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Best Live Music in Montreal

Turn up the volume. Montreal’s live music scene is filled with tunes you’ll want to sing along to.

Take a walk in Montreal on a clear day, and you might just catch the whisper of a melody. Here, the streets sing.

Local artists make a stage out of every corner, pouring their soulful tunes into the breezy sky. There are plenty of things to do in Montreal. But in a city like this, everything's better with a song.

When the music calls your name, don’t hesitate to follow. Here’s where to catch concerts in Montreal.


The bustling heart of Montreal hums with harmonies thanks to these lively venues.

1. Place des Arts

As visual storytellers ourselves, we love a venue where tales come to life on stage. At Place des Arts, orchestral ensembles share their stories through symphonies dripping with drama and intense emotions.

Dynamic shows blend genres to please music lovers of every stripe, while multimedia performances make for delightful family outings.

Photographer: Manny Fortin

2. Centre Bell

Just off Crescent Street, Centre Bell draws massive crowds of dedicated music lovers. When the hockey rink comes down, and the spotlights go up, music wafts across the space, high into the Montreal air.

When you're seated among thousands of your fellow fans, the songs you love take on new meaning. Add your voice to the chorus as the lights strobe by, and the special effects take the tunes to new heights.

With our past performances orchestrated on this stage, we know it all too well — which is why it's one of our favorite spots for live music in Montreal.


MTELUS venue is a stage set for a superstar. Guests file under a glittering marquee to take their places before an ascending stage. Concert anticipation builds higher and higher before the lights dim at this classic concert venue. Alternative, reggae, rock — you name it, you’ll find it on the MTELUS calendar.

4. Club Soda

Once a cabaret music hall, Club Soda traded its jazzy tunes for bass-boosting jams that keep the crowd jumping. Concert-goers cozy up on the main floor, where the stage rises high and the spotlights turn up the heat. There’s never a bad view from the upper levels, where a bird' s-eye view makes for a spectacular site in this historic space.

5. Société des arts technologiques

Technology and music collide in this futuristic concert hall. Société des arts technologiques skips the planetarium in favor of a full-sensory projection room that doubles as a spectacular music venue.

Take your seat under this magnificent dome for a show unlike any other. Fantastical scenes and patterns rush across the screen from every direction as the music moves you, resulting in a performance straight from an escapist’s fantasy.

6. Le Studio TD

The intimate space and sizeable stage at Le Studio TD ensures there are no bad seats. Warm lighting keeps the stage bright as harmonies flow from the speakers. And with some of Montreal’s best restaurants nearby, there’s no excuse not to make a night of it.

Local indie groups and internationally acclaimed artists dot the calendar, and you can count on tasty drinks and good music whenever you go.

7. L’Olympia

A city like Montreal is ripe with a storied history. Here, relics of decades past remain celebrated figures. One historic building stands proud in its backstory.

Drenched in red, L’Olympia Theater draws the curtains on its moody auditorium for spirited nightly shows. Whether it's drum-heavy rock shows or emotional acoustic sets, every note rings loud and clear.

8. Le National

Creaky wood floors and regal red walls recall Le National's earliest days, but this venue’s golden age has yet to come to an end. Home to Broadway hits and burlesque divas, this stage remains a haven for Montreal’s diverse music scene. Heavy metal often pours from the speakers, making the ruby seats shake while stiff drinks ripple.

9. La Tulipe

At first glance, La Tulipe is a portal to an era long passed. But while this theater retains its early-1900s roots, it also boasts a pleasantly modern lineup. Past the glittering marquee, a dual-level seating area offers exquisite views of the happenings onstage.

This bar is Le National’s sister venue, and rock bands frequently rule the stage. You might even catch a swinging jazz special from time to time.

10. Bar Le Ritz PDB

One glance at Bar Le Ritz PDB reveals an ordinary, unassuming hole in the wall. But this place is more than meets the eye, and that’s why we like it. Beneath the nondescript brick facade is a kaleidoscope of color crowned by a swinging chandelier.

Rainbow stripes and neon strobes light up creative cocktails and cheery crowds. A blend of local up-and-comers and world-renowned artists grace the stage here. Most weekends, the DJ team Super Taste puts on throwback and pop-inspired DJ soirées. This tucked-away venue has something for everyone because variety is the spice of life, after all.

Quartier des Spectacles

City culture blooms bright in the Quartier des Spectacles. Take in the sights and sounds where creativity abounds.

11. Foufounes Électriques

Few things are what they seem at Foufounes Électriques. The garden-style decor brings the outdoors in, and intentional graffiti spruces the place up. The venue is dimly lit and charmingly rustic, and you won't find a place more unapologetically punk in this city.

Stop by for a drink, a show, and a game of pool. This spot is also a proud participant of Pouzza Fest, a punk-rock music festival that graces Montreal with sweet electric guitar riffs each year.


Trendy streets spark inventive sounds in this hip neighborhood.

12. La Sala Rossa

Small plates and swinging bands are on the menu at this tapas bar. One-third of a set of close-knit venues in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, La Sala Rossa draws crowds eager for the music and the mouthwatering tapas. Think grilled squid, thin-sliced ham, and chorizo. Its stage features a wide range of applause-worthy music.

13. Casa del Popolo

Another piece of the Mont-Royal trifecta, Casa del Popolo is more than a music venue. Pop in for a pint and a satisfying vegan meal, and you might catch a stunning show while you’re at it.

Local indie bands are a staple at this spot. Regular gigs showcase the wholly original artists prowling Montreal’s music scene, and their universal feelings strike a chord in passionate bar-goers.

14. L’Escogriffe Bar Spectacle

Aptly named, this spirited venue truly is a sight to see. L’Escogriffe Bar Spectacle is a subterranean haven for Montreal’s punk scene. This red-hued pub packs a larger-than-life spirit into a small and mighty space.

Lively crowds sip boozy drinks from a well-stocked bar before settling in for the nightly show. Brilliant musicians get the people jumping along with heavy drums and dynamic guitars. With your inner punk persona unleashed, you’re in for an energetic experience.

15. Quai des Brumes

Ambience is an art form at Quai des Brumes. Wooden tables make comfy spots to sip a drink, just steps from the central stage. With the lights dimmed, stained glass details cast the room in an eternally rosy glow.

A steady stream of folk music and jazz notes pour from these windows. Banjos, mandolins, and upright basses add their signature twang to the air. It doesn’t get better than Quai des Brumes for lively melodies and warm spirits.

16. Barfly

Country music fans in Canada can rejoice because Barfly has brought its rustic allure to the city. While a country bar might be a surprising addition to your list of things to do in Montreal, one trip to Barfly will make it make sense. A slice of rural life burns bright at this eclectic watering hole.

Walls decked with local memorabilia reveal a well-loved space, and Barfly has become a neighborhood staple. Fans of classic dive bars will find all the elements in place here with fantastic bluegrass sessions and strong drinks.

17. Le Ministère

Le Ministère is an unassuming venue that awes unsuspecting guests with its wide array of musical guests, stately facade, and slight dance floor. This is a space for experimentation and pushing the bounds of live performances.

No matter where you sit, you’re close to the action in this small venue. Shows here are transformative, innovative, and slightly euphoric.

18. Turbo Haüs

Turbo Haüs’s Instagram bio says it’s a “cocktail bar that puts on shows for bands [they] like.” It’s a pro-dance and anti-mosh music venue with a DIY aesthetic. This popular stop hosts weekly open mic nights and jam nights. One thing’s for sure, a night spent at Turbo Haüs is sure to be a good time.

Mile End

Expect chic beats and chill crowds from shows in this hip neighborhood.

19. Théâtre Fairmount

A small venue with big charm, Théâtre Fairmount draws cool crowds ready to groove. The low stage adds an easy familiarity to every performance. At times, it’s like they’re playing just for you.

Generous bartenders serve up shots and spirits to thirsty concert-goers. Take a seat, or sway to the beat as the show rolls on. Musical experiences of all sorts abound here.


Up-and-coming acts make a sneaky scene in a neighborhood that's one of Montreal's hidden gems.

20. Théâtre Beanfield

A vintage movie theater setting adds a rare flair to concert nights. Théâtre Beanfield retains its original ornate details. Neon stage lights bounce off intricate ceiling details while the intimate layout gets you up close and personal with the artist onstage.

On-site bars offer quiet moments away from the crowd to take in the venue’s architecture, warm and lamplit against the cold air outside.

Old Montreal

Let the music in this neighborhood carry you into another era.

21. PHI Centre

PHI Centre sits at the intersection of art, music, and technology. This creative hub draws artists from every niche. The result is a carnival of imaginative expression we’d be proud to call our own.

Electronic music finds worthy representation in this space. Digital beats guided by visual splendor create a wholly immersive trip through sight and sound. Escape into this full-sensory wonderland, and observe firsthand the stunning interplay between art and music.

Downtown Jazz Hubs

Bounce and swing to the beat of jazz bars in Montreal.

22. Upstairs Jazz Bar & Grill

At this snazzy spot, casual chic is a way of life. Upstairs Jazz Bar & Grill brings the rhythm to Montreal’s masses with its nightly jam sessions. Hip cats serenade trendy crowds in this cozy space.

Indulge in upscale bar fare as you look and listen. Calamari and thick-cut fries fulfill decadent cravings, while earthy beers make tasty, sippable companions.

23. Dièse Onze

Snug quarters and low lighting make every night an intimate affair at the Dièse Onze. Sprightly piano ditties and moody bass bars add to the air of intrigue. Romance abounds here, where the brick-walled room is threaded with good vibes and a touch of mystery.

A hearty bistro menu keeps patrons happily satiated while the band bops along. The busy bar serves up classic cocktails for warmth-seekers looking to complement the evening.


Montreal’s distant neighbor has a notable live music scene of its own.

24. Place Bell

Just across the river, Laval is lush with nature and neoclassical architecture. For live shows, locals head indoors to take their seats at Place Bell. When hockey games aren’t on the calendar, this hockey rink becomes a stage where some of your favorite acts have performed.

Lively crowds keep the space bouncing along to music of every genre. Up-and-comers and acclaimed artists have graced this stage. Concerts here are inventive experiments with sound and heartfelt journeys through nostalgia.

Discovering Montreal’s Live Music Mosaic: A Journey Through Sound and Culture

Montreal is a city with something to say. For those willing to listen, inspired voices ring out in a chorus of colorful sounds. With open ears and an open mind, this city's ensemble has plenty of room. Invite your other senses to the feast with live shows of a different stripe.

Our troupe of acrobats is an eclectic bunch with one thing in common: a staunch dedication to stunning performances. Powerful visuals and thrilling physical feats color every show for a storytelling experience unlike any other.

A charming cast of characters and heartwarming moments make these tales memorable. And in a city of music, orchestral scores draw audiences in by the ears.

Can you hear it? The circus is calling. Come see our shows in Montreal today.

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