Things to do in Atlanta

Things to do with kids in Atlanta

Discover family joy like never before. Check out this guide of fun things to do in Atlanta with kids that will surely bring smiles to your little ones’ faces.

Atlanta adventurers! Are you ready to dive into a world of excitement and giggles with your little ones? Atlanta is buzzing with child-friendly escapades that'll turn your family time into unforgettable memories.

Picture this: soaring acrobats, colorful costumes, and mesmerizing performances that will have your kiddos wide-eyed with wonder. Yes, we're talking about our awe-inspiring shows that you can see right here in Atlanta.

But that's just the beginning — there's a whole city of adventures waiting for your family. So buckle up, grab your little explorers, and discover the most exciting things to do in Atlanta with kids.

Free Things to Do in Atlanta With Kids

For all you budget-savvy parents out there, get ready to unlock the ultimate guide to family fun in Atlanta without spending a dime. Yes, you heard that right — there’s no need for shopping splurges or fancy restaurants in Atlanta; the following things to do with kids in Atlanta are totally free.

From parks and playgrounds to interactive museums, we've got the lowdown on all the fantastic free things to do in Atlanta with kids. Wave goodbye to empty wallets, and say hello to endless smiles.

1. Centennial Olympic Park

Right in the heart of downtown Atlanta, Centennial Olympic Park is a 22-acre green space waiting to be explored by your pint-sized adventurers. Built for the 1996 Summer Olympics, the park is now one of the best things to do in Atlanta with kids.

Stroll through lush gardens as your little ones marvel at the Fountain of Rings — the park's splash pad centerpiece, where water jets dance all day and light up at night.

Centennial Olympic Park plays host to a range of events and festivals throughout the year. There's always something brewing in this lively park, from outdoor concerts that make tiny toes tap to family-friendly festivals to ignite young imaginations. Pack a picnic, and come on down.

Photographer: Luis Negron

2. Piedmont Park

Step into the sprawling oasis at Piedmont Park, Atlanta's urban haven for families seeking a breath of fresh air and a whole lot of fun. Join the weekly walking club or engage in a family game of frisbee near picturesque Lake Clara Meer.

Every Saturday, Piedmont Park is home to a farmers market, where your hungry little ones can pick out tasty preserves and baked goods for lunch.

You can even take a free guided history tour to learn about the rich history of the park, which started out as a forest in the 19th century and spent time as a fairground before becoming what it is today — one of the most fun things to do in Atlanta with kids.

Photographer: Levi

3. Atlanta BeltLine

Get ready to embark on a one-of-a-kind family adventure along the Atlanta BeltLine — a former railway corridor repurposed into a haven for pedestrians and cyclists. Take a leisurely bike ride, cruising past the colorful murals that line the BeltLine's Eastside Trail.

Stop by the Historic Fourth Ward Park, where your kiddos can conquer the playground's whimsical structures. As you continue your BeltLine adventure, you'll encounter bustling markets, eclectic street performers, and cozy cafes perfect for a pitstop.

The BeltLine weaves together some of the best things to do in Atlanta with kids. Take the time to explore, play, and connect along this safe, urban corridor.

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4. Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park

Step into history at the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park — a place where the legacy of a civil rights icon comes to life. Begin your journey at the Visitor Center, where interactive exhibits and multimedia displays transport your family back in time. Little minds will be captivated by the stories of courage and resilience that echo through the walls.

Next, venture to Dr. King's childhood home, a simple yet powerful symbol of the roots from which greatness can emerge. Your little ones can explore the rooms where Dr. King played and dreamed and gain a deeper understanding of the man behind the iconic speeches.

As you stroll through the historic Fire Station No. 6 and the I Have a Dream World Peace Rose Garden, the park becomes a living classroom, fostering important conversations about the ongoing pursuit of equality.

Lace-up your walking shoes, open your hearts, and join the journey through history at this remarkable tribute to one of the world's greatest advocates for change.

5. Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park

History comes alive at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, where nature lovers and history buffs of all ages can have a great time.

On the weekends, ranger presentations and living history demonstrations bring the past to life. The walking trails that wind through the picturesque landscape offer scenic beauty and a chance for kids to discover the past in a hands-on way.

As you ascend Kennesaw Mountain, the panoramic views become a perfect backdrop for stories about the soldiers who once traversed these hills.

We know first-hand the value of stories told in spectacular settings, so we highly recommend you add Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park to your list of things to do in Atlanta with kids.

Kid-Friendly Museums in Atlanta

Calling all budding scientists, sports fans, and curious minds! Atlanta is a treasure trove of kid-friendly activities that turn learning into a thrilling adventure.

From interactive experiences that spark creativity to hands-on exhibits that make science come alive, these museums are a haven for young explorers. Get ready for a family day of discovery that will leave your kiddos wide-eyed with wonder and eager to learn more.

6. Children's Museum of Atlanta

Step into a world where imagination knows no bounds at the Children's Museum of Atlanta — an absolute haven for the young and young at heart. This interactive wonderland invites kids to explore, play, and learn through a myriad of exhibits that cater to their ever-curious minds.

From a pint-sized grocery store where little ones can play shopkeeper to a rocket launcher that allows them to design their own space mission, every corner of this museum is designed to ignite creativity and joy.

The museum is open for two daily play sessions, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Pricing varies depending on the day of the week and other seasonal events, so be sure to check before you visit. The museum is usually closed on Wednesdays, so don't plan to visit then, or you'll be disappointed.

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7. Fernbank Science Center

Prepare for a cosmic adventure at the Fernbank Science Center, where young minds are encouraged to reach for the stars. Even our acrobats don't reach as high into the heavens as some of the exhibits on offer here.

The Jim Cherry Memorial Planetarium, for example, invites kids on a journey through the cosmos with mesmerizing shows that bring distant planets and twinkling stars right into view.

But the Fernbank Science Center isn't just about the vastness of space; it's an earthly playground, too! The outdoor exhibit area features exploration stations where kids can unlock the mysteries of geology, physics, and more.

From fossil digs to interactive weather displays, every corner is an invitation to touch, play, and learn. Gear up for a day of discoveries that will leave your small scientists eager for more.

8. College Football Hall of Fame

If your kids are football-crazy, they'll love the College Football Hall of Fame. Aspiring quarterbacks can test their skills in the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl Skill Zone or immerse themselves in the game-day atmosphere of the Game Day Theater.

Discounts are available for seniors and students, and active and retired military members with a valid ID get free admission.

The museum not only celebrates legends, but it also lets your family become a part of the football legacy. Put on your team colors and get ready for a day of fun, learning, and a touchdown dance or two at the College Football Hall of Fame.

9. The Delta Flight Museum

The Delta Flight Museum in Atlanta offers a soaring journey through the history of aviation. Housed in a renovated 1940s aircraft hangar, the museum pays tribute to Delta Air Lines' rich heritage, providing an up-close look at iconic aircraft, flight memorabilia, and interactive exhibits that will have your little ones dreaming of the skies.

One of the highlights for families is the Boeing 737 flight simulator. In this contraption, budding pilots can take the captain's seat and experience the thrill of flying a commercial jet.

You need to book this experience in advance, so check online before you arrive at the museum. Kids can also walk on the wing of the first Boeing 747-400. If your family is fascinated by the wonders of flight, visit the Delta Flight Museum to take their imaginations to new heights.

Good for the Whole Family

Family time is the best time, and what better way to bond than engaging in family-fun activities in Atlanta that bring smiles to every face? Whether you're seeking adventure, relaxation, or a perfect blend of both, there are plenty of fun things to do in Atlanta with kids that appeal to the whole family. Round up your relatives, pack some snacks, and let the all-ages fun begin.

10. Georgia Aquarium

Dive into an undersea world of wonder at the Georgia Aquarium, where oceanic marvels like manta rays come to life in an immersive aquatic haven. The Ocean Voyager exhibit, featuring a colossal acrylic tunnel, offers a jaw-dropping view of whale sharks gliding majestically overhead.

What sets the Georgia Aquarium apart is its commitment to education and conservation. The Education Team offers a monthly program for K-12 homeschool students to help them learn at their own pace. You can also book up-close encounters with dolphins, penguins, and other sea creatures.

If your kids have been inspired by the aquatic masterpiece that is our show "O", the Georgia Aquarium is the ideal place to develop their interest. Kids aged 2 and under are admitted free of charge, and family memberships might offer great value if you plan to visit more than once.

Photographer: Ian Schneider

11. Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta is home to an expansive African Savanna, where animal encounters await. Here, you can spot towering giraffes, graceful zebras, and Msholo the elephant, who moved here in July 2019 after leaving the San Diego Zoo. He's feeling quite at home, thanks to his big-eared friends, Kelly and Tara, who've been showing him around.

Once you've taken a look at the elephants, head over to the Scaly Slimy Spectacular exhibit, which features more than 70 weird and wonderful species of reptiles and amphibians. It's the perfect place for kids who love to get up close with all kinds of creatures — four-legged, many-legged, and those with no legs at all!

Ticket prices vary according to entry date, so be sure to check online. Advanced bookings receive a discount, so don't delay.

12. World of Coca-Cola

Prepare for a fizzy adventure at World of Coca-Cola, where the iconic beverage takes center stage. This museum is a celebration of the world's most famous soda, offering a journey through its history, culture, and of course, its secret formula. From the moment you step into the lobby, the sweet scent of nostalgia surrounds you.

The Taste It! exhibit offers a global sampling of Coca-Cola beverages, allowing you to savor unique flavors from around the world. Before you leave, don't forget to grab a photo with the Coca-Cola polar bear, who has been starring in the brand's ads for more than 100 years.

Military and veterans get free entry into World of Coca-Cola, and employees of Coca-Cola receive discounts on admission. Everyone else can save on the entry fee with Atlanta CityPASS.

13. Atlanta Botanical Garden

One of the most peaceful things to do in Atlanta with kids is to visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden. One of the highlights of this lush city oasis is the Canopy Walk, an elevated walkway that takes you through the treetops for a bird's-eye view.

Meanwhile, the Alice H. Richards Children's Garden offers an enchanting journey through a storybook setting, complete with a turtle pool and a misting garden.

From the serene Japanese Garden to the sweet-smelling Rose Garden, each area of the Atlanta Botanical Garden tells a unique tale. The garden is an outdoor attraction, so you probably want to visit on a day with good weather. If you purchase FLEX tickets, you can change the day of your visit if the rain pours down or your plans change.

14. Stone Mountain Park

Get ready for an adventure of monumental proportions at Stone Mountain Park, a natural wonder just outside Atlanta that promises a day filled with outdoor activities and family-friendly fun.

At the heart of the park is the Stone Mountain Walk-Up Trail, which will take your family to the top of the park for fantastic views of the Atlanta skyline. If miniature legs aren't up to hiking, there's also a high-speed cable car to take you to the top.

While there's a fee for parking at Stone Mountain Park, many activities are free. If you're looking for free things to do in Atlanta with kids, be sure to check out Grist Mill and the Quarry Exhibit.

Atlanta Is Fun for the Whole Family

From the wild wonders of Zoo Atlanta to the enchanting landscapes of the Atlanta Botanical Garden, we're sure you'll leave this city with a whole album full of treasured family memories.

Whether you're considering the vastness of space at Fernbank Science Center or exploring the depths of the Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta can be a place that makes young imaginations soar.

Of course, taking in one of our shows in Atlanta can add an extra touch of wonder and inspiration to your family adventure. You’ll be mesmerized by the high-flying acrobatics and our spectacular performers as you immerse yourself in another world where anything is possible. Get lost in the storylines as you embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

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