Anything can happen before a show!

Step into the bustling backstage life of Cirque du Soleil’s cast and crew.

The heart-pounding adrenaline rush felt by Cirque du Soleil artists and crew members in the days, hours, and minutes prior to the show opening. Catch the behind-the-scenes action from various POVs as each character in these stories work tirelessly to deliver a spectacular performance to our audiences. 

See first-hand how planning, preparation, trust, and teamwork are essential for achieving excellence in an ever-changing environment.

Episode 1: Corteo

In episode 1, we're following Catherine, Vini, and Zach's ever-changing pre-show routines on a premiere night for Corteo! Emotions, challenges, rehearsals… Find out what happens behind the curtain at a Cirque du Soleil show!

Catherine Duval, Head of Wardrobe
Vinicius Vasconcelos da Silveira, Artist
Zachary Fraser, Assistant Head of Rigging


Episode 2: KOOZA

In the second episode of SHOWTIME, we're meeting with James, Daniel, and Mitch to learn more about their unique pre-show routines. Join them at the heart of the action, on a show night under KOOZA’s Big Top!

James Dunlap, Assistant Head of Lighting
Daniel Medina, Head Usher
Mitch Winter, Artist


Episode 3: OVO

In the third episode of SHOWTIME, Svetlana, Jamie, and Janie are getting ready for a premiere night for OVO. Find out what their pre-show routine is like, on an unpredictable and bustling day.

Svetlana Delous, Artist and Coach
Jamie O’Dell, Assistant Head of Acrobatic Rigging
Janie Mallet, Senior Publicist


Episode 4: ECHO

The fourth episode of SHOWTIME focuses on Yanka, Kevin, and Sarah's busy pre-show routines on ECHO! Find out how they bring their spark to make each show the best ever for their guests.

Yanka Lebedeva, Artist
Kevin Albert, Guest Experience Supervisor
Sarah Morales, Assistant Technical Director


Episode 5: CRYSTAL

Ever wondered how the team on CRYSTAL get ready to perform? In this final episode, we're following Jojo, Rory, and Crystal before SHOWTIME!

Rory Boyd, Head of Automation
Crystal Manich, Artistic Director
Richie “Jojo” Johanny Velasquez, Artist

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