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Sing Your Heart Out: Top Private Room Karaoke Spots in Denver

Amateur singsongs and professional acrobatics join forces for the best night out yet. This is private room karaoke in Denver, Colorado.

Have you ever dreamt of that moment when the house lights go down, your spotlight goes up, and your voice finally has its moment to shine?

It’s time to put down the hairbrush, ditch impromptu shower performances, and bring your talent out into public.

Karaoke, which roughly translates to “empty orchestra,” gives you a backing track for the world’s biggest hits and ranks among the most popular things to do in Denver. It’s professional musical support, shoring you up as you come into your own.

Private room karaoke in Denver gives the safety of a separate space but the fun ambience of a busy bar. This is how you make girls’ night out or your next birthday party extra special.

All you need to do is make a reservation and become part of the “empty orchestra.” If you happen to be a bit too shy for karaoke, you can opt for one of the live music bars in Denver.

High-Tech Sound Systems

Professional pop-stars and legendary rockers have their stage monitors and in-ears to help them hear what’s what. You and your cast of characters deserve the same clarity.

These karaoke rooms come equipped with high-tech sound systems that will help even the most timid tenor sound like a million bucks — or at least get through the chorus of Don’t Stop Believin’ with their dignity firmly intact.

Photographer: Michael Maasen

Rumours Karaoke Cafe

Rumours Karaoke Cafe has long been appreciated by dedicated karaoke goers as one of the spots that nimbly combines state-of-the-art sound systems with a distinctly modern aesthetic.

But that’s all about to get exponentially better with the introduction of three new private rooms due mid-December 2023.

Tonal lighting, geometric furnishings, and wall-to-wall mirrors make you feel like an extra in a sci-fi film. But it’s the crystal clear tunes and an internet-based song request system that makes this spot a true standout.

Take advantage of theme nights (Friday’s focus on dance music, for instance), or ask the DJ to play your go-to piece. And if you’re really confident in your abilities, sign up for one of the 11-week voice battles Rumours hosts throughout the year — you came, you karaoked, and you conquered.

Wide Selection of Songs

Fewer things are more disappointing than warming up your upper range and dressing to the nines only to find out the new karaoke spot you’re visiting has about 10 songs on the list and five of them are by boy bands.

Luckily, these Denver karaoke rooms give equal weight to quality and quantity.

Family Karaoke Noraebang

Start browsing the song library at Family Karaoke Noraebang and you might forget that you’re in a karaoke room in Denver.

There are so many songs in so many languages that you’d be forgiven for thinking you went to sleep in the Mile High City and woke up somewhere far outside Colorado. But fear not, you’re still in Chinatown, and it’s your turn at the mic.

Thanks to their YouTube-connected tablets, Family Karaoke has a massive song catalog that includes ditties in English, Korean, Japanese, and several other Asian languages, with more added every day.

Those songs span a diverse array of genres, too. You can easily sing heavy metal 1 minute and musical theater the next.

But beware, this spot doesn’t have a website. They only take reservations through Facebook or by phone at (303) 755-5658. Call ahead if you want to guarantee your group a spot.

Food and Drink Options

History’s great musical divas may request warm tea with honey before a big performance, but we prefer comfort classics such as chicken wings with a margarita.

These Denver karaoke rooms deliver fun with a helping side dish of drinks and snacks. If the thought of singing in public makes you queasy, you can separate the two activities and check out some of Denver’s most unique restaurants before heading to karaoke.

Punch Bowl Social Denver

Much like its name suggests, Punch Bowl Social Denver is overflowing with color, excitement, and deliciousness. In addition to karaoke, the bar offers bowling, arcade games, table games such as Ping-Pong, and giant-sized versions of cornhole, shuffleboard, and Connect 4.

But all that gaming can be a tough job, and you’re bound to work up a thirst.

Fuel up for another round of group singing with a signature punch bowl that serves four or eight people. Whiskey cocktails, frozen rosé, wines by the glass, and craft beer aren’t far behind. There’s also food to soak up the booze.

Once you and your buddies have all gone face-first into a vat of tequila and watermelon punch, dig into shareable plates, dirty fries piled high with toppings, or a platter of cocoa-dusted carnitas tacos.

From apps to desserts and aperitifs to dark beers, Punch Bowl’s menu is a culinarian’s dream, but it also caters to the playful, communal vibe demanded by the setting.

Come, eat, drink, and have the time of your life. And with a schedule that pushes closing time to midnight or later, you can even drop by after you take in our newest show to hit Denver’s auditoriums.

Photographer: Mitchell Orr


U&I BBQ opened in 2022 and almost immediately completed a renovation of its karaoke rooms, adding new furnishings and equipment.

Soundproof walls in the private rooms help keep your rendition of Part-Time Lover on the down low. It’s easy to queue up the next song using a remote control and QR-scanning system linked to the eatery’s WeChat account.

But in many ways, the food is the real draw here. Forget burgers and fries, because U&I’s menu is a laundry list of classic Chinese dishes.

If the shrimp fried rice, salt and pepper spare ribs, and mapo tofu don’t draw you in, try ordering enough enoki mushroom and mini pork sausage skewers to satisfy a crowd.

Wash it all down with a grenadine-topped mai tai or a Japanese old-fashioned, and enjoy your time in the spotlight.

Party Packages

Hey, party people! So, you’re throwing a bash, and you need a place where your guests can sing for all the world to hear.

Whether it’s a 50th anniversary, college graduation, or 21st birthday, these Denver karaoke rooms know what it takes to host the celebration of a lifetime.

Star Bar Denver

Star Bar Denver brings changing attitudes to higher altitudes with tiki drinks that waver between fruity and (literally) fiery. The bartenders here are geniuses armed with mixers and glasses carved into parrots and dinosaur eggs.

Ask the people in charge about their party packages. Rumor has it the bar has ways to accommodate groups in for a birthday, retirement, or graduation celebration, or you can just bring in a bunch of friends and sing like no one’s watching just because you can.

Note that the bar has a BYOF (Bring Your Own Food) policy. There’s no kitchen at Star Bar, but the staff encourages guests to bring their own grub. That could mean a few bags of chips to scarf down in between duets.

You can also visit area restaurants, including Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs or Marco’s Coal-Fired, and bring goodies back for the whole gang.

Photographer: Maurício Mascaro


Whether you’re young or just young at heart, karaoke can give you an outlet for your artistry and a way to connect with other music-minded family members.

Instead of having game night at home, take your loved ones out to a family-friendly karaoke spot where private rooms keep sensitive eyes and ears away from the riff raff. Just be mindful of bars that might switch from all-ages to 21-plus after dark.

Pitch Karaoke

The private rooms at Pitch Karaoke — which is a short drive from Denver — are open to singers of all ages. This means you can stage your own Star Search-style family reunion, and no one will bat an eye.

Easy-to-use software serves up over 30,000 tracks, spanning a slew of genres over the last handful of decades, so you won’t be limited to the traditional sing-alongs.

And because sanitation is a priority here, there’s little chance you’ll catch anything more than the singing bug.

Make it a full-service event, with drinks and food delivered directly to your suite. Pitch has sake on tap, as well as bottled and canned beer, canned cocktails, and just under a dozen alcohol-free alternatives.

It all goes perfectly with snacks such as beer cheese nachos, sweet potato fries, and s’mores flatbreads for the kiddos who have a sweet tooth.

If you’re bringing the whole clan, ask the powers that be at Pitch about their multi-suite deals. You can get multiple rooms at a reasonable rate, giving everyone from Grandma Ruth to her 5-year-old mini-me an opportunity to belt out some Taylor Swift and enjoy every second of it.

Unique Features

Though there are certain things pros expect from a private room karaoke experience, features often differ from joint to joint. These karaoke spots have something special to offer that help them stand out for Denver’s crowded sing-along scene.

Virtual Reality Social

Step into the future at Virtual Reality Social, a neon-lit space that’s more Jetsons than ‘70s hootenanny. The whole ethos is drinking, partying, and gaming under one roof. That includes multiplayer team-building exercises, VR 9D cinema, escape rooms, and karaoke.

You can even host your own private VR party. Your guests will be giddy over 6 VR stations, over 100 games, and escape room access. Add on cake at the end, and we’re going to be looking for our own invite.

Luxe Options

In many cities, karaoke is a casual experience that takes place in a pub’s great room. Anything goes, and that includes fun. But some places in Denver take your moment in the sun a little more seriously.

If you’re looking for a karaoke night that’s more blinis and caviar than bar nuts, you might love these five-star spots.

Photographer: israel palacio

Muse Noraebang

Muse Noraebang roughly translates to “singing room muse,” so it makes sense that this place is revered by Denverites who love to gather and unwind over drinks and a few dozen hot-as-heck musical tracks.

There are nine private rooms plus a special VIP lounge. All have advanced lighting, top-tier sound systems, and house phones you can use to order up refreshments when your tummy starts to rumble.

The VIP room ups the ante with two wireless microphones, an extra screen, and a built-in stage. There’s also an integrated YouTube connection that gives you and your nearest and dearest friends access to an unlimited song selection.

Those songs include renditions in a ton of languages, such as English, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Tagalog, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian.

All in all, it's just what you need to keep feeling fancy after you dress up and attend one of our shows.

How Karaoke Contributes to Denver's Nightlife Culture

Denver is a city known for embracing anything that leads to a good time. There’s an air of freedom and effortlessness that infuses everything from open-air festivals to casual Southwestern eateries.

You don’t have to take anything too seriously for it to be a source of happiness, and that concept applies to karaoke.

You don’t have to have pipes like Mariah or a soft, whispery upper range like Ariana to impress your besties on karaoke night.

There’s no rule that your version of Sweet Caroline has to sound like the original or that a cute hipster can’t smash ‘80s hair metal hits like a pro. Karaoke doesn’t discriminate. It’s equally fun if you’re the next Andrea Bocelli or if you can’t carry a tune.

That’s probably why karaoke has become such an ingrained part of Denver nightlife. It slots into the already busy event schedules at dive bars and party centers, but it’s also engaging enough to be the star of the show.

Private room karaoke in Denver adds a sense of exclusivity. You're away from the hustle and bustle of a busy bar and the curious stares of strangers.

Photographer:Risto Kokkonen

Step Up for Your Own Public Serenade With Private Room Karaoke in Denver

These karaoke spots are just what your friendly neighborhood vocalists have been searching for. Come on a weeknight to let off some steam, or get inspired at our shows in Denver. Funnel all that creative energy and boundary-pushing innovation into your best performance yet.

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