Things to do in Sydney

Tours to See and Experience Sydney

Embark on a journey through the enchanting city of Sydney, where every corner promises a new discovery.

Stepping out into Sydney unveils a world of unexpected surprises waiting to be explored. This vibrant city pulsates with vitality, its streets adorned with artistic marvels and its alleys steeped in history. With so many things to do in Sydney, who could make time for it all?

The key to experiencing the fullness of Sydney lies in their seasoned tour guides. These tours offer captivating insights and compact adventures that can be savored in a single afternoon. Whatever your interest may be, Sydney has a tour tailored for it. Food, flowers, true crime, and whales; nothing’s off limits here. Take your pick of the Sydney tours below and dive deep into the city’s offerings.

Landmark and Sightseeing Tours

These spectacular views and colossal structures are the highlight of any trip.

1. Sydney Opera House Guided Walking Tour

Cresting over the harbor in grand white waves, Sydney’s greatest attraction lives up to the hype. The Sydney Opera House is widely regarded as a masterpiece, and for good reason. Its delicate form is full of character that beckons to locals and visitors alike.

A trip to the opera is a spectacular adventure, but a Sydney Opera House Tour takes you one step further. You’ll go behind the scenes of Australia’s finest theatrical shows and the architecture that supports them. In this creative domain, even the air sparks with inspiration.

Photographer: pattyjansen

2. The Rocks Walking Tour

Every capital city needs a rich history to back it up. Evidence of Sydney’s is best found at The Rocks. This historic neighborhood is teeming with local legends waiting to be told. To hear them all, you’ll want a spot on The Rocks Walking Tour.

At the whims of your expert guide, you’ll go deep into the chronicles of Sydney’s city center. Down cobbled streets and shady hidden passageways, the spirit of this city that persevered despite the odds comes to life before your eyes.

Want to explore more of the city on foot? Sydney walks are aplenty.

3. BridgeClimb Sydney

High up in the air, wind whipping past — this is an adventure after our own heart. Sydney’s harbors look different from the top down but no less stunning. The BridgeClimb Sydney isn’t for the timid, but all who conquer it know the view makes it all worthwhile.

Action and beauty collide on this skyward trek. Three full hours of industrial mountaineering will have you cresting the summit twice. The steel arches under your feet are pieces of an iconic Sydney landmark, and the 360-degree view from the top is simply breathtaking.

Devoted and reluctant climbers agree: There’s no better way to take in the city.

4. Sydney Tower Eye Skywalk

In a city full of historic architecture, the Sydney Tower’s claim to fame is its height. Sydney’s tallest building is blessed with a bird' s-eye view of the streets below—and that’s just from the inside. For an experience to remember, you’ll need to step out onto the edge.

The Sydney Tower Eye Skywalk isn’t for the faint of heart. This hour-long Sydney tour brings you right up to the clouds for an unreal adventure worthy of any bucket list.

Have we mentioned that the platform is made of glass? Gazing down, you'll be able to view all 268 meters between you and the ground. This is a feat right up our alley. Give it a try, and put yourself in our acrobat’s shoes.

Photographer: mac_choo

5. Big Bus Sydney Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

Walking tours are great, but sometimes you just want to go along for the ride. For the cruisers, Sydney is best seen from the top of a big bus. A Big Bus Hop-On Hop-Off Tour gives you direct access to Sydney’s larger-than-life sights.

Sydney newbies fawn over this thorough introduction to the city. Keep your camera ready for unimpeded photo ops of iconic landmarks from the upper deck. If a spot strikes your fancy, make use of the hop-off feature to investigate at your own pace. When you’re ready to ride again, just catch the next bus.

Cultural and Historical Tours

Sydney’s got a story to tell, and you’ll find it on these tours.

6. Aboriginal Harbour Heritage Tour at the Royal Botanic Garden

It’s easy to while away the hours at the Royal Botanic Garden. Here, a rainbow of natural beauty sways in the warm breeze. But you can go a little deeper with an Aboriginal Harbour Heritage Tour.

Led by a First Nations guide, this tour offers a close look at the Gadigal traditions that bolster community life. Through history and storytelling, you’ll get to know Sydney in a new light. And like all our favorite stories, these come with incredible views of the Sydney Harbour foreshore.

Photographer: 79997

7. Convicts and the Rocks: Sydney’s Walking History Tour

While it might seem like paradise in Sydney, city life isn’t as far removed from intrigue as it might seem. The storied history of the region is packed with convicts, rebellions, and obstacles. Beneath today’s prosperous streets lies a unique history worth uncovering.

To travel through time, book your spot on a Journey Walks Tour of the Rocks. A walk through this route reveals the truth of the colonial experiment-turned-metropolis that eventually became Sydney.

Relics remain scattered across this busy neighborhood, ripe for viewing. Secret cobblestone alleyways and sandstone ruins are just the tip of the iceberg. Take the tour, and see for yourself.

8. Sydney Jewish Museum Guided Tour

The stately walls of the Sydney Jewish Museum house centuries of rich heritage. Since 1992, the space has worked to preserve memories and honor the history of Australia’s Jewish community. With powerful exhibits and extensive research, this is a museum that looks to the future while commemorating the past.

A Sydney Jewish Museum group tour offers a closer look at the history packed into this space. The extensive collection of Jewish memorabilia traces the course of Judaism through history. Led by a trusted guide, you’ll find yourself immersed in the shocking reality of this awe-inspiring display.

9. Chinese Garden of Friendship Guided Tour

Just off Darling Harbour is a tranquil oasis amidst Sydney’s bustle. The Chinese Garden of Friendship symbolizes the relationship between Sydney and Guangzhou and is a delightful source of cultural immersion.

Tour the Chinese Garden of Friendship for a closer look at this peaceful retreat. Here, winding paths are dotted with lush flora and water features. Intricate pavilions offer shady respite from the hot sun, and stone sculptures carry storied history inside them. Before you go, enjoy tea and dumplings at the adjoining tea house.

Food, Wine, and Nightlife Tours

Seaside fare and full-bodied drinks are tasty enough to earn tours of their own.

10. Sydney Food Tour: Taste of Chinatown

Sydney’s Chinatown is a whirlwind of a neighborhood overflowing with life and color. Beyond the karaoke rooms and sprawling markets, it's the food that keeps this community going.

A Taste of Chinatown food tour is an outsider’s way inside this mouthwatering world. Your foodie guide will serve up cuisine from China, Korea, Malaysia, and more as you wind through the busy streets.

As you sip your tea, you might be fooled into thinking you’ve left Sydney. As you dine, take a moment to chat with the restaurant owners. Here, delicious and informative are indistinguishable qualities.

11. Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruise

At sunset, Sydney’s waters reflect the whirling swaths of pink and orange in the sky. Set sail at this hour to watch a painting materialize right before your eyes. What could be more romantic?

The Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruise is perfect for couples and solo affairs alike. Fabulously fresh fare graces each plate, accompanied by decadent drinks.

But the true star is the sky above. Every night, it performs a show on par with our own, draped in warm hues and twilit blues. Spare a moment to take it all in before you dock back onto dry land.

Photographer: Dan Freeman

12. The Rocks Pub Tour

History isn’t the only thing served up in this fabled neighborhood. To the locals’ delight, The Rocks is a hub for cold drinks on a hot day. But with so many spots to try, you’ll be hard-pressed to fit them all into a single visit.

Enter The Rocks Pub Tour. This journey will take you to Sydney’s oldest pubs for a sip of their wares. In between, you’ll get an in-depth look at the area’s wacky history.

Notable topics include ghosts, larrikin gangs, and the bubonic plague. More than just a trip to the watering hole, you might learn something in all this revelry.

13. Hunter Valley Wine and Food Tour From Sydney

Wine lovers worldwide have heard the legends of Hunter Valley. This is Australia’s wine country, and it lives up to the hype. With countless cellars and restaurants to explore, you’ll need some help from a Gourmet Getaway Tour, such as the Hunter Valley Wine and Food Tour.

This chef-led experience serves up locally-made wines and a scrumptious regional menu. Each perfectly matched element offers a behind-the-scenes look at the meal’s origins. When you’re not chowing down, the rolling hills and scenic vineyards are just waiting to be discovered.

14. Dave's Sydney Brewery Tour

Sydney’s craft drink scene is booming. How could it not, with the warm air and seaside cuisine begging for ice-cold company? The city’s craft brewers have been hard at work mixing the perfect elixir for a balmy, sun-soaked day.

It's not easy to sample the best of these concoctions. Luckily, Dave's Sydney Brewery Tour has you covered. Choose from beer, wine, gin, and whiskey for a firsthand look at their creations. You’ll meet the brewers and distillers themselves for an intimate brewery experience that will wow any enthusiast. Just make sure you arrive thirsty.

Outdoor Adventures

The sun and surf await you on these outdoorsy excursions.

15. Blue Mountains Day Trip

Less than two hours from Sydney’s bustle lies a spectacular natural landmark. Towering above the earth, the Blue Mountains radiate drama and mystery to those on the ground. For an excursion marked by jaw-dropping views, a Blue Mountain day trip is the unchallenged winner.

Here, it’s easy to think you’ve entered another world. Forests unfurl beneath a hazy blue sky, and waterfalls cascade beside sandstone landmarks. The mountainside villages are straight from a storybook and ripe for exploration. Take in the local art, grab a fresh-baked pastry, and enjoy it all in the crisp, clean air.

If the local art left you wanting more, check out some iconic art galleries in Sydney.

Photographer: moremilu

16. Sydney Harbour Kayak Tour

A pink palette of sunlight dusting over the city, a hot cup of coffee in hand, and a distant shore beckoning you closer — you might mistake it for a dream. But Sydney by Kayak specializes in the ethereal. Grab a paddle, and experience the morning like never before.

Of course, even late risers can get in on the action. Later tours lead you underneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge for an iconic glimpse of the Sydney Opera House onshore. This relaxing glide through the harbor doubles as an eco-conscious way to explore the world beyond the beach.

17. Royal National Park Tour

One of Australia’s largest cities needs a big backyard to match. And as far as outdoor spaces go, 150 square kilometers of unchecked wilderness is hard to beat.

Beaches, rock pools, and ancient Aboriginal sites all exist at the Royal National Park. This wild spot is stuffed with activities, such as hiking, camping, cycling, and surfing. You name it; you can do it here.

For a comprehensive exploration, opt for a tailored tour of Royal National Park. Customized to suit your preferences, these treks boast sweeping views and total outdoor immersion. Take in the wildlife, and sink your toes into the sand. Believe it or not, Sydney is just down the road.

18. Whale Watching Tour

There’s only so much marine life you can see from the shore of Bondi Beach. Skip the sand, and head to the sea for a peek at the planet’s biggest mammals. The city’s portside position puts it right in the path of these magnificent creatures. If you’re lucky, you might even spot one mid-breach.

Over 2 decades in the game means Whale Watching Sydney is fully stocked with expertise. As you search for a pod, peek back at Sydney's skyline. This is one tour where you’ll need your camera ready.

Discover the Best of Sydney Through Its Tours

A few guided trips around town, and you’ll know Sydney like the back of your hand. But once you’ve seen the landmarks, sipped the wine, and watched the whales, it’s time for something new. Something supernatural. And that’s where we come in.

Step into our web of wonders, and let us dazzle you. With every practiced jump and flip, our acrobatic troupe spins a tale. Expect a barrage of thrills and twists as you scramble to hold on to the edge of your seat.

This is a tour through the fantastical, led by masters of movement. With us as your trusted guides, you’ll plunge into a world where the unreal comes to life and reality is a distant memory.

See the unforgettable in the heart of this spellbinding city. Grab your tickets, and take your seats for one of our shows in sydney.

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