Cirque RAW – Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

No makeup, no decor, no costume, just RAW talent.

Cirque RAW offers a poignant and cinematographic exploration of circus arts through minimalistic storytelling and a surrealist lens.

Yuri Berger, Senior Creative Producer, has many feathers in his cap after almost a decade at Cirque du Soleil. One he is especially proud of is the recent work he and his team first presented at FIFA in March 2023.

Crossing borders to capture stunning images across Costa Rica and other regions of the world was a dream come true for the Cirque team. Fascinating landscapes and mystifying backgrounds were key in creating a dreamy series showcasing RAW talent and conveying feelings of awe in these videos.

As he puts it, “the series aimed to delve deeper into the essence of an artist’s work to reveal their individuality and artistry in a profoundly authentic manner”. Given that this is Cirque du Soleil, he was compelled to add a layer of intrigue by infusing the performances themselves with an atmosphere of surrealism. For example, in the KOOZA episode, this manifests as an intimidating mountain of chairs inhabiting an empty room, an homage to the artist’s act on the show.

All this work amounts to mesmerizing episodes merging amazing human performances, unique settings, a hint of dreamlike moments and an experience that’s both acrobatic and cinematic.

Watch the full series below right now!

PURA VIDA  Aerial Straps

In this mesmerizing episode of Cirque RAW, we immerse ourselves in the enchanting realms of Costa Rica with aerial artists Zoe Schubert and Marceau Bidal. Against the breathtaking canvas of Costa Rica's natural wonders, from La Fortuna to Montezuma Beach, including views of the iconic Arbolito Solitario, their exceptional talents shine in a silent poem, inspired by nature itself.

Extending an alluring invitation to experience this artistic celebration of Costa Rica's beauty for yourself, let the incredible sights speak volumes without uttering a word, beckoning you to explore this tropical paradise.

KOOZA – Chair Act

Balance is key for this Cirque du Soleil artist. This Cirque RAW episode offers a unique exploration of the circus arts through a simple approach, a nuanced narrative, and a surrealistic viewpoint, allowing the artist’s talent to be the sole focus.

The Beatles LOVE – Dance and Contortion

Be prepared to be amazed by the physical prowess of a performer who has worked tirelessly to perfect their craft. Through masterful movements and unbelievable contortions, watch Cirque du Soleil dancer and artist fill their space with a personal choreography, unbarred by makeup, costume or decor.

Mystère – Hand to Hand

Let yourself be transported to Nevada’s dreamy desert for an intimate hand-to-hand performance from Vegas-based Cirque du Soleil artists and sisters. A stunning showcase of their pure talent for a poignant and surrealist exploration of the circus arts.

ECHO – Human Cradle

11 close-knit Cirque du Soleil artists are coming together to perform a physical feat like no other. Years of training led this Ethiopian group of athletes to master the demanding act of Human Cradle featured in Cirque’s latest creation, ECHO.


If you liked what you’ve just watched, you’re in luck.

We will continue exploring and expanding the ways Cirque du Soleil tells its stories. Maybe in the shape of a second season for Cirque RAW… or a completely new series. Stay tuned and you’ll find out soon!

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