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Natural Pools in Gran Canaria

Mother Nature meets man-made convenience on the shores of the Canary Islands. Come meet us by the natural pools in Gran Canaria.

For years, Tenerife has stolen the spotlight that shines so bright on the Canary Islands. But lately, there's another spot finally getting its due. Off the northwestern edge of Africa sits Gran Canaria. Fishing trips, quaint villages, and scenic vistas abound, and that's just the beginning of the best things to do in Gran Canaria.

Here, with balmy breezes blowing and the Roque Nublo whispering in the distance, the siren's song of the beach is strong. One of the best features is the natural pools in Gran Canaria that make room for visitors of all ages.

Join us as we take you on a journey through a few of our favorite natural pools. As you venture to these cozy areas, you'll make memories that last a lifetime.

North Coast

Head north on the unforgettable island of Gran Canaria to find natural swimming pools that border some of the region's most picturesque beaches.

1. The Hole, Natural Pools Gáldar

Stick your toes in one of the best beaches in the area. The Hole, also known as Playa del Agujero, is a natural pool located just 10 minutes from Gáldar's historic center. Here, you have a front-row view of Gran Canaria's stunning seascapes.

You can use the ramp to access the pool, and you'll likely have most of the stretch to yourself. This part of the town still needs to be discovered by tourists. What The Hole lacks in sunbathing facilities—you won't find any public bathrooms or showers here—it more than makes up for in beauty and opportunity.

Take a swim or practice your bodyboarding. You can also see what sea life you can spot in the natural pool. Afterward, replenish your energy at Bar Tu Mismo, a nearby eatery where you can grab drinks and snacks.

2. Las Salinas de Agaete

Defend your right to an incredible vacation from the fortress-like structure surrounding Las Salinas at Agaete. Here, you'll find three natural swimming pools in a rocky ring studded with short concrete columns.

With the rocky outcrops of northwest Gran Canaria as your backdrop, you'd be forgiven if you did little else but take a dip and sigh in contentment. For those interested in something more active, there are diving sites and a ferry link to Tenerife nearby. Some sections have secure handrails, making getting in and out of the pools easier.

3. El Charco de San Lorenzo, Moya

Many of Gran Canaria's natural pools are nestled in the island's more remote areas. But the Charco de San Lorenzo near Moya—translating to puddle or pool—is barely more than a hop, skip, and a jump from all kinds of hustle and bustle.

You'll find a steep, rocky staircase leading down to the pool. That's a win for anyone itching to take a full plunge in the chilly depths of the Atlantic Ocean. Smaller and quieter pools are nearby for those longing for a calmer, less adrenaline-inducing day out.

Stack up the smooth, weather-beaten rocks or direct the pint-sized engineers you have in tow to the sandy beach where they can build their own castles. Pool time is surprisingly easy, thanks to a bevy of available amenities. Bathrooms, changing rooms, showers, and parking are all available.

The area is relatively peaceful, which is somewhat surprising, considering it's only a short walk to a popular fish restaurant and residential neighborhoods are nearby.

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4. Roque Prieto Pools, Guía

Roque Prieto Pools are indeed fed by Mother Nature—and, more specifically, the Atlantic Ocean. Locals sectioned off part of the area to create a peaceful, leisure-friendly pool. The result is a panoramic view of the open sea from a safe, idyllic pond.

When you arrive at Roque Prieto, you'll likely find a parking spot without issue. Then, it's just a short jaunt to the beach, a sandy area flanked by towering rocks. You can see to the bottom of the coastal puddles, even in places where shallower breadths give way to grander expanses measuring up to three meters deep.

5. Los Charcones De Bañaderos, Arucas

Venture to the northern end of Gran Canaria to encounter the Arucas municipality. This little town is a product of the area's farming boom, and crops are still plentiful thanks to fertile soil brimming with mineral deposits left from volcanic eruptions.

It's also where you'll find Los Charcones De Bañaderos, a sprawling natural pool separated from the ocean by a strategically placed ring of rocks. Los Charcones De Bañaderos isn't the most isolated natural pool in Gran Canaria, but that may be a plus if you value easy access over peace and quiet.

Here, you'll find terraces for sunbathing and plenty of bathrooms and restaurants. Concentrate your energy on navigating the walkways and exploring the contents of the beach's tantalizing inlets. When you're done relaxing by the pools, head off to happy hour at one of the local bars for some honey rum and a light and tasty ensaladilla rusa.

6. La Furnia or El Clavo, Gáldar

Psst…We've got a bit of a secret. La Furnia, also called El Clavo, is a relatively unknown natural pool in Gáldar. Volcanic rocks pull double duty. They shield the tranquil pool from prying eyes and the elements while protecting it from the turbulent conditions of the Atlantic.

Photographer: Jawad Ijmek

7. Natural Pools of Playa de la Laja, Las Palmas

La Laja is an oasis anchored by a 1,200-meter-long beach covered in breathtaking black sand. Location is a mega win here. Playa de la Laja is one of the four main beaches in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and it's situated between the capital city and the second most populated spot, Telde. You can't miss it—trust us, you don't want to.

You'd think the beach's convenient location would mean it's crawling with tourists, but it's more popular with local families. That's likely due to the vast amount of space where kids can play while parents lay out blankets and catch some sun.

There are multiple natural pools to explore here. The first is shaped like a half-moon and is especially well-suited to children. The second, a squared-off Olympic-style pool, is 50 meters long and perfect for swimming laps. The third, a family pool, is a seamless collaboration between man and the sea.

Getting to La Laja is easy. You can walk or ride your bike on the promenade that stretches from Las Palmas to the beach.

8. Dos Roques Pools, Gáldar

Playa Dos Roques is small but spectacular. Golden sand kisses the shoreline like sparkling sugar on top of whipped buttercream, and the view is just as sweet. But underneath the peaceful exterior of the beach lies the wildness of the ocean.

Windy conditions are fairly common and occasionally problematic, causing rough seas that could turn a casual beach day into an exercise in frustration. But those concerns are all but moot once you settle beside one of the Dos Roques pools.

These pools remain relatively restful even when the ocean kicks up a storm. Remember that you're more likely to paddle and sunbathe here than go for an all-out swim.

9. El Altillo, Moya

Moya, home of Carco de San Lorenzo, is also where you'll find El Altillo. This pool is more under the radar, but it's also more peaceful. Boulders and small tidal pools take the place of sandy beaches, allowing you to experience the wild, unrestrained beauty of nature.

The pool rests between two rocky expanses. Vacation homes and local residences lie just behind the beach, making access easier. You can go straight from your car to kicking back on the pool's ledge.

10. Playa de Bocabarranco, Gáldar

Playa de Bocabarranco is one of Gáldar's natural wonders. It has a unique setup.

The road gives way to a rough, rocky pile that transitions into a series of concrete steps. Those steps lead down to a rather large pool. Want to race from one end to the other? You'll be doggy-paddling parallel to the Atlantic, with all the jaw-dropping views that entails.

For an extra dose of relaxation, follow up your morning at Bocabarranco with a restful afternoon at one of the spas in Gran Canaria. It's one of our favorite ways to unwind after a grueling week of rehearsals.

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Other Noteworthy Pools

Water parks in Gran Canaria are the go-to summer spots for more adventurous splishing and splashing. But the island's natural pools allow you to experience the local environment more organically.

11. Charco Las Graditas, Arguineguín

Once upon a time, Arguineguín was a small fishing village. Although the area has grown over time, tourists are still drawn in by the urge to sample the catch of the day. They're also drawn in by Charco Las Graditas.

Given how important sea life is to the town's residents, it's hardly shocking that your time at this natural pool might include opportunities to snap Insta-worthy shots of some friendly neighborhood crabs.

There are also fish in the enclosed bay. You can swim and snorkel as you explore the natural habitat of the creatures living under the surface. If you'd rather sunbathe, you can perch on the rim of the pool. Portable toilets are located near the cliff in case you need them.

Other amenities are scarce, so bring an umbrella and snacks unless you're staying at the nearby mega-resort and plan to return when your tummy rumbles.

12. Piscina del Perchel

Piscina del Perchel is one of the most organized and convenient natural pools in Gran Canaria. While the pool is the main attraction, you'll also find all kinds of fish and crabs. Wooden promenades line the beachfront. We love the smooth ramps that ensure the sand is accessible, even for those with limited mobility.

Across the boardwalk, your kids can enjoy a playground ringed by colorful wooden slats that bring a hint of the circus to the shore. Finding a few of our acrobats practicing their tumbling routines wouldn't seem out of place. Instead, you'll find climbing apparatus and plenty of artificial green space.

We love to visit on Fridays when you can shop at the weekly market. Fruits, such as mango and papaya, are in high demand. They're also perfect for sharing between swims.

13. Charco de los Espejos

At the westernmost edge of Gáldar, Sardina del Norte is known for its love of soccer and the 80-meter-long Sardina beach. But while you're in the area cheering on the Sardina Club de Fútbol and oohing and aahing at the Tábata cliff, take a few moments to visit Charco de los Espejos.

This pool has a distinctive shape, with cliffs almost completely enclosing a vibrant pool that brilliantly reflects the equally vibrant sky. It's like someone dropped a pocket of paradise in the middle of a rocky outcrop. It feels secretive and special, which are two of the best reasons to put this pool at the top of your must-see list.

Exploring Gran Canaria's Natural Pools: A Journey Through Nature's Miracles

Time spent exploring Gran Canaria is time always well-spent. Whether you pass the days hiking along its steep trails or relaxing on its sandy beaches, the Canary Islands are sure to reinvigorate and inspire you.

Build on the joy and thrill of a day on the beach with a night at the theater. As one cast member soars, another evokes emotions stronger than the sea itself. To witness the groundbreaking folly firsthand, book tickets to our shows in Gran Canaria today.

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