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Fantastic Views in Toronto

Toronto invites you in like an old friend while dazzling you with its modern edge. Come with us as we explore the city's best vantage points.

Smell the warm aroma of Canadian butter tarts wafting through the air as you weave past old Victorian spires adjacent to glass and steel skyscrapers. Toronto is a city of contrasts, where trends pay homage to tradition, and the old and new collide, flowing into vibrant restaurants, edgy art galleries, and eclectic neighborhoods.

There are many things to do in Toronto and so much to see, from the sky-high panorama that unfolds atop CN Tower to the breathtaking beauty of Lake Ontario. Let us guide you on a tour of the best views in the city.

City and Skyline Views

Striking contrasts between the Victorian-era buildings in the Distillery District and the raw concrete-clad brutalist architecture in more modern neighborhoods make Toronto a feast for the eyes.

1. CN Tower

Jutting 1,815 ft. from the ground, the CN Tower shines as the crown jewel of the Toronto skyline. With its distinctive needle shape and awe-inspiring height, it’s hard to miss, no matter where you stand in the city.

However, the best views come from inside the tower, peering over the mess of streets that spill out below. When the clouds part, giving way to clear blue skies, you can even glimpse the mist of the breathtaking Niagara Falls, and spy far into the state of New York.

Feeling courageous? A grated metal platform wraps around the outer edge of the tower’s SkyPod. Secured by a harness 116 stories above the streets, you’ll feel like you’re dancing in the clouds. We can't think of any better stage for the first act of your grand adventure through the city.

Photographer: sputnik72

2. Bathurst Street Bridge

If you think the Bathurst Street Bridge looks like a railway bridge, that’s not your imagination running wild. It used to be part of the train line that crossed the Humber River before it was moved to its present location. Now, it’s a storied piece of Toronto history repurposed into something practical and iconic.

Of course, the bridge isn’t just a way to get from A to B. As you stroll across, pause near its midpoint and glance at the stunning views unfolding before you. Here, the urban environment harmonizes beautifully with nature, and you see both sides of Toronto.

After dark, the landscape transforms again. The views from Bathurst Street Bridge refuse to disappoint. Watch as the sun dips below the facade of skyscrapers and the city lights flicker on in the distance. Toronto’s nightlife beckons you to participate in an exciting and intriguing evening.

3. Kōst

Come nightfall, Toronto’s streets take on a different energy as conversations, laughter, and music fill the air. We love how the city’s mood transforms from just a little lighting change. Atmosphere shifts spin similar wonders on our stage.

Nightfall is also the best time to visit Kōst restaurant, a rooftop venue perched atop the Bisha Hotel. Like the theatrical artistry we’re so fond of, the restaurant’s decor transports you to a different world. It's steeped in an airy Californian aesthetic.

First, take a dip in the infinity pool. Then, you’ll be right back in Toronto, where you can see some of the best views of the Entertainment District and Humber Bay.

4. Riverdale Park East

A popular spot near Broadview Avenue, Riverdale Park East, comes to life in winter. Imagine skating around as the sun sets and the city starts to sparkle. You can even play hockey on the ice rink. If that doesn’t scream Canadian, we don’t know what does.

Glance around while you stroll through the park to experience the Canadian lifestyle and Ontario’s serene beauty. As winter snow blankets the fields, families gather to ride toboggans down the frosty slopes, all against the backdrop of the Toronto skyline.

For another way to experience these stunning views, trace the path of Riverdale Park East’s numerous trails. Whether covered in snow or lush with greenery in the warmer seasons, these hikes open a path to boundless adventures through nature.

Photographer: Oleksandr Hrebelnyk

5. Lavelle

The city’s rich history envelopes you everywhere you go throughout Toronto, taking you back to Edwardian times when the streets echoed with the clatter of horse-drawn carriages. But just when you think you’re stuck in the past, the city’s modern side surfaces.

In Toronto, it’s no surprise to see Art Deco on one corner and something sleek and edgy on the next. Of course, no one should analyze the city’s architecture on an empty stomach. We propose saving two birds with one nest and taking a trip to Lavelle restaurant.

Feast on sashimi fresh from the ocean and Latin fare that dances on your palate like a well-choreographed tango. Meanwhile, the city unfolds around you through phenomenal 360-degree views of the Toronto skyline. Bask in it from your private rooftop cabana by the pool.

6. Fort York National Historic Site

Experience the trepidation that pulsed through the air during the War of 1812. Preserved to tell the tale of the courageous soldiers and militia who protected Toronto during its darkest hours, Fort York National Historic Site evokes a distinct sense of living history.

As you walk between historic buildings in Toronto, skyscrapers encircle this time capsule from a distance. Suddenly, you can see just how far the city has come.

Green Oases

Sit back and catch your breath while enjoying these verdant paradises that free you from the concrete jungle.

7. Glen Stewart Ravine

Step onto the wooden boardwalk at Glen Stewart Ravine, and you might feel like you’ve entered an ancient forest. Here, overgrown red oaks and maples provide shelter for woodpeckers and the brightly-colored warblers that flutter back and forth during spring and fall.

It’s hard to believe this expansive green space exists right in the middle of a suburban neighborhood. But it does, and it’s the perfect spot to hike or bird-watch. As you delve deeper, you’ll hear the distant sounds of city chatter and car horns die away, replaced by the tranquillity of rustling leaves and wildlife.

Photographer: Zen zeee

8. High Park

Ranking as one of the world’s most sustainable cities, Toronto is home to some of Canada’s most breathtaking parks. Of these, High Park is both the largest and the most popular. Due to its grand scale and the untapped natural areas that dot its terrain, no two trips through High Park feel the same.

Enter one way, and you’re greeted by cherry blossoms in full bloom, delicate pink petals falling in the spring breeze. Yet, another adventure along a different route takes you through an ancient patch of black oak savannah — one of nature’s rarest and most threatened ecosystems.

9. Toronto Music Garden

Music can take our imaginations to places far beyond our everyday lives, so we spend so much time getting the scores of our shows just right. However, sometimes, an orchestra inspires an entirely different form of creation, as seen in Toronto Music Garden.

When the acclaimed cellist Yo-Yo Ma sought to interpret the meaning of Bach’s music, he envisioned a place where other people could see the melodies and rhythms in a tangible form. With this vision in mind, he organized granite boulders and hackberries into a clearing that flowed like a prelude.

Walk farther inside the garden, and a meadow of wildflowers spirals upward like a sudden change in tempo. The gardens take you through all the defining moments of Bach’s Suite No. 1 before caressing you back to reality. On your return, the weeping willows and shrubs frame a picturesque view of the nearby harbor.

Water Views

Feel the sea breeze caress your hair, and the sun’s gentle rays warm your face as you gaze across Lake Ontario and the Toronto Islands.

10. Trillium Park

Built on an old parking lot site within the heart of Ontario Place, Trillium Park captures Toronto’s youthful side. With its rolling hills and panoramic views of the waterfront and city skyline, nothing remains of painted lines on concrete. Instead, you’ll find meadows overflowing with exuberant wildflowers and unique rock formations.

Something else sets this Toronto park apart from its cousins: immersive, undulating trails that carry you to Trillium Park. The playful use of elevation makes your surroundings look wildly different from wherever you stand. Safe to say, it keeps things interesting.

11. Polson Pier

From the moment the sun rises over the horizon and bathes Toronto Harbor in warm light, people flock to Polson Pier, seeking the incredible views of Toronto’s glimmering buildings. While it’s a beautiful destination now, the pier used to be just another blank slab of industrial space. Now, it buzzes with activity from morning to night.

The excitement doesn’t end when the sun sets, although Polson Pier offers one of the best places to see it happen. That’s because the pier is also the site of Rebel — one of Toronto’s trendiest nightclubs.

Imagine documenting your day with photography or taking a romantic walk along the pier. Then, when night falls, you put on your dancing shoes and celebrate life the way the locals do.

Photographer: Brian Jones

12. Harbourfront Centre

Where can you see a modern interpretation of Swan Lake and take the little ones to enjoy summer camp? Only in Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre. This iconic destination on the shore of Lake Ontario serves as a cultural venue and recreational space, attracting a variety of thrilling festivals and events throughout the year.

Harbourfront Centre also provides a hub for all kinds of learning, whether you’re interested in music, arts, or even jewelry making. Roll up your sleeves and explore these experiences at your leisure.

As you learn a new craft, sailboats, and kayaks bob up and down the horizon. The natural scenery of the Toronto Islands blurs against the sharp lines of the city’s skyscrapers far in the distance.

13. Ontario Place

At sunset, Toronto undergoes a distinct transformation as shadows from tall buildings creep across the landscape. You’ll be even more enchanted by this change when seeing it from the waterfront at Ontario Place.

Dim reflections cast just enough glow over your surroundings to create an atmosphere that invites peaceful walks and romantic picnics by the harbor. For those seeking more excitement, Ontario Place is also a hub for local art exhibits and cultural events.

Many of these installations weave throughout the landscape in organic yet unexpected ways. Think sculptures wrapping around trees and light shows that dance through the pavilion. The space changes from day to day, almost mirroring the mood of the city.

Aerial Views

See Toronto stretching out against the horizon from way up high, where the peregrine falcon flies.

14. Toronto Heli Tours

We love soaring through the air, twisting and rolling to the thrill of our fans’ cheers. The stage looks completely different from up high, but we’re more concerned with nailing the landing. You, on the other hand, should take it slow and really enjoy your surroundings. One way to do this is to travel across the city through Toronto Heli Tours.

Soar past some of the city’s tallest buildings and experience a bird’s-eye view of the Toronto Islands and the harbor. Want to make things extra special? Head up into the sky during the twilight hours to see night sweep across the city from the horizon.

After you return to the ground, you’ll be treated to wine and chocolates, creating the perfect romantic mood for commemorating anniversaries and birthdays.

Photographer: mwangi gatheca

Urban Nature

Experience the intersection between urban and nature, made possible through Toronto’s green design and ecological consciousness.

15. Evergreen Brick Works

Last on our list, but perhaps the most unique, is Evergreen Brick Works. Once a mere brick factory, the destination became the focus of Evergreen’s revitalization efforts. The idea was to repurpose an abandoned urban space into something that embraces nature and brings people together.

Evergreen Brick Works now hosts sustainability events, local art, and a Saturday farmers market. In the summer, you can glide down ramps on your skateboard, while winter brings the joy of ice skating. Don’t forget to check out your surroundings because there are gardens and public art everywhere to see.

Exploring Toronto’s Panoramic Beauty: A Final Reflection on the City’s Best Views

Trends and innovation lead Toronto ever forward into the future, but the city doesn’t shy away from its rich past. You can see this duality in the soaring skyscrapers and repurposed structures that dot its landscape, embracing the new and reimagining the old.

If Toronto’s story leaves you craving more adventure, come witness another fusion of trends and traditions on our stage. Our storytelling will make your emotions take a triple somersault, and just when you think you know what to expect, our shows in Toronto will defy your expectations once more, just like the city. Book your tickets, and brace yourself for an adventure like no other.

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