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The Best Views in Montreal

Montreal is a picturesque city that combines historic charm, modern architecture, natural beauty, and cultural diversity into one breathtaking view.

The beauty of this city is truly a sight to behold, one that you simply don’t want to miss. There is no better way to experience all of Montreal, other than to climb to the crown of Mont-Royal. One of the best things to do in Montreal is capturing stunning views like this.

As you flip through the picture book of the city's best views, you’ll see the iconic Jacques Cartier Bridge slicing across the river. On the next page, there’s a delightfully contrasting view as you ascend from downtown Montreal’s historic streets.

Skyscrapers pierce the sky, standing tall, overlooking Mont-Royal. Period buildings, meanwhile, pay tribute to the past. Lush greenery and resplendent mountains are never far away to nourish your soul with a peaceful respite from the urban bustle.

One thing's for sure: The island of Montreal sits where the St. Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers converge, making for some spectacular views. Come with us on a tour of some of our favorite places to experience the city's best views.

Mont Royal Lookouts

If you ask any local about the best view in Montreal, you may see their eyes light up as they tell you about Mont-Royal. As locals, we enjoy spending our Saturday afternoons trekking up the mountain’s trails to get to the top of this vantage point.

Hike, bike, or drive to the summit, and feel your entire body relax as you soak in natural beauty at its finest. Legend has it that the name “Montreal” is derived from the mountain’s moniker (Montreal, Mont-Royal, get it) securing its extra special place in the city’s heart.

1. Kondiaronk Lookout

Kondiaronk Lookout is a wide and windy viewpoint that lets you step out to see the city unfold like an intriguing tapestry. Skyscrapers reach for the sky, with their mirrored surfaces shimmering like diamonds as traffic hums below.

The daily grind feels like a different world from this tranquil vantage point. Bursting greenery surrounds the Kondiaronk Lookout, adding to the awe-inspiring beauty. Savor your time up here. It’s a rare treat to admire a city from a natural phenomenon right at its heart.

Photographer: Olivier Collet

2. Sentier de l'Escarpement

Mont Royal’s Sentier de l'Escarpement winds along rugged mountain trails, spoiling you with its views along the way. Let the birdsong fill your heart as you meander, cycle, or run through the maple, oak, and ash groves.

Glimpses of Montreal peer through the foliage as you ascend higher, and the city’s sounds fade entirely. As beautiful as the views are, be sure to mind your step as you navigate mossy rocks and twisted tree roots underfoot.

3. Belvédère Camillien-Houde

Catch exquisite panoramic views at Belvédère Camillien-Houde, perched atop Mont-Royal. Each historical landmark and painstakingly designed building below is a brushstroke of ingenuity, and every inch of the landscape is extraordinary.

As its diversity and expanse unfold, this viewpoint gives you a glimpse into Montreal’s soul. It's a rare and astounding sight that’s more striking than any painting or photograph, especially in the fall, between late September and October.

4. Summit Circle Lookout

Shh, don’t tell anyone we told you about this spot. Reach the sky-high hidden gem known as Summit Circle Lookout and witness a sunset unlike anything you’ve seen before. The summit stands over 200 meters above sea level, and in July, it’s one of the best Montreal viewpoints to catch the city’s spectacular fireworks festival.

This place is perfect for reflection, meditation, and healing throughout the year. When we’re here, we feel a deep connection to the city’s pulse and the timeless beauty of the surrounding wilderness.


Montreal’s downtown area promises the polarity of intricate historical and glossy modern architecture. Sleek glass towers, such as the 1000 de la Gauchetière, stand close to heritage gems like the Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal. Between buildings, Mont-Royal peeks through, reminding you glorious scenery is never far away.

Each vista showcases the city’s buzzing energy and greenery, telling stories that date back centuries. If your eyes crave more beauty once you’ve taken in the views, many of Montreal’s art galleries are close to downtown.

5. Renaissance Montreal Downtown Hotel

Guests at the Renaissance Montreal Downtown Hotel indulge in captivating cityscape views. Gazing from the windows, you’ll see a mesmerizing tableau of skyscrapers and the Jacques Cartier Bridge stretching across the St. Lawrence River.

Montreal transforms into a glittering metropolis at night, with neon lights and street lamps illuminating the city.

Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie

Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie is an area where you can find a beautiful blend of round trees and traditional homes with a futuristic twist. Come here to ascend to unparalleled heights and enjoy breathtaking cityscape views. Marvel at the patchwork neighborhoods and see the river carve its path through the streets below.

Colorful duplexes, quaint front gardens, and lively cafés spill onto the sidewalk in this warm, small-town vibe neighborhood.

6. La Tour de Montréal

The light may look entirely different depending on when you visit La Tour de Montréal. In the morning, the city is bathed in a warm glow. By afternoon, long shadows play between the buildings. On a clear day, you might even see the distant Laurentians.

Once the sun sets, twinkling lights flicker on like sparks of ingenuity set against the night sky. At 165 meters, La Tour de Montréal is the tallest inclined tower in the world. Ride to the top in the evocative glass funicular — it only takes two minutes.

Photographer: Jack78

Old Port

Head down to the Old Port for peaceful views over the St. Lawrence River and some of the best walking tours in Montreal. Step carefully through cobbled streets to find a waterfront park. Locate a bench and unwind in an age-old fashion, surrounded by a blend of human-made and natural elegance. While you’re in the area, don’t forget to check out the Montreal Clock Tower.

7. The Clock Tower

Also known as the Sailor’s Clock Tower, The Clock Tower is more than 100 years old. Built to honor the sailors who gave up their lives in the First World War, it sits at the entrance of the Old Port on Victoria Pier. Observe the St. Lawrence River, speckled with ships and boats.

At night, the bridge's vista is extraordinary, as is the view of the Clock Tower itself. Designed in the image of London’s Big Ben, it’s illuminated in golden tones after sunset, marking a precious spot on the Montreal skyline.

Photographer: Andrew Gaz

8. Parc de Dieppe

Pop over to the eastern tip of Cité du Havre in Ville-Marie to stumble upon Parc de Dieppe. Venture along its pretty walking paths and admire your surroundings. Up close and personal with the St. Lawrence River, you can see the bridge’s majestic light show at night.

Bring a picnic on a clear day and soak in the city. Or, if you love to surf, kayak, or paddleboard, wind down in the park's peaceful embrace after a few hours at Vague à Guy.

9. Auberge du Vieux-Port Rooftop Bar

Gazing out from the rooftop terrace at Auberge du Vieux-Port Rooftop Bar is soul-soothing. More than 100 years ago, the building was a warehouse and hub of industry within Old Montreal.

It’s been renovated into a boutique hotel with this rooftop bar. The view is spellbinding year-round, but it's especially popular as a viewing point for July’s fireworks festival.

10. La Grande Roue

At 60 meters tall, La Grande Roue, also known as the Montreal Observation Wheel, is Canada’s tallest observation Ferris wheel. It also provides some of the best views of the city, no matter the season.

Its glass cabins are designed for comfort and accommodate up to eight passengers. If you're feeling fancy, opt for a VIP ticket and get the comfiest seats and most remarkable view, courtesy of a glass-bottomed cabin.

11. Terrasse Nelligan

Climb to the top of Hotel Nelligan, and you’ll reach Terrasse Nelligan. From this perspective, you can hear Montreal’s heartbeat. Head over for after-work drinks or a romantic dinner, and savor French cuisine and innovative cocktails.


Experience the fantastic view of the Jacques Cartier Bridge illuminated at night. The bridge is a true architectural masterpiece located in the heart of Centre-Sud. If you’re looking for the perfect opportunity to capture the essence of Montreal’s vibrant urban landscape, this is the place to do it.

12. Jacques Cartier Bridge

The Jacques Cartier Bridge is a steel giant with a heart of light. That’s right — this is a bridge with a difference. In 2017, the city decorated it with a groundbreaking lighting system. Wires and transmitters connect it to the city’s collective mind like nerves and veins.

Its huge latticework of beams and rivets lights up in a rainbow of colors, depending on what’s trending on Montreal social media. But it’s more than the view of the bridge that’s worth admiring. Endlessly popular with locals, it’s a hub for walking, cycling, and running.

As you glide along, it feels like you’re cycling across a postcard of one of the world’s most beautiful skylines.

Saint Helen’s Island

Saint Helen’s Island was named after Hélène de Champlain, the wife of explorer Samuel de Champlain. Despite its peaceful vibes, it served as a key military base long ago. Today, it’s a countryside haven, perfect for cycling and picnics. What’s that striking dome? It's the Biosphère — an environment museum with astounding panoramic views.

13. The Biosphère

We love visiting this unique indoor zoo and dome-shaped oracle of scientific knowledge. Built as the structure for the United States Pavilion at Expo 67, The Biosphère hosted various exhibitions for eight years.

Now, it's a museum dedicated to environmental topics. But it looks pretty cool from the outside, too.

Photographer: Matthieu Joannon

14. Le Monstre at La Ronde

It stands to reason that the tallest two-track wooden coaster in North America is one of the best viewpoints in Montreal. Le Monstre at La Ronde was first opened in 1985, and its copious peaks grant riders a uniquely thrilling view of the city. Rise to its 40 m apex and absorb the breathtaking sight of Montreal’s beautiful skyline.


Located on the northwestern flank of Mount Royal, this mostly residential neighborhood is filled with parks and lined with trees. Known for its beautifully organized Victorian homes, its name literally means “beyond the mountain.”

15. L'Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal

Pilgrims come from around the world to pay their respects to L'Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal at this shrine on the slopes of Mont Royal. Inside, candles are lit like rows of stars, while the grounds outside feature intricate statues and manicured greenery. Looking out over Montreal indulges the mind with sweeping vistas across the city.

Photographer: lolylam

A Skyline to Remember: Montreal's Architectural Majesty

Montreal’s views offer a journey through time. They are a testament to the city’s evolution. Its song is a resounding symphony of nature and urban life.

From the heady heights of Mont Royal to the cobblestone charm of Old Montreal, each vantage point has its allure. Grab your hiking boots, and don’t forget your sense of wonder as you explore the city’s skyline.

There's no denying that the city has some magnificent views. But when you're ready to see something truly spectacular, watch our shows in Montreal and step into a world where dreams become reality.

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