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32 Chicago Rooftop Bars to Raise a Glass on

Dine above the streets with this guide to the best rooftop bars in Chicago.

An upward glance from the streets of Chicago, especially those near Lake Michigan, reveals an entire world high above your head. But one push of an elevator button transforms the scene above into a Chicago rooftop bar oasis, complete with stunning views and a rooftop terrace. Amongst all the things to do in Chicago, discovering a rooftop bar with a breathtaking view should definitely be at the top of the list. Here are 32 notable spots to kick off your skyscraping, culinary journey.

1. Cerise 

    Address: 203 N Wabash Avenue, 26th floor, Chicago, IL 60601 
  • Neighborhood: Downtown
  • Price: $$ 
  • Must-Try: Mango in the Night 

Cerise is the cherry on top of the Virgin Hotel and one of the hippest rooftop bars in downtown Chicago. Planted on the 26th floor, this bar boasts a prime location for both afternoon and after-dark sips. Enjoy specialty cocktails, such as Mango in the Night, while taking in the sweeping views of the bustling downtown. 

Photographer: Page Light Studios

2. ROOF on theWit

  • Address: 201 N State Street, 27th Floor, Chicago, IL 60601 
  • Neighborhood: Downtown
  • Price: $$$ 
  • Must-Try: Lavender Haze 

The glass walls and retractable roof of ROOF on theWIT pulse with the beats that resonate in this lively bar after sunset. High up on the 27th floor of theWIT hotel, ROOF serves up fruity drinks and frozen cocktails on a dance floor. Order up and step out onto the outdoor terrace for starlit views of the bustling city.  

3. Raised Bar

  • Address: 1 W Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60601 
  • Neighborhood: Downtown
  • Price: $$ 
  • Must-Try: Dirty Chai Town 

Raised Bar boasts a cozy, wooden rooftop terrace with big views and bold drinks. Sip handcrafted beverages from their inventive cocktail menu, with exotic flavors of honey and ginger notes, while overlooking the Chicago River. Stay for a while and cuddle up on plush couches around a crackling firepit in the heart of the city. 

Photographer: Page Light Studios

4. Cindy's Rooftop

  • Address: 12 S Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60603 
  • Neighborhood: Downtown
  • Price: $$$ 
  • Must-Try: Very Necessary 

This Michelin-starred spot on Michigan Ave provides an unobstructed view of Millennium Park's beauty but also ranks among Chicago’s favorite rooftop bars. Cindy's Rooftop is more than a bar. It serves seasonal inspired dishes in a glass-encased high-rise dining room. Sip cocktails on the balcony, such as Raspberry Beret, overlooking Chicago’s historic landmarks.

5. Celeste

  • Address: 111 W Hubbard Street, Chicago, IL 60654 
  • Neighborhood: Downtown
  • Price: $$$ 
  • Must-Try: Shotgun Wedding 

Celeste provides a unique experience that combines modern and old-fashioned American drinking. It offers a vintage look and serves upscale cuisine. Step out onto a lush terrace and enjoy specialty drinks, such as the gingerbread-spiced Fall in Barbados and Mr. Untouchable, a splendid fig-chocolate-coffee concoction.

6. London House

  • Address: 85 E Wacker Drive, 21st Floor, Chicago, IL 60601 
  • Neighborhood: Downtown
  • Price: $$$ 
  • Must-Try: Don Appetit 

The London House rooftop bar in Chicago is a three-story drinking experience surrounded by unparalleled views of gleaming Chicago streets. Classic American cuisine with an innovative twist is on the menu, accompanied by a long list of beer, wines, and cocktails, such as the house Old Fashioned and a Sangria that shifts flavors with the seasons. 

7. The Up Room

  • Address: 2018 W North Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647 
  • Neighborhood: Downtown
  • Price: $$$
  • Must-Try: Oaxacan on Broken Glass 

The Up Room melds with the timeless art deco design elements scattered across the city's architectural scene. Situated atop a historic luxury hotel, this bar offers the highest viewpoint for miles, giving visitors 360-degree views of the Chicago skyline. Enjoy drinks like the elderflower Canal Cooler and the vodka-spiked Peach Emoji alongside small plates.

8. The Rooftop at Nobu Hotel

  • Address: 155 N Peoria Street, 11th Floor, Chicago, IL 60607  
  • Neighborhood: Downtown
  • Price: $$$$ 
  • Must-Try: Oni Negroni 

The Rooftop at Nobu Hotel lives up to the worldwide fanfare of its parent restaurant. This place offers stylish outdoor seating on a rooftop terrace surrounded by lush greenery, creating a little slice of paradise with views of the panoramic skyline. Cocktails have bold flavors, such as cold-brewed espresso and serrano peppers. Sample Nobu's famous sushi while you're at it. This rooftop bar makes an ideal setting for romantic date ideas in Chicago.

9. Upstairs at The Gwen

  • Address: 521 N Rush Street, 5th Floor, Chicago, IL 60611 
  • Neighborhood: Downtown
  • Price: $$$ 
  • Must-Try: Harvest Moon Highball 

This lavish rooftop terrace in Chicago's skyscraper district draws from art deco design and city lights after dark. It offers mixology masterpieces like the dreamy pink Flamingo in the Forest and the inventive Creole Maple Old Fashioned. The atmosphere at Upstairs at the Gwen makes it a go-to happy hour spot that beckons you back once the sun sets.

10. Z Bar

  • Address: 108 E Superior Street, Chicago, IL 60611 
  • Neighborhood: Downtown
  • Price: $$ 
  • Must-Try: Bangkok Jam 

Fewer culinary muses are as inspiring as the Windy City's diverse cultural landscape. This is the stance taken at Z Bar, one of the best rooftop bars Chicago has to offer, whose menu is entirely reduced by the vibrant city surrounding it. Classic cocktails are mixed with precision and house specialties curated with flair at this posh outdoor lounge. 

11. I|O Godfrey 

  • Address: 127 W Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60654 
  • Neighborhood: River North
  • Price: $$$ 
  • Must-Try: Banana Daiquiri 

Nothing stops I|O Godfrey from hosting a fabulous rooftop drinking experience. On warm days, guests can sip fruit-infused cocktails at communal tables with a skyline backdrop. In colder months, the terrace becomes a winter wonderland with cozy igloos for your crew to enjoy espresso martinis under twinkling Christmas lights.

12. Joy District

  • Address: 112 W Hubbard Street, Chicago, IL 60654 
  • Neighborhood: River North
  • Price: $$ 
  • Must-Try: Blue Hawaiian

The Joy District rooftop deck encourages dancing, and visitors use its potential every night. This space combines chic nightclub vibes with a sports bar atmosphere, showcasing eclectic decor and nods to its city roots. Head to the roof of this multilevel madhouse for cascading greenery and comfy chairs. It's the perfect perch to enjoy classic cocktails.

13. Boleo

  • Address: 122 W Monroe Street, Chicago, IL 60603  
  • Neighborhood: North Side/Gold Coast 
  • Price: $$$ 
  • Must-Try: Tropicano Chilcano 

This fashionable rooftop bar brings South American spirits to the Windy City and serves them up with a side of spectacular views. At Boleo, each sip takes your taste buds to a Peruvian mountainside so vivid that you'll feel the mountain air. Enjoy Tinchos, Pisco Sours, and mouthwatering South American cuisine, perhaps with a side of empanadas. 

14. Devereaux

  • Address: 1112 N State Street, 18th Floor, Chicago, IL 60610 
  • Neighborhood: North Side/Gold Coast 
  • Price: $$ 
  • Must-Try: Hollaback 

The highest lounge in the luxury Viceroy Chicago, Devereaux teeters on the rooftop's edge and never looks down. This quintessential Chicago bar offers classic and new cocktails poolside, where waves meet the clouds. Try the fizzy, vanilla-spiked Silver Fox and the Tanuki Tea laced with sake, yuzu, and plum.

15. Streeterville Social

  • Address: 455 N Park Drive, Chicago, IL 60611 
  • Neighborhood: Streeterville
  • Price: $$ 
  • Must-Try: Dracula's Dram 

Take your libations alfresco at Streeterville Social, a happening spot on the tip-top of Chicago's Loews Hotel. Here, charmingly simple decor gives bold flavors room to shine against the spectacular Chicago skyline. Spicy cinnamon, buttery pears, and sweet caramel elevate classic cocktails to new heights worthy of this rooftop palace. 

16. Reggie's Rooftop Deck

  • Address: 2109 S State Street, Chicago, IL 60616 
  • Neighborhood: South Loop
  • Price: $ 
  • Must-Try: Long Island Iced Tea 

Loving dubbed Reggie's Trainwreck Rooftop Deck, this bar is a neighborhood hotspot for boozy drinks, hot food, and live music. Reggie's may appear unassuming, but it expertly mixes potent drinks and boasts a vast selection of ice-cold beers. Visit any night for a taste of local rock - except Mondays, reserved for hardcore bingo on the rooftop.

17. Aba

  • Address: 302 N Green Street, 3rd Floor, Chicago, IL 60607 
  • Neighborhood: West Loop
  • Price: $$$ 
  • Must-Try: Mediterranean Mule 

California meets the Mediterranean at this tranquil rooftop patio. Pergolas draped with leafy green vines and studded with fragrant blooms shade the culinary exploits at Aba, where a sea of lanterns illuminates the simple yet fantastic fare. Here, you'll quaff down cardamom-spiced cordials, sparkling grapefruit sodas, and aloe-laced mezcal. 

Photographer: Nick Starichenko

18. AIRE

  • Address: 100 W Monroe Street, Floor 24, Chicago, IL 60603 
  • Neighborhood: West Loop
  • Price: $$ 
  • Must-Try: Watermelon Margarita 

Summer brings lush lawns and warm weather to the Windy City, but it also coaxes open AIRE's doors, a seasonal rooftop bar with shareable plates and plenty of shade. Celebrate hot Chicago summers with house cocktails, such as the orangey Summertime Mule and lemon-twisted Aire Spritz. When the season draws to a close, cozy up by crackling firepits with a rich glass of wine. 

19. Bar Avec

  • Address: 640 N La Salle Drive, 8th floor, Chicago, IL 60654 
  • Neighborhood: West Loop
  • Price: $$ 
  • Must-Try: Lust for Life 

The sweeping cityscape provides the perfect backdrop for Bar Avec, a Chicago rooftop bar inspired by the fertile waters of the Mediterranean. This bright, airy spot offers an escape from the bustling streets below. It has wood-paneled tabletops and raised garden beds growing the produce featured on the ultra-fresh menu. Try house cocktails that build on natural flavors, such as Totally Kale-In It and the habanero-spiked Side to Side.

20. Gene's Sausage Shop & Delicatessen

  • Address: 4750 N Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL 60625 
  • Neighborhood: West Loop
  • Price: $$ 
  • Must-Try: Seasonal imported beers 

Dozens of sausage varieties might draw crowds to Gene's Sausage Shop & Delicatessen, but the European-style rooftop garden keeps them coming back. Here, you'll unwind amidst the flourishing vegetables and herbs as the beer and wine flow. Order a sausage plate and let it transport you to a quaint European village, right in the heart of the Windy City.

21. Homestead On The Roof

  • Address: 1924 W Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622 
  • Neighborhood: West Loop
  • Price: $$ 
  • Must-Try: Worldly Affair 

This farm-to-table Portuguese restaurant is a natural oasis among a sea of concrete giants. House cocktails highlight ingredients such as pandan, sesame seed oil, and dragon fruit to transform classic beverages into modern treats. Peruse the selection of Portuguese wines and order a round of small plates to share. Once the aroma hits you at Homestead on the Roof, you won't be able to resist. 

22. Selva

  • Address: 311 N Morgan Street, Chicago, IL 60607 
  • Neighborhood: West Loop
  • Price: $$ 
  • Must-Try: Oaxaca Old Fashioned 

Selva's menu has locally sourced dishes that pack a world of flavor into each bite. Hidden away on top of the Emily Hotel, this spectacular location provides magnificent views of the candy-colored Chicago sunsets. It's just the right setting for cocktails and tacos. Try the pamplemousse paloma or a daiquiri with chinola passion fruit.

23. Tanta

  • Address: 118 W Grand Avenue, Chicago, IL 60654 
  • Neighborhood: West Loop
  • Price: $$$ 
  • Must-Try: Pisco Sour 

Bright and fragrant Peruvian cuisine is served up at Tanta, showcasing traditional dishes with a modern twist. The rooftop bar gets its design inspiration from the vibrant streets of Peru and mixes up cocktails to match the kitchen's bold flavors. Opt for wine by the glass, or choose a pisco-based drink, such as El Cholito. 

24. Whiskey Business

  • Address: 1367 N Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622 
  • Neighborhood: West Loop
  • Price: $$ 
  • Must-Try: Karate Kid 

This rooftop bar has a mix of modern-rustic and '80s-inspired decor, giving it a unique and stylish feel. Whiskey Business serves up both tasty drinks and a healthy heaping of nostalgia with signature cocktails, such as the frosty Sandlot Slushy and the ube-scented Men in Black. Order your food and drinks, and stay for movie nights where they show popular films from the '80s to the early 2000s.

25. Cabra

  • Address: 200 N Green Street, Chicago, IL 60607 
  • Neighborhood: West Loop
  • Price: $$$ 
  • Must-Try: Passion of Peru 

Atop the Hoxton Hotel sits Cabra, a stunningly chic Peruvian bar and restaurant with breathtaking panoramic views of the Windy City. Warm lighting and vine-wrapped pillars surround spacious lounge seating and a bright tile mural. Kick back with a tajin-crusted Pisco Fever or pineapple Cabra-Colada as you soak up the vibes and the view. 

26. Lonesome Rose

  • Address: 2101 N California Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647 
  • Neighborhood: Lincoln Square
  • Price: $$ 
  • Must-Try: Jamaica Punch 

A hidden rooftop patio crowns Lonesome Rose, a Tex-Mex eatery specializing in simple, perfectly executed fare. Tacos filled with fried chicken and Baja fish pair perfectly with alcoholic drinks. Classic margaritas by the pitcher and tequila-based cocktails taste even better surrounded by lush greenery and warmed by the Midwestern sun. 

27. Utopian Tailgate

  • Address: 1608 N Wells Street, Chicago, IL 60614 
  • Neighborhood: Lakeview
  • Price: $$ 
  • Must-Try: Main Character 

This tailgate-themed bar is a rooftop haven for sports lovers that doubles as an adult playground. Utopian Tailgate's dreamy decor creates intimate pockets of space studded with interactive games, such as massive Jenga blocks and a designated disco section. The kitchen serves up elevated game-day cuisine to snack on between sips of house cocktails and shots of coconut rum. 

28. Château Carbide

  • Address: 230 N Michigan Avenue, 24th Floor, Chicago, IL 60601 
  • Neighborhood: Hyde Park
  • Price: $$ 
  • Must-Try: French Sailor 

Chateau Carbide calls to mind warm afternoons spent wandering amidst the natural wonders of a botanical garden. The cocktails are as lively as the views and decor, crafted with care and served to you as you relax on the rooftop deck. Opt for a visually stunning pink Frappe Carbide, or keep the night fresh with a cucumber Star Crossed.

29. VU Rooftop Bar

  • Address: 133 E Cermak Road, Chicago, IL 60616 
  • Neighborhood: Wicker Park/Bucktown
  • Price: $$$ 
  • Must-Try: Brambling On & On 

This 13,000-square-foot marvel sits 22 stories up atop Chicago's McCormick Place. The VU Rooftop Bar features two massive patios overlooking the Windy City — just right for sipping on a specialty drink, such as a pineapple Crossroads or a spicy Uncle's in New Orleans. 

30: The Cabana Club

  • Address: 2018 W North Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647 
  • Neighborhood: Wicker Park/Bucktown
  • Price: $$ 
  • Must-Try: Prickly Pear 

Just beneath The Up Room at the historic Robey Hotel lies The Cabana Club, a still-high patio bar open to visitors in the warmer seasons. Sip on spicy mezcal slushies and frozen margaritas to beat the heat under the hot Chicago sun. Hotel guests get free pool access for an even cooler evening. 

31. The J. Parker

  • Address: 1816 N Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60614 
  • Neighborhood: Old Town
  • Price: $$ 
  • Must-Try: Earthshine 

The Hotel Lincoln's chic rooftop bar offers spectacular views of Chicago and its verdant surrounding parks. Stop in at The J. Parker after dark for seasonal cocktails and New American cuisine. Or, pop in for a fresh brunch — complete with fruity, bottomless mimosas. 

32. Offshore Rooftop & Bar

  • Address: 1000 E Grand Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611 
  • Neighborhood: Navy Pier
  • Price: $$$
  • Must-Try: Jon Bon Jovi's Rose

Offshore Rooftop offers an extensive shareable food menu and a wide selection of drinks to sip on as you gaze across the flowing waters surrounding Navy Pier. With its large outdoor space, it stands out as one of the largest rooftop bars in the city. Try Bad & Boujee for a prickly pear delight or the spicy Chai Fizz for a taste bud-tickling slurp. 

Cheers to Chicago Rooftop Bars

With a sea of historic Windy City landmarks under your feet, the bustling streets far below take on a new meaning — still thriving with life and culture, but only one perspective from which to view the multifaceted city. If you’re looking for a broader culinary experience, discover our Chicago restaurants list to try out, we promise you will not be disappointed!

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