Things to do in Los Angeles

Tours in Los Angeles

Buckle up and get ready to meet the real LA. These Los Angeles tours get to the heart of the city, landmarks, and beloved celebrities included.

Visiting a city as storied as LA is beyond exciting, but with big stories comes enormous responsibility — deciding how to spend your time, that is. There are so many things to do in LA.

Rather than struggling to build an itinerary from scratch, book these Los Angeles tours and explore hidden gems, cultural landmarks, and top-rated eateries with a local as your guide.

Bus Tours

Los Angeles bus tours put someone else in the driver’s seat so you can sit back, relax, and take in the sights.

1. Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood

For more than a century, Warner Bros. has been thrilling audiences with universes of superheroes, boy wizards, and Manhattan BFFs. Now you can hop from one world to another in mere seconds, thanks to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood.

The basic Studio Tour is a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to make movies. Given all the movie theatres in Los Angeles, this is especially important. The Classics Tour concentrates on the early days of WB, when James Dean and Bette Davis ruled. Upgrade your tour for more time on sets belonging to hits like the Big Bang Theory and lunch at an updated version of Central Perk.

2. Starline Tours’ Hop-On Hop-Off

One of the few hurdles standing between tourists and an unforgettable vacation in LA is parking. The other? Traffic. You avoid dealing with both when you do your sightseeing on one of Starline Tours’ Hop-On Hop-Off buses.

The concept is simple. You buy one ticket good for 24, 48, or 72 hours, and then you hop (literal jumping not required) from location to location on either the Hollywood, Santa Monica, or downtown LA routes.

The open-air double-decker buses ensure you won’t miss out on glimpses of Tom Hanks as he saunters into a Starbucks, and the flexibility of going where you want, when you want, can’t be beat.

Photographer: Oxana Melis

3. Celebrity Homes Tour

Scouting out A-list abodes is such a treasured pastime for tourists in LA, and there are multiple companies eager to help you out. The Original Celebrity Tour title belongs to Starline.

Since 1935, this busy business has been taking passengers all around famous neighborhoods like Beverly Hills, Mulholland Drive, and the Sunset Strip, past stars’ homes and historical sites like Whisky A Go-Go and the Capitol Records Building.

The Big Bus Tours Celebrity Homes Tour is 2 hours of door-to-door gawking. You’ll see the current and former homes of people like Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Kylie Jenner, and Madonna, plus iconic spots like Rodeo Drive and Universal Overlook.

4. 1-Day Hollywood/Universal Studios Tour from Los Angeles

Think of Golden Bus Tours’ 1-day, all-LA jaunt as a way to visit all the greatest hits in one fell swoop. Universal Studios is the main course.

With attractions like King Kong 360 3D and The Simpsons virtual roller coaster on tap, Universal has earned top billing. But the tour also includes stops along Hollywood Boulevard, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and TCL Chinese Theatre.

Yes, it’s one of the most popular Los Angeles studio tours, but you also get out and about to get your finger on the pulse of Hollywood central.

Photographer: Emanuel Ekström

5. Hollywood Sign Tour from Los Angeles

You can see the Hollywood Sign by foot, by e-bike, or even by helicopter. But one of the best ways to enjoy your day out is to book a bus tour that includes a side trip straight to the top and get a bird’s-eye view of the city. Look for tours that advertise a stop at the Hollywood Sign Overlook.

You probably won’t find a company making a dedicated run, but who minds a stop by Rodeo or Universal Studios Hollywood along the way? Or, if you don’t mind a bit of a hike, you can take a DASH bus to the Griffith Observatory and stroll up to the sign under your own power.

Culture & Entertainment Tours

Fine-tune your City of Angels pop culture itinerary with Los Angeles tour packages that are focused on the most titillating and entertaining parts of this animated city.

6. TMZ Selfie Tour

Purse those lips, prep your filters, and make sure your outfit of the day is ‘Gram ready. The TMZ Selfie Tour is in full effect, and it’s your time to shine. With your perfect pose at the ready and sites like the Walk of Fame, the Paramount Studio gates, and the Paul Smith Pink Wall as your backdrop, viral fame is just a few clicks away.

Afraid your tour will be all style, no substance? Fear not, friend. The 2-hour Selfie Tour includes outings through Hollywood, West Hollywood, and Beverly Hills, as well as tons of tidbits and gossip from guides who seem to have the inside track.

7. Los Angeles Club Crawl

LA is full of glitzy venues guarded by burly doormen trained to let in only those people lucky enough to be on The List. Lucky for you, tickets for the Los Angeles Club Crawl automatically puts you on some of the most sought-after lists in the city.

You’re now a Very Important Person, which grants you immediate access to The Reserve, Exchange LA, Clifton’s, and a slew of other hotspots that promise a night of a thousand funs.

8. The LA Instagram Tour

Social media stardom is all about snagging the perfect pic, over and over again. Sure, you can find some of these areas on your own, but not with the help of a guide who dispenses trivia, snacks, and cold beverages along the way.

The 4-hour Amazing Instagram Photo Tour includes stops at The Angels Wings Mura, the Berlin Wall segments along Wilshire, the Urban Lights Exhibit, the Beverly Hills sign, and other landmarks that are quintessentially LA This is the tour your followers have been waiting for, and a driver chauffeuring you and your BFFs around, you’re free to edit your snaps as you go.

Photographer: David Vives

9. Starline Tours of Hollywood

Starline Tours is a sort of jack-of-all-trades bus line that takes tourists all around the great city of LA The hop-on, hop-off option (mentioned in more detail above) is just one of the many tours on top.

The LA/Hollywood tour is 3 hours of guided exploration, including a 30-minute stop for the Griffith Observatory guided tour, while the private LA City Tour lets you curate a trip that speaks directly to the preferences of your group.

Your teens want to see some celebrity homes? Easy peasy. You want to window shop along Rodeo Drive? Consider it done. The resident foodie wants to grab fresh peaches at a farmer’s market? Check, check, and check!

Art & History Tours

The city of Los Angeles goes back hundreds of years to a time when the land was inhabited by the indigenous Tongva people. Half a dozen centuries later, all that history and change has swirled into a melting pot of culture and art. And, to the surprise of many, not all of that art lives on the big screen.

10. Art Muse Los Angeles

Art Muse Los Angeles isn’t a place, but a collection of people. Artists, art historians, and educators have come together to bring their shared passion to the public through private and public tours of some of the best cultural enclaves in LA Gallery tours along La Brea and Wilshire, William Blake readings at the Getty Center, field trips focused on studying the work of female artists in California — just a few examples of tours run under the auspices of Art Muse.

11. Literary History Tour of Los Angeles

All your most treasured TV shows and movies start with one very important document: a script. Once you realize that, it makes total sense that LA would be home to just as many brilliant writers as it is a homing beacon for talented actors.

The Literary History Tour of Los Angeles introduces visitors to the childhood homes, beloved bars, and coffeehouse workshops favored by giants like Raymond Chandler, James M. Cain, and Charles Bukowski.

Outdoors & Adventure Tours

When you’re ready for a break from the hustle and bustle, book one of these Los Angeles tours for one of the most unique things to do in Los Angeles that take you away from lights, camera, and action and toward grass, rocks, and water. And, in one case, protected airspace.

12. Bikes and Hikes LA

Sometimes the world goes by pretty fast, and if you don’t slow down, you could miss it. This is especially frustrating if the events you’re missing include seeing Kelly Osborne unpacking her groceries or having enough time to order a latte at the Coffee Bean that once hosted by Perez Hilton.

Opting for biking and hiking tours of LA ensures your visit moves at a slower pace. You get in your daily dose of exercise while enjoying a hike to the Hollywood Sign or a few laps of 90210 out in the SoCal sunshine.

The Hollywood Sign in California.

13. Rose Bowl Stadium Tours

The last Friday of every month is a special day for college football fans, because it’s the one day reserved for public Rose Bowl Stadium Tours. Guests get to fulfill their fantasy of being a player in the original 1922 locker room, plus up-close-and-personal looks at the actual field.

There are also VIP tours available for anyone with deep pockets and a desire for exclusive access. You’ll cover everything on the public tour, plus dip into the press box and luxury suites — you know, all the TLC a VIP like you deserves!

14. Handlebar Bike Tours

Okay, first things first. If you’ve always aspired to ride on the handlebars of a bike while your buddy steers, then have at it. But Handlebar Bike Tours doesn’t really require any gravity-defying balancing acts like ours. You just need to mount up, strap your helmet on, and join the flow of bikers gliding around the best parts of LA

The main route is a 2.5-hour loop that starts and ends at Grand Central Market. Most of the terrain is flare and easy to navigate, so you can concentrate on eyeballing sights like LA Live, the Music Center, and the colorful displays in Little Tokyo.

15. Orbic Air Helicopter Tours

Check two things off your bucket list with a Los Angeles helicopter tour that gets you up in a whirlybird and gives you an unmatched view of the City of Angels. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s

Orbic Air Helicopter Tours giving you a chance to make like a falcon and swoop over landmarks like the Hollywood Sign, million-dollar homes in Beverly Hills, and Griffith Park.

Orbic also one-ups its competitors by offering the only downtown landing experience in LA Choose that package, and you’ll whizz by Dodger Stadium, the Griffith Observatory, and Walt Disney Concert Hall before landing in the middle of the LA skyline like the rockstar you are.

16. Sunset Ranch Hollywood

Giddyup! It’s time to swap out stilettos and suits in favor of a saddle and spurs. Sunset Ranch Hollywood offers a different kind of tour — instead of buses and bikes, you’ll be on horseback.

Tours range from a simpler jaunt up Mulholland, with views of the LA Basin and the Hollywood Sign, to a longer evening tour that allows you to witness the glory and sparkle of Los Angeles at dusk.

17. 1-Day Joshua Tree National Park Tour

Bright lights and big-city vibes are wonderful, but when it’s time to step away and head back to nature for a few hours, the desert awaits. Book a 1-Day Joshua Tree National Park Tour and reintroduce yourself to Mother Nature. It’s part educational experience — you’ll learn all about the trees and the terrain — part wilderness retreat, and 100% fun.

There’s even a side trip to the Richard Nixon Library & Museum for history buffs who like their outdoor adventures with a side of political nostalgia.

Photographer: James Lee

Culinary Tours

Any time you bring together people from all over the world to create a city bursting with life, there’s going to be an incredible patchwork of cuisines fueling the fun. These Los Angeles tours for foodies combine sightseeing with lots of eating — just what every sushi-craving, sandwich-adoring tourist needs.

18. Melting Pot Food Tours

Getting to know Los Angeles one big bite at a time is way more satisfying than simply thumbing through a guidebook. Melting Pot Food Tours offers a diverse slate of tour options that takes participants to farmers markets, Old Pasadena, East LA (home of some of the best Latin food in the U.S.), and Thai Town, but that’s just the beginning.

Themed journeys take you to the top Italian joints or along the oceanfront. Quench your desire for master chef-created dishes that help you understand the people of LA through the food they create.

19. Downtown LA Food Tour

The downtown LA food scene is one of the most progressive in the city, and it warrants a generous appetite and your full attention. The Downtown LA Food Tour includes five stops ranging from an authentic French boulangerie to a quaint, family-run Korean joining to a trattoria stocked with handmade pasta.

In between samples, you’ll get to see LA landmarks like the Biltmore Hotel and the Bradbury Building. If you can hear your tour guide over the sound of your very happy tummy, you’ll pick up some fascinating facts about the area and maybe even get some tips on where you should eat later on once you get your second wind.

20. 1-Day Los Angeles City Tour and Movie Stars' Homes from Los Angeles

Supersize your star addiction with a 1-Day Los Angeles City Tour that includes a cruise by movie stars’ homes. It’s a whopping 6 hours and 3 minutes of sheer entertainment. Zip down Sunset Strip, peer at the window at the legendary Third Street Promenade, and see what it looks like when the leading man from last summer’s blockbuster mows his lawn.

Embark on Your LA Adventure!

With a city as electric as LA even the most basic Los Angeles tour can feel like a life-changing undertaking. Once your bus, bike, or horseback ride is over, continue on with the theme of creative, awe-inspiring capers and head to one of our shows in Los Angeles.

Our productions are known for heart-pounding action and breathtaking artistry that provoke a visceral response. In other words, this is a show you’ll feel in every bone of your body and remember for years to come. Book a seat today and become part of the performance.

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