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Explore The Best Tours in Gran Canaria

Volcanic peaks, vibrant landscapes, and a playful dolphin skipping alongside your boat—prepare for a journey of delight on a Gran Canaria tour.

The Canary Islands offer exciting adventures for those seeking it, with many things to do in Gran Canaria. Leave the ordinary far behind and let the island’s diverse terrain, captivating history, and storied culture steal your heart. From Maspalomas’s windswept dunes to the interior’s lofty peaks, it’s a playground of discovery.

We’re excited to share our list of the best tours in Gran Canaria. These tours showcase the uniqueness of this sunshine-clad destination.

Adventure and Nature Tours

Do you adore the thrill of exploration? The Canary Islands deliver in droves. Soar across the rustic countryside on a jeep safari, hike through dramatic ravines, and discover hidden waterfalls. These tours provide opportunities to marvel at the island’s seemingly untouched beauty.

Are you looking for a nighttime excursion? Gran Canaria’s neighboring island has some of the most spellbinding celestial experiences. Try stargazing in Tenerife and feel how profound it is to be part of the universe.

1. UTV Buggy Adventures

Unleash your inner rebel on an exhilarating UTV buggy ride through Gran Canaria’s rugged dirt paths. Tear across dusty off-road trails and feel the wind whip through your hair as you conquer wild terrain and rumble through lush valleys.

With Buggy Pirates, easy-to-drive buggies and experienced guides offer exhilarating fun for anyone with a driver’s license. Your experience starts with a scenic drive through Fataga National Park, where you can soak in evocative views of the Ayagaures Valley.

Prepare for an adrenaline surge as you leave paved roads behind and reach wild terrain. We love off-roading on a UTV adventure and feeling at one with the island.

2. The Volcano Heart Tour

The Volcano Heart Tour combines breathtaking scenery, fascinating history, and tantalizing local flavors. Escape the beaches and venture into Rural del Nublo Park, where you'll be amazed by nature’s beauty.

Feast your eyes on the intricate rock formations of Roque Nublo and Roque Bentayga and stand atop the island’s highest peak, Pico de las Nieves. Enjoy a feast of local dishes and cheese before you witness a blazing sunset casting its glow across a sea of fluffy clouds.

All the while, tour guides teach you about the island’s bounty of secrets. Come on this tour to taste wine with friends amid the serene beauty of Gran Canaria’s geological wonders.

3. Can-am Ryker Adventure

Commandeer a 600ccm Can-am Ryker with Buggy Pirates' Can-am Ryker Adventure Gran Canaria Grand tour. To be at the helm, you must be 24 or older and have at least four years of driving experience. Kids aged 12 and up can ride along on the passenger’s side.

Have your camera ready, and prepare for an awesome experience. Traverse the South Coast in the open air, feeling freedom and exhilaration. You'll start in the southwest, weave through the historic village of Castillo del Romeral, and ride around the caves near La Banda.

It’s an expedition with striking contrast, thanks to Gran Canaria’s shifting, undulating landscapes. To cap off the day, your guide takes you for a mouthwatering tapas lunch in a local cave restaurant.

4. South Island Jeep Safari

Take a jeep safari on Gran Canaria. Your trip begins in Playa del Inglés, where a caravan of Jeeps sets off for La Sorrueda Viewpoint. Gaze in awe along the way as you drink in views of the reservoir and lush palm groves, and get steeped in history as the guide teaches you about Ansite Fortress.

Your sense of nature’s magnitude intensifies as you traverse the Mil Palmeras Gorge and pass through Fataga with its picturesque whitewashed houses. Finally, at Las Moscas Viewpoint, the vast expanse of the Maspalomas Dunes unfolds before you. It’s a spectacular finale following the day’s exploration.

5. Guided Mountain Bike Tour

Cycle through the Barranco de Fataga gorge on a Grand Canyon Mountain Bike Tour. Let untamed beauty wash over you, and prepare for steep climbs, winding trails, and loose terrain.

This one is designed for those aged 16 and over in good health with the necessary clothing for an advanced bike tour. We love pushing our limits on stage, and we think experiences like this can be a refreshing experience for anyone with a busy schedule.

Guides provide the bike and helmet. From the first push of the pedal, glorious scenery stretches out before you. Navigate rocky paths as you observe nature’s majesty.

Brace yourself for the final ascent, and relish in the thrill of a downhill rush with scenic views of the Ayagaures Reservoir.

Photographer: Jan Brennenstuhl

Marine and Aquatic Tours

Abundant marine life awaits your discovery in Gran Canaria. Set out on an aquatic escapade and encounter the ocean’s miracles. Glide alongside dolphins and whales in their natural habitat on a boat tour. Stop and snorkel your way through mysterious caves and rainbow-colored fish.

If the weather isn’t ideal for aquatic adventures, you can find oodles of festive things to do during Christmas in Gran Canaria. Here are our picks for top Gran Canaria sightseeing tours.

6. Dolphin and Whale Watching Cruise

Hop aboard the Blue M cruise ship to experience a journey you’ll talk about for years. This luxurious but affordable yacht tour has a 12-passenger limit, so everyone gets a front-row seat. Lounge on the deck as you soak up the sun's rays and scan the horizon for dolphins and whales.

When it reaches areas of intrigue, the boat stops and provides snorkeling gear so explorers can swim and look for fish. If you're hungry, chow down on a beautiful platter of Spanish snacks and refreshing drinks, provided as part of the excursion.

The boat is spacious and comfy. It travels as far as possible to increase your chances of spotting marine life.

7. Submarine Tour in Mogán

Ever dreamed of plummeting more than 20 m below the surface while staying completely dry? Aboard Atlántida Submarine's Golden Shark, you’re part of a 40-minute underwater expedition of Puerto de Mogán. Traverse a hidden world filled with shipwrecks, marine life, and landscapes you didn’t know existed.

Kids and adults get lost in a sense of whimsy as they stare out from their portholes. You even have a personal TV displaying fish, stingrays, and sharks as they dance around your vessel. Listen intently as the guide informs you about the ecosystem and wildlife, and snap photos to make these memories last forever.

8. Kayaking Adventure in Mogán Caves

Feel the sun warm your shoulders as you begin your RockNatour kayak adventure. Prepare to get up close and personal with Mogán caves, a must-see spot in Gran Canaria.

Your tour guide will provide you with snorkel gear, safety equipment, and a waterproof bag to protect your belongings. Guides even snap photos for you to take home so you can focus on the folly of kayaking.

Kayakers can tailor their experience to their confidence level. Have you done it all before? There are optional cliff jumps. As you explore hidden coves and untouched areas, you’re a world away from daily life, taking in vistas that soothe the soul.

9. Scuba Diving for Beginners

Realize your scuba diving ambitions with lessons for beginners from Davy Jones Diving. Guided dives take place in sheltered coves, and you get clear and thoughtful instructions from experienced PADI diving instructors.

In a single morning, you learn how to get ready and enter the El Cabrón Marine Reserve. Even once you’re comfy with the equipment and searching for fish, guides give you plenty of one-on-one attention to help you get the most out of the experience. Along the way, you see colorful sponges, soft coral, and schools of colorful marine life.

10. Luxury Sailboat With Gourmet Meal and Drink

Blue Dream promises a luxurious sailing experience for anyone discovering Gran Canaria’s natural beauty. On this intimate voyage for up to six passengers, you’re given a glass of cava as soon as you step on board.

On longer cruises, there’s time for a swim while the crew prepares a gourmet meal or snack. Expect dishes such as langoustine, gourmet salads, and abundant desserts. Purchase a high-quality wine or additional treats to accompany your meal or snack as you drink in this once-in-a-lifetime excursion from the Pasito Blanco Port.

Unique Experiences

Get right to the core of Gran Canaria’s culture and history with these one-of-a-kind tours. Take your loved ones on expeditions that bring you closer. These journeys will become staple talking points.

11. Camel Riding in Maspalomas Dunes

Experience the thrill of one of OkGranCanaria’s camel ride safari through the iconic Maspalomas Dunes. It’s a unique 30-minute adventure that will delight adults and kids of any age.

Climb aboard one of the gentle camels and sit on a comfy saddle that keeps you secure as you ride. Which camel sounds like the coolest: Pepe, Canuto, Manolo, Ali Baba, Daniel, Canuto, or Macho? They’re all well-trained and docile.

It feels like you’re in a movie as you explore picture-perfect sand dunes. Don’t worry; guides take enough photos that you’ll be able to see yourself from every angle. It’s an experience that warms your heart and stays with you forever.

12. Parasailing Tour in Puerto Rico

Want to fly through the air like one of our acrobats? See the Gran Canaria coastline sparkle beneath you like a moving postcode on a parasailing tour in Puerto Rico. Opt for a single, tandem, or triple flight, and prepare to see the island differently.

After the team gives you clear instructions, you’re ready to take flight. Nothing can prepare you for the rush of excitement as the boat accelerates and you start to feel your chute billowing in the wind.

Hold your breath, and prepare for a view unlike any other. Salty spray tingles against your skin as you and your companions whoop and cheer. Thrill-seekers won’t want it to end.

13. Sailing and Snorkeling at Puerto de Mogan

Leave the beach behind and go on a four-hour sailing and snorkeling adventure with up to eight others. Hop aboard a comfortable boat with a friendly crew, ready to share their knowledge—and plenty of laughs—with your private party.

Enjoy the gentle rocking of the boat as you indulge in beer, wine, and sodas, which are included in the price. For lunch, you'll stop at a secluded bay. The crew prepares a mini feast while you sunbathe or go on an expedition.

Snorkeling gear is provided to give you the best chance of seeing parrot fish, trumpet fish, cuttlefish, and sea snakes darting through the reefs.

14. Historical Walking Tour of Las Palmas

Stroll hand in hand through the cobblestone streets of Gran Canaria’s capital on this free walking tour of Las Palmas. It’s one of the best local tour experiences that doesn't cost a dime. This over 500-year-old city has so many secrets waiting to be told; your tour guide knows them all.

Hear the hum of chatter spill out from cafés into the streets. Smell the aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingling with the scent of blossoming flowers. As you pass by a centuries-old building, colorful tiles on the facade catch your eye.

Share smiles with fellow travelers, learn something new together, and leave with a healthy sense of awe for our beautiful world.

15. Wine Tasting and Vineyard Tour

Discerning couples and friend groups love a luxurious wine escape to Bodega Los Lirios. Set among rolling hills, you see sun-kissed vineyards cascade into the horizon. An expert sommelier guides you through the vines. They'll teach you about the unique volcanic terroir that gives local grapes their distinctive flavor.

Descend into the cellar and savor each sip as your tour guide talks you through the tasting session. Wines are expertly paired with cheese or tapas, ensuring you leave as satisfied as possible. This Gran Canaria cultural tour is sure to satisfy experienced wine connoisseurs as well as beginners.

Embrace the Adventure: Discovering Gran Canaria's Endless Wonders

Are you ready to turn your dreams of exploration into reality? Gran Canaria is calling. This jewel in the crown of the Canary Islands has tours to suit all tastes. Adrenaline junkies, couples, and seekers of knowledge won’t be stuck for ways to spend their days.

When you’re done exploring the island, keep your spirits soaring at one of our shows in Gran Canaria. Our performances blend dashes of artistry, acrobatics, and music with an unlimited dose of astonishment. Come and see the big top for yourself—it’s a spectacle to behold.

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