun, Sand, and Unique Charm of Miami's Beaches

Now that you know all the names of Miami’s best beaches, you’re ready for as many seaside adventures as you can cram in. A bastion of family-friendly fun, exhilarating water sports, and pure relaxation, Miami’s coastlines offer experiences to suit every mood and whim.

Each beach has a unique allure and is part of Miami’s beating heart. There’s the bustling South Beach, beaches tucked away, such as Virginia Key, and high-energy beaches, such as Hobie, each awaiting your arrival.

So get your sunscreen ready, pop your sunglasses on, and don’t forget your sense of wonder. The public beaches in Miami await. If you have an endless appetite for surreal dreamscapes as captivating as Florida’s glimmering shores, treat yourself the next time we put on our shows in Miami.

As soon as you take your seat, you can feel the atmosphere tingle with anticipation. Color, light, and sound explode onto the stage, and you’re instantly transported to a world of unthinkable movements, astounding feats of human performance, and breathtaking visuals and soundscapes.

Acrobats fly through the air with the grace of hummingbirds, and contortionists bend reality in the blink of an eye — and the stories will speak straight to your heart. Every show is a celebration of togetherness, humanity, and the endless possibilities ahead.

Photographer: Joël de Vriend

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