Life is a Circus

Life is a Circus

Our ever-expanding collective desire to keep pushing our creativity to new limits has made Cirque du Soleil the leader of global live entertainment for many years. And now we are seeking out the extraordinary from the ordinary and telling the amazing stories we collected around the world.

Our platform and our voice allow us to showcase the everyday people that consistently push the established boundaries of art and surpass themselves through creativity. We’ve set out to find creators, artists, rule-breakers, and innovators whose voices we wanted to amplify with a brand-new web series.

Turning trash into sidewalk galleries, exploring your indigenous identity by way of becoming one with nature, challenging the codes of a centuries-old art form: nothing is off limits when you let your spirit run free. Through Cirque du Soleil’s lenses, discover an awe-inducing series that will take you on a worldwide journey.

Life is a Circus showcases the fans, the creatives, the places, and the moments that channel Cirque du Soleil’s unique DNA. If you ever wondered how easy it would be to break out of your mundane routine, you simply must follow their lead! Through intimate interviews, you will enjoy a deep dive into our subjects’ out-of-this-world normality.

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Episode 1 – Imilla Skate

Don’t be fooled by their colorful clothes, the phenomenal skateboarders of Imilla Skate bring modernity and militancy to their Andean traditions.  

Episode 2 – UÝRA

What is this creature, bringing plants and animals into one? UÝRA explores their indigenous roots through art in the Amazonian regions of Brazil.

Coming soon:

Episode 3 – Benoit Paillé

A true nomad, Benoit Paillé scours the world with his trusty camera to seize every wonderful moment he comes across and share his unique view of the world.  

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