Things to do in Las Vegas

Unique Things To Do Las Vegas

Gambling is far from the only thing to do in Las Vegas. Discover some of the most unique things to do amid the glitz and glamor.

Las Vegas is one of those cities everyone needs to visit at least once. It's bright, flashy, and oh-so-weird — exactly how we make our shows. Whether you're visiting the city alone, with adults, or with your entire family, there are plenty of things to do in Las Vegas.

From exploring the glitz and glamor the city is known for to tasting culinary creations from some of the most outstanding restaurants in the world, there is always something to do or see.

We love Las Vegas for its art and penchant for all things flashy and showbiz. That's why we've compiled a list of unique things to do in Las Vegas — and many of them have nothing to do with the usual partying or gambling.

Whether you already call Las Vegas home or you're planning a trip to the city soon, check out these unusual entertainment experiences, adventurous activities, culinary delights, and historical explorations for an unforgettable time.

Unusual Entertainment Experiences

It wouldn't be Las Vegas if it didn't have its own twist on traditional attractions. Sure, you can find amusement parks, science museums, theaters, and the like, but why go just anywhere when there are some fantastic gems lining the streets?

These unique experiences in Las Vegas are unlike any other, and they're sure to stick around in your memory long after you leave.

1. The Neon Museum

The streets of Las Vegas at night shine brightly with endless neon signs. If you haven't had enough of them, check out The Neon Museum Las Vegas. Here, you'll be able to explore over 250 pieces of iconic old signage that have since been retired.

During the day, you can explore by yourself, and by night, you'll be able to see some of the signs in all their neon glory on a guided Las Vegas tour. Your journey begins at the visitor center in the lobby of the former La Concha Motel.

The lobby is a sight to behold on its own, with its distinctive shell shape designed by none other than Paul Revere Williams himself. Its Atomic and Space Age motifs remain intact, although the lobby's interior has been refurbished.

Keep in mind this is an outdoor exhibit, so bring sunscreen if visiting during the day or a light jacket or sweater if the weather is chilly.

Photographer: Lyle Hastie

2. The Mob Museum

Sin City got its nickname from the prevalence of crime that once riddled its streets. Today, it's a reference to the adult attractions, but The Mob Museum puts its less-than-savory past on full display.

When you visit The Mob Museum, you'll get a unique look at criminal history throughout the city. Explore elements of organized crime and law enforcement through four floors of exhibits featuring videos and artifacts.

From following the Kefauver hearings to learning about the Mob, this museum is a history-lover's dream come true. If you're feeling bold, you can find the password — it's kept on the museum's website and changes frequently — and visit a Prohibition-era speakeasy after finding the hidden door.

It's limited to visitors aged 21 and older and features authentic cocktails and appetizers.

Photographer: Kenny Eliason

3. Omega Mart by Meow Wolf

Taking the first step into Omega Mart in Las Vegas feels like you're walking into a whole new world, and we think this might be one of the coolest things to do in Vegas.

Featuring edgy, immersive storytelling and thrilling, out-of-this-world landscapes, Omega Mart brings artistry to life in the form of a grocery store.

It looks unassuming at first, but you're in for an unexpected experience right off the bat. If you purchase an Omega Access Experience card, you can interact with the exhibit as you explore to really bring the story together.

Start by scanning your card at a Dramcorp (an employee should be able to help locate one), and you're dropped into the game, roleplaying as a worker trying to solve a mystery. As you complete missions, you'll gain access to other areas as the story unfolds.

There's still plenty to do and see if you're not in the mood for puzzles when you arrive. Wander aisle after aisle and room after room of striking urban art and surreal psychedelic imagery.

With a careful eye, you'll even find hidden areas to explore, so make sure you open every door and explore every staircase you come across.

During the day, the exhibit is family-friendly from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m., it becomes an adults-only event for those aged 21 and older.

Adventurous Activities

Are you a thrill-seeker? Is walking around the streets too normal for you? If you need to get your daily dose of adrenaline during your time in Las Vegas, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Our favorites allow you to fly through the sky like our acrobats or enjoy the excitement of sheer speed. Check out these daring activities — but only if you're not faint of heart.

4. SlotZilla Zipline

Get a whole new view of Fremont Street when you soar on the SlotZilla Zipline — an experience you will not forget. You've got two choices: the Zip-Zilla and the Super-Hero Zoom. The Zip-Zilla takes you two blocks down the street while in an upright, seated position from heights up to seven stories above the ground.

On the Super-Hero Zoom, you fly prone across five blocks at heights up to 11 stories. When you arrive, you'll find yourself in front of a giant slot machine, where the zipliners come from. As you get strapped into the harness, there's a wall in front of you, but as soon as it opens and you glide out, you'll be met with a stellar view.

It's particularly fun at night, when you can see the neon lights and signs on full display. While you're there, check out these things to do on Fremont Street in Las Vegas.

5. Hot Air Balloon Rides

If you're looking for a touch of natural beauty during your trip, check out these Vegas hot air balloon rides, and experience the trip of a lifetime. Most people wouldn't think about hot air balloons in Sin City, which makes this one of the most unique things to book in Las Vegas.

They take you flying over the Pahrump Valley in a brightly colored hot air balloon, reaching heights of up to 10,000 ft. As the ground falls away, you'll be rewarded with stunning sunrise views of the desert and mountains like you've never seen them before.

Rides are available privately or shared with other groups, and upon landing, you'll be treated to a complimentary mimosa.

Photographer: Lad Fury

6. Exotics Racing

We love elegance in motion, and when you drive at Exotics Racing, you'll know exactly what we mean. With over 40 exotic cars available, such as the Ferrari Evo, Corvette C8, or the Lamborghini Huracán, you're sure to find your ride of choice.

You'll drive at breakneck speeds on a professional track. Not to worry — you'll be instructed on how to drive by a professional before you get behind the wheel. If you'd rather ride as a passenger to get the full thrills, try a Drifting Ride-Along experience and sit by while a professional takes you on a full-speed drifting trip around the track.

For those looking for a slightly slower but still thrilling experience, check out the off-road track that lets you defy gravity by jumping your truck up to 10 ft. into the air.

Photographer: RyKing Uploads

Culinary Delights

Food may be fuel, but that doesn't mean it needs to be boring. We love dining in style, and Las Vegas has restaurants that provide this abundantly.

Whether you're looking for an out-of-left-field dining experience or just somewhere off the beaten path, check out these options the next time you're feeling peckish.

7. Blackout Dining in the Dark

Usually, when you think about restaurants, the dining room's ambiance is part of the appeal. When you dine at Blackout Dining in the Dark, you'll experience that with a twist. You'll be immersed in complete darkness while you eat.

We're talking so dark you can't see your hand in front of your face, which makes this one of the most unique dining experiences in Las Vegas.

Staff equipped with night-vision goggles tend to your every need and guide you through a delicious pre-fixed menu featuring soup, an appetizer, salad, an entrée, dessert, and drinks.

Your other senses will be stimulated by the tastes, smells, and textures of the food as you converse over the meal without the usual distractions, such as phones.

Once you've finished your meal, you'll be brought back into the light, where you'll learn the identities of the dishes you enjoyed. We love how this restaurant subverts the typical dining experience.

8. The Chandelier

Elegance and whimsy creating awe-inspiring settings are exactly what we like to see in bars and lounges, and that's exactly what you'll find here. When you drink at The Chandelier at The Cosmopolitan, you'll be dazzled by the flashy, sparkling interior.

The first thing you'll likely notice is the dazzling beaded curtains shimmering in the light draped from just about everywhere. Choose from three levels of lounges, each with its own appeal and cocktail menu.

The drinks feature exotic ingredients, such as dragon fruit and passion fruit, combined with high-quality alcohol. Appetizers and small snack items are available, but this is more of a cocktails-before-dinner location.

Photographer: MJCouch

9. Secret Pizza at The Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan advertises most of its restaurants, but one is hidden away. You'll have to follow your nose to find The Cosmopolitan's Secret Pizza on the tower's third floor. Here's a helpful hint: Look for a record-lined follow it into a small room filled with the wafting scent of a fresh pizza.

While there's a high-top counter and a few stools, this is more of a takeaway restaurant. You can walk up to the counter and buy pizza by the slice or get a whole pie to take to your room. Give the pinball machine a whirl while waiting for your order.

Cultural and Historical Explorations

Don't let the Strip fool you — there's so much more to see and do in Las Vegas than what the most touristy areas offer. We love the exuberance, but sometimes, it can be just as rewarding to slow down and explore the world around you.

Try visiting natural areas or neighborhoods that don't typically get the same fanfare as the main hubs. These cultural and historical exploration areas in Las Vegas give you a glimpse behind the city's glitzy mask.

Once you’ve explored the culture of the city, turn to the terror. Check out these haunted tours in Las Vegas.

10. Springs Preserve

While Las Vegas may be full of massive buildings and streets lined with flashing lights now, it wasn't always that way. Exploring Springs Preserve gives you a sneak peek into what the area looked like before it was developed.

Over 180 acres of protected lands include a botanical garden, butterfly habitat, and numerous trails. This experience is a perfect family-friendly destination, full of educational exhibits in museums, live animal exhibits, and real dinosaur tracks that came from the land.

It even has a playground and splash pad to thrill little ones while you give your feet a break on the nearby benches. Not ready to go back inside? There are plenty of outdoor activities in Las Vegas.

11. Chinatown Plaza

Eastern and Western cultures collide in Chinatown Plaza, which is truly a sight to behold with illuminated pagoda architecture inspired by the Tang Dynasty.

The experience begins as soon as you reach the parking lot. The entrance is lined with a traditional Chinese arch, and as you approach the building, you'll be treated to statues of The Journey to the West and the Monkey God, both from classical Chinese literature.

As you shop, you'll stroll along covered walkways to the tune of Chinese music while the delicious smells from the collection of restaurants drift through the air. You'll want to stop by these restaurants while you're shopping because the food is phenomenal.

12. Downtown Las Vegas

When you shop at 18b Arts District, you'll feel like your worlds away from Las Vegas. It doesn't have the same dazzling fanfare and constantly glowing lights from flashy signs and casinos. Instead, it's a little commercial and residential district in Las Vegas with its very own flair.

Locals have adorned the streets with all sorts of artistry to give it its own unique presence and feel. The low-key nature of this district, compared to the intensity of the Strip, makes this one of our favorite chill things to do in Vegas.

The area is known for its First Fridays events, which, as the name suggests, occurs on the first Friday of each month and highlights local creatives. Musicians play for crowds and artists and makers display their pieces and wares.

This is a great starting point if you truly want to get a taste of Las Vegas behind the sparkles and flashiness. Shop, enjoy the amazing food, and appreciate the work that went into creating the art scattered across the district.

Discovering the Unexpected: Las Vegas Beyond the Ordinary

Las Vegas resonates with us. It's captivating in its own right, with sights, sounds, and events that feel out of this world to those from out of town. Lights shine all night long, and the party never ends. When you leave, you take countless memories of the mesmerizing experience with you.

When you watch our shows in Las Vegas, you'll see that we strive to set standards as high as the tallest towers in the city with daring acrobatics, moving stories, and feats of elegant athleticism that seem almost impossible to our fans. Our performers push human limits at every performance to keep up with the city's speed.

We can't wait to see you there — and we hope you can't wait to see us. When you visit Vegas, try checking out these fun experiences in addition to one of our shows!

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