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Santa Monica Halloween Events

Discover things to do in Santa Monica on Halloween in this ghostly guide.

From Samhain soirées and supernatural street shindigs to haunted tours and family-friendly festivals, Santa Monica offers something for everyone on All Saints’ Eve. These seasonal celebrations unite the community while welcoming visitors, delighting in disguises that chill, thrill, and get a giggle or two.

When looking for things to do in Santa Monica on Halloween, embrace the enchantment at the city's annual events. Leave your resting witch face at home — we’re creepin’ it real with a cauldron full of celebratory possibilities in this ever-charming city by the sea.

It's up to you whether you keep things light or dive into darkness on this spooky night. Join us on a tour of our favorite Halloween haunts — if you dare!

Halloween Parties and Events

Although the nightlife on the coastal end of Santa Monica Boulevard may be more laid-back than what you'd find closer to West Hollywood Park, we love the excitement it brings to the spookiest night of the year.

Beachside bars with outdoor patios bring a relaxing feel to the space, contrasted with the ghastly glow of the dimly lit pier. Put on your costume and head to these bars and clubs to make the most of Halloween in Santa Monica.

1. Halloween at The Bungalow Santa Monica

It’s not witchful thinking to say that spending Halloween weekend at The Bungalow — situated along the beach on Wilshire Boulevard — ensures a brew-tiful time. This venue encourages costumes for an exciting evening while you get your graveyard groove on to special DJ sets.

Previous celebrations included a week-long lead-up to the big day with special events, such as Drag Bingo and a Day of the Dead party. Go for the boos, stay for the booze. The Bungalow provides bottle packages with certain premium brands.

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2. Halloween Party at The Craftsman Bar

Have a howling good time at the Halloween Bash at The Craftsman Bar on Broadway. Historically, celebrations at this Dogtown bar see patrons throwing back cold ones and dining on tasty burgers and wings, all while dressed up in their most thrilling costumes.

Scary movies with friends always hit the spot, just like the cocktails, beer, and wine available at this 21+ beachside venue. DJs keep you groovin’ with your ghouls deep into the witching hours.

3. Halloween at Harvelle's

Leave the pumpkin spice behind, and have a hauntingly good time at Harvelle’s bar on Halloween. Established in 1931, this old-school nightspot typically has live music and costume contests leading up to Halloween and a party on the holiday itself — no tricks, only treats!

This dark, steamy nightspot casts a spell on you with its sultry atmosphere and decadent drinks. You can bring your own food or order from the menu, which includes fast foods such as tacos, burritos, and mac and cheese.

This small but popular venue fills up quickly on special occasions, so we suggest making a reservation to spend a Santa Monica Halloween at Harvelle’s.

4. Halloween at The Room Santa Monica

Eat, drink, and be scary when you spend Halloween at The Room Santa Monica. With celebrations that include creative costumes and horror movie trivia, this venue typically entertains its ghoulish guests with DJs spinning fang-tastic tunes.

Book early, though. This nightmarish nightspot gets lots of traffic on Halloween night due to its central location downtown and inclusion in holiday bar crawls on Santa Monica Boulevard.

Family-Friendly Halloween Events

West Coast wonders await when you grab small hands in yours and lead kids on a whimsical adventure through the city. Salty breezes carry ghostly tales and whistle to haunted melodies at these family-friendly events.

Crowded parks become sinister settings with supernatural undertones that delight and frighten little ones. Colorful (and sometimes silly) costumes help them shake off the heebie-jeebies and enjoy the spooky scene.

These are our favorite haunts around the city for family-friendly events that welcome little ones with open arms.

5. Halloween Spooktacular at Pacific Park

Make Fright Night count with a trip to see the Halloween Lights at Pacific Park, and bring the little ones along with you! The park celebrates seasonal festivities with events leading up to this spooktacular holiday and Día de los Muertos.

Take in the famed Pacific Wheel when the park lights up with spooky symbols and creepy colors for an ominous ambiance. Park staff dedicate hours to curating these holiday light shows, featuring over 1.6 million colors lit via energy-efficient LEDs.

Buy tickets in advance to secure your place in the park. Revelers enjoy the cool ocean breeze on the Santa Monica pier, so it fills up fast.

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6. Trick-or-Treating in Downtown Santa Monica

If one thing tops the 4th of July parade in Santa Monica, it's the spell cast on locals and visitors when Halloween rolls around. Be sure to bring your kids downtown for the annual trick-or-treating event.

Participating businesses pass out treats in the early evening. While your little ones nosh their favorite candies, browse the shops' upscale offerings and secure deals for yourself.

Participating businesses typically hand out maps for this kid-friendly version of a pub crawl. Grab one, and use it to plan your route to your favorite shops.

7. Halloween at Santa Monica Public Library

The Santa Monica Library celebrates many special occasions, including Halloween. Typically reserved for costumed kids aged 0-17, seasonal celebrations kick off in the day, leaving evenings open for trick-or-treating.

Pick out some Halloween books from the expansive shelves, and send your wee ones to sleep with spooky tales that induce vivid dreams. Keep an eye on the library's Kids and Teens Events Calendar so you don't miss this year's spooky celebrations.

8. Nights of the Jack

Venture into the Santa Monica Mountains to visit King Gillette Ranch’s annual Nights of the Jack event. Designed for a kid-friendly experience, this autumn festival features a specter-rich light show that illuminates the dreary night sky.

Trek along the mile-long walking trail, awash with vibrant Halloween lights and an expansive array of Jack O'Lanterns. Team up with your kids to carve personalized pumpkins or get their faces painted in colors and styles that celebrate the spooky nature of the season.

While they walk the trails with friends and browse souvenir shops for trinkets and candy, you can slip away to The Spookeasy to try new ciders, wines, and craft beers. On-site food trucks give you ample opportunities to try out the best of Santa Monica's foodie fare.

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9. Virginia Avenue Park Pumpkin Season

Celebrate the pumpkin season at Virginia Avenue Park. More than just a Halloween gathering, this fall festival draws the community together with attractions, such as pumpkin carving and costume swaps.

We also love how it promotes local artisans making crafty creations with its glass pumpkin sale. Activities for kids, such as a petting zoo, bike rodeo, and magician show, make this event exciting and enjoyable for all who attend.

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Haunted Attractions and Tours

Immerse yourself in an otherworldly experience. Check out the many haunted attractions and Santa Monica tours on Halloween. The air crackles with anticipation, and the unknown lurks around every corner during these events.

Are you brave enough to explore the dreadful depths of these forbidden places? Beware and enter these spots at your own risk! You’re moving beyond the ordinary realm by venturing into these woeful abodes and shambling down shadowy streets.

10. Santa Monica Ghost Tour

Explore the most haunted places in the city—and the West Coast—by taking the Santa Monica Ghost Tour. Situated at the end of America’s infamous Route 66 in a liminal space by the ocean, this tour will terrify you with tales of star-crossed lovers and spine-chilling serial killers.

Set among familiar locations, this spine-chilling stroll helps you get to know the city. It includes visits to Pacific Park’s Pacific Wheel, The Georgian Hotel, and the Santa Monica Statue.

The mile-long walking tour meets at the Santa Monica Pier Arch at 8 p.m. year-round. Stretch your legs during the hour-long walk while listening to tales of the area's 145 years of haunted history.

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11. Santa Monica's Halloween Bar Crawl

Immerse yourself in Halloween hijinks by joining Crawl With Us on Halloween. This rambling, shambling shindig takes you through the downtown area and lets you sample offerings from numerous bars and restaurants.

This annual event happens the weekend before Halloween, so you get into the Halloween headspace ahead of time. DJs and live music get you dancing when you’re ready to stop shuffling and start boogying.

12. Santa Monica’s 16th Street

Some things ought to be seen in person, and the haunted houses along 16th Street are among them. Documentary producer Ken Carlson and his wife started the tradition more than 18 years ago, and now Halloween decorations spill to every corner of their property.

The couple feels responsible for setting a "go big or go home" tone for their neighborhood in October. Their dastardly displays draw ghastly gawkers from all over the Los Angeles area and beyond.

A holiday walk for families sponsored by local businesses lets parents and kids stroll along the expanse to check out the sinister scenery from 3-5 p.m. every year. This early introduction kicks off larger celebrations within the neighborhood, which sees tourist traffic of up to 15,000 people each Halloween.

Additional Halloween Events

There are more places to celebrate Halloween in Santa Monica than you could possibly attend, but who are we to stop you from trying? Check out these special events when looking for something a little different as All Hallows' Eve approaches.

13. Halloween at Ye Olde King's Head

You don't want to miss the Halloween party at Ye Olde King’s Head. This venue pulls quadruple duty as a pub, restaurant, gift shop, and bakery and touts itself as having the best decorations in Santa Monica. Stop by to decide if you agree — and to see how your costume fares against everyone else’s. We understand the need for creative flair. After all, our acrobats are known to don a mix of textures, bursts of colors, and any range of styles.

A DJ and drink specials liven up the monster mash dance party, which lasts late into the night. If you need some extra energy for the celebration, the restaurant dishes up Brit-centric pub grub, such as sausage rolls and fishcakes, to ease your hunger pangs.

Embrace the Spooky Spirit in Beautiful Santa Monica

Lengthening shadows and fading fragrances of pumpkin spice drifting on ocean breezes make Halloween in Santa Monica extra special — and super spooky, depending on who you ask and where you go. As for us, we love the variety and invite you to keep the evening's enchantment going.

Escape the ordinary by seeing one of our shows in Santa Monica. Suspend your disbelief and immerse yourself in a space between worlds as our groundbreaking performers take you on a breathtaking journey with their otherworldly performance. We're in town, and you don't want to miss us!

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