Make some noise for ECHO

Have you heard the news? Cirque du Soleil is turning its head to the skies. We’re launching ECHO, our first original post-pandemic Big Top show, for spring 2023! As the twentieth creation under our Big Top, this show marks an important milestone in our history, and we’ve decided to venture into a brand-new territory.

We echo each other, history, and life.

ECHO has gone through quite the journey during its conception. From a seedling of an idea to fully realized product, the show has undergone transformations on many levels. Die-hard Cirque fans already know, but ECHO is not the original name of this new show; formerly known as Under the Same Sky, we wanted the title to reflect the new post-pandemic world we now inhabit.

ECHO’s retitling reverberates multiple inspirations and encapsulates them in a single term. The word is bold, easy to describe, easy to say and has a clear connection to the storyline of the show. We echo each other, history, and life. Even better, as we travel around the world, this title won’t need translation to be understood by everybody.

As our team grew, new creative minds were brought on board during the process to push the ideas we had even further. Even before stopping the rehearsals and creation in 2020, we decided to bring in Mukhtar to the project as the show director to support the work done by Es Devlin. Directing acrobats and staging a Cirque du Soleil show requires a lot of experience in this specific domain. On top of being an artist on The Beatles LOVE for many years, Mukhtar directed Messi 10 and many other Cirque du Soleil projects.

A Brand-New Look

This time around, the creative team behind this new production chose to walk down an unfamiliar and more grounded path in terms of esthetics and scenography. Usually unfolding in more whimsy universes, the seriousness of the story called for a fresh new look. This includes never-before-seen materials making their way on stage and mind-bending technologies to create humongous and transforming decor elements.

A Story About Our Home

ECHO is a story about evolution and the symbiotic unions our future depends on. Poetry, stagecraft, daring acrobatics and technologies come together in an exploration of the precious balance between humans and animals in the world we share.

As they navigate the phases of evolution, our main female protagonist Future and our characters learn that their actions have the power to shape the world. Inspired to collaborate, they come together to rebuild our planet piece by piece, creating the world we all want to live in.

Fueled by the power of invention, the hope of the youth and the importance of empathy, ECHO invites the audience to step in a universe of color, wonder and infinite possibilities.

Leaving Our Mark

Environment, sustainability and keeping our home planet hospitable for future generations has been a priority for the Cirque family for a long time. Our goal to do better bred new types of innovations in many aspects of our work.

Cumulating over 35 years of touring experience, our impact on the planet was something we quickly aimed to reduce, it is at the heart of our development and innovations. For many years, we have had an internal program in place, created to reduce the impact of our activities and to aid in the fight against climate change. For instance, on tour, we try to make use of the host city’s power supply system rather than using generators and we changed the color of our Big Top to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. To top it all off, we launched programs to enhance our products sustainability, increase our costume life cycles and work with more responsible suppliers.

How to attend in Montreal

ECHO will be presented in Montreal for its world premiere from April 20th until August 20th, 2023. We’re then headed to Washington, DC from September 6th to October 22nd, 2023!

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The tour schedule will be announced shortly; see if ECHO will be stopping in your city!

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