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Best Rooftop Bars Atlanta

Rooftop bars have surged in popularity, and Atlanta’s top offerings stand out from the crowd. Here, we’ll cover the best in Atlanta rooftop bars.

In urban settings, space to generate unforgettable shared experiences is at a premium. As a result, rooftop bars have become a booming phenomenon. Sitting in the sky and enjoying a delectable drink is one of the best things to do in Atlanta.

Georgia's sunny climate has made the buzzing metropolis of Atlanta a vibrant center of rooftop culture. It's full of amazing high-up eateries with creative offerings, dazzling design, and splendid views.

Rise above the ground and reach unimaginable heights as you enjoy an unforgettable evening at one of these Atlanta rooftop bars.

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1. Polaris at Hyatt Regency

Perhaps the most definitive and iconic precursor to the entire rooftop Atlanta scene is the blue-domed rotating restaurant mounted at the apex of the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. The restaurant Polaris has provided spectacular skyline views since 1967. Since reopening in 2014 after a decade-long closure, it exudes a classic, high-end retro atmosphere that proves popular.

We love the seasonal signature cocktails and shareable plates that incorporate unique local ingredients — many of them coming from Polaris' own rooftop garden. The result is memorable dinners and delectable cocktails that provide the perfect end to a romantic evening.

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Address: 265 Peachtree St. NE, Atlanta, GA


The price of a meal can vary from midrange to the more expensive fine-dining prices common on rooftops in Atlanta, depending on your tastes. At Polaris, entrees can cost up to $90 a plate, and wines and breezy cocktails are typically priced at $15 a glass or more. Still, it’s possible to have a meal here without breaking the bank.

Must-Try Dishes

Dishes such as vegan local tofu bulgogi are the kind of dining opportunity that makes Polaris an inviting culinary destination. For diners with a more carnivorous palate who don’t mind paying extra, the Wagyu Polaris steak Oscar is not to be missed.

2. SkyLounge at the Glenn Hotel

SkyLounge offers a prestige blend of sophisticated modernity and bucolic Southern charm from its perch atop the boutique Glenn Hotel. The terrace of SkyLounge at the Glenn is reminiscent of a porch at a large-scale restaurant, scattered with modern lounge furniture.

With covered and open-air sections and protective panels, the SkyLounge is an adaptable space that can accommodate diners year-round. Its innovative cocktails, welcoming ambiance, and panoramic views of Atlanta make it a major draw, so it’s a good idea to arrive early.

Address: 110 Marietta St NW, Atlanta, GA


SkyLounge is affordable for a famous rooftop lounge in Atlanta. Its small menu of delicious cocktails averages $12 a glass, and its selection of small dishes comes in at around $11 a plate.

Must-Try Dishes

SkyLounge’s cheese board is a perennial favorite of its patrons, and the cocktail menu is well-received by most.

3. Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House (Westside)

Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House is one of the most popular rooftop bars in downtown Atlanta. Overlooking Grant Park and home to some of the city’s most delicious fried seafood, this rooftop cocktail bar offers amazing views of the skyline. It’s no surprise that it was recently named in the Top 30 Outdoor Bars by Travel + Leisure.

The menu teems with fresh seafood, excellent fried fish dishes, and a range of sandwiches and tacos that draw a loyal clientele.

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Address: 437 Memorial Drive SE, Suite #1A, Atlanta, GA


Six Feet Under’s food and beverages are reasonably priced, given the restaurant’s standing among the best rooftops in Atlanta. While much of the menu depends on market pricing, items with preset prices tend to cost around $25.

Must-Try Dishes

The freshly steamed seafood dishes are among Six Feet Under’s biggest draws. We love the popular blackened catfish and blackened shrimp & grits platters, and the drink and beer selection draws praise from patrons.

4. The Rowdy Tiger Rooftop

Founded in 2019, Rowdy Tiger Rooftop is royalty among Midtown Atlanta rooftop bars. Inspired by the mid-19th century historic period of Atlanta and its early experiments with Prohibition, its design and concept echo the speakeasies known as “blind tigers” that thrived during its unruly history.

Rowdy Tiger Rooftop has a cozy atmosphere with seasonal rooftop igloos for cold months and an indoor lounge with sofas, bar tables, and fire pits. Visitors can enjoy small bites from the downstairs kitchen, drawn from a menu of comforting Southern food, and sample Atlanta’s largest list of whiskeys.

Address: 866 W Peachtree St NW, Atlanta, GA


Rowdy Tiger is fairly affordable as far as small plates, mains and desserts, hand-crafted cocktails, beer, and wine go. Main dishes average $25 a plate, for example, and starters cost around $14 a plate. However, prices for the bar's famous whiskeys and spirits tend to be substantially higher.

Must-Try Dishes

The cast iron salmon is a consistent crowd-pleaser on the dinner menu. However, it goes without saying that the awe-inspiring selection of whiskeys is the main attraction.

5. New Realm Brewing

A major representative of the brewing company trend among Atlanta rooftop bars is New Realm Brewing. It opened in 2017, masterminded by the legendary Mitch Steele. New Realm’s outdoor patio is the top floor of a 20,000-square-foot industrial brewhouse operation that also sports its own street-level restaurant and beer garden.

Visitors who want to enjoy a cool, refreshing brew in Atlanta’s famously warm weather can head straight for the rooftop patio. Courtesy of Executive Chef Josue Barona, New Realm serves up a robust menu of pub-inspired dishes alongside malty brews. In fact, the dishes here often incorporate beer flavors as a jumping-off point.

We love the spectacular views and affordable prices on offer at this top Atlanta rooftop bar.


Address: 550 Somerset Terrace NE, Unit 101, Atlanta, GA


Family dining and pub food prices are the standard at New Realm Brewing, making it an attractive destination for a casual meal. The extensive beer list is full of eminently affordable drafts and tasters.

Must-Try Dishes

The Wagyu beef burger and smoked half chicken in a beer glaze provide remarkable value for your dollar and are not to be missed.

6. The Southern Gentleman

An elegantly designed, glass-enclosed gastropub that sits atop The Shops Buckhead Atlanta, The Southern Gentleman ranks among the fanciest restaurants in Atlanta. We love the tantalizing menu that embraces the full range of flavors and diverse culinary styles that Southern cuisine has to offer.

The cool color palette of the pub’s interior provides a serene, sophisticated ambiance for visitors. Sip your drinks and enjoy your meal while gazing out the sizable windows for a picturesque rooftop view of Peachtree Road.

Here, you can feast on quail, shrimp, stone-ground grits, and delectable desserts, such as the delicious banoffee tart. It all comes with an impressive wine list, and The Gentleman even puts on wine-maker dinners with innovative menus of their own.

Address: 3035 Peachtree Rd. NE Ste. A208, Atlanta, GA


Prices at The Southern Gentleman are fairly average by the standards of most fine-dining rooftop bars in Atlanta. You can expect dinner for two with starters, entrees, dessert, and a couple of cocktails to cost just over $240, including gratuity. Special event dinners come in at about this range for a pair of tickets.

There’s scope to indulge in much more expensive treats when, say, the whiskey list comes up. An ounce of whiskey can range from $14 to anywhere between $70 and $195, depending on the brand and age. The most spectacular (and expensive) example is Woodford Baccarat. However, since dish prices range widely, this level of expense is optional.

Must-Try Dishes

Brunch at The Southern Gentleman is a crowd-pleaser, with southern fried chicken, country skillet cake, and peach cobbler French toast being favorites.

7. Nine Mile Station

A gorgeous gastropub-style destination set in the Ponce City Market rooftop, Nine Mile Station is an oasis of deliciously creative cuisine in the midst of a tourist-friendly terrain replete with carnival games and mini-golf.

The menu sports innovative takes on classic American dishes, a remarkable array of cocktails and beers on tap, and a refreshing wine selection. During the golden hour, Nine Mile Station also offers one of the most spectacular views of the city’s skyline.

Photographer: Ronny Sison

Address: Ponce City Market, 1829, 675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA


As befits one of the elite Atlanta rooftops, fine-dining prices are in effect, although Nine Mile Station is at the lower end of the price scale. A meal for two with starters, substantial entrees, a couple of extra sides, dessert, and a nice bottle of Pinot Noir could realistically come to about $250, including gratuity.

Must-Try Dishes

Nine Mile Station’s menu is always changing as the kitchen experiments with new dishes and combinations of ingredients. Favorites include blackened snapper, French onion mac & cheese, and fried green tomatoes.

8. Virtue Rooftop

One of the most exciting rooftop bars in Midtown Atlanta is Virtue Rooftop, the exquisitely designed crowning glory of the popular 5Church Midtown. Virtue offers a dazzling selection of specialty cocktails, shareable dishes, and craft beers, as well as sophisticated lists of wines and spirits.

Just as compelling as the food and drink is the setting, decorated with unique art and unforgettable design touches. The covered interior spaces and capacious rooftop terrace overlook a genuinely sweeping view that will leave you mesmerized.

Elegant, fun, and vibrant, Virtue’s atmosphere comes together with music supplied by a diverse cast of DJs and live acts. Whether it’s a launching pad before one of our shows, a place for drinks before or after dinner downstairs, or the primary destination for your evening out, Virtue Rooftop doesn’t disappoint.

Address: 1197 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA


Prices are reasonable for a rooftop bar in Midtown Atlanta, although you can get extravagant if you really want to. It’s possible to get a couple of shareable dishes, desserts, and a few beers each for a party of two for just under $90 (tip included).

On the other hand, you’ll likely spend upwards of $50 on a bottle of wine, $95 for a bottle of champagne, or $100 on 2 ounces of top-shelf tequila.

Must-Try Dishes

The lamb burger sliders and tuna lettuce wraps are two of Virtue’s most consistently praised dishes.

9. Estrella Rooftop

This is one of our favorite rooftop bars in Atlanta. It sits above one of the city’s most famous neighborhoods, built at Common Ground Warehouse in Inman Park and upstairs from the street-level restaurant Bazati.

Serving a dazzling, delicious array of Latin-American tapas, along with freshly squeezed margaritas, Atlanta’s Estrella offers a chill setting suffused with upbeat music that provides the perfect backdrop for enjoying a quiet dinner with a date and watching the sunset.

Combine this with an effusively welcoming staff and a first-come, first-served ethos — you don’t need reservations to eat here — and it’s easy to see why Estrella was voted one of Atlanta’s best rooftop bars.

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Address: 550 Somerset Terrace​ NE, Suite 102, Atlanta, GA


Pricing is remarkably affordable. Tapas average $10 a plate, and cocktails cost around $14 a glass.

Must-Try Dishes

The delicious margaritas are definitely the star of the show, especially the Estrella, fruta, and lavender Margaritas.

10. Rooftop L.O.A.

Leave of Absence provides 38,000 square feet of Atlanta rooftop experience that goes beyond being a simple bar. There are three different areas to explore and enjoy. Visitors can sip drinks by the pool, hang out in the grove — an olive garden featuring a bar and a set of fire pits — or visit Riva Restaurant and snack on fine-dining fabulations, such as Wagyu Beef Tartare.

The 360-degree views are superlative, especially poolside, and the drinks are excellent. Hanging out in the grove doesn’t even come with a cover charge.

Built to recreate a resort-like experience without leaving the city, LOA’s cuisine and cocktails were conceived with a European coastal theme in mind. They combine with the decor and design to create an atmosphere that truly makes visitors feel like they’ve been transported to a long-distant shore.

Since it’s also accessible to the public, doesn’t require a membership, and isn’t a hotel extension, this perfect spot is widely popular.

Address: 1115 Howell Mill Rd, Atlanta, GA


You can expect to pay fine dining prices to eat here. Shared plates from the appetizer menu can run up to $155 all on their own. Entrees range in cost from $28 to $89 a plate, and a particularly fine vintage of wine can cost up to $35 a glass.

Must-Try Dishes

LOA’s steaks are prepared to perfection, and the calamari fritti and octopus appetizers are perennial public favorites.

Enjoy the High Life at the Finest Rooftop Bars in Atlanta!

The sunny Georgian climate has made the rooftop bars in Atlanta into some of the most storied of their kind in America. These dining spots celebrate the kind of joie de vivre, creativity, and breathtaking artistry we love. Explore these amazing destinations to get your drink on or a bite to eat before you take in one of our shows in Atlanta.

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