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Karaoke Bars in Atlanta

Touch the city’s heart with your charisma and musicality at one of the 10 places for karaoke in Atlanta, each with a unique vibe and repertoire.

Popular Karaoke Venues in Atlanta

Atlanta’s music scene is legendary. Gathering a group of friends and singing your hearts out is one of the most intimate and exciting things to do in Atlanta. TLC, Gucci Mane, CeeLo Green, and John Mayer are a few examples of white-hot musical talent hailing from A-Town.

Whether you’re a native or just visiting, one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the Big Peach’s culture is by singing it out. We’ve curated a list of the liveliest, most fun karaoke bars in Atlanta, where you can bring your dreams of holding an audience in the palm of your hand to life.

1. Moondogs

At Moondogs on Peachtree Road NE, the bartenders are masters of their craft. You’ll find pool, cornhole, darts, poker, and a slew of other ways to escape your daily life — but best of all is the night karaoke.

Whether you’re a belting king, queen of falsetto, or K-pop fanatic, head to Moondogs Wednesday through Saturday to get lost in the neon vibes as you regale patrons with your favorite tunes. If you’re feeling a little risqué, there’s even a pole on this iconic dive bar’s stage.

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2. Chaplins

Atlanta’s Chaplins has been the city’s go-to place for food and karaoke since 1988, and local legend says it’s the longest-running karaoke spot in Georgia. The bar and restaurant hosts heart-pounding live karaoke events Wednesday through Sunday, and you’re always greeted with a warm welcome.

If you're a discerning diva who prefers DJ-operated shows to plug-and-play versions, you’ll feel right at home here. Munch on mouth-watering burgers, quesadillas, and low-calorie options from the varied menu as you get hyped up for the performance of a lifetime.

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3. Karaoke Melody

Open Thursday through Saturday, Karaoke Melody is a thrilling night out that pays homage to karaoke’s heritage through a diverse menu of Japanese and American food. With an extensive karaoke catalog of over a million songs in 14 languages, you’re guaranteed to find those three hits you perform pitch-perfect every time. Bashful crooners, this one’s for you. All singing takes place in private rooms, so you only have your loved ones to impress.

4. Happy Karaoke

Open seven nights a week on Buford Highway NE., Happy Karaoke is the happy place for many amateur Atlantan karaoke singers. We love it because it’s the best spot in town to belt out your favorite power ballad in front of an audience seated in booths.

That means they’ll only pay attention if you’re out of this world — otherwise, you can sing Whitney with the reckless abandon of The Prom Queen of Soul herself.

5. 10 High Club

10 High at Dark Horse Tavern is a haven for hobby rockers and all-around music lovers. Ever wanted to try your hand at singing with a live band? This is the place to do it. Choose from a roster of hits that might include Amy Winehouse, Maroon 5, The Weekend, and Miley Cyrus on Mellowsome Mashup nights.

During Miss Metalsome nights, you can sing the likes of Avril Lavigne, Evanescence, Lizzo, and Paramore — on stage with a backing band — like the absolute rock star you are.

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6. The Local

The Local is one of the best karaoke hotspots in Atlanta on a Monday night. Grace the stage with your presence, eat as many wings as you need to steady your nerves, and go out there and win that rapturous applause.

With a vast catalog of tunes, mirror-walled rooms, and true dive bar energy, you’ll have the party-loving crowd up and dancing in no time. All you need to do is head over to Ponce De Leon Ave NE.

7. Mary's

With a karaoke night known affectionately in Atlanta as Mary-oke, Mary’s is a gay bar where anyone can grab the mic and showcase their vocal prowess in front of an adoring crowd.

Choose from 15,000 songs, and expect to hear a ton of Dolly Parton, Prince, and, of course, The Weather Girls.

8. FamFam Private Room Karaoke Club

Promising chill vibes up on Castleberry Hill, FamFam Private Room Karaoke offers astoundingly chic private karaoke lounges. Whether you’re seeking an outside-the-box date night with your sweet love or looking for a lively spot to host your bachelorette party, FamFam has your back.

We love the awesome drinks list and friendly service, but you can bring your own food and drink — or order a delicious takeout to your room.

9. The Star Community Bar

The Star Community Bar is a hub of Little Five Points, a subversive live music outpost, and home to an extraordinary Elvis shrine.

Head down on the last Wednesday of every month for Fokes Karaoke, hosted by Fokes Link, celebrating the best of rockabilly, rock ‘n’ roll, and classic rock.

A Night Out in Atlanta: Tips for Amateur Singers

When you’re in the mood for live music in Atlanta, you may as well bring it yourself! If you’re like us, you see any opportunity to get onto the stage as your one true chance to sparkle. Singing is a magnificent feat of human skill, emotion, and control. Performing requires that you’re calm, confident, and well-prepared.

Here are some tips to help you take your new favorite karaoke bar in Atlanta by storm.

How To Prepare for Karaoke

Our artists prep like athletes, going over the routine and stretching before each show. Sure, you can wing it and get on stage without preparing — but you want to dazzle, and that involves more than just picking a song.

Looking for inside tips from experts in pizzazz? Here goes:

  • Vocal warm-ups: Before attempting to woo the crowd with your angelic voice, warm up those vocal cords. Begin with humming, lip trills, sirens, and tongue exercises to loosen up your voice. Before heading out, sing scales or some easy, comfortable songs to get warmed up.
  • Song selection: Think carefully about your range when choosing your songs. Don’t be afraid to play it safe — emoting and engaging with the audience is just as important as the sound. Ideally, select a popular, upbeat hit that you’ve practiced plenty and know the nuances of. It’s better to be confident and hit every note than overly ambitious and bomb.
  • Stage presence: Remember to be aware of your body while you’re on stage. Watching live performances is a great way to pick up some moves, and watching yourself on film or in the mirror helps.
  • Nerves: Being vulnerable and singing in front of people isn’t easy, so it’s natural to feel nervous before a show. Remember to breathe and embrace the nervous energy as part of the eventful karaoke experience.
  • Hydration: Stay hydrated throughout the day, and stick to room temperature drinks in the 30 minutes or so leading up to your big moment.
  • Indulging: While a drink might help to steady your nerves, overindulging can interfere with the tone of your precious voice.
  • Audience engagement: Connect with the crowd through gestures, facial expressions, and rhythmic movements — you’ll feel their energy bouncing off you!
  • Post-performance: Socializing and enjoying the other act’s performances can be inspiring and invigorating.
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Best Places in Atlanta for Pre-Karaoke Dining

A number of Atlanta’s singing hotspots serve food, but if you’re seeking somewhere else to serenade your taste buds, here are some great places for preshow dining:

  • Rwby: A New American restaurant with a Mediterranean accent. Come here before karaoke to grab a light, healthy bite so you can keep your energy up.
  • Ponce City Market Food Hall: Immerse yourself in an endless array of options at one of Atlanta's biggest food halls.
  • The Varsity: Head to one of the oldest restaurants in Georgia, and grab a drive-through fast food meal if you’re in a hurry.
  • Taqueria del Sol: Excite your taste buds with the sharp, spicy, and moreish Mexican flavors at this simple yet brilliant taqueria.
  • We Suki Suki: Sample banh mi sandwiches, pho, and plenty of healthy options at this Vietnamese eatery.

If you’re looking for something unique and eye-opening, try one of the rooftop bars in Atlanta.

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Popular Atlanta Nightlife Options to Continue the Party

When the sun sets, Atlanta comes to life and buzzes with enough nightlife outposts that there’s something for everyone. After karaoke, it’s likely you’ll be alive with the euphoria of performance — and ready to take the city by storm.

Those seeking something upscale might go to Bar Margot, a cozy yet chic cocktail bar with creative concoctions and a paired-back atmosphere. Alternatively, try TEN ATL, a lounge with champagne, cocktails, and quality wines.

Art lovers might want to make their way to the oh-so-quirky Sister Louisa's Church of the Living Room & Ping Pong Emporium. The church-themed bar offers church organ karaoke and is open 7 nights per week until late, so you can take in the irreverent art and vibrant atmosphere post-karaoke any time.

For those who want to play late into the night, Joystick Gamebar is a place where alternative folks and nerds can feast on burgers and play arcade games deep into the night.

Karaoke in Atlanta, GA: Showcase Your Singing Prowess

Embark on a singsong exploration of the top karaoke bars in Atlanta and experience the awe and wonder of surrendering to an audience. Whether you’re looking to sing with a live band, belt power ballads, or bop to K-pop, there’s a spot in the city where you can shine.

Looking to get mesmerized by extraordinary feats of human strength, passion, and artistry? Witness the spellbinding sorcery of impossible acrobatics, invigorating live music, opulent costumes, and elegant dance the next time our Atlanta shows are in. We’ll dazzle you with an out-of-this-world performance that you’ll be talking about for weeks or years to come.

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