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Haunted Tours in Las Vegas

Prepare for an evening of ghostly delights. Haunted Las Vegas tours have everything from paranormal activity to supernatural encounters.

Las Vegas has no shortage of slot machines, roulette wheels, and craps tables, but gambling is far from the only way to spend your time there. Did you know Sin City is a ghost hunter’s paradise? We’ll tell you all about it.

Whether you’re interested in visiting abandoned mining towns or searching for spirits in old-fashioned casinos, there are plenty of haunted things to do in Las Vegas.

Grab your favorite person, make like your favorite Ghostbuster and strap on your proton pack, and get ready to come face-to-face with a specter or two. Once you’ve returned from your paranormal investigations, our show Mad Apple and so many others will be waiting for you.

Historical Haunted Tours

What could be better than roaming the streets of Vegas in search of spirits? Try a haunted Las Vegas tour with a historical slant. The city is barely over a century old, but it has a rich history filled with tales of gun-toting gangsters and glitzy showgirls.

Historical haunted tours combine everything you love about ghost hunting with a chance to learn more about how Las Vegas became one of the most popular entertainment destinations in the world. Maybe you’ll run into the ghost of Bugsy Siegel while you’re out and about.

1. Vegas Ghosts: Gangsters, Glitz, and Gore Ghost Tour

You don’t have to venture off the Strip to search for ghosts when you can sign up for the Vegas Ghosts: Gangsters, Glitz, and Gore Ghost Tour. The fun starts when you meet your tour guide at the northeast corner of Fashion Show Mall. They’ll be carrying a lantern to get you in the mood for a supernatural adventure.

As you search for some of the city’s most famous ghosts, use your personal headset to learn more about the dark side of Las Vegas — from the fire at the MGM Grand to the gangsters who ran hidden speakeasies during the Prohibition era.

As of December 2023, tickets cost $30 each, which includes the services of a professional tour guide and all applicable taxes and fees.

Note that this is a walking tour, not a bus tour, so you’ll need a comfortable pair of shoes. If you take the tour during the summer, we also recommend packing a few bottles of water.

2. Ghost Hunt in Goodsprings From Las Vegas

Turn off the TV and head to Tuscany Suites and Casino to begin the adventure of a lifetime. It’s where you’ll meet your tour guide for the Goodsprings Ghost Hunt, a popular excursion featured on Ghost Adventures.

The tour begins with a 35-minute ride to Goodsprings, the perfect place to look for the ghosts of miners who spent their lives searching for gold, silver, zinc, and more.

Upon your arrival, you’ll visit the Pioneer Saloon, which may look familiar if you’ve seen Miss Congeniality 2, The Winner, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, or any of the dozens of movies that have used the saloon as a backdrop for shoot-outs, arm wrestling competitions, and more.

Your ticket includes dinner, so don’t be shy. The special menu includes the aptly named Haunt Dog, an all-beef hot dog with ghost pepper sauce and spicy jalapeño bacon.

Then, it’s onto the main event. Armed with dowsing rods, temperature guns, and electromagnetic field meters, you and your fellow ghost hunters will try your hand at communicating with the spirits said to inhabit the Pioneer Saloon.

One of those spirits is Carole Lombard, Clark Gable’s wife and a talented actress in her own right. In 1942, Lombard died when her plane crashed into nearby Double Up Peak, forcing Gable to spend three days waiting at the saloon for word from the search and rescue team.

The Goodsprings Ghost Hunt costs nearly $160 per person, but remember that your ticket includes dinner and round-trip transportation between Las Vegas and Goodsprings.

You also get to spend 3.5 hours with an experienced tour guide, making this haunted Vegas tour and ghost hunt well worth the price.

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3. Small Group 1-Day Tour Death Valley National Park and Rhyolite Ghost Tour

What do you get when you combine a national park with an abandoned ghost town and soaring mountain peaks? The undeniable answer is one of the most haunted Las Vegas tours in existence.

This 1-day tour of Death Valley National Park and Rhyolite has something for everyone. If you don’t enjoy ghost hunting quite as much as your travel companion, you’re sure to love the colorful mineral deposits dotting the landscape.

For your convenience, the tour has three pickup points on the Las Vegas Strip: Treasure Island, Horseshoe Las Vegas, and Excalibur Hotel & Casino. If you’re not staying at one of these hotels, you can easily get to a pickup point on foot, in an Uber, or via the Las Vegas Monorail.

The first stop on your journey is Pahrump, one of Nevada’s hidden gems, followed by a visit to Rhyolite Ghost Town. At one time, Rhyolite was packed with prospectors in search of gold, but a series of financial misadventures caused the town to go bust almost as quickly as it sprang up from the Nevada desert.

The deserted streets are the perfect place to look and listen for the ghosts of miners, shopkeepers, hoteliers, and socialites who once called Rhyolite home.

The tour also includes several stops in and around Death Valley National Park, including at Artists Drive, the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, Harmony Borax Works, and Badwater Basin — the lowest point in North America.

As you gaze across the desolate salt flat, it’s easy to imagine lost spirits searching for their loved ones. Ticket prices start at $179 each and include bottled water, round-trip transportation, and national park admission.

4. Haunted Vegas Tour and Ghost Hunt in Las Vegas

Get ready for an evening of spooktacular entertainment. The Haunted Vegas Tour & Ghost Hunt has everything you need to search for paranormal activity. Dowsing rods? Check. Temperature guns? Check. EMF meters? Check. The only thing missing is you.

Begin your tour with a pizza party inside the Tuscany Suites & Casino, one of the best hotels near Las Vegas Strip. Once you’ve had your fill of tangy sauce and gooey cheese, it’s time to board a shuttle bound for a haunted casino, Redd Foxx’s house, Fox Ridge Park, and other mysterious destinations.

As you travel from one haunted site to the next, pay close attention to your tour guide. They’ll entertain you with stories about Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, and Elvis Presley.

Who knows? Michael Jackson might show up with a pack of zombies, just like he did in his 1982 music video for Thriller. Each ticket costs $124.95 and includes transportation, equipment use, and the services of a professional tour guide. Best of all, you get to keep your dowsing rod.

If you need a break from ghost hunting, join us for our show Mystère, an exploration of the powerful forces that control our fate. Colorful costumes, talented performers, and fast-paced music transport you to a world of wonder where anything is possible.

Adventure and Specialty Tours

If searching for ghosts isn’t exciting enough for you, try combining a ghost hunt with one of the many adventure activities available in and around Las Vegas. After all, spotting a ghost is a bit scarier when you aren’t looking for one.

We highly recommend these adventure and specialty tours to adrenaline junkies who don’t mind mixing frights with flights of fancy.

5. VIP Ghost Town Gold Mine Tour/Hoover Dam Small Group Tour From Las Vegas

Leave the lights of Glitter Gulch and the Las Vegas Strip behind with the Ghost Town Gold Mine and Hoover Dam Tour.

This action-packed tour includes stops at a ghost town, a mine, and the Hoover Dam, making it ideal for anyone who wants to see more of the desert landscape without sacrificing their hunt for ghosts.

Your first stop is the Hoover Dam, where you’ll be treated to scenic views of Nevada and Arizona. Next is Nelson Ghost Town, the site of bloody battles between Native Americans and Civil War defectors.

While you’re there, imagine what it was like to live in a remote town that had no law enforcement to keep things in order.

After Nelson, it’s time to visit Techatticup Mine, which had some of the largest gold deposits in the state. Legend has it that Nevada’s first serial killer, Queho, committed his final murder nearby.

Wondering why we have this excursion listed as an adventure tour? It’s because you have to follow a 0.25-mile gravel trail to see the quartz veins that used to be filled with precious metals.

If you upgrade your ticket, you can even visit Spring Mountain State Park, the first working ranch in the area. Ticket prices start at $175 and include transportation to each site.

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6. Haunted Corn Maze

Whether you’re a tourist or a local looking for a fun place to spend the afternoon with your kids, the Moapa Valley haunted corn maze fits the bill. Unlike a haunted Las Vegas tour, a visit to the corn maze is only a little bit spooky, making it the perfect place for young ones.

Kids love to dive into the corn pit, bounce on the giant pillow, ride the cow train, and spend time on the playground. If you want to leave the kids at home and enjoy a night out with friends, rent a fire pit, play some haunted paintball, or enter “The Shriek Shack” if you dare.

Make sure you visit at night to get the full effect. Tickets cost $24 each — $12 to get into Moapa Valley and another $12 for the haunted corn maze.

7. Nelson Ghost Town

The VIP Ghost Town Gold Mine Tour includes a stop at Nelson, but if you want more time to explore the old mining town, we recommend Eldorado Canyon Mine Tours.

Once you arrive, you’ll have plenty of time to check out the old buildings — many of which have appeared in feature films, television shows, and video games.

If you live in Las Vegas, you can even rent the BBQ area for a special occasion. Just imagine how cool it would be to surprise your teenager with a Fallout-themed birthday party.

The mine tour takes you past quartz veins that used to be filled with precious metals, giving you a glimpse into what life was like for the miners who called Nelson home. Ticket prices range from $12.50 to $20.

Cultural and Thematic Tours

Some of the most unique things to do in Las Vegas are hidden in its culture. Consider adding a cultural or thematic tour to your itinerary.

Attending one of these tours is a great way to satisfy your supernatural curiosity while learning more about the local culture. We recommended The Haunted Tavern, the Ghosts and Hauntings Tour, and a visit to Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum.

8. Haunted Tavern

If you’re 21 or older, we’re big fans of the immersive cocktail experience offered by the Haunted Tavern. When you step inside, be prepared for a chill to settle into your bones as the tavern keeper tells the ghostly tale of his ancestors.

You’ll get to drink four unique cocktails while learning more about the spirits who call Las Vegas home, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening. But beware — there may be a ghost among you.

The Haunted Tavern is a traveling attraction, so check the website to make sure it’s in Las Vegas when you plan to visit.

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9. Ghosts and Hauntings Tour on the Las Vegas Strip

Every city has a dark side, and Las Vegas is certainly no exception. During Prohibition, several notorious gangsters called the city home, leaving a trail of blood in their wake.

The Ghosts and Hauntings Tour on the Last Vegas Strip will have you searching for signs of those gangsters against the backdrop of a modern city.

Listen as your tour guide tells the story of vengeful actors, inveterate gamblers, and the mobsters who made Las Vegas their playground. Tickets cost $29.95.

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10. Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum

Billed as the number one haunted destination in America, Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum takes the concept of a museum to a whole new level.

Instead of colorful landscapes and modern sculptures, you’ll get to explore secret passages and make your way through creepy hallways in search of restless spirits.

Bagans is the host of Ghost Adventures, so he’s more than qualified to oversee the museum and its artifacts, which include Peggy the Doll, Dr. Kevorkian’s van, and The Devil’s Rocking Chair.

The Late Night Flashlight Ghost Tour Experience costs $204 and includes a 1.5-hour tour of more than 30 rooms in a historic mansion.

Crime and Mystery Tours

Put on your deerstalker hat, grab your magnifying glass, and get ready to hunt for clues. If you fancy yourself a bit of a detective, these crime and mystery tours are the perfect addition to your Las Vegas itinerary.

Once you’ve experienced all there is to see in these tours, it’s time to start planning out your next big holiday event. Discover our list of New Year’s Eve events in Vegas.

11. Vegas Mob Tour

Step back in time and discover what life was like when mobsters ruled Las Vegas. The Vegas Mob Tour begins with a short documentary on how Mafia activity helped the city earn its seedy reputation.

Then, you’ll visit several notable locations, such as one of the film locations for Casino, where the cardinal rule is to “keep them playing.”

What makes this tour so memorable is the use of FBI surveillance photos and other memorabilia to help you imagine what it was like to live in Las Vegas when organized crime was in its heyday.

Ticket prices start at $124.95 and include transportation to all tour stops.

12. Vegas Crime Tour

Still haven’t had your fill of crime? Check out the Las Vegas Crime Tour, which stops at multiple crime scenes. Numerous celebrities have run into trouble with the law while living in or visiting Las Vegas, including O.J. Simpson, B.B. King, and Dean Martin.

You’ll hear their stories as you make your way to the scene of a bombing, an arson, and multiple homicides. Prices start at $124.95 for a tour that lasts 2.25 hours.

Embrace the Spirits: Concluding Your Ghostly Journey Through Las Vegas

Now that you’ve explored these attractions, you know how Las Vegas earned its reputation as one of the most haunted cities in America. We hope you’ve added some to your list of Halloween events in Las Vegas.

We have a lot in common with this city. We love to entertain people and surprise them with something unexpected.

While you’re in Sin City, we invite you to join us for one of our shows in Las Vegas. Step into a world of excitement that brings the imagination to life.

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