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Apple Picking in Montreal

Baskets overflow with ruby orbs, and laughter rings through the air. A day spent apple picking in Montreal is one of life’s simple pleasures.

Quebec is sometimes known as Canada’s fruit drawer, and for good reason. It’s a global capital of urban agriculture—Montreal’s love affair with the humble, delicate, and floral apple blossoms from centuries of tradition.

Apples, originally from Central Asia and brought to North America by European settlers, found fertile ground along the banks of the St. Lawrence River Valley. Here, in the heart of Quebec’s agricultural landscape, farmers grow apples that vary in color, texture, and sweetness. Picking them is one of the best things to do in Montreal.

The city's seasonal climate makes an ideal environment for a dazzling variety of apples. Each fruit has its own history and unique identity, from the tart Paula Red to the honey-sweet Ambrosia. Orchards decorate the city like fine jewelry, trees swaying and bobbing in the wind.

Locals and visitors are invited to experience this rich tradition woven into the city’s fabric. Montreal's apple picking offers more than a day out. It’s a celebration of nature’s bounty and a way to connect with the world around you.

Family-Friendly Orchards

Leave the city’s bustle behind and gather your loved ones for a day of apple-shaped fun. Sun-dappled paths wind through rustling trees. Children’s laughter echoes among gnarled branches. And everyone wears a smile.

There’s something timeless about watching tiny hands excitedly grasp plump apples as a look of joy crosses their face. Montreal’s family-friendly orchards offer a sweet escape. Bonds strengthen with every juicy bite, and simple moments become cherished memories.

Swap your jam-packed work calendar for the gentle sway of branches. Escape to a place where everything is right. Time slows, hearts open, and togetherness soothes.

1. Labonté de la Pomme

Come here to dance across sun-drenched trails and discover the season’s bounty. Family-owned and steeped in tradition, Labonté de la Pomme invites you to experience the pure joys of the harvest.

Nestled in the Oka Valley, this century-old orchard whispers secrets of the land. Sample sweet Melbas, balanced Jersey Macs, and blushing Sunrise apples along the way. There’s more to do at Labonté de la Pomme than pick your own.

Relish a picnic with your family, visit the mini farm, and take a tractor ride across the breathtaking landscape. If the weather doesn’t permit a picnic, refuel at the Apple Shack. We think it’s rustic fine dining at its most exquisite.

Breathe a sigh of relief as you learn about this Montreal apple orchard’s dedication to sustainable farming. Its respect for the environment ensures the setting remains beautiful for future generations. On your way out, pick up some local cider, preserves, honey, or maple syrup as a souvenir.

2. La Ferme Quinn

La Ferme Quinn is your ticket to a day of wholesome adventures. Bring the family along to pick apples, strawberries, and pumpkins. A short trip from Montreal, this orchard invites you to trade city streets for elegant trees and the cheerful hum of farm life. Follow sun-soaked trails and discover sweet treasures along the way.

All manner of fruits, vegetables, and animals call La Ferme Quinn home. In springtime, the scent of maple syrup wafts through the air, and the summer brings the aroma of apple trees. Squeal with merriment as you hang out with fluffy sheep and playful piglets. Then, race through the tire pyramid or giggle down a sloping slide.

The thrills don’t end there. Round off the day with tractor rides, egg hunts, and a guided tour. Whatever you do, don’t miss the farm shop. The smells of home cooking tempt you to try the freshly baked treats and local goodies.

3. Cidrerie Lacroix

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Cidrerie Lacroix. Tucked away near the Lake of Two Mountains, its customs and traditions span generations. Explore rows of McIntoshes, their rosy blush hinting at sweetness, and smell the tangy promise of Spartans and Empires. Best of all, feel the satisfying snap as you twist each apple free from its branch.

Once dusk paints the orchard in sepia hues. Savor the land’s bounty transformed into a farm-to-table feast. Indulge in local cheese and charcuterie alongside Lacroix's apple butter. Tuck into succulent meats that zing with cider-infused glazes.

That sparkling cider cocktail accompanying your meal? Its bubbles are a playful echo of the day’s folly. All in all, Cidrerie Lacroix crafts an experience that nourishes the heart. Let that feeling linger as pleasantly as the taste of a sun-ripened apple.

Unique Experience Orchards

There are many parks in Montreal, but orchards offer something special. Our dancers, designers, artists, and gymnasts love nothing more than a unique experience, especially in our hometown. Weather permitting, we flock to these hidden gems to reconnect with nature and unwind — and, of course, sample the freshest, most delicious picks.

4. Au Coeur de la Pomme

Time seems to soften at Au Coeur de la Pomme as history mingles with the acidic tang of apple cider making. Step onto the grounds of this glorious space that was once a dairy farm before it was transformed into an orchard paradise.

Open from mid-August to early November, it’s alive with the symphony of rustling leaves and chirping birds. As you stroll along, you feel the spirit of the past within the orchard and its lovingly restored buildings. Head here, and fill your basket until it’s brimming with the season’s spoils.

In the shop, you’ll find tangy cider vinegars crafted with patience and knowledge. Jams, chutneys, and mustards line the shelves, each jar a souvenir of a moment in time.

Au Coeur de la Pomme invites you into a timeless world. Visit and taste the enduring connection between hard work and the wonder of the earth's gifts.

5. Paradis des Fruits in Dunham

Ready for a sunny day trip bursting with juicy possibilities? Paradis des Fruits beckons you into a world of sustainable goodness. This orchard sits in Dunham, a city in the picturesque Montérégie region, about 90 kilometers (55 miles) from Montreal.

Apple picking season starts at the end of August. Between then and October, you and your loved ones can pick from twenty-three varieties of apples. Late-season pickings include the rare and delicious Fuji, Mustsu, Crispen, and Pinova apples.

The delicacies don’t stop with apple picking. Children can frolic in the playground area while Mom and Dad catch their breath among the orchard’s scenic beauty. And you don't want to miss the honey stand. Fresh, unpasteurized honey awaits to complement your bounty of fruits.

Come for the apples. Stay for the gorgeous landscapes. When the day is done, leave with hearts full of warmth and baskets full of apples and honey.

6. Cidrerie Verger Léo Boutin

Go apple picking in Montreal amid Cidrerie Verger Léo Boutin’s natural splendor. Jaunt over to Mont Saint-Grégoire in Montérégie, where this idyllic orchard sits.

Here, apple blossoms tell us when spring has arrived, while the mild sweetness of Paula Red apples prepares us for August. Crisp Lobo apples signal September’s beginning. Honey-spiced Empire apples mark the transition into October.

Thanks to an array of treats and treasures, Cidrerie Verger Léo Boutin is open year-round. Take your kids on a journey where tractor rides, a mini-farm, and Breton crêpes transport you to simpler times.

In winter, you and your kids can ski and snowshoe. Tasting events occur yearly, letting you sample products from the orchard’s generous pantry. Here, you can buy ciders, natural apple cider vinegar, apple butter, jellies, jams, mustards, and syrups. Are you craving the taste of fresh, locally sourced goodness? This is the place for you.

Orchards With Additional Activities

Today’s world is fast-paced and full of distractions. Apple-picking spots are the perfect vacation from screens, social media, and city living. That’s what makes apple picking such a unique date idea in Montreal. In addition to bountiful rows of fresh fruit, these orchards offer a range of activities to nourish your mind before you fill your belly.

Take your loved one on hayrides through the countryside, zigzag through corn mazes, and pet cute animals on mini-farms. You can take a guided tour to learn more about apples and cider making, or go on a long, satisfying hike or nature walk among the vibrant scenery.

Seasonal events, such as apple festivals and cider tastings, turn orchards into thriving hubs of the community. Ready to blend hands-on fun with agricultural education? So are we!

7. Vergers Pierre Tremblay et Fils

Escape to Vergers Pierre Tremblay et Fils in Mont Saint-Grégoire. It’s a beloved family operation dating back to 1945. What started as a humble venture blossomed into a legacy spanning generations. You and your loved ones can enjoy the spoils of the 2,000 apple trees adorning the sprawling estate.

The seasons dance by, each one bearing its own fruit. Among its treasures is the Vista Bella, which has creamy white flesh and ripens in early August. Come October, you’ll find Passionatas, with their dreamy, creamy flesh and honeyed citrusy notes.

Once you’re done picking apples, explore the rest of the orchard. You can ride on the pony carousel, visit the mini-farm, and enjoy cider tasting. Then, when it’s time to leave nature’s embrace, you can take home delectable pies and pâtés, lovingly crafted using freshly picked fruits.

Add a touch of sweetness to tomorrow’s meal with the orchard’s jams, jellies, and syrups, and savor happy memories as you feast.

8. Le Flanc Nord

At Mont-Saint-Hilaire’s base, Verger du Flanc Nord is an unforgettable setting spread across over 20 acres. Renowned for apples, the farm also has pears, plums, cherries, blueberries, and rhubarb. Its owners use this ultra-fresh produce to make cider, juice, jam, jelly, and flaky, crumbly pastries.

Le Flanc Nord is an immersive natural space. Stunning views of Mont-Saint-Hilaire complement fruit picking. The mini-farm, playground, and picnic areas make for a heart-warming day out. In October, Pumpkin Nights allow you to pick a pumpkin amid lantern-lit pathways.

Come here to indulge in shared moments, breathe in the aroma of ripe fruits, and take home treats that make you feel happy and healthy.

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9. Vergers Hillspring

Pop over to Montérégie for an adventure at Vergers Hillspring — specialists in apples and maple syrup since 1988. The orchard boasts a ton of activities.

Little hands get to pick apples and taste the freshest apple juice. The kids will be incredibly excited about the apple donuts. They can even take home a book explaining what makes the soil at Hillspring so fertile and fruitful.

10. Vergers Petch Orchards

Head over to Hemmingford and lose yourself in nature at Vergers Petch Orchards. Here, you may discover new apple varieties that are unfamiliar to you.

The Wealthy ripens in September and has crisp flesh and a tart flavor, while the mysterious-sounding Wolf River comes into its own in late September or early October. These big, juicy apples are perfect for cooking, thanks to their tender texture and acidic twang.

Between bites, you can meet the charming farm animals and go on a tractor ride through the countryside. You can even go on a guided tour of the land, learn about its long history, and become an expert in apple cultivation.

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Embracing Autumn's Bounty: Your Guide to Apple Picking Adventures

Apple picking in Montreal is a delightful outing that connects you with nature's wonders. It’s a true journey of discovery, surrounded by lush orchards and rolling hills.

With each bite, you taste the essence of the season — a harmonious blend of tartness and sweetness that delights the palate. After you've had your fill of apples, head to one of our shows in Montreal for a sweet treat of a different kind.

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