Life is a Circus

UÝRA Sodoma

“Today I am an indigenous person, I inhabit the Amazon, I am part of it.” UÝRA

UÝRA lives in the city of Manaus, capital of Amazonas. But they grew up in Santarém, in Mojuí dos Campos, a small town in the state of Pará. They arrived there as a child, but their great-grandmothers and all the generations before them came from a territory that wasn't even the Amazon, the Sertão , today the state of Ceará, in the Northeast of Brazil.

The Amazon inspires them for their work, they considers that the Amazon is a great mirror of life on the planet. It is an encounter of many ecologies, many ecosystems, many creatures, different time portions, many ways of being and existing. In fact, no future is possible without passing through the Amazon.

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