Things to do in Miami

Unique Things to Do in Miami

Unique things to do in Miami abound. Whether you prefer to explore vibrant art, outdoor adventure, or intriguing cuisine, Miami keeps you entertained.

There are many unique things to do in Miami, thanks to the wild diversity that fills every corner of this exciting city.

You can take a mini-voyage to another country by visiting Little Havana or Little Haiti, immerse yourself in a whole new ecosystem by touring the Everglades, or return to the past by visiting old estates.

When you're ready to unwind, enjoy an evening of daring acrobatics and awe-inspiring performances at one of our Miami shows. It's the perfect way to top off an adventurous day in the city.

In the meantime, join us as we take you on a journey through all the unusual things to do in Miami.

Cultural Explorations

Miami is home to cutting-edge artists and cultural institutions that can lift your spirits and expand your horizons. Check out these unique Miami experiences.

Art Deco Walking Tour in South Beach

Art deco aficionados treasure Miami for its wealth of stunning art and architecture. You can explore it all, along with remarkable examples of Miami Modern and Mediterranean Revival buildings, when you take a walking tour of South Beach’s historic district.

Enjoy the enthusiasm and deep knowledge of the tour guides, or stroll at your own leisurely pace when you opt for a self-guided audio tour.

You can also dive deep into specifics of Miami's past by taking tours focusing on Miami's Jewish community and its gay and lesbian communities, learning how these groups have contributed to the city's rich history.

Opt for a tour specializing in Mediterranean architecture to take a trip back to the '20s and '30s.

Maybe you want to enjoy the sizzling fun of Miami's shady side by taking a tour focusing on South Beach's historical scandals — a bit of organized crime, gambling, and political shenanigans.

Photographer: Hector Falcon

Little Havana Food and Cultural Tour

Travel across the Caribbean to Cuba without leaving shore when you embark on a tour of Little Havana, one of the unique experiences in Miami that binds you to the rhythms of the city.

The Calle Ocho neighborhood and community have made vast contributions to Miami's cultural life, and you can explore them on a walking tour that opens up Cuban history and tradition.

While Cuban coffee and pastries are a must on any Little Havana tour, you can also opt for a food-tasting tour that will delight your senses. Private tours can treat you to rum tastings, authentic Cuban cigars, and specialized viewings of local art.

You can even design bespoke tours that let you chat with survivors of the Bay of Pigs, learn to hand-roll cigars, or shake it up on the dance floor with a hot salsa lesson.

Wynwood Walls Street Art Tour

We love art that speaks to us, and the edgy public art in the Wynwood Art District of Miami does precisely that. The Wynwood Walls Art Walk takes you through and around the massive, attention-grabbing murals that populate this neighborhood, showing off artists' passion and inspiration.

Enjoy soaking in the art on foot, or give yourself a rest by choosing a golf cart tour. The Wynwood Art Walk is definitely one of Miami's hidden gems, or you can opt for a Graffiti Experience Tour and learn to create your own street art. You can also dream up art to take home with you, like a T-shirt or a tote bag.

Other tours will take you into the stunning art galleries that line this neighborhood's streets, or you can choose a tour that also stops at Wynwood's microbreweries to down a glass of impeccable craft beer.

Photographer: Sieuwert Otterloo

Outdoor Adventures

Miami may be known for its sophistication, but its spectacular natural surroundings also open the door to all sorts of outdoor adventures.

Everglades Airboat Safari

The best way to explore the Everglades? Take an airboat safari at Everglades Safari Park. The boats can hold up to 45 people, and you'll get far deeper into this Miami landmark than you possibly could on foot.

Experienced tour guides on each boat help you understand what you're seeing, from alligators to flowers and birds. Make a reservation for a private guided tour, or just show up and get on the next boat if you're feeling spontaneous.

Your tickets also gain you access to the Safari Park's Wildlife Show, where you can marvel at prehistoric alligators from a safe distance.

Photographer: Mark Jacquez

Snorkeling in Biscayne National Park

You haven't truly explored all the unique things to do in Miami until you go underwater. Snorkeling in Biscayne National Park introduces you to a world of wonder filled with sea turtles, colorful fish, rays, and even dolphins.

Your powerboat might take you out to a coral reef, or perhaps you'll dive down to check out an actual shipwreck or swim through a mangrove forest. If you have a full day to spend, you might want to relax on a sailboat or combine kayaking and snorkeling in the bay.

Tour guides are staffed by the Biscayne Bay National Park Institute, so they can help you identify all the marine life spotted along the way — more than 600 species of fish alone, so start counting.

Tours go to both the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay sides of the park, and scuba is available for those who are certified.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding in Oleta River State Park

Imagine natural beauty, healthy exercise, and a chance to unwind, all in the same place. That's what you have to look forward to when you plan a paddleboard tour in Oleta River State Park at the top end of Biscayne Bay. It's the perfect tour to stimulate your muscles and your brain. As you paddle along, a guide will fill you in on the local history and animals.

Head out for a Full Moon Kayak Tour to take in the otherworldly views of the state park by night — and naturally, roast some marshmallows while you're at it. Paddleboarding lessons are available for newbies, or you might prefer to center your mind and body with a paddleboard yoga class.

For a romantic Friday evening getaway, book a Sunset Tour. You'll make your way along the Intracoastal Waterway on a kayak or paddleboard, and as the sun sinks into the bay, you'll snuggle up and savor the bliss.

Unique Entertainment

Some unique things to book in Miami are experiences you won't find anywhere else in the country. Check these out when you want to do something extraordinary.

Miami Design District's Public Art Displays

Art explodes out of every corner of the Miami Design District. Building facades grab your attention, and public installations from John Baldessari, Buckminster Fuller, Kate Bickmore, and Virgil Abloh, dot the streets.

Stroll the district to take it all in, and set aside time to visit the remarkable galleries and museums you'll pass along the way. The Design District is also home to ritzy shops and restaurants, so you don't have to end the day empty-handed.

Historical Ghost Tours at Deering Estate

Looking for weird things to do in Miami? We love to visit the famed Deering Estate each fall for a Ghost Tour.

Tour guides will walk you through all the paranormal activity that occurred here — and yes, you can bring your own EMF meters and dowsing rods to check for ghosts! During the rest of the year, visit the estate to learn more about Florida history and take part in concerts, art exhibits, and kayak tours.

Food and Drink Experiences

Miami is one of the great foodie destinations in the country, and after one of our thrilling performances, there's nothing we enjoy more than a great meal. Revel in the city's Caribbean influences when you enjoy these delicious experiences.

Craft Cocktail Workshop in a Speakeasy Bar

Time travel back to the heady days of Prohibition when you visit the retro speakeasies popping up all over Miami. At many of these secret bars, you can take craft cocktail workshops so you can show off your own bartending skills at home.

Head to Freddy's at InterContinental Miami to get a mixology class before each night's cocktail seating. Guest bartenders await you nightly in Room 901 at the Hyatt Centric, or you can head to Apothecary 330 to sample a list of more than 330 whiskies.

Photographer: Laure Noverraz

Little Haiti Food Tour

Little Haiti is a vibrant corner of Miami with its own culture and history. When you experience La Perle de Miami, a Little Haiti food tour from Tap Tap Tours, you can immerse yourself in local art and delicious Haitian food at the same time.

While you're there, you can also explore the neighborhood botanicas and splurge on some shopping.

Rooftop Dining in Brickell

The nighttime lights of Miami are positively inspiring, and there's no better place to view them than from a rooftop bar or restaurant. Head to the best rooftop bars in Brickell and Downtown Miami to enjoy rooftop dining par excellence.

Area 31, located atop the EPIC Hotel, is known for its fresh seafood — but you may find yourself distracted by the incredible views of the Miami River and Biscayne Bay. At Bloom Skybar, on the roof of the Langford Hotel, you'll wish you had arrived wearing a flapper or suspenders.

Show up for happy hour and stay for the bathtub cocktails. Rooftop at E11even brings the fun with themed nights every week, including hookah nights and DJs spinning tunes.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Attractions

Miami has more than a few attractions that simply defy description or categorization. Spend some time exploring these unique experiences in Miami.

Stiltsville Guided Tour

While Stiltsville may sound like a village filled with towering residents, that vision can only be found in one of our shows. Once, Stiltsville was home to speakeasies, elite social clubs, and bootleggers — now, it's a spot you can visit to view some of the most unique houses ever built in the region.

Only accessible by boat, Stiltsville is located within the waters of Biscayne National Park. Stiltsville guided tours are ultra-small to give you the best possible chance to take photographs and learn about this community's fascinating history.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

This stunning estate, which has sat alongside the bay for over 100 years, welcomes visitors to enjoy its art exhibits, gardens, and special programs.

Tour guides and audio self-tours teach you about the rich history of the main house and property, and you won't want to miss the lavish display of orchids in the indoor and outdoor gardens.

A weekly farmers market invites you to get acquainted with local vendors, and regular wellness classes help you stay grounded and whole. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens also hosts one-off programs for the local community about topics ranging from vision boards and composting to tamale-making and landscape design.

Photographer: Tianlei Wu

Embrace the Unexplored: Miami's Unique Experiences Await

Unique activities in Miami can turn an ordinary weekend into something you'll never forget. As a city sitting at the intersection of multiple cultures, Miami brings a rich vibrancy to its locals and visitors alike.

After a long day of embarking on unique adventures, treat yourself to one of our shows in Miami.

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