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What does a Guinness World Record holder do on his day off?

I've been a touring musician for the past 10 years and I am currently the drummer on KOOZA. As we make our way around the world, we usually get 2 days off per week. I’m very fortunate. I get to spend my free time, more often than not, in a new city or even in a different country, making my weekends all the more riveting.

1. I give a call to my parents back home

During my work week, which is about 5 or 6 days long, I don’t have enough time for a proper and meaningful conversation with my parents. Because of time zones and schedule conflicts between my parents and me, it can get tricky to find an overlapping hour. But we always make it work! That’s why I use my days off to catch up with my parents and we talk about everything that happened to us that week.

2. I try out vegan restaurants

As a touring musician, I love discovering new vegan restaurants and try out local food – good eats are the best way to be welcomed to a new place and meet new people.

3. I paradiddle

I bet you’ve just raised an eyebrow, am I wrong? It’s one of the best-known forms of rudimental drumming. I love this exercise and I try to do it even on my days off to keep my hands agile, feet on rhythm, and most importantly my mind in good shape.

4. I work on my computer

I love working on my computer and allow myself some time for content creation, website updates, to compose new music and do many other things. Since I don’t have a traditional office job, it does not feel like work to me!

5. I read

I love reading, especially on workdays, because it calms me down. When I don’t have enough time during the week, I try to squeeze in a chapter or two during my weekend.

6. I sleep in

A busy schedule means I can’t enjoy many lazy mornings in bed. It’s very important for me to relax my body and get ready for a new (and just as busy!) week.

7. I go out with friends or colleagues

I love having a good glass of whiskey on a day off. Drinks are so much more enjoyable when surrounded by people you love but going out in a new city is a surefire way of making new connections.

8. I play ping-pong

Ping-pong is probably my favorite sport, thanks to my dad! I have played table tennis for years now, everybody is always willing to play a round when offered to, and we’re all in for a good laugh during our sets.

9. I go to museums

I’m an art lover through and through. When I have a day off and there’s an interesting exhibition close by, I would most likely go see it and spend a few hours there. It’s always inspiring me to see other people’s artwork and creativity displays.

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