Things to do in Honolulu

Things to Do in Oahu for Couples

These couple-friendly activities make enjoying Oahu with your special someone easy.

Oahu is the perfect destination to visit with the one you love. As you're lounging on sun-kissed beaches and watching sunsets turn the sky to an image of fire, the romance is practically palpable. When you're looking for things to do in Honolulu, romantic excursions in Oahu are top of the list.

Whether you're heading to Hawaii on your honeymoon or simply looking for a mini getaway during a family vacation, Oahu overflows with options. Are you dreaming of candlelit dinners or anticipating afternoon hikes? These romantic destinations are sure to please couples of all types.

Adventure and Exploration

If you and your partner are always searching for an adrenaline rush, an outdoor adventure is the perfect way to spend a day in Hawaii. And with the island's rugged terrain and easy access to the ocean, excitement is just around the corner. You might even happen upon one of Oahu's hidden gems.

1. Sunset Beach

Stretching for miles along the North Shore, Sunset Beach is ideal for a beach day for two. The swimming is great in the summer. Pack a blanket and snacks and spend the entire day alternating between naps on the sand and dips in the ocean.

Winter brings excellent surfing (or surf-spectating, if that's more your speed). Sunset Beach Park offers free parking, showers, and restrooms. From there, simply walk along the sand until you find a private spot.

Photographer: sofia neumann

2. Skydive Hawaii

Skydiving is one of the best Oahu activities for couples who love a thrill. With Skydive Hawaii, you have two options. You can jump from 14,000 ft. or a heart-stopping 20,000 ft. when conditions allow. This locally owned company offers tandem jumps to people of all skill levels, so it's ideal for first-timers.

Ride up in a plane together, feeling the anticipation build as the island shrinks. Squeeze hands one last time before tipping out the door and nosediving toward the ground. Once you're back on land together, you have the perfect opportunity to celebrate and share stories.

3. Kailua Beach Adventures

If you prefer an active beach day to a restful one, Kailua Beach Adventures has you covered. This sustainability-focused aquatic sports company rents a range of gear to help you explore Kailua Beach, a breathtakingly beautiful beach in Oahu.

You can rent kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, bodyboards, surfboards, or snorkels. Need a little instruction? Opt for a paddleboard lesson or guided kayak tour to one of the local islands. The rental shop is a short walk from the beach's southern end. Reserve your gear online so it's ready and waiting when you arrive.

Photographer: markof4123

4. Olomana Three Peaks Trail

Hikers in Oahu often talk about the Olomana Three Peaks Trail. This extremely challenging and dangerous trail takes you to three different summits in one long day. It passes through forests, up and down steep slopes, and across narrow, exposed ridges.

Although the ocean views are remarkable, you should only attempt the full route if you're a highly experienced hiker and climber. In some areas, you teeter across rocky paths with steep drops on either side or climb near-vertical rock slopes using only ropes for support.

If you're no stranger to technical hikes, this trail is one of the most exhilarating things to do in Oahu, Hawaii, for couples. Go only as far as you feel comfortable. Many hikers opt to turn around after the first or second peak.

Photographer: Peter Thomas

Cultural Experiences

Oahu's culture has evolved since humans settled there more than 2,500 years ago. Today, the island is a rich tapestry of traditions brought in by various groups over the centuries.

5. Royal Hawaiian Center

A shopping center might not seem like the right place for a cultural experience, but the Royal Hawaiian Center is no ordinary mall. The center organizes regular events to appreciate and support the continuation of Hawaiian heritage. Check the calendar to find concerts and dance performances.

If possible, attend one of the interactive lessons. Whether you learn to play the ukulele together or try hula dancing, you'll leave with shared memories and an appreciation of Hawaiian culture.

6. Art on the Zoo Fence

Every weekend, the fence at the Honolulu Zoo comes to life with vibrant artwork as part of Art on the Zoo Fence. Local artists hang their pieces, creating a wall of color and creativity. Grab an iced coffee and stroll hand in hand, admiring the talent spilling out of each piece. You might even find a one-of-a-kind souvenir to remind you of the trip.

You don't need to enter the zoo to see the art. Park in the metered lot near the Waikiki Shell. We suggest going early in the day when crowds are light, and the temperatures are pleasant.

7. Sunset Mai Tai Cruise

A sunset cruise is one of the most romantic things to do in Oahu, Hawaii. Out on the ocean, the colors of the setting sun seem to surround you. The Sunset Sail on the Maita'i Catamaran is a dreamy option. You can stretch out on large over-water nets as the boat glides quietly across the sea.

Sip a glass of champagne or a mai tai, admire the stunning views of Diamond Head, and revel in the joy of being together in paradise. Cruises leave from Waikiki and last up to two hours. For the perfect island evening, head to dinner when the boat docks.

8. Hawaii Theatre Center

Plan an evening out at the Hawaii Theatre Center, a pillar of the Oahu cultural scene. Our team loves a beautiful performance venue; this theater is no exception. Every detail exudes a sense of history from the grand proscenium arch to the classic red velvet curtains.

Throughout the year, the Hawaii Theatre Center hosts a variety of events. Listen to classical music with the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra, or check out one of the many bands that grace the stage. No matter what's playing, it's a chance to dress up and savor a night on the town.

Leisure and Relaxation

If your vacation is more about relaxation than adventure, look for couples' activities in Oahu that immerse you in the island vibes. It's the ideal romantic getaway. All you have to do is show up and let the experience wash over you.

9. Paradise Cove

A luau is one of the best things to do in Oahu for couples—the music is gentle, the movements are soothing, and the light from the fire casts everything in a dreamy glow. The Paradise Cove luau turns a traditional performance into an immersive experience.

Start the evening with a stroll around the Hawaiian Village or a romantic canoe ride for two. As you explore the grounds, music drifts through the trees. When the luau starts, you sit down to a fantastic meal and enjoy a series of dances and songs as the sun sets over the ocean.

10. Turtle Bay Resort Spa

Kick off your romantic vacation with a treatment at the Nalu Spa at Turtle Bay Resort on the northern tip of Oahu. An indulgent couples massage or a full-body scrub will melt the stress away and give you a beach-ready glow. If you're in the mood to treat yourselves, the spa even offers a head-to-toe package.

Take relaxation to the next level by booking one of the spa's outdoor treatment areas. Surrounded by greenery and positioned with a spectacular view of the sea, these nature-oriented spaces elevate a simple massage to a memorable experience.

Photographer: Cosmin Serban

11. Waikiki Starlight Luau at Hilton Hawaiian Village

Staying near Waikiki Beach? Avoid the evening traffic and plan a date at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Each Friday, the Waikiki Starlight Luau features traditional music and exceptional food.

Come early to receive a traditional lei greeting and listen to live music. You can walk there from most local hotels. When the luau feast is underway, the real excitement begins. You won't take your eyes off the stage as a series of performers present thrilling cultural dances and performances.

The event features a thrilling fire knife dancer, whose daring feats leave the crowd astonished and delighted. The evening concludes with a display of fireworks on the nearby Duke Kahanamoku Beach.

Dining and Nightlife

Days filled with exploration can leave you ravenous and ready to try the many restaurants in Oahu. From local favorite eateries to the best restaurants in Waikiki, these are our top spots to grab a bite.

12. Gyu-Kaku

Experience the cultural diversity of the Hawaiian islands at Gyu-Kaku restaurant, one of Oahu's best Japanese BBQ eateries. It's the perfect dining experience for couples. Your table has a built-in smokeless grill, so you can cook strips of meat to your liking.

Servers are always on hand to guide you through the fun, interactive process. We love the lively vibe and the bursts of laughter that arise around the room as diners discover new grilling techniques. Gyu-Kaku has several locations in Oahu. Each one offers the same friendly atmosphere and great service.

Source: Gyu-Kaku Hawaii

13. MW Restaurant

MW Restaurant offers an elevated take on Pacific Rim cuisine. If you and your partner are foodies, this is a restaurant you don't want to miss. You'll be thinking about the ahi nachos, unagi butterfish arancini, and pan-roasted scallops for months to come.

Everything on the menu comes beautifully plated. We love the five-course tasting menu, which features the freshest local ingredients. If you're planning a romantic date, add the optional wine pairing. Each new drink is carefully chosen to enhance the flavors of the dish for a heightened sensory experience.

Make a reservation well in advance to ensure you get your preferred date and time.

14. Heavenly Island Lifestyle Waikiki

Curious about local Hawaiian cuisine? There's no better place to eat your fill than Heavenly Island Lifestyle Waikiki. The chefs prioritize organic ingredients and local suppliers, so each dish bursts with flavor.

If you love to post food photos on social media, the colorful meals at Heavenly Island Lifestyle are a surefire way to brighten your feed. We love the fruit-heavy acai bowl and the organic beet salad. Heavenly Island Lifestyle is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The restaurant is almost always busy, so it doesn't hurt to make a reservation if you're short on time. Otherwise, you can enjoy a drink at the bar while waiting for an open table.

15. SKY WAIKIKI Raw & Bar

See the natural beauty of Honolulu and the Pacific Ocean from above at SKY WAIKIKI Raw & Bar. From its perch on the 19th floor, this seafood restaurant and raw bar has one of the best views in town. Surprise your love with a table on the rooftop deck, and indulge in craft cocktails while sea breezes keep you cool.

The menu here is all about the ocean. Start with oysters, and move on to sushi or poke. The shared plates are an excellent opportunity for couples to try various dishes. Our favorites are the lobster chowder and the Hawaiian plantation ribs. If you come on a Friday, get a late reservation and stay for dancing and music.

Discover the Magic of Oahu Together With Unforgettable Experiences for Couples

Nothing builds a bond quite like a shared experience, and on Oahu, there's always something new to do. Our performances are the perfect evening activity for couples, especially when preceded by a romantic dinner by the sea.

Together, you and your date will join a wild adventure through worlds unknown and emerge filled with joy and inspiration. Experience cutting-edge acrobatics and joyful storytelling at our shows in Honolulu.

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