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New Year, New Me!

We asked our cast, crew, and employees around the world what their 2024 resolutions were!

It’s a classic sight in January, gyms are overflowing with newcomers and streets are taken over by joggers trying to nail a new habit down for the new year. Maybe you’re going to dust off your bike and go for a daily ride, you might want to change up your diet or be more mindful of your spending. While resolutions often revolve around physical activity for some, our cast and crew had other things they wanted to work on in mind when we surveyed them in early January!


Some Have Set Personal Goals

Nick Voight – Stage Manager on Michael Jackson ONE

This year I want to learn how to say “have a good show” in the languages of the 36 countries represented by the artists on Michael Jackson ONE.

Antino Pansa – Slackwire Artist on ECHO

I discovered the circus arts 10 years ago, and to this day, never have I regretted following this. For the new year, I wish to continue dreaming, to continue progressing as an artist, and to continue sharing my talent and my love for circus arts with the world.

Vincent Lavoie – Power Track Tumbler on Alegría

For 2024 I am making the conscious effort to choose happiness and try to not let, in certain situations, negativity take center stage instead of the joy that’s all around us.


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Sophie Guay – Singer & Hand Dancer on KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities

In 2024 I want to always do my best, no more, no less! I also want to slow down, enjoy the present, and live my life to the fullest!

Vanessa Ortiz - Makeup Artist at Cirque du Soleil International Headquarters 

My resolution is to have more fun with my art and be more confident about it. I tend to be really hard on myself and not trust my skills, but this is the year to break free and be unapologetically me in every aspect.

Alvaro Medrano – Aerial Straps & Bboying on Messi10 

My 2024 New Year resolution is to embrace curiosity by exploring new ideas and perspectives, fostering continuous learning in both personal and professional aspects of my artistic life.

Hjordis Lee – Figure Skater on CRYSTAL 

My 2024 New Year resolution is to transfer one of my acrobatic skills onto the ice, continuously pushing my limits. I want to keep developing my creative side by exploring new opportunities outside of ice skating.

Caitlin Skye Reichel – Props Technician on Drawn to Life 

2023 was such a great year because I got to marry my lovely wife. In 2024 my goal is to create a duo Chinese pole act to perform with her!

Katie Sokolowski – Flying Trapeze Flyer on Mystère 

My New Year’s resolution is to find a little more balance. Everything I do is so physical; I want to grow my artistic talents in other ways!


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Majo Cornejo – Singer on LUZIA 

Three of my resolutions for this year are to encourage creativity & artistic expression in various ways, commit to & support 100% sustainable fashion, and only share honest content on my social media.

Crystal Manich – Artistic Director on CRYSTAL 

My resolution is to take advantage of the tour life and learn something beautiful from each city and culture I encounter while on my new Cirque journey. It’s one of the perks of working here!

Selloane Nkhela Enebrami – Singer on Michael Jackson ONE

I will embrace new experiences. Explore uncharted territories, stay open-minded and let curiosity be my guide in this journey of discovery throughout the year. Happy New year!

Roseli Arias – Dancer & Actor on JOYÀ 

In 2024, I want to do all my activities seen from love, empathy, and resilience to those who need it most, practice forgiveness from the sincerest part of my soul and take and value my time to enjoy life with my loved ones.


Others Want to Uplift the Community

Guillaume Blais – Hand-to-Trapeze Aerial Porter & Hand-to-Hand Porter on CRYSTAL 

My resolutions this year is to try take more time for myself and use it to learn new skills, like

graphic design or Portuguese! I’d like also to uplift more the LGBTQ+ community and use my audience and my voice through different projects, articles, or videos for this cause. 

Dr. Cherie Walker – Head Coach on KOOZA 

I aim to keep fostering an environment that allows our artists to grow within their act for both acrobatics and artistic interpretation. A big resolution is to continue to educate artists through sport science, coaching and functional strength & conditioning programs to positively influence their daily workload and attenuate the stress that comes with performing.


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Jimmy Irrabazapata – Wheel of Death Artist on KOOZA

A great way to somersault into 2024, as an acrobat, is to set new goals for myself, or rather new challenges. One of them is to leave a legacy of all the knowledge I acquired over the past 17 years on the stage of Cirque du Soleil. The next generation of acrobats will have a list of those small details that make the big difference in their acts.

Tracyan Martin – Multi-instrumentalist (Trombone, Keyboard, Keytar) on Mad Apple

My New Year’s resolution is to get more involved with youth & emerging creative artists in the community. To teach, inspire, mentor, and entertain. I feel there’s no better motivation than a personal encounter and it’s, to me, the best use of my time!


And Finally, Someone Who Has a Busy Year Ahead of Them!

LEECO – Dancer on Michael Jackson ONE

I have identified several areas where I want to prioritize my growth and make significant strides in the coming year. Firstly, I want to pay more attention to my health and fitness. This includes committing to regular workouts, exploring new sports or activities, and making healthier choices in my diet. By setting specific goals and creating a personalized fitness plan, I believe I can achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Additionally, I am determined to make major moves in developing my personal brand and identity as a creator. Whether it’s on stage, film, or in the world of fashion, I want to showcase my unique talents and skills. I plan to invest time in honing my craft, building a captivating portfolio or website, and actively seeking collaborations with like-minded individuals. Networking events and social media platforms will be instrumental in expanding my reach and connecting with potential collaborators.

Another resolution I have is to make at least one smart investment in 2024. I understand the importance of financial security and want to educate myself on different investment options. such as stocks, real estate, or mutual funds. Seeking guidance from financial advisors will help me make informed decisions aligned with my long-term goals and risk tolerance. Diversifying my portfolio and regularly evaluating its performance will be key in ensuring a secure financial future.


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Lastly, and most importantly, I want love to be the driving force behind every move I make in 2024. Building and nurturing positive relationships is a priority for me, both romantically and in my friendships. I aim to practice open communication, empathy, and understanding in all my interactions. Showing appreciation and support for my loved ones and prioritizing quality time together will create a foundation for personal happiness and fulfillment.

In summary, 2024 is a year of growth for me. By focusing on my health and fitness, developing my personal brand, making smart investments, and embracing love in every aspect of my life, I am confident that I will enter the new year as a transformed individual ready to take on new challenges and opportunities.


Cover image by Matthew Tsang

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