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Exploring Jazz in Madrid, Spain

Tap your foot to the beat of Madrid’s electric jazz scene.

Madrid's late-night haunts hearken back to a golden age of sound and soul. Here, the clubs still swing, and the rhythm flows until the wee hours. You can hear traditional jazz and slick new grooves in these cafés and lounges. There are plenty of things to do in Madrid, but they're all better when paired with a brassy ensemble.

Madrid's storied streets make a fine setting for evenings filled with jazz. In any plaza or on any avenue, you're never too far from a smooth groove. These are the must-see jazz bars in Madrid.

Barrio de Las Letras

The city's literary quarter also inspires musicians and other artists.

1. Café Central Madrid

Your journey through Madrid's jazz scene begins at a city landmark. Tucked into the Plaza del Ángel, Café Central Madrid has been a second home for the city's musicians for over four decades. Laid-back and chic, this coffeehouse beckons nighttime passersby needing a pick-me-up.

Genre legends, such as Lou Bennet and local icon Pedro Iturralde, are but a small portion of Café Central's starry lineup. International artists still flock to this stage to delight audiences with their sounds. For city dwellers, the spot remains high on the list of places to catch live music in Madrid.

The refreshments are just as notable as the music. Depending on your mood, you can sip a gin fizz or drink a hot cappuccino. Or, get the best of both worlds with an espresso martini.

Tasty tapas offer inventive twists on classic flavors. Think grilled artichoke confit and squid with kimchi mayonnaise. For the quintessential Madrid jazz experience, you can't go wrong at Café Central Madrid.

Sol + Gran Via

The corridor between two of Madrid's iconic avenues is a cozy club hotspot.

2. El Sol

Founded in 1979, El Sol is another venue that has weathered the passage of time. Crowds line up to catch a glimpse of artists from a breadth of musical genres. When a jazz band is on the schedule, the venue fills up quickly. Beneath a row of swinging horns and bumping upright basses, this stage almost vibrates in time to the music.

A flurry of red and gold illuminates the talent onstage—fitting for a spot named after a star. Wade through the crowds and take the winding stairs down to the bar to secure an icy drink.

This isn't a typical nightclub. It has a set of rooms that patrons can lounge in while sipping their drinks. But you can still hear and enjoy the music no matter which room you choose.

3. Café Berlín

This venue may be small, but it more than makes up for that with attitude. The building that houses Café Berlín has seen its share of genres. Once home to the iconic We Rock Club, the space is now jazz central for Madrid's hippest crowds.

Jazz legends like Chano Domínguez have made their mark on this cozy stage. Sink into a high-backed velvet chair with a martini from the bar and enjoy listening to jazz music at its finest. With the keyboardist playing and the snare drum keeping time, the resulting experience is as immersive as one of our shows.

4. Wurlitzer Ballroom

On the surface, the Wurlitzer Ballroom is Madrid's liveliest rock club. Step inside to find memorabilia over the walls and a delightful grunge stage. But on some nights, this wildcard venue transforms into a lively jazz club.

Neon lights add to the lively atmosphere. The bar serves up classic ales and cocktails to chill crowds. Just past the counter, the storied stage showcases the evening's entertainment. Local artists and world-renowned stars have played here on jazz night.


Madrid's boldest jazz artists frequent many stages in this stately neighborhood. Here are our favorite places to go when we're craving the sweet sounds of jazz.

5. Sala Clamores

Sala Clamores has been offering live music to its crowds for almost half a century. And when you're on the dance floor swaying to the music, it's hard not to join the party. Some of Madrid's greatest jazz musicians have taken this stage, which remains a recurring haunt for fans of the genre.

Settle into a snug red booth with easy access to drinks from the well-stocked bar. Once the clock chimes 2 a.m., Sala Clamores becomes a dance club. Guests take to the floor and show off their best moves all night long.

6. Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei's history in this city began in 1985 when the tattered old theater was transformed into a spacious music hall. Patrons gathered for a drink and a chat amid its Greek-style decor. But what really drew crowds was the occasional live show, where bands played their tunes beneath shiny gold curtains and painted-on wall columns.

The columns remain, but the space traded in quiet conversation for soul-stirring music. Today, you'll find a live performance here almost every night. This spot has hosted jazz legends, such as Jorge Pardo, along with plenty of local up-and-comers. Galileo Galilei preserves its Greek-inspired facade. But when the lights go up, the venue is all about jazz.

7. Copérnico The Club

Madrid's nightlife scene is evident in this hip spot. Copérnico The Club turns live music into a full-blown experience. With plenty of space to spare, its multilevel dance floor is charmingly decked out in a sky and sea theme. Bartenders at three bars serve cocktails to excited music lovers while blue strobe lights illuminate the audience.

You'll find it all here: punk, rock, pop, and funk. But when a jazz band takes the stage, strong, bouncy beats abound. Spend the evening on the dance floor, or have a drink and a bite to eat as you watch.


The medieval-style streets of Lavapiés are dotted with hot, bluesy jazz joints.

8. Café El Despertar

With its glittering chandeliers, you'd think Café El Despertar was pulled from the archives of 1920s jazz clubs. Its well-preserved antiques and vintage decor make you feel like you've entered an era long past.

The interior makes for a comforting place to enjoy a drink while enjoying heart-wrenching jazz. Start with a drink in the entrance lounge and head into the concert hall to take a seat. It doesn't matter which one—there's no bad seat in the house.


Charming shops and luxe architecture line these jazz-filled roads.

9. Thundercat

Like its lightning-struck mascot, the music at Thundercat club pluses with electricity. Moody red lighting sets an immediate tone for an evening at this venue. Intimate and atmospheric, it's no wonder Madrid's finest musicians flock to the space.

All genres are represented here. Soulful concert-goers rejoice at the sound of a local blues band, while jazz listeners enjoy peppy melodies. Local pros perform covers of beloved hits at the weekly jam sessions with a healthy dose of improvisation.


History mixes with modern happenings in this district. After a show, we love to hit these venues to unwind.

10. BarCo

Fresh talent and fine acoustics are in constant supply at Sala BarCo. Run in tandem with a nearby music school, this spot enjoys a steady stream of burgeoning performers ready to show their stuff. You'll find the latest stars of Madrid's jazz scene here, and something is going on every night.

Past the planked wooden floor used for club nights, jazz music is in full swing. The upstairs stage boasts an immaculate sound system so you can hear every rich, full note. Expect a fusion of jazz styles, with the occasional touch of flamenco and funk.

11. Siroco

Sala Siroco is a staple of Madrid's live music scene. It's the place to be when you crave classic club vibes. Its playful neon hues and whimsical decor create the perfect ambiance for the late-night crowd. Plenty of musical genres are featured here, and jazz nights are among the most popular.

Start your voyage in the ground floor lounge, where local artists settle in. Follow the sound of music to the upper level, where jazz bands fill the air with cool beats and slick melodies.

Conde Duque

As you walk through the cobblestone streets of this neighborhood, buoyant beats and harmonious tunes beckon you to enter its clubs.

12. Tempo Audiophile Club

By day, Tempo Audiophile Club is a charming little café. Tourists and locals stop in for tasty fare, such as Iberian ham croquettes and pickled squid. Funky wallpaper and furniture craft a '70s-style decor, and that's why we love this quirky snack spot.

Buy your cocktails and go downstairs to the Listening Room. Here, the 1970s are left behind in favor of modern sound equipment. Madrid's jazz musicians put these tools to good use for their nightly performances. The result is immersive live music shows that make you get up and dance.

La Latina

The city's oldest neighborhood has its fair share of eclectic jazz spots.

13. Rincón del Arte Nuevo

Rincón del Arte Nuevo has been bringing live music to La Latina for decades and truly embodies the neighborhood's culture.

The quaint, established club is popular among the locals, and it draws in plenty of tourists. Its nightly lineup highlights the latest voices in Madrid's live music scene.

A legendary collection of snapshots covers the white brick walls. The pictures of the artists who've performed on its stage are like a who's who of the city's top talent. A steaming cup of coffee makes the perfect jazz night companion as you watch and listen.


The jazz bars in this lively neighborhood are always in full swing.

14. Intruso Bar

This multifaceted space wears many hats but shines as a midnight jam space. Low-lit and lined with wood accents, Intruso Bar has the warmth of a classic jazz club with all the attitude you want from a modern lounge.

Two bars bookend the dance floor and serve up a broad collection of cocktails. Order some drinks and lead your crew to a row of plush seats against an artsy brick wall. This spot makes a fab lounge space as you watch the band onstage. While Tuesday nights are for the jazz crowd, expect a healthy dose of Afrobeat to get you on your feet.


Groovy beats take over the quiet streets when the sun sets over this snazzy spot.

15. Centro Cultural El Torito

This boxy, brick-red building is a beloved piece of Moratalaz culture. A community center with plenty of heart, Centro Cultural El Torito is home to the neighborhood's burgeoning jazz scene. Amid the sprawling green parks and pine-scented woods that make up this corner of the city, local artists let their inner funk fly.

Jazz performances here are steeped in local flair. People from across the city pile into the auditorium. The space also hosts theatrical performances and family-friendly activities, putting it high on the list of places to go in Madrid with kids.

Madrid's Jazz Crescendo: A Melodic Journey Through the City's Heart

Experience Madrid’s vibrant jazz scene and let its soulful melodies capture your heart and energize your spirit. As you immerse yourself in Madrid's rich cultural heritage, you’ll find that it offers more than just jazz. If you happen to be visiting during the holidays, you can hear music continuing year-round at our New Year's celebration in Madrid.

As you bid farewell to the melodies of jazz in Madrid, let the sound of music lure you to a live show of another sort. Let the magic of Madrid take you on a different type of adventure as you experience our shows in Madrid.

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