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Live Music in Madrid

Madrid mixes traditional melodies with a modern beat. Its live venues offer something for everyone.

This city is an oasis for music lovers, from flamenco tablaos and jazz bars to thrumming indie and techno clubs. It’s an unforgettable sonic journey from the distant past to the current moment. Exploring the city’s concert halls is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Madrid.

Quench your adventurous side and discover an upcoming Spanish band. Bathe in nostalgia at a classic rock tribute concert. Or, experience the majesty of tradition at a flamenco show. Join us as we take you through our favorite live music venues in this glorious city.


Feel the tug between history and modernity in Madrid’s beating heart. The Gran Vía’s theaters, flagship stores, and bustling restaurants cater to tourists and locals alike. Puerta del Sol, like most of the city, never sleeps. It hums with activity day and night.

Narrow side streets reveal hidden courtyards and quaint historical architecture. Among it all, you can hear music of every genre from all eras.

1. Cafe La Palma

Escape the ordinary and enter Cafe La Palma, where the subversive reigns supreme. Live acts and their audiences adore the venue’s sound system, commitment to culture, and dedication to the local art scene.

Genre is no limiting factor. Groove to Afrobeat, samba, pop, funk, indofunk, jazz, electro, new wave, indie, nu-disco, and electronica music. Previous acts include La Bien Querida, Alamedadosoulna, and Mani from Primal Scream.

When you’re not dancing the night away, admire an art exhibition in the gallery or enjoy cocktails in the lounge. Café La Palma’s eclectic programming fits perfectly into Madrid’s trendy and creative atmosphere.

2. Búho Real

Búho Real translates to “royal owl.” This bar is royalty among Madrid’s live music venues. The inside feels like a timeless jazz bar with a low ceiling, dim lighting, and dark wooden walls.

Founded in 1984, it features a tiny stage where audience members can connect directly with the music. This intimate atmosphere has earned it a reputation as a favorite spot for many singer-songwriters in Madrid.

Tontxu and Bebe graced the Búho Real stage before they hit the big time, so you never know who you might see. There’s live music every night, with occasional spoken word, stand-up comedy, and microtheater performances.

3. Café Libertad 8

Madrid’s thriving artistic community flocks to Café Libertad 8, a popular spot with jazzy energy. The bar’s atmosphere is of a different era yet feels fresh and current. It possesses an otherworldly essence that’s as welcoming as it is lively.

We love admiring the quality on display during open mic nights and poetry readings. Each performer’s words tumble and lilt through the air with the grace of an acrobat or dancer.

Prop up a stool and witness a jazz, blues, folk, or flamenco artist invoke a sense of wonder from a small, captive crowd. Its location on Calle de la Libertad (Liberty Street) couldn’t be more fitting. This venue is a true hub of artistic freedom.

4. Blackbird Rock Bar

How do you like your rock — indie, blues, classic, hard, punk, or alternative? There’s no wrong answer because Blackbird Rock Bar caters to all subgenres. The venue hosts up-and-coming acts, international artists, and the occasional hitmaker.

Once inside, the faces of David Bowie, the Beatles, The Doors, Joni Mitchell, Queen, Janis Joplin, and Nirvana greet you. Posters of the world’s biggest rock icons, along with guitars, bass, and cymbals, line the walls. All music lovers feel at home here.

Spanish artists such as David Salvador, Julián Kanevsky, and Mercedes Ferrer have played at this Barrio de las Letras staple. Come for cold beer, exceptional musicianship, and feel-good vibes.


There’s an understated elegance to Chamberí, with its stately buildings and tree-lined streets. And the city’s creative side sings among it all. Street markets, independent art galleries, and live music balance slow- and fast-paced living.

Come see the area’s old-world charm and dream of the unimaginable in its diverse venues. Every day is like a festival in Madrid, Spain!

5. Honky Tonk Bar

The musical offering at Honky Tonk Bar is as diverse as our shows, but a few things are guaranteed. The bar’s dark, the music’s loud, and the bands are high quality. Rock, blues, funk, metal bands, and tribute acts play most evenings at this basement venue.

When there’s no band, open mic nights and jam sessions keep the bar’s live music spirit buzzing. Upstairs, there’s always a DJ playing pop hits from the past few decades. It might not be honky-tonk as you know it, but the energy is incredible.

6. Fun House Music Bar

Experience the thrill of attending a live music venue tucked away from tourists at Fun House Music Bar. The name says it all. Open until 5:30 a.m., this minuscule place has showstopping energy.

Red walls, kooky art, and band posters give it an instantly recognizable rock bar aesthetic. It’s everything you could dream of from a city center music venue. It features live shows every night of the week and is always packed. Lose yourself in the crowd and feel the unique buzz of watching live music with like-minded folks.


Vallecas's sense of camaraderie is strong, and community is important. Its down-to-earth and gritty music venues embody its fiercely independent spirit. You might not find as much grand architecture and polished elegance as in other Madrid districts, but residents have a deep-rooted pride and solidarity.

7. Taberna Flamenca El Cortijo

Want to connect to Spain’s heart and soul? One night at Taberna Flamenca El Cortijo infuses you with the spirit of a dancer. Make your way to the Vallecas neighborhood and prepare to be moved.

More than a Madrid music venue, this space offers immersive experiences. See the 500-year-old art of flamenco performed by exquisite dancers. The three-course dinner with a show and flamenco class provides a genuinely traditional Spanish experience. And it comes highly recommended by locals.

8. Road Eagle MC

Order a Kraken and cola and relax with the good vibes at Road Eagle MC. This biker club is friendly to all rock lovers, with a particular focus on metal, classic rock, and indie. At this venue, the party doesn’t usually stop until 4 a.m.

The drinks are exceptional, and the hospitality is endlessly welcoming. Be sure to check if there’s a theme on the night you go. Past tributes include Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Judas Priest.


In Austrias, grand squares and palaces erected by 16th- and 17th-century monarchs showcase Madrid’s royal history. Plaza Mayor is a must-visit for all people-watchers and admirers of beauty. The architecture bears an uncanny symmetry, lined by charming cafés and music bars.

9. La Coquette Blues Bar

Bid adios to the daily grind and get into party mode at La Coquette Blues Bar. This subterranean joint hosts soul-stirring blues and jazz bands Tuesday through Thursday.

Housed in an arched room with exposed brick from wall to ceiling, this is the definition of a hidden gem. Getting here takes some navigation, but you'll know you’ve arrived when you see the famous red writing above the door.

Every drink comes with a bowl of pipas (sunflower seeds), and staff regularly hands out free shots with drinks. We love it for the talented live musicians and well-made cocktails. Spain is renowned for its nightlife, and La Coquette Blues Bar perfectly blends old and new.

If you're in the mood for more soulful sounds, check out some venues dedicated to jazz in Madrid, Spain.


Welcome to Chueca, Madrid’s proud LGBTQ+ hub and a beacon of inclusivity, energy, and fun. Rainbow flags fly proudly throughout the city, but this is the epicenter of freedom and expression. Its colorful streets, cozy cafés, and glittering nightlife keep us coming back again and again.

10. Fulanita De Tal

Looking for somewhere where ladies rule all night, every night? Head to Fulanita De Tal. Everyone’s welcome, although the crowd leans lesbian, and the vibes celebrate female empowerment. Live music and DJ sets bring the venue to life Thursday through Sunday.

The walls are lined with every color of the rainbow, and the DJ blares smash hits until the early hours. Live bands, microtheater performances, and one-person shows take the stage a few times a month. There’s no dress code or pretense at Fulanita De Tal. It’s a place to let your hair down, make new friends, and dance the night away.


Named for Manuela Malasaña, a heroine of the Spanish uprising against Napoleon in 1808, Malasaña is Madrid’s rebellious core. The area is characterized by art galleries, underground music venues, and trendy cocktail bars. It’s alternative, artsy, and exceptionally chill.

11. Planet M Scifi & Exotic Bar

If you feel like rocking all night long, head to Planet M Scifi & Exotic Bar. The atmosphere has an intergalactic feel, with psychedelic lighting and sci-fi art. Order an out-of-this-world cocktail before settling into your spot. Do you prefer propping up the bar or standing near the stage?

We love getting as close to the performers as possible, especially on high-energy punk rock nights. One day, there might be a raucous hardcore band and, the next, a moody garage band. By all accounts, it’s one of the few venues that maintains the authentic Malasaña feel.

12. El Perro de la Parte de Atrás del Coche

El Perro de la Parte de Atrás del Coche is a legendary live music joint in Madrid. Like many of the club’s underground bars, it has exposed brick, low ceilings, and a vault-like vibe.

The DJ spins hits from the ‘80s to today, and bands play on Thursdays and Saturdays. The venue has a mythical feel, with excellent sound and stellar service.

13. La Vía Láctea

Saunter into La Vía Láctea for retro vibes, pool, and a taste of being Madrilenian. You won’t find tourist prices here. Established in 1979, it’s a graffiti-filled trip down memory lane.

Soothe your rebellious spirit with an evening of dancing and nostalgia, surrounded by folks whose only pursuit is fun. Icons such as Nancy Sinatra and Nico have graced the vibrant stage at La Vía Láctea — it’s an unmissable experience.

La Latina

La Latina is a labyrinth of tiny streets, winding alleys, and pretty squares. Before going to a concert, explore the neighborhood’s renowned tapas restaurants. Or, head down on Mondays, when the entire place transforms into an open-air market called El Rastro.

14. ContraClub Madrid

Rock and rollers, head to Calle de Bailén's ContraClub Madrid for some good old-fashioned tunes. Veteran musicians play indie, rock, and alternative rock in one room, and upcoming, local bands play most nights in the other.

Klaus & Kinski, Iván Ferreiro, and Miss Caffeina have all played on the club’s intimate stage.

15. Marula Club

Electro, disco, hip-hop, R&B, and Afrobeat music are all on the menu at Marula Club. On the weekends, the party goes all night long and stays open until 6 a.m.

Sundays are for live music, focusing on laid-back vibes and chilled-out sounds. From Thursday to Saturday, the DJ whips crowds into a frenzy, and the joint takes on a more upbeat atmosphere.

Encore in Madrid: A City That Lives and Breathes Music

Whether you love soulful jazz melodies in underground caves or rowdy rock tunes, Madrid has a live music venue to suit every taste. While you'll want to visit every hot spot on this list, leave some room in your itinerary to see us.

Our acrobats soar through the air, and our dancers leap and bound through elaborate sets. Together, they weave a web of storytelling punctuated by breathtaking live music. Come to one of our shows in Madrid to see the spectacle for yourself.

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