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Lakes Near Las Vegas

Explore lakes near Las Vegas, from Lake Mead to Lake Las Vegas and Lake Mohave. With water sports and wonderful views, Vegas Lakes have lots to offer!

Lakes near Las Vegas provide a much-needed place to relax and unwind beyond the dazzling lights of the bustling city. Embark on an adventure with us to discover the breathtaking Nevada Lakes just outside Las Vegas, where nature showcases its mesmerizing beauty.

From exploring the luxury of Lake Las Vegas to the wilds of Lake Mohave and Lake Mead, there are so many things to do in Las Vegas. Get ready for to explore the nearby lakes around Las Vegas.

Lake Las Vegas

One of the most unexpected yet fun activities to do while in Las Vegas is visit the city’s lake.

Lake Las Vegas may provide a peaceful backdrop, but adventure awaits on this man-made reservoir located less than a 35-minute drive from downtown Las Vegas.

Here, you can kayak, paddleboard, ride on a Duffy Boat, or even experience the water in a new way with a unique fly board and jetpack experience.

If you'd rather take in the beautiful surroundings with a drink in your hand, check out the cruise options. Taking a trip on La Contessa's yacht is a great way to explore the 320 acres of Lake Las Vegas without getting your feet wet.

As you gaze out, witness the sights of the surrounding luxury lakeside apartments and resorts. It's the perfect way to chill out before heading to one of our dazzling shows in the evening, and it will make your heart race or your mind begin to dream the unimaginable.

Once you're done strolling by the artificial lake, walk The Village for shopping and dining opportunities that are sure to blow your mind. A trip to Lake Las Vegas is the perfect way to treat yourself to a little luxury during your stay in Sin City.

1. Lake Las Vegas Marina

Lake Las Vegas Marina offers a variety of rentals, from pontoon boats to kayaks, to help you explore the lake with your family or friends. This is the perfect place for those new to water sports activities to find their sea legs.

Have you ever heard of an electric hydrofoil surfboard? Sometimes known as an e-foil, these electrically powered boards are the world's smallest personal watercraft.

Whether you're an experienced surfer or this is your first try, you're sure to have a surf-tastic time when you take one of the lessons offered by certified instructors at Lake Las Vegas Marina.

Photographer: Thomas Haas

Lake Mead

As the largest reservoir in the United States, Lake Mead supplies Las Vegas with vital water and acts as a playground for outdoor enthusiasts.

The shoreline, adorned with sandy beaches and hidden coves, invites picnickers, sunbathers, and nature lovers alike to revel in the beauty of the desert meeting the water. Less than 25 miles from Las Vegas, Lake Mead is a great place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

2. Echo Bay

There are plenty of outdoor activities near Vegas you can enjoy. Bring your rods and nets, because Echo Bay is the ideal fishing destination. Cast your line for walleye, northern pike, and smallmouth bass. The bay is accessible by road, and you're welcome to bring your RV or even a tent.

There's a small fee of $20 to camp, but it includes access to restrooms, water, firepits, and grills for cooking up your catch! If you want to explore a little further from this base beside the largest Vegas lake, take a drive up Northshore Road.

This scenic drive allows you to see red rock formations that characterize the region's fascinating geology. Stop off at one of the many picnic areas to enjoy lunch with a great view.

3. Boulder Beach

If you're looking to get active on a lake in Las Vegas, Boulder Beach is a great place to start! Here, you can canoe, kayak, or zip around on a Jet Ski. There are also great opportunities for exploring the area on foot — the River Mountains Loop Trail passes nearby and offers more than 30 miles of even, paved hiking.

If you keep walking far enough, you'll reach the Historic Railroad Trail, which offers a few miles of easy gravel hiking in and around the southern hills of Lake Mead. Check out the tunnels that once allowed trains to pass through the rocky terrain.

There's a campground at Boulder Beach that's open all year round and has restrooms, firepits, and more. As the name suggests, plenty of beaches can be found here, although the sandy shores can be a little stony. Pack your sandals!

4. Overton Arm

The Overton Arm of Lake Mead stretches 32.9 miles between the Virgin and Muddy Rivers to the lake's Virgin Basin. This quieter part of Lake Mead is perfect for people looking to experience the rugged beauty of the desert landscape. Enjoy the contrast between the waters and the arid plains that stretch to the horizon.

5. Kingman Wash

The road to reach it is rough, but Kingman Wash is a fantastic place to get away from the Las Vegas crowds. Camp out here to fish, kayak, or stare at the waters of Lake Mead. You'll likely see burros and possibly even sheep.

There's not a lot of shade here — this is desert terrain at its most stark. It's stunningly beautiful, but don't forget the sunscreen. Camp in the wilderness with fire pits available, providing some conveniences for an easier stay amidst nature.

Visitors report that the area has good cell service. However, we'd recommend setting your status to do not disturb, turning off your phone, and making the most of being in this natural paradise.

We'd recommend powering your phone back on to capture the beautifull views during sunset.

You’ve taken to the water — now, take to the sky. Discover the thrilling speed of the roller coasters in Las Vegas.

6. Boulder Basin

To the north of the mighty Hoover Dam lies the wide-open Boulder Basin. The dramatic landscape here was formed by volcanic flows thousands of years before the dam was built, and the area was developed to manage the water supply for Las Vegas — and create an artificial lake for everyone to enjoy.

Boulder Basin is the deepest part of Lake Mead, perfect for boating and fishing. You'll feel a sense of freedom as the rugged cliffs and expansive vistas create an almost cinematic experience.

Photographer: Nathan Roser

7. Virgin Basin

Virgin Basin is the middle part of Lake Mead, east of Boulder Basin and the Hoover Dam. Imagine the stories those rivers could tell!

8. Temple Bar

Temple Bar Marina serves the easternmost Basin of Lake Mead, Temple Basin. Here, you can rent electric boats or kayaks for fun on the water, but be aware that the boat launch may sometimes be closed due to water levels.

However, there's still plenty of recreation to be had here, from the Temple View Hiking Trail to lakeside cabins offering beautiful views over the lake. Grab a bite to eat at the seasonal café, or pick up charcoal from the store to grill your own grub.

The skies here are as black as ink, so expect a starry extravaganza on clear nights. Lie back on the beach and see how many constellations you can pick out, or simply enjoy the splash of the Milky Way across the sky.

With such amazing opportunities for stargazing and bird-watching, Temple Bar is a truly special place you'll want to visit again and again.

Photographer: Jordan Lymon

Lake Mohave

Lake Mohave is a hidden jewel tucked away in the picturesque landscapes of the Mojave Desert. It's a visual spectacle that can almost rival our performances!

One of the most famous features of Lake Mohave is the aptly named Arizona Hot Springs, situated along the Arizona side of the Colorado River, which feeds into Lake Mohave. Accessible via a hike through a stunning slot canyon, these hot springs provide a natural spa experience in a secluded setting.

9. Willow Beach

Sure, you can drive to Willow Beach, but if you'd rather take the scenic route, why not take a guided raft or kayak trip along the canyon from Hoover Dam? You'll encounter waterfalls, secluded coves, and hot springs along the way.

Once you arrive at Willow Beach, you'll find a mixture of rocky and sandy beaches to enjoy. After all the excitement of one of our heart-stopping shows, this is the perfect place to relax and experience a whole other kind of awe.

Here's a useful local tip: The Willow Beach Fish Hatchery, located just north of the marina, usually releases a new batch of rainbow trout on Fridays. Get there early to pick your spot on the fishing pier and maximize your catch!

Photographer: lvneon

10. Cottonwood Cove

Fancy waking up to a sunrise over the water? Rent a room at the Cottonwood Cove Motel, or bring your RV to enjoy a fully hooked-up pitch. There's a café offering meals, snacks, and drinks to sip while you gaze over the water.

If you prefer more primitive camping, that's also available in the nearby area, so you can get back to basics within just a short drive of the bright lights of Las Vegas. If you have time, you could even pay a visit to the nearby Nevada town of Searchlight, which is steeped in mining history.

The Searchlight Museum can tell you all about its turbulent past, including the personal stories of local residents who have gone on to achieve success in the Senate and to win Academy Awards.

Exploring the Waters: A Final Reflection on Lakes Near Las Vegas

As the sun sets over the water, it's time for our tour of lakes near Las Vegas to come to a close. We hope that Lake Las Vegas, Lake Mead, and Lake Mohave have wowed you with their range of activities.

Dry yourself off, and head back to downtown and continue your exploration of the bustling city — rest assured, there are plenty of outdoor activities in Las Vegas still waiting to be explored.

Don't forget to book your tickets for one of our shows in Las Vegas, which will blow your mind all over again. Take a seat and immerse yourself in a wild, mind-shattering night of acrobatics and storytelling. We can't wait to see you there.

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