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Restaurants in Old Port, Montreal

Discover Old Port restaurants serving delicious food from around the world. Let’s check out Montreal’s vibrant dining scene.

When planning things to do in Montreal, we recommend including a trip to the Old Port to sample its diverse dining scene. Here, you’ll find an array of delicious seasonal dishes, from creamy chicken pasta to lobster poutine.

Join us on a culinary journey through the best restaurants in the Old Port of Montreal, where the food is so delicious, you’ll never want to leave.

Classic French Cuisine

Restaurants in Old Port draw on centuries-old traditions and recipes passed down through generations to serve classic French cuisine. Take a break from the wonderful activities in Montreal and treat yourself to a long, lazy lunch.

1. Gaspar Brasserie Française

For a truly special dining experience, visit Gaspar Brasserie Française. French restaurants are known for using the freshest ingredients and finest culinary techniques, and providing excellent service. Gaspar takes these principles to heart and adds a modern flair.

The result is seasonal, finely prepared food in an authentic Parisian brasserie atmosphere. During the summer, you can sit on the terrace and enjoy your meal as you watch the world go by on Rue de la Commune Est. In all seasons, the elegant dining room provides a comfortable alternative.

Gaspar is open for dinner every day of the week; on weekends, it also serves brunch from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.

2. Restaurant Bonaparte

Restaurant Bonaparte offers three spaces where you can enjoy a special meal. The elegant l'Impératrice is sophisticated without feeling stuffy and features French moldings, red velvet drapes, and chandeliers.

You can also tuck into an alcove in Le Hall Central. Here, the exposed stonework and brickwork lend a touch of authenticity to this iconic Old Port restaurant.

The final choice is La Verrière, which has beautiful stained-glass windows and a skylight to create an artistic, light-filled space. This room seats up to twenty people and is available to rent for private events.

The menu at Restaurant Bonaparte contains so many tempting treats that it is rather challenging to decide. But you don’t have to! Opt for the tasting menu to experience the chef’s best dishes, from lobster bisque to pear and tarragon sorbet.

3. Auberge Saint-Gabriel

Auberge Saint-Gabriel, one of Montreal’s oldest inns, was built in 1688. In 1754, it obtained the first liquor license in the country. Today, it thrives under Marc Bolay's careful management.

Upon opening the Dulong dining room, Truteau room, or Gallerie menu, you will find various dinner options made with local produce and traditional French Techniques.

Seafood Specialties

Thanks to its maritime history and proximity to the Atlantic, the Old Port boasts an array of excellent seafood restaurants. From succulent lobster bisque to buttery scallops, everything is seared to perfection.

Photographer: Markus Winkler

4. Pincette - Bar à Homard

Pincette - Bar à Homard is a lobster bar next to Place Jacques-Cartier. It’s the ideal place to enjoy a seafood lunch and break up a day of sightseeing in Old Montreal. In summer, lounge on the terrace and savor the ambiance of this delightful neighborhood.

You can get almost any lobster dish you like here, from lobster poutine to lobster mac and cheese. Of course, purists can also order whole lobster. There’s also a full raw bar of seafood delights. Pincette - Bar à Homard opens every day of the week at 8 a.m., so you can pop by whenever you're craving crustaceans. No matter the time of day.

5. Jellyfish Crudo + Charbon

Jellyfish Crudo + Charbon has a fantastic location between the Old Port and Griffintown. Chef Mathieu Masson-Duceppe serves up a mixture of Canadian, Asian, and South American cuisines, with an emphasis on small plates and sharing.

Seared meats and fish come fresh from the charcoal grill. The vibe is chic but unpretentious, and the dining room is open every evening except Sunday.

Steakhouses and Grills

These Old Port restaurants beckon passersby with the aroma of sizzling meat. Carnivores appreciate the prime cuts of beef and perfectly charred steaks.

Photographer: Shutterbug75

6. Méchant Boeuf

Meat lovers delight in the prime-quality butcher cuts served at Méchant Boeuf. Dry aging, skillful seasoning, and expert cooking deliver steaks that make your mouth water. The chef is also an expert in seafood, and delicacies such as oysters, scallops, and shrimp all come highly recommended.

At Méchant Boeuf, you can choose tomahawk, T-bone, Kansas, or porterhouse cuts. Can’t decide? The expert waitstaff will happily help you choose. Although vegetarian options are limited, the venue offers a veggie burger, tagliatelle, and some delicious plant-based starters.

7. Gibbys

Gibbys in Montreal was founded in 1969 by gourmet chefs Gibby and Allan. Their passion for gastronomy has created a place to enjoy aged meats and perfectly prepared seafood. Savor the richness of high-quality steaks, perfectly cooked vegetables, and the house’s special Monte Carlo potatoes.

Gibbys is located in a beautiful 200-year-old building in the heart of Old Montreal. It’s the ideal place for a romantic date, with embers crackling in rustic fireplaces during winter. Impress your beloved with a cozy candlelit dinner, and follow up with tickets to one of our Montreal shows.

Unique International Flavors

From Italian restaurants to cafés serving Polish fare, these Old Port restaurants take you on an international culinary journey.

8. Restaurant Gandhi

Restaurant Gandhi is among the best Indian restaurants in the Old Port of Montreal. As soon as you walk through the door, the warm smell of spices will welcome and delight you.

Soft, romantic lighting and crisp white tablecloths give it an upscale aesthetic. Relax to the sounds of traditional Indian music as you enjoy your meal. The menu is filled with authentic Southeast Asian dishes, most of which are also available for takeout. Restaurant Gandhi is open every day of the week until 10:30 p.m.

Photographer: Andrew Gaz

9. Stash Café

Stash Café opened in 1972 with the intention of bringing traditional Polish cuisine to Canada. It relocated several times over the years but retained the same core values of serving high-quality meals prepared from authentic recipes. Dining at Stash Café feels like stepping into a family dining room.

The restaurant is open every day except Tuesday. Come for dinner and sample Polish classics, such as pierogies and golabki. Or, drop in for brunch on weekends starting at noon, when the menu features egg dishes and sweet crêpes. Musicians often serenade diners, creating an even more joyful atmosphere.

10. LOV McGill

Vegans and healthy eaters will adore LOV McGill, which offers tasty, responsibly sourced plant-based cuisine. All meals are colorful, fresh, and packed with flavor.

From coconut curry to green salads, the menu offers many ways to nourish your body and soul. Accompany your meal with a kale, mango, or berry smoothie packed with delicious produce and the necessary vitamins to thrive.

11. Graziella

Graziella restaurant blends modern and traditional Italian cuisine. Chef Graziella shares recipes learned in her mother’s kitchen. Also on the team is Sommelier Pierre Jullien, who puts his heart and soul into sourcing the best wines.

The venue is open Tuesday through Saturday for lunch or dinner, depending on the day. The desserts are to die for. Think chocolate praline ganache, pistachio mascarpone, and candied citrus zest.

Casual and Cozy Cafés

When it rains in the Old Port, you must look for indoor activities in Montreal. One of our favorite ways to pass a dull afternoon is curling up in a casual café in the Old Port.

Photographer: Nathan Dumlao

12. Le Cartet

Founded in 1999, Le Cartet is one of the best spots in the city to catch up with friends over a delicious salad or soup. When browsing the menu, remember to check out the daily specials. After your meal, visit Le Cartet's delicatessen corner to purchase premium chocolates, jams, oils, and vinegar bottles.

The venue is open seven days a week until 3:30 p.m. It opens at 7:30 a.m. during the week so that you can grab a quick breakfast before work. On weekends, they can seat you and your party as of 9:00 a.m.

13. Tommy Café

Tommy Café is ideal for relaxing with coffee and pastries during a busy day. Chill out in the gorgeous Victorian building, updated with a modern design and mid-century furniture.

The menu features a range of unique sandwiches, including spicy tuna and breakfast croissants. You can also enjoy nourishing Buddha bowls, healthy smoothies, and sweet treats.

14. Paquebot

The team at Paquebot café is passionate about good coffee. In addition to serving an amazing cup of joe, the café also sells beans and ground coffee for use at home.

Paquebot operates several cafés, including the Old Montreal location, which opened in 2018 and was named Coffee Shop of the Year by Th3rdwave soon after.

15. Café Olimpico

Rocco Furfaro, an Italian immigrant, founded the original Café Olimpico more than 50 years ago as a neighborhood spot where his family and friends could watch sports, play cards, and pool. Today, it draws people from all over the world. Due to its popularity, the family-owned business opened a second Old Port location in 2016.

Despite its surge in popularity, Café Olimpico still adheres to the Italian traditions of authenticity, family, and generosity. Drop in to buy your beans or linger over a cappuccino. It also serves a range of sweet treats, including tiramisu, cornetti, and gelato.

Pubs and Breweries

Visit our favorite Old Port pub for a pint of traditional ale and some of the best poutine in Montreal.

16. Pub BreWskey

Pub BreWskey is a welcoming cellar pub, and the friendly staff is keen to introduce you to some of the best beers you’ll ever taste. Sit outside at the high tables or in the cozy main taproom and enjoy a drink or meal. We love the classic poutine topped with some smoked meat.

Sweet Treats and Desserts

When you want a tasty treat, this sweet spot delivers.

17. Chez Suzette

We love to refuel after our training sessions with sweet and savory crêpes from Chez Suzette. They offer various fillings, from brie and ham to s' mores. Yum.

The fondue dinners are to die for. They feature vegetable platters and bread to dip into rich melted cheese. If that’s not rich enough, try the hot chocolate as a luxurious drink alongside or after your meal.

Bars and Nightlife

You don't really know a neighborhood until you've experienced its nightlife. This venue is one of our favorite spots to enjoy a delectable meal followed by cocktails after dark.

18. Barranco

Barranco restaurant serves the best Peruvian ceviche in the Old Port of Montreal. With fresh fish, zesty lime, and mountains of coriander, it will light up your taste buds and prepare you for a great night out. After dinner, hang around to sample its signature cocktails, made with Peruvian pisco.

The venue, inspired by the Barranco district in Lima, Peru, is a popular nightlife hot spot. Locals and visitors come here to enjoy good food, delicious drinks, and a celebratory vibe.

Photographer: Jercyz

Exploring Culinary Delights in the Old Port's Historic Charm

After you've finished touring the Old Port and indulging in its culinary delights, come see one of our shows in Montreal. These restaurants may have livened your taste buds, but our performances will stimulate your senses of sight, sound, and wonder.

Our compelling storylines will have you gasping in awe as our acrobats leap across the stage and fly through the air, performing out-of-this-world feats that defy gravity and conformity. Take your seat and prepare for a thrilling performance that will leave you astonished and inspired.

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