Things to do in Orlando

13 Things to Do in Orlando for Adults

Visiting Orlando is like falling down an enchanted rabbit hole: You’re submerged in a wonderland of brilliant things to do for adults and kids alike.

Amidst the whimsy and charm contained within Orlando's city lines, it's easy — and encouraged — to feel like a kid again. But what happens when you're ready to get back into your grown-up clothes and track down some adult-friendly forms of entertainment?

The good news is that Orlando is a playground ripe for visitors of all ages. So, when you want an adventure geared toward a mature audience, pick a number between 1 and 13 and surrender to the otherworldly activities listed below.

Magical Experiences

Magic has no age limit in Orlando, home to Walt Disney World and its fleet of animated pals. Flutter over to these ethereal activities to top off your vacation with a sprinkle of pixie dust. And don’t forget — these are great attractions for kids in Orlando, too!


Walt Disney dreamt of a utopia where imagination flourished and visitors could get a taste of the future, today. EPCOT is the monumental realization of this ambitious vision. Visitors to this park can delve into the lush cultural landscapes of 11 unique countries featured in the World Showcase. Whether it's embarking on a seafaring voyage to Arendelle or scurrying through a French kitchen with Chef Remy, this enthralling journey will give you a glimpse of the world around you through an entirely new lens.

The imaginative wonders of Epcot don't stop there. Iconic attractions such as the Test Track and the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind coaster showcase the park's thrills. For adrenaline-seeking adults near Orlando, EPCOT is the perfect place to spend an action-packed afternoon.

Photographer: Robert Horvick

2. Drawn to Life

What if a drawing was all it took to bring a new world into fruition? Drawn to Life visitors will find out the answer to this burning question as they tag along with Julie, her enchanted sketchbook, and a zany cast of colorful characters.

As the pages of Julie's sketchbook flip, so do her high-flying companions. Costumes and a moving musical score set the tone for this spectacular story, while the depth of each character's raw emotions turns it into a true masterpiece. A whimsical collaboration between Disney and Cirque du Soleil, this match made in heaven will have you leaning out of your seat to see what happens next.

3. Magic Kingdom

No trip to Orlando would be complete without a trip to Magic Kingdom, where fantasy reigns and enchanted castle tower above the land. Whatever your age, this magical realm beckons, bearing promises of nostalgia and surprises.

Here, fantastical worlds are just waiting to be waltzed into. Set sail on the legendary Pirates of the Caribbean boat ride, blast off through the galaxy on Space Mountain, and glide through an eerie Haunted Mansion.

4. Disney's Hollywood Studios

Put on your director's cap because it's time to go beyond the screen of your favorite flicks at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Incredible worlds are brought to life through wholly immersive experiences like the gasp-worthy Indiana Jones: Epic Stunt Spectacular and Lightning McQueen's high-speed Racing Academy.

When you've sated the movie buff inside you, get lost in a butterfly thrilling ride that will whisk you away to worlds big and small. Zoom through a galaxy far, far away in Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, and jump in on Andy's playtime in Toy Story Mania for a daring adventure that will melt away the mundanity of the real world, if only for a little while.

Culinary Activities for Adults

Orlando is where the culinary scene bursts with rainbow-shaded ingredients just plucked from the earth and sea. Flavor-filled activities abound in this epicurean utopia.

5. EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival

Food lovers rejoice at the mere mention of the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival. With a carefully curated selection of cuisines across 6 continents, this celebration gives gourmands the chance to sample a variety of delectable dishes, from Southern-style mac-and-cheese to peri-peri shrimp.

Let your inner bon vivant fly free in a field of flavor as you savor meals from around the world. Then, wash it all down with a smooth beverage hailing from the region of your choice, including fine wines, cocktails, and craft beers.

Live Music in Orlando

Nothing makes a moment sweeter than the perfect soundtrack. Music and magic meld in Orlando for a full-sensory vacation experience.

6. Disney Springs

If it's entertainment you're looking for, you'll find it at Disney Springs. Whether it's shopping for a new Disney-inspired fit, sitting down for a fabulous meal, or catching a life-changing performance, this corner of Walt Disney World is home to a heap of adult-style fun.

It's easy to spend your entire day discovering the hidden joys of Disney Springs. Start your shopping journey early to peruse every aisle of the world's largest Disney merchandise store, World of Disney. For a bite to eat, munch on a taco from the 4 Rivers Cantina Barbacoa food truck or select a freshly baked cookie from Gideon's Bakehouse. When it comes to evening entertainment, you've got options. Swoon over Gatsby-themed crooners at The Edison or bounce to the beat at House of Blues.

Spectacular Views

The photo-op you've been dreaming of is close at hand in Orlando, where cosmic sights materialize at every turn. Push the boundaries of the picturesque at these fantastical viewing spots.

7. Fireworks Spectaculars

There's no better end to the perfect day than a glitzy display of fire in the sky, and no one knows this better than Walt Disney World. Every night, the park lights up with thousands of bright sparks, a fitting grand finale for every fearless discovery you've made.

Visitors can find fireworks extravaganzas in the air above EPCOT and Magic Kingdom. Topped off with laser lights, special effects, and synchronized music, each production is meticulously crafted to create a true visual spectacle. Feel the buzz in the atmosphere as you catch the show from a spot inside the park, or get seated at a gourmet restaurant (like Spice Road Table at EPCOT) that doubles as a spectacular viewing point.

Credit: ©Disney

8. Hot Air Balloon Rides

The most magical way to behold Disney's sprawling splendor is from above — no magic carpet required. Simply sail on over to Disney Springs for a ride in the Aerophile, a massive hand-painted helium balloon that ascends to 400 feet above the ground for a high-flying view of the surrounding kingdom.

While the tethered balloon rises, you'll hold your breath as Orlando comes into panoramic view around you. This once-in-a-lifetime perspective will renew your sense of awe at the world and stay with you even when your feet are back on the ground.

Free Things to Do in Orlando for Adults

Not even your budget can stop Orlando's extraordinary character from seeping into your visit. The activities below are the best of both worlds: free and fully bewitching.

9. Lake Eola Park

Lake Eola Park is free for passersby, and it's an excellent place for couples in Orlando to spend an enchanting afternoon. Nestled in the heart of the city, park visitors are aptly situated for a dazzling gander at the Orlando skyline, a permanent backdrop for all Lake Eola activities.

Here, there's nothing stopping you from living your life like it's a rom-com. Zip along the water in a swan-shaped paddle boat, lounge among a bed of sweet-scented flowers, and keep an eye out for some of the park's spectacular avian residents. The fortunate might even stumble upon one of the films, concerts, or plays hosted by the park and free to view.

Photographer: Mick Haupt

10. Leu Gardens: Botanical Paradise in the Heart of Orlando

Just outside downtown Orlando lies a 50-acre maze of botanical brilliance — but you won't have to fall down any rabbit holes to get to this wonderland. The Leu Gardens is a carefully cultivated array of gardens where visitors can get up close and personal with thousands of trees and plants that call the region home.

Flora rules at this fabulous park, but a meticulous layout transforms the space into a true destination. Free admission on select days means you can feast your eyes on every bloom without cost, from bright purple azaleas to fresh-smelling citrus grove trees.

Photographer: Mick Haupt

Art Activities

A city as full of visual appeal as Orlando is naturally a suitable environment for art of any medium. Admire the creative verve of the local art scene at the locations below.

11. Orlando Museum of Art

In a city dusted with charm, it's no surprise that the Orlando art scene is booming with creative maestros. At the Orlando Museum of Art, these feats of visual wonder are celebrated with a crisp gallery space and cutting-edge curation.

Visitors can get a taste of the local flavor in all its mediums, from modern portraiture to vibrant textiles. Try your hand at a masterpiece by enrolling in an adult art workshop for an inventive evening out. With divine timing, you may even catch one of the OMA's iconic events, such as the quarterly artist showcase or the merry Festival of Trees, which turns the gallery into a glowing, wooded wonderland.

12. Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art

Orlando’s museums are a blend of enlightenment and wonder. For an illuminating peek into the life of an American art icon, step into the delicate gallery space within the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art. Featuring the world's largest collection of works by glass-master Louis Comfort Tiffany, this niche museum will have you rethinking your home decor.

The gallery's crown jewel is Tiffany's stained-glass chapel interior, famously exhibited at the 1893 Chicago World's Columbian Exposition. Alongside this masterpiece are dozens of the pieces that drove Tiffany to world-class status, including shiny leaded-glass lamps, shapely pottery, and dainty jewelry.

13. Art of Disney

Walt Disney's magical empire began with just a few seemingly simple drawings. The depth of this animated art continues to inspire through Art of Disney, a shop showcasing Disney-themed pieces of all shapes, sizes, and characters.

This extensive exhibition contains everything from prints to cels to figurines. Visitors can feast their eyes upon the coveted Disney Classic Collection and savor a rush of nostalgia gazing at artwork from every era of Disney history. Art collectors may even uncover a special deal on the perfect piece for their home gallery.

Plan Your Orlando Adventure

Orlando presents visitors with a barrage of adult-friendly activities while preserving the magical qualities that make it a destination for the ages. Whether you're seeking a nostalgic romp through Magic Kingdom or a sophisticated evening filled with dinner and a show, this city has the transformative fun and delight you need within its realm.

Jump into a world of thrills and high-stakes acrobatics at Drawn to Life. Born from the wicked minds behind Cirque du Soleil, this riveting 90-minute spectacle is the perfect show for adults in Orlando looking to be exhilarated. Reserve your seats at our shows in Orlando to take part in this touching exploration of human ability, creativity, and heart.

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