Things to do in Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya's Restaurants : Must-Visit Places for Every Food Lover

Coastal flavors and ancient techniques form a food scene bursting with jungle flavor.

Riviera Maya was once a bustling port, but today, the area is much more tranquil. The coastline and the fruits of the jungle entwine to form a culinary scene unlike any in the world.

Eating is first on the list of things to do in Riviera Maya. Fresh delicacies just plucked from the sea, and the vine are transformed into innovative plates with jaw-dropping flavors.

Riviera Maya’s restaurants are unmatched. Here are the must-visit spots to sample first.

Dining in Vidanta

This shining resort serves up flavors from across the globe. These Vidanta-based friends are only open to Vidanta members. So, book your stay at this resort and indulge in all it offers.

1. Nektar

Vidanta’s Nektar is an intimate and airy dining experience serving the delectable flavors of the Yucatán. An homage to local cuisine, this restaurant features unique dishes like the tongue-searing tikin-xic fish: a filet carefully marinated in annatto and sour orange, then grilled to perfection.

Best of all, Nektar is mere steps from our Mayan jungle theater — home to our one-of-a-kind dinner experience, JOYÀ. But that’s a story for another time. Literally.

2. Bistro Bleu

This is French fare served Riviera Maya style. Shocking prints and organic curves dominate the decor at Bistro Bleu, creating a classically elegant scene with a charming twist. You’ll find all your French favorites served up with some modern flair.

Bright salads, flavor-packed entrees, and life-changing desserts are all here, along with long-perfected dishes, such as escargot drenched in herby butter. Take your meal on the patio for a taste of Paris in the heart of the jungle.

3. Chiringuito

Tucked inside one of Riviera Maya’s all-inclusive hotels lies a veritable portal to Spain. Vidanta’s Chiringuito offers authentic Spanish fare in all its vibrant glory. The luxe dining space’s floor-to-ceiling windows offer a shining view of the world beyond as you dine on spiced Spanish favorites.

Start your meal with a selection of tapas prepared with fresh, local produce. Rich entrées, such as Paella Valenciana stuffed with seafood and a hint of saffron, make any meal a special occasion.

4. Gong

Gong at Vidanta offers another trip around the world, this time to the Far East. Asian delicacies, such as juicy Peking duck and decadent lobster rolls, are infused with a taste of jungle freshness.

Dim-lit dining rooms make meals romantic regardless of the occasion. Fish just plucked from the sea transforms into resplendent sushi rolls and sashimi dressed in citrus soy sauce. For dessert, tempura ice cream is a spectacle worthy of our own shows.

Photographer: Rajesh TP

5. Frida’s

When night falls, Frida’s at Vidanta awakes with a festive start. This authentic Mexican cantina is built for a fiesta, offering guests a cheery space to let loose and unwind after a long day of Riviera Maya adventures.

Traditional favorites are on the menu. Delight in the comfort of familiar yet spectacular flavors. Enchiladas, tacos, and tasty drinks form a combination that hits the spot every time.

6. Havana Moon

Draped in swaths of pink and turquoise, Havana Moon is almost as colorful as the beach outside. Here, the tropics are swirled, seasoned, and mixed to fit on your plate.

Jerk chicken is served up in abundance, paired with a pleasant sangria and panoramic views of the beach beyond the window. Lucky guests might catch some live music or even a fire show we’d be proud to call our own.

7. La Cantina

At La Cantina, Mexican comfort food is served hot for hungry guests looking for a hug on a plate. Start with mounds of guacamole and cured cactus salad, followed by a homey bowl of tortilla soup.

La Cantina’s cozy atmosphere is steeped in elegance, so you’ll still feel like you’re on vacation as you dig into tastes of home.

Photographer: Krisztian Tabori

Other Riviera Maya Dining Experiences

Get a taste of the region at restaurants right in the heart of it.

8. El Fogon

Of all the things to do in Riviera Maya, visiting a taqueria is one that can’t be skipped. Among taco connoisseurs, El Fogon is arguably the reigning champion in the quest for the perfect taco.

Fresh-pressed tortillas wrap around seasoned meats, and the whole parcel is topped with fresh salsa and passed along to hungry diners. The delicate balance of textures and flavors makes these tacos a mouthwatering delight. El Fogon might just be the king, after all.

9. La Cueva del Chango

Take your meal on the jungle terrace at La Cueva del Chango. Lush gardens and a whimsical restaurant facade make this spot seem like it's pulled straight from a fairy tale. The food is just as delicious as the view, spiced and sauced to perfection before serving.

Enchiladas come drenched in a savory bath, while vegan options make use of the region’s freshest offerings. Dessert is non-negotiable. We highly recommend the flan — it's extraordinarily delicious.

10. Taquería Honorio

This cozy, unassuming spot has made a name for itself as one of the best restaurants in Tulum. The bright yellow walls of Taquería Honorio recall the sunny world outside, although inside is where it really sizzles.

Just-pressed tortillas, juicy fillings, and bright house-made salsa combine to form the perfect tacos. Cochinita pibil is a fan favorite; it is slow-roasted and slathered in achiote sauce. Order it stuffed in a taco, sandwich, or quesadilla for the perfect lunchtime treat.

11. Axiote

The casual cabana-style decor at Axiote restaurant belies the refinement of its food. These flavors are bold and inventive, slyly remaking Riviera Maya cuisine into the dishes of the future. Think spicy soups with a punch acid twist, dressed up in a bath of herbs.

Tamales grace the menu, a favorite among local diners. Chorizo flautas and a stunning chile relleno will leave you hungry for more. And upon waking on a sunny seaside morning, Axiote’s breakfast spread is hard to beat.

Savor the Unforgettable Flavors of Riviera Maya

Culture, dazzling sights, restaurants — Riviera Maya in Mexico packs it all into a traveler’s heaven. Experience the best of the region all in one night by coming to see our show JOYÀ, playing exclusively at Vidanta's resort.

Follow the fluttering butterflies into a land filled with half-animal masters and impending pirate invasions. Our cadre of high-flying acrobats tells a thrilling story drawn by Mayan tradition and the monarch butterfly’s journey from life into death.

Every sense engages with a unique culinary experience served up as the show goes on. A three-course meal packed with fresh, local flavors brings the story to life like never before. It's so enchanting you can almost taste it. Seeing is believing, so book tickets for JOYÀ today.

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