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Unforgettable Date Ideas in Montreal

Use these fun date ideas in Montreal to make a great impression on someone special. Unique experiences and places set a romantic tone and create enduring memories.

Create meaningful memories with these unique date ideas in Montreal. While you can always take your special someone to romantic restaurants or wine bars, creative souls look for options that defy convention and make a lasting impression on their dates.

These are some of our favorite things to do in Montreal with dates. Each one creates the perfect environment for getting to know someone a little better. They also take some of the pressure off first date nerves by giving you something to talk about.

Parks and Gardens

When you’re looking for date ideas, parks and gardens provide an easy solution. These public spaces boast numerous fun activities ideal for new and established couples.

1. Parc du Mont-Royal

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city with a trip to Parc du Mont-Royal along Chemin Remembrance. Considered the “green jewel” of Montreal, this park offers couples fun things to do year-round.

In the summer, you can stroll hand in hand through well-cut pathways to explore the rolling hills. Reaching the uppermost portions of the park provides romantic views of the city and the sweeping vistas surrounding it, connecting couples with each other and nature.

Alternatively, you can hop in a paddle boat and ride across Beaver Lake. It gives you ample time to enjoy quiet conversations as you watch the antics of birds and activities on shore.

Visiting in winter offers plenty of opportunities to cozy up, including sledding and tobogganing on the park’s snowy slopes. Beaver Lake also offers skating and snowshoe hikes, if you want to explore the area and take in the winter wonderland together. This park is open from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. daily.

2. Montreal Botanical Garden

Woo your date with flowers by visiting the Montreal Botanical Garden. Wander through the Garden of Innovations or the Cultural Gardens to view lush plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs. The seating areas provide a quiet backdrop to get to know your date better.

Beautiful flowers and a sense of serenity give this attraction an intimate atmosphere that's perfect for a date. New and established couples might also enjoy exploring other areas, including the Insectarium, Biodôme, and Planetarium.

3. Parc Jean-Drapeau

At Parc Jean-Drapeau, you'll be spoiled for choice with date options. Located on two islands within the Saint Lawrence River, this park offers romantic views of lush green spaces, gorgeous coastlines, and the Montreal skyline.

Pack a picnic and choose an idyllic spot for companionship in nature. Then, linger in the floral gardens for moments of blissful wonder. If you’re a sportier couple, use the biking trails or go hiking in Montreal through well-maintained paths along the wooded areas.

If you have something more thrilling in mind, check out La Ronde — Quebec's largest amusement park. One of the most popular spots in the city, this park includes 40 rides that get your adrenaline pumping. Stay later when fireworks are featured to add some extra spark to your date.

Photographer: Shayan Ghiasvand

4. Parc La Fontaine

Head to Parc La Fontaine when you need first-date ideas in Montreal. This popular public park is the perfect setting to get to know one another as you dine on a specially packed picnic or take a walk along the scenic paths.

In the summer, the park’s Théâtre de Verdure offers the perfect spot for outdoor shows, while winter brings ice skating across frozen ponds. Keep the conversation going at Espace La Fontaine. We love this park bistro’s healthy meals and interesting exhibition space.

Fun Activities

Breaking the ice with new people often proves much easier when you choose a location where you'll be surrounded by others. These activities provide options to get close for conversation while remaining in comfortably crowded spaces.

5. La Grande Roue de Montréal

Get a spine-tingling view of the city with a ride on La Grande Roue de Montréal. Taking you 60 meters high (the equivalent of a 20-story building), this attraction includes ventilated cabins and anti-UV tempered glass windows for year-round comfort.

Le Grande Roue spins daily from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., making the attraction accessible for dates on any schedule. For more privacy, snag VIP cabin tickets when you get there.

Photographer: Sokmean Nou

6. Atrium Le 1000

Take your sweetheart to the top of Montreal's tallest skyscraper, Atrium Le 1000. Peaking 205 meters up in the very center of the city, this building sits as high as neighboring Mount Royal. Here, you get vibrant views of the city below and nature in the distance.

There are several restaurants on the ground floor for sharing a dish or two. Options range from sandwiches and sushi to Thai and French cuisines. If you're feeling particularly romantic, order a plate of spaghetti to slurp Lady and the Tramp-style.

Afterward, ascend to the atrium to skate under the triangular top of this 51-story building. We love the incredible view! Helmets and skates can be rented on-site.

7. Darling Bowling

Nothing beats a trip to Darling Bowling for a fun date. The perfect spot for couples on a double date, this retro-style bowling alley includes a restaurant and bar, so you can enjoy a meal and a cocktail before you rent some shoes and pick a lane. The venue has 24 lanes and occasionally offers special discounted rates and promotions.

8. Esplanade Tranquille

The Esplanade Tranquille combines shopping and experiences that make for a date you’ll remember fondly. Participate in planned activities in Le Repaire, relax and read books with your significant other in Le Grand Salon, and sip coffee crafted from Pista beans from Cafe Tranquille.

During the winter, this already fun-filled location adds a refrigerated skating rink. Skate and dance around the rink, hand-in-hand with your partner.

Performing Arts, Live Music, and Movie Theatres

Bring some culture to your date night ideas in Montreal by getting tickets to performing arts events. These popular venues have a little something for everyone.

9. Place des Arts

Savor a live show with your love at the Place des Arts on Sainte-Catherine Street West. This venue hosts theatrical and musical performances in numerous genres, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Arrive early to explore the exhibitions and interactive installations, and dig for primo finds at the shops within the facility. Or, wait until the show ends, and stroll through the underground corridor leading to the Complexe Desjardins complex — a shopping center with 110 boutiques.

Before heading to your seats, be sure to stop by the Place Deschamps wine bar, or pick up a cocktail at one of the foyer bars. Café Van Houtte serves sandwiches, salads, and coffee for casual dining, while Le Seingalt offers upscale French fare.

10. Cinéma du Parc

Choosing date ideas for film buffs is easy with Cinéma du Parc nearby. Built in 1976 as Cinéma La Cité and relaunched in 2006 under its current name, this theater shows both French and English-language films and hosts cutting-edge film festivals.

Themed movie nights let you and your date binge and bond over tasty treats. Keep in mind this venue showcases edgier films that don’t necessarily make it to mainstream theaters.

11. Improv Montréal

Bond with your beloved over shared laughter at Improv Montréal. The interactive shows require audience participation, providing a fun, engaging way to connect with your date.

Rely on the casual, relaxed ambiance to make your date more comfortable, especially if you already share a sense of humor. Plus, you'll have something to talk about when you catch a late dinner or traveling back home.

12. Segal Centre

Enjoy a rich cultural and musical experience together by seeing a show at Segal Centre. One of the biggest producers of Canadian musicals, this theater showcases contemporary works and modernized versions of classic stories for added appeal.

Highlight your own musical theater skills by going on Broadway Café nights. Impress your date while you belt out their favorite show tunes with accompaniment by a professional pianist.

Museums and Art Galleries

Craft memorable experiences by taking your date to museums and art galleries in Montreal. These low-pressure settings inspire conversation, making them the perfect spot for first dates.

13. Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal

Admire the beauty of paintings and sculptures at the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal. Go on a guided tour to learn new things about your favorite artists and collections, or take classes or workshops with your date to create beautiful works together.

The museum also features a cinema that showcases arthouse films, and concerts and other live performances often take place here, giving you and your date plenty of options.

Photographer: HUI GAO

14. Musée d'art contemporain de Montreal

Bring your beloved to Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal for an exceptional dating experience. Located on the Place Ville Marie gallery level, this museum features various boundary-pushing exhibitions and events.

If you want to impress a creative date, sign up for classes or a workshop. You can also go on guided tours if you want more insight into the works you’re viewing. This museum is closed on Mondays.

Unique and Adventurous Dates

Step outside the ordinary by taking your date on one of these grand adventures. These fun attractions provide something a little off the beaten path to help you make a memorable impression. If you have something more wholesome in mind, take your beloved apple picking in Montreal.

15. A/Maze Escape Room

For a thrilling first date, head to A/Maze in Montreal. This immersive adventure lets you put your heads together as a team. You'll use clues to decode solutions and solve mysteries so you can escape a locked room before your time runs out.

A/Maze has several escape rooms throughout Montreal, so you're bound to find one nearby. Each location offers multiple scenarios, so you can choose one best suited to the occasion.

16. AllezUp

Build trust with your dates while physically challenging each other when you visit AllezUp in Montreal. Three locations with rock, boulder, and rope climbing facilities test your mettle seven days a week.

This gym offers courses that teach you the basics and help you build specialized skills. Established couples can even train for outdoor rock climbing excursions here.

17. Rage Axe Throwing

Surprise your date with a novel experience by taking them to Rage for axe-throwing fun. Perfect for creating some friendly competition and developing teamwork, this sport also serves as a stress reliever.

Learning a new skill together can help you bond and give you a shared hobby to look forward to on weekends. The coaches teach you the ropes so you safely throw the axes at targets. The social atmosphere at Rage makes it perfect for first dates, taking the pressure off while you get to know each other.

Photographer: Mick Haupt

Endless Possibilities: Exploring Date Ideas in Montreal

Modern city sensibilities and a storied history give Montreal a uniquely romantic vibe that’s perfect for dating. Why stop at the standard, though? These intriguing date ideas let you push aside the traditional and grab hold of something different.

Fortune favors boldness, and so does love. And what better way to set an amorous tone than seeing one of our shows in Montreal after your unforgettable date?

As soon as you enter our domain, reality slips away and fantasy takes hold. As our acrobats, dancers, and players pull you into the story, you'll find yourselves moving closer together, bonding over this shared experience with the extraordinary.

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