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Top Montreal Art Galleries

When the familiar meets the unexpected, you experience something unforgettable. That’s precisely what Montreal’s art scene embodies.

Steeped in culture and European appeal yet never too far from modern and quirky, Montreal appeals to anyone seeking creative inspiration. From the edgy murals that adorn Saint-Laurentand Rachel to the galleries tucked around every corner, the city lives and breathes art.

Of all the enchanting things to do in Montreal, nothing quite captures the city’s whimsical side like a trip to its best art galleries. Some are well-known, while others remain well-kept secrets you don’t want to miss. Come with us and let your imagination run free in these Montreal art galleries.

Old Montreal (Vieux-Montréal)

Saunter down to Old Montreal, where you’ll feel like you’ve jumped to a Parisian boulevard in its prime, four centuries ago. Gaslit lamps line old-fashioned streets, contrasting the neighborhood’s fascination with contemporary art.

1. L’Original Art Gallery Old Montreal

Given its location in the heart of Old Montreal, you’d think L’Original Art Gallery would be home to the works of Baroque masters, such as Rembrandt and Caravaggio. It’s a fitting combination when you look at the Montreal, Canada, skyline and see the towers of the Notre-Dame Basilica looming over the horizon.

But art is all about subversion. It makes you approach old ideas in new ways and see things from different perspectives, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised by a trip to L’Original. After standing on a medieval street, you’ll enter one of Canada’s most impressive street art galleries. It’s a stunning contrast, reflecting Montreal’s captivating blend of the old and the modern.

2. PHI Centre

The rise of the digital age has transformed the world in many ways. Just a few years ago, it seemed impossible for something like virtual reality to end up in living rooms.

Technologies such as VR and holography are weaving through the art world, creating immersive exhibition spaces. You’ll see many unique art spaces in PHI Centre, where it feels like you’ve entered a hidden world.

Of course, it probably helps that this contemporary Montreal art gallery thrives on unexpected encounters. By blending light, sound, and advanced technology, the gallery’s exhibits are sure to transport you to an ‘80s acid rave — an interesting and surreal experience.

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Old Port

A neighborhood enriched with the city’s history, Montreal’s Old Port is home to several unique and thought-provoking art galleries.

3. Station 16 Editions

Station 16 Editions began as a pop-up gallery during Montreal’s MURAL Festival. Like the festival, it became a fixture in the city’s art scene. It’s easy to see why.

The gallery celebrates all things hip and edgy. The bold, confident lines of graffiti art grace new materials and mediums. Some of the art takes a bold black-and-white approach, while other pieces pop with color, drawing inspiration from the eccentric kaleidoscope of Montreal’s urban landscape.

Like what you see? You can take many of the designs home with you in the form of merch.

4. Galerie Bloom

Galerie Bloom, the final stop on our tour of Montreal’s art galleries in the Old Port, is one of the most famous among art collectors and enthusiasts alike. Inside, there’s an eclectic mix of spaces. Expect paintings hanging on brick walls, presented alongside sculptures and furniture, as if you’re standing in someone’s home.

The gallery's unusual interior design resembles salon-style displays, making the art feel accessible in a departure from the pure white cube rooms you might be used to. Of course, it also helps that the contemporary art on display is so vivid, leading to a colorful art gallery that defies conformity.


Rosemont, named for the mother of the man who owned much of the area’s land, is one of the largest neighborhoods in Montreal. It’s also a part of town where tons of the city’s creatives live and thrive.

5. L’Artothèque

Art takes many forms, mirroring its creators and observers. Look at a painting; you might see a profound sadness seeping through the brush strokes. However, another person might see a triumphant parade sweeping joyfully across the canvas.

We take the same stance with our shows. Once the stage is set and the music sets in, your interpretation of what you see is part of the performance. L’Artothèque gallery likely arose with a similar concept in mind. More like an art library than a gallery, it encourages you to fall in love with what you see and to find your own perspective.

When you spot a piece you like, rent it out and see how your perception of the work changes once it’s in your home during your next dinner party.

6. Art Mûr

Art tends to be at its best when filtered through an avant-garde lens. Seeing the smiles on our fans’ faces when our performances move in unexpected directions brings us joy. You can experience something similar at Art Mûr — albeit with fewer somersaults!

The gallery prides itself on experimental art. Many of the exhibits utilize new or unusual mediums to accomplish this, but you’ll also see art subverting traditional mediums. Take a guided tour if you can't decide what to look at first. But, whichever path you choose, intrigue and inspiration await!

Mile End

Revel in hipster culture and street art while strolling through one of Montreal’s most artistic neighborhoods. Here, indie art and music bubble up from the neighborhood’s multicultural roots, creating a dramatic melting pot of creative styles.

7. Galerie Simon Blais

Otherworldly shapes feel right at home at Galerie Simon Blais, located in the heart of the Mile End. That’s because this modern art gallery in Montreal celebrates unique styles that have swept through the city. It’s a platform for many of the city’s emerging young artists and its established veterans.

Galerie Simon Blais lets visitors experience one of the most defining movements that swept across Quebec and can still be felt in the region’s culture and art. We’re talking about abstract expressionism and the style of the Automatistes—strange, thought-provoking pieces that challenge perceptions and open imaginations.

8. Centre d’Art et de Diffusion CLARK

Artist-run Centre d’Art et de Diffusion CLARK encourages experimentation and a blend of Montreal’s signature artistic hand with international inspiration. In pursuit of this ideal, the gallery displays visual and digital art, sculptures, and performances side-by-side.

While moving between the exhibits, your entire experience can change in an instant. It’s a great place to learn about art and find your muse. Attend artist talks to learn more about a piece that captured your eye, or take your kids to a workshop where they can kindle their youthful creativity.

Downtown (Centre-Ville)

Embrace the city's beauty from within its beating heart. Popular among shoppers and culinarians, Downtown is home to several renowned art galleries and Montreal museums.

9. Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal

The Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal is the city’s oldest. It’s also considered one of Canada's most prestigious art galleries. Since its founding in 1860, it's accumulated an unmatched collection that spans human history and the entire globe.

As you approach the museum, its grandiose stone facade greets you, beckoning you to explore the history of art. Inside the museum’s five pavilions, you’ll find over 43,000 works separated into eras and styles. There’s no better place to see how your favorite style has evolved.

Photographer: Slava Abramovitch

10. Oasis immersion

Surround yourself with floor-to-ceiling projections that make you feel like you’ve stepped through a portal into a swirling nebula of colors. Oasis immersion fuses art with technology to create alternate worlds that feel as lifelike as the city itself.

We love this intersection of culture and technology because it allows artists’ stories to be told in new, thrilling ways. It’s similar to how acrobatics, lighting, and a dash of folly weave together to bring life to our shows. At Oasis immersion, it feels like the exhibits come to life.

11. Galerie Leonard & Bina Ellen

Seek new understandings at the nexus where art meets academia. More than just an art gallery, Galerie Leonard & Bina Ellen is the place to learn about artistic movements and styles throughout Montreal and Canada.

Start your tour with a curator talk to discover what goes into crafting the perfect exhibit, and attend a public debate to share your interpretation of your favorite pieces. This spot offers concert and documentary screenings as well.

Galerie Leonard & Bina Ellen houses a collection of essays and brochures. Unusual as an art medium, these essays seek to inspire creative minds and challenge old ideas. They make you stop and think, just like a visceral sculpture.

12. Galerie B-312

There’s a chaotic beauty in how nature operates, giving intricate patterns to the veins of leaves or the shape of boulders.

Danielle Cormier probably felt similarly when she created imprints of natural objects and then reverse-engineered them to produce sculptures. That’s just one of the unique exhibits to have graced the halls of Galerie B-312.

Galerie B-312’s entire ethos inspires you to think about what you see when you walk through the halls. To that end, the gallery sources quirky sculptures, paintings, and experimental installations. This has led to an incredibly eclectic collection that you won’t see anywhere else.

Little Burgundy

Nestled between Atwater Ave. and Saint Antoine, Little Burgundy has a history of over 200 years. It’s a haven for one of the most unique and beautiful contemporary art galleries in Montreal.

13. Arsenal Art Contemporain

Arsenal Art Contemporain was founded by Pierre and Anne-Marie Trahan, who envisioned a place where people could marvel at the possibilities hidden within contemporary art.

This sprawling gallery, built on the site of an old abandoned shipyard, uses negative space between exhibits, giving them breathing room to exert their presence fully.


Once an industrial zone, Griffintown’s transformation into a vibrant residential and cultural hub brings art galleries and exhibition spaces to avant-garde surroundings.

14. Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran

Art serves as a catalyst for discovery and dialogue at Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran the exhibits. So, what’s on show? Contemporary art lives here in all its forms, focusing on pieces that transcend the mundane.

The building it occupies was once an ordinary welding workshop. We’re reminded of iconic French artist Marcel Duchamp’s found art concept. Even everyday objects become art when considered in a new place or from a different angle.

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15. Fonderie Darling

Foundries once formed the backbone of the city's industrial golden age. Nowadays, it's shifted away from these roots, diving into technology and tourism. However, it didn’t forget its old warehouses and factories.

They’ve been repurposed into cultural institutions and trendy homes, with Fonderie Darling becoming a vibrant art gallery. In many ways, Fonderie Darling still serves as the lifeblood of Montreal, providing studios, international residencies, and exhibitions for emerging artists.

It’s also a fantastic place to see the works of these young minds displayed against the gritty, authentic backdrop of the city’s industrial history.

Quartier Latin

A bustling neighborhood on Montreal’s shore, Quartier Latin exudes a creative spark perfect for contemporary art.

16. Galerie de l’UQAM

Galerie de l’UQAM is a university art gallery that showcases work from its students, other Quebec-based artists, as well as Canadian and international talents, too.

Its reputation was built in no small part on the back of the seasoned professionals who curate the contemporary art collection. Join one of the gallery’s tours to be invited into their world and get a glimpse of what they see when looking at each work.

Fancy an intimate sit-down talk with a local artist? You can do just that at Galerie de l’UQAM. Dive in as you’re whisked away on their creative journey.

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Wrapping Up Our Journey Through Montreal’s Art Galleries

Whether hidden in the hushed hall of an art gallery in Montreal or painted across the side of a building, art can be found in some of the most unexpected places. The spirit of creativity pulses through these streets, bringing excitement and color to the city. Reach out and let it wash over you.

Once you feel that thrill reaching a crescendo, step inside our theater with an open heart and a yearning for adventure. Like brush strokes on a blank canvas, our world comes to life. It’s one filled with high-flying acrobatics and heart-pounding feats of strength. Reality bends and twists, taking new forms and leaving you with unforgettable memories.

Come see our shows in Montreal, where our idea of art takes center stage.

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