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Snack and sip by the sea at these sky-high rooftop restaurants — Miami’s got taste.

Sand, surf, and sun — you name it, Miami's got it. Life is sweet when it's drenched in southern sunlight, and this city by the sea is splendidly saccharine. Of all the things to do in Miami, the most memorable come dressed and garnished with a cocktail on the side.

Naturally, everything here is better in the open air, where ocean breezes sprinkle salt through your hair. And, of course, the spectacular views don't hurt.

Before you attend one of our shows in Miami, feast your eyes on the sky and go on a tasting tour of the city. These are the best rooftop restaurants in Miami.

Classic Miami Views

Tear your gaze away from the food to take in the stunning vistas offered by these establishments.

Photographer: Taha Samet Arslan

1. Sugar

A secret garden in the sky is where you'll kick off your culinary journey. Tucked 40 floors up, Miami's Sugar boasts tree-lined views of the Atlantic from its open-air bar. Fragrant florals accompany your every sip here, where the city lights sparkle below as the moon rises above.

If you pull your gaze from the view long enough, you'll see that the food rivals it in grandeur. Fresh fish harmonizes with clean, Asian-inspired ingredients. Try tuna with truffled pistachio and crispy octopus on a mandarin bed. Specialty cocktails like pineapple tequila and orange cognac invoke oceanside flair as they swirl in your glass.

2. Area 31 at the Epic Hotel

Area 31 restaurant is a rooftop hotspot. Peer over the balcony for a glimpse of the Miami River as it intersects Biscayne Bay, creating a picture-perfect backdrop for the Miami skyscrapers that tower over the landscape.

But a panoramic view isn't the only visual spectacle at this rooftop restaurant in Miami. Vibrant plates come bursting with color and flavor, crowned with fruits from the sea. Fresh ceviche makes the most of Florida's tropical roots, while king crab and yuzu kosho look luxurious on any table. Oh, and have we mentioned that there’s homemade ice cream on the dessert menu?

3. Bellini in Coconut Grove

Classic charm cuts through the indoor-outdoor dining space at Bellini in Coconut Grove. During the day, baby blues and gold-brushed accents brighten the sun-kissed balcony, and at dusk, the chandeliers come alive, casting a warm glow over the cheery tables as you take in the far-off horizon.

Here, it's rustic Italian fare at its most decadent. Simply divine charcuterie and grilled vegetables open the meal, accompanied by signature cocktails. Rich ragù and lasagna add modern twists to traditional fare, while lamb chops and veal scaloppine are ideal when you're in the mood for something different.

The Pesce del Giorno is a spectacular dish some might consider a seafood lucky draw.

Romantic Rooftop Retreats

An elegant evening awaits at these aerial eateries.

4. Juvia

Floor-to-ceiling windows give way to an open-air balcony bar at Miami's Juvia, a restaurant-shaped love letter to food and nature that sits 10 stories up. Here, a vertical garden towers over the granite bar, creating a bountiful backdrop for the restaurant's crisp white decor.

After dark, the space ignites in purple and gold, setting guests aglow. Specialty cocktails set the mood with effortless blends of fruits and spices. Try the Shady Business, which pops with bourbon, fernet, and maple. King crab risotto and perfectly charred New York strip make for luxurious meals during a romantic evening.

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5. Watr at the 1 Rooftop

Wood floors, cozy couches, and ocean breezes create a bright, airy eating space for Watr at the 1 Rooftop guests — unimpeded sea views cast every meal in a glamorous glow. At night, balcony trees light up in twinkling robes.

Watr's cuisine leans hard into its Japanese influences for a light, fresh menu steeped in daring flavors. Try signature maki rolls stuffed with delectable snow crab, Wagyu, and brown butter aioli.

Favorites, such as crispy tempura and spicy chicken karaage, grace tables to a round of oohs and aahs. And, of course, no meal would be complete without a taste of the life-changing yuzu chocolate cake.

6. Level 6 Rooftop

Nights at the Level 6 rooftop mean starlit tables and cozy connections. As the sun sets, peek out over the trees at Biscayne Bay and the horizon beyond. At the other end of the restaurant's panoramic views, Miami's high-rise resorts stand at attention on faraway beaches.

Atmospheric enhancements are just one facet of the Level 6 experience. Dishes here are made to be shared and to enchant every guest with the wonders of urban Spanish cuisine. Try the Paella de Mariscos, the octopus, and the branzino — or, order it all and see how far into flavor you can go.

Trendy and Chic Spots

Sample Miami's hip side at these stylish spots steeped in flavor.

7. Cebada Rooftop Restaurant

Sunny yellow umbrellas wave in the wind atop this high-rise hideaway. Cebada Rooftop Restaurant packs a small space with fashionable charm, making its name through vibes and an unbelievably delicious menu.

Take your seat beneath the string lights, and soak in this secret getaway above the Miami crowds. Seafood shines in simple dishes that coax out bold flavors.

Try the roasted oysters covered in butter and parmesan, smoked chicken wings with marmalade, and the wood-smoked duck breast brisket. Frozen cocktails mixed with papaya, coconut, and whiskey fend off the humidity, and they happen to be delicious.


A sanctuary for culinary and architectural devotees, MILA Miami is a treat for your eyes — and your tastebuds, of course. MILA's natural inspiration shines through with its sloping, slotted wood ceiling fixture and the ornamental pond dotted with stepping stones.

Ferns decorate private outdoor tables perched beneath pergolas with soft linen curtains blowing slightly in the wind. But MILA's looks aren't without substance. Mediterranean and Japanese palates melt together for a unique menu recalling earthy aromas and the divine taste of total freshness.

From the mind of Chef Michaelidis, the proud owner of 26 Michelin stars, comes a creative exploration of two lush cuisines and their dulcet offspring. Dip into the à la carte menu or splurge on exclusivity with an authentic omakase experience beneath a hanging cherry blossom tree.

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9. Rosa Sky Rooftop Restaurant

Nestled in the heart of Miami's Brickell neighborhood is Rosa Sky, leading the city's charge of rooftop lounges. Here, you'll think pink. With nightfall comes a rosy glow floating off the outdoor bar, blending with the shimmering skyline.

Visit after dark for tapas dreamed up via global inspiration. Daring music lineups set the scene as purple cocktails steep in glasses. Or stop by for a brunch-time Sunday Soirée, where sugary French toast and bottomless champagne flow. With some of the best parks in Miami nearby, there's always somewhere to soak in the sun after your meal.

Casual Rooftop Hangouts

It's nothing but creative cocktails and tasty plates for the chill crowd at these casual canteens.

10. The Citadel

An industrial warehouse meets tropical nightclub meets local farmers market — The Citadel is best experienced firsthand. This community hub boasts huge halls stuffed with art galleries, artisanal shops, and — of course — some of the best restaurants in Miami.

A walk through its comfortable, bustling maze is a delightful exploration of the city's thriving neighborhood culture. What else could solidify The Citadel's status as a community favorite than undeniably good food?

Here, you've got options. Opt for a wood-fired pie at Ash Pizza, hearty bucatini at Borti Pasta Bar, or fresh waffle cones at Frice Cream. Not hungry? Grab a monstrously creative cocktail at Bar Kaiju and head up to the roof, where live music waits to accompany your every sip.

11. La Côte

Crossing over the threshold at La Côte is like entering a sleek island paradise. You'll find clean white linens and private cabanas in the outdoor seating space, which features a fabulous, Instagram-worthy ocean view.

As yachts cruise by, palm trees sway, and beachy breezes drift across the sand, it's easy to feel completely, unerringly satisfied. But this beachside bistro is prepared to push satisfaction's bounds.

Featuring ingredients that could have been gathered just steps away, La Côte bolsters good vibes with fantastic fare, such as whole lobsters, prime rib, and tuna tartare. Go ahead and indulge — who are we to judge?

12. Terras

Miami's Terras makes street food fabulous. We love the escapism Terras offers, with purposeful umbrellas and blooming gardens shielding visitors from Miami's bustle far below. Close your eyes and take a bite; you might feel as if you're atop a quaint terrace in another city altogether.

The food here is in a league of its own. Plantain chips and shrimp ceviche make for a delectable start to any meal, while tacos are the crown jewel of any Terras feast.

Clever twists revive age-old favorites, such as fried chicken Cubano or the guava-topped Frita burger. Don't skip the mango tres leches, no matter how full you think you are. There’s always room for dessert.

Exclusive Luxury Dining

Elevation is the name of the game here — physically and tastefully.

13. Editor Rooftop at Urbanica Fifth Hotel

There's nothing like a hot slice of pizza atop a tasteful rooftop patio. After Editor Rooftop, you'll never go back to ground-floor pies. Here, string lights illuminate happy pizza lovers under the Miami dusk. Lucky guests can nab the seats below the hanging garden, a darling touch of green in an otherwise modern space.

Here, simplicity and flawless execution rule. Pizzas are bountifully topped and perfectly proportioned. Fresh mushrooms, truffle honey, and prosciutto meld with light sauce and a healthy dose of cheese. What could be better?

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14. Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita

Where two names are better than one, a single cuisine isn't going to cut it. Fusion is baked into the veins of Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita.

Once a Miami fire station, this restaurant now draws crowds in fiery fervor for seats. Grab a seat outside to gaze at the streets below as you enjoy your meal, or look skyward at the towering architectural marvels surrounding the space.

International fusion is Lolita's specialty. Think lobster quesadillas, BBQ ribs, and black truffle linguine at the same table. More is actually more here, where each dish is a new world of flavor, and no culinary detail is too small to be perfected.

15. Astra

Named for a free-spirited Greek goddess, Miami's Astra is a sky-high beacon of light in the city's bustling Wynwood neighborhood. With its inventive menu and natural decor, Astra is a favorite among the city's most devoted foodies.

The kitchen's offerings make the most of Miami's proximity to incredible ingredients. Wild-caught salmon tartare comes garnished with mango and lime, while the ceviche of the day is reliably remarkable.

Frame your meal with a side of Greek favorites, such as spanakopita and freshly baked pita. Atop Astra's mural-draped facade lies an oasis of rustling palms, dainty lights, and outstanding fare. While your mind says Miami, your taste buds might scream heaven.

Blast Off on a Sky-High Culinary Journey in Miami

Roof-hopping above Miami's heated streets ignites culinary fervor. Here, a meal might include amazing visuals of clouds dished up with a side of stunning oceanside views. When your taste buds have had their fill, return to ground level for a sensory experience of a different sort brought to you by our expert hands.

Where color swirls across the stage and gravity-defying acrobats manage impossible feats, wonder isn't far behind. Sweeping musical scores spark an emotional response to thrilling tales, each brought to life by our dazzling performers and quirky yet lovable characters.

It's weird; it's wonderful; and it'll have you jumping out of your seat for more. An artistic spectacle and feat of human ability, these performances are anything but ordinary — and they're so good you'll come back for seconds.

The circus lights up when the sun goes down. Grab hold of your tickets to one of our shows in Miami today, and never look back.

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