Things to do in Las Vegas

Things to Do on Fremont Street, Las Vegas

Bright lights, culinary delights, and showstopping entertainment make Fremont Street special. Let loose during your next visit to Las Vegas.

What do Frank Sinatra, Bugsy Siegel, and Bono have in common? They all spent time on Fremont Street, the heart of the Sin City entertainment scene.

Whether you're in the mood for an unforgetable artistic performance, such as our show Kà, or an all-night block party, Fremont Street is one of the top things to do in Las Vegas, especially if you have an adventurous spirit.

Put on your comfiest pair of shoes, and find out why millions of people can't resist the lure of the city's iconic neon lights.

Entertainment and Nightlife

The restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and live performances on Fremont Street are a big reason why Las Vegas is known as the entertainment capital of the world. Ready for a wild night on the town? Check out one of these Fremont Street staples.

1. Watch Live Street Performers

Magicians, musicians, and mimes — oh my! Add some singers and dancers, and you've got everything you need for a perfect night on the town. The City of Las Vegas uses a daily lottery system to award two-hour blocks of time to some of the most talented performers on this side of the Mississippi.

Thanks to the Las Vegas Street Performer Registration, visitors never have the same experience twice. During your tours in Las Vegas, you might see a caricature artist one night and a beatboxer the next. Fremont Street also has dedicated performance circles, giving you plenty of room to roam.

Just watch for decals designed to look like giant poker chips — and don't forget to bring plenty of singles. Fremont Street performers aren't allowed to charge fees but gladly accept tips from delighted audience members.

If you're on a budget, this is one of the best free things to do on Fremont Street, as you can see a different show every night of the week without paying a dime.

While you're in town, make sure you visit the MGM Grand on Las Vegas Boulevard. Not only is it one of the top hotels in Las Vegas, but it's also the home of our show, KÀ, a gravity-defying performance filled with acrobatic feats.

Epic battles, graceful dances, and a riveting fight for honor take you through the journey of divided twins who face endless obstacles.

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2. Join the Nightly Block Party With Live Music

Forget your neighborhood block party — Fremont Street is where people go when they really want to let loose. THE BLOCK has seven venues, making it one of the best places to celebrate your upcoming nuptials or get to know someone special.

Some venues even offer brunch, so you're not left hunting for Las Vegas buffets after a night out. Grab dinner at Mezcal Motel, dance the night away at Commonwealth, and finish things off with brunch at Park on Fremont.

If you just can't bear to leave, we highly recommend lunch at La Mona Rosa, a restaurant specializing in authentic Mexican fare. The salsa morita will have your taste buds cheering, especially if you wash it down with a glass of hibiscus orange or pineapple horchata agua fresca.

3. Sing Your Heart Out at Cat's Meow

Move over, Usher. There's a new act in town — and it's you! A visit to Fremont Street gives you the perfect opportunity to unleash your inner diva. Honor Miley Cyrus with a performance of Flowers, or go old school with your very own version of Billy Joel's Piano Man.

Located on the corner of Fremont and 4th Street, Cat's Meow is the premier karaoke bar in Las Vegas, making it a popular destination for singers of all stripes.

From the minute you step through the entrance, you'll feel like a star. Disco, classic rock, Top 40, swing, and more provide the soundtrack for one of the most incredible nights of your life.

If you're lucky, you'll visit at the same time as a celebrity. Bill Gates, Tori Spelling, and "Weird Al" Yankovic are just a few of the famous faces that have performed on the Cat's Meow stage.

4. Dance at a Rooftop Bar a Hidden Speakeasy

Immerse yourself in the glitz and glamor of the Roaring 20s at Commonwealth in Las Vegas, a two-story cocktail bar with a rooftop dance floor.

Hip-hop and open-format DJs spin a mix of new tunes and old favorites, setting the stage for a night you'll never forget. If your dance moves resemble those of Elaine from Seinfeld, don't panic—everyone’s just here to have a good time.

The rooftop bar provides panoramic views of Fremont Street and the far-off mountains. It's the ideal place to sip an ice-cold Peacock Passion — dark rum, pineapple juice, Campari, passion fruit syrup, and fresh lime juice.

For an extra-special experience, book an exclusive table at The Laundry Room, a hidden speakeasy designed to accommodate just 22 guests at a time. The elegant environment will have you channeling your inner Al Capone in no time.

Due to the limited capacity, we strongly recommend making a reservation. If it slips your mind, sign up for the daily waiting list.

5. Experience the Viva Vision Light Show

What makes Fremont Street so different from the typical urban thoroughfare is the focus on immersive experiences. Sure, it's nice to stroll past boutiques and stop for a bite to eat, but Fremont Street takes it to the next level with awe-inspiring entertainment options.

The Viva Vision light show dazzles visitors with more than 16 million pixels stretching across a 1,375-foot screen. Forget sitting in a cramped auditorium, just hoping to get a glimpse of your favorite band.

Viva Vision has family-friendly Las Vegas shows featuring Shakira, Stone Temple Pilots, Katy Perry, The Chainsmokers, and other internationally recognized artists.

Soak up the sounds of top musicians while watching colorful visuals whiz by on a giant canopy screen. Shows run from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. every night, making the Viva Vision light show one of the top Fremont Street, Las Vegas, things to do.

Dining and Drinks

Say goodbye to chain restaurants — at least for a night or two. Fremont Street is home to some of the best eateries in the city.

Whether you're looking for a quick bite or a five-course meal, you're sure to find a palate-pleaser at one of these restaurants in Vegas.

6. Get a Slice of Pizza and a Beer at Evel Pie

If you and your companions can't agree on what to do on Fremont Street, negotiate over piping-hot pizza and chilled beer at Evel Pie. Sure, you can order pizza anywhere, but it won't taste quite as good as the Olivia Gluten-Free John, Evel Knievel's Super Kick Ass Combination, or The Reaper.

Top your pie with homemade meatballs, man candy bacon, BBQ pulled pork, or another premium topping, or stick with tried-and-true plain cheese for a real crowd-pleaser.

Evel Pie also has an extensive vegan menu, making it one of the best things to do on Fremont Street if you have a group of friends with different preferences.

No more arguing over whether to go to a steakhouse or a vegan falafel cart. Evil Pie gives you the best of both worlds, offering pizzas made with portobello mushrooms, vegan cheese, fresh herbs, and other plant-based ingredients.

7. Order the Tomahawk Steak at Oscar's Steakhouse

As part of the historic Plaza Hotel & Casino, Oscar's Steakhouse sits inside a glass dome, giving diners a dazzling view of the neon lights without all the noise.

The restaurant pays homage to Oscar Goodman, former and infamous mob attorney, making it the perfect spot for getting up close and personal with unique memorabilia.

While you're here, order Goodman's Legacy, a refreshing blend of Gambino sparkling wine, St-Germain elderflower liqueur, and Grey Goose vodka with essences of peach and rosemary.

For dinner, we recommend Jonny's 44-ounce Tomahawk, a slab of tender meat with at least five inches of rib bone still attached. Oscar's uses only certified Angus beef, ensuring that every bite melts in your mouth.

For discerning diners, a trip to Oscar's is one of the best things to do on Fremont Street, Las Vegas — just leave your vegan friends at home for this one.

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Unique Experiences

Sure, you could spend all your time shooting craps or playing blackjack, but there's more to Fremont Street than its fabulous casinos. Try one of these unique experiences to make this visit one for the record books.

8. Stay at a Hotel a Shark Tank Water Slide

When you've had your fill of glittery lights, head to the Golden Nugget for the adventure of a lifetime. Since 1946, the casino has been attracting visitors who want to try their luck at slot machines and dice games.

Now, there's a new reason to visit — a $200 million pool complex. This isn't any ordinary pool, either. It's a real showstopper, combining private cabanas with a 200,000-gallon shark tank aquarium to create The Tank Pool at the Golden Nugget.

Who needs the Bahamas when you can swim near the sharks and spend the afternoon lounging in a private cabana? Once you have the perfect tan, head inside for an evening of delicious food and exciting table games.

The Golden Nugget is home to Saltgrass Steak House, Grotto Italian Ristorante, and seven other restaurants, so there's truly something for everyone. Finish the evening with a comedy show or a cocktail at one of the bars near the Fremont Street Experience.

9. Wander Through a Neon Sign Graveyard Museum

Restaurants, hotels, and casinos come and go, but what happens to the neon signs that used to adorn them? Many end up at the Neon Museum, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving iconic signage.

The Main Boneyard at the Neon Museum Las Vegas is one of the most popular Fremont Street activities for families, as it's fun for visitors of all ages to gaze at unrestored signs and imagine what life was like when the Rat Pack ruled the day.

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10. Watch the Praying Mantis Statue Dance and Shoot Fire

If you plan to stop at Downtown Container Park, don't miss the praying mantis statue outside. The 40-foot sculpture looms over Fremont Street, daring visitors to cross the threshold.

Although it first appeared at Burning Man, Las Vegas' The Mantis is now a well-recognized symbol of Sin City and its weird, wonderful history.

Just after sundown, drummers perform the Call to the Mantis, triggering a spectacular show. Watch the insect's antennae carefully — you're about to see flames shooting toward the sky.

There's no bigger surprise than this dazzling display of pyrotechnics when it comes to heart-stopping Fremont Street attractions.

Leisure and Recreation

Fremont Street has hundreds of attractions to keep you busy, but don't forget to relax while you're in town. Try your hand at blackjack, spend the day swimming, or visit a giant shopping center made of recycled shipping containers.

11. Play $1 Blackjack at the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino

Nestled in the heart of Downtown, the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino offers the perfect escape. Whether you're flying in from the East or you need a break from working in one of Sin City's many office buildings, you can't beat the modern rooms, rooftop pool, and dining options.

If you just can't pick from a long list of things to do on Fremont, we recommend stopping by the Downtown Grand for a few rounds of $1 blackjack. Most other casinos start at $5, and you can even find tables with $100 minimums.

A low minimum bet gives you a chance to learn the ins and outs of blackjack without spending a fortune. Before you leave, be sure to spin a roulette wheel or test your luck with a game of craps.

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12. Swim, Chill, and Watch Sports on the Big Screen at Stadium Swim

Circa Resort & Casino is home to one of the hidden gems of Las Vegas: Stadium Swim, a pool complex with a 143-foot-high screen. If you're looking for a party atmosphere, this is one of the best things to do on Fremont Street in Vegas.

Heated pools, dazzling lights, and private cabanas come together to deliver the ultimate entertainment experience. Sure, swimming is fun, but have you tried doing it while watching a Major League Baseball game on a giant screen?

The complex is large enough to accommodate 4,000 guests at once, so you'll have no shortage of party companions.

13. Explore Downtown Container Park

The Mantis isn't the only reason to visit Downtown Container Park, an open-air shopping center made from repurposed shipping containers.

If you're wondering what to do on Fremont St., try award-winning cocktails, shop for the perfect souvenir, or have lunch at one of the most unique restaurants in Las Vegas. Downtown Container Park even has an interactive playground, making it a fun destination for the whole family.

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Many Grand Canyon tours depart from Las Vegas, but you don't need to go to another state to indulge your sense of adventure. Stop by Fremont Street instead. It's home to SlotZilla, a world-renowned zipline attraction.

14. Zip Through Fremont Street on the SlotZilla Zipline

SlotZilla Zipline isn't for the faint of heart. The 11-story slot machine sends you soaring above the crowds of the Fremont Street Experience, helping you see Las Vegas in a whole new light.

While you're up there, look for showgirls, coins, a pink flamingo, video reels, oversized dice, and a martini glass — symbols chosen to represent the city's storied history. If you're still looking for Fremont Street things to do, stick around for a Viva Vision show after your flight.

Unforgettable Fremont Street: A Journey Through the Best of Vegas

When it comes to exciting things to do, Fremont Street really delivers. Whether you're a foodie searching for a gourmet restaurant or a daredevil searching for adventure, you can't go wrong visiting these popular attractions.

Our shows are a lot like Las Vegas. They're innovative, daring, and filled with the unexpected.

Let our dazzling performers captivate you as compelling storylines unfold. We're thrilled to have you in town, and we can't wait to see you at one of our shows in Las Vegas.

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