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Karaoke in San Francisco

The spotlight’s waiting when you immerse yourself in karaoke in San Francisco. Share your soul and your voice at these fun karaoke bars and lounges.

Here in San Francisco, you're encouraged to express yourself any way you prefer — and if that involves holding a mic and singing your heart out, so much the better! We're 100% into artistic creativity and moving performances, so of course we love the SF karaoke oasis.

Looking for a dance party? Karaoke is one of the best things to do in San Francisco. Do you want to book a private room for the sheer joy of singing with people you love, or are you ready to strut your stuff under the spotlight before an adoring crowd? Take a look at this list of the best karaoke in San Francisco.

Dance and Party Karaoke

Get the party started at these hot spots that rev up your energy to a level of visceral excitement that defies description.

Slate Bar

DJ Purple’s Dance Karaoke brings the energy every Thursday at Slate Bar in the Mission District. House cocktails keep everyone in high spirits, and the pyrotechnics and light show make this karaoke in SF a truly out-of-this-world, high-octane experience.

Expect to burn some serious calories, as you’ll be dancing here, not just watching. Slate features cushy chairs and sofas around the room for you to catch your breath and enjoy your drink, but save the sitting for our show!

The whole bar gets in on the fun, so you can expect enthusiasm, cheers, and dancing for every set — and this is a great bar to come to with a large group. Yes, you can plan special events here—office parties, bachelorette parties, or birthday celebrations are all welcome.

Slate Bar also hosts happy hour for your pregame fueling up as well as open mic comedy, private events, and drag shows, plus live music on the weekends.

Photographer: Alex Voulgaris

DJ Purple Dance Karaoke

When you head to Slate Bar, you’re in the house of DJ Purple Dance Karaoke, one of the true superstars of karaoke in SF. You’ll also find DJ Purple spinning tunes and laying down the beat at Tupelo, a North Beach dive hangout that pairs Southern cooking with high-energy fun.

Unlike most karaoke venues, where one sad song can bring down the mood, DJ Purple keeps everything upbeat and high momentum. The playbook of songs is skillfully curated to get everyone on their feet, and DJ Purple mixes smoothly from one song to the next, so there’s no downtime at all.

When he breaks out his saxophone to back you up, you’ll feel like you’re headlining your own stadium tour — or just wait till he busts out the harmonica on the right song. DJ Purple is such a fixture in SF karaoke that he even kept vibes running high during lockdown with his unbelievably popular Zoomaroke.

He’s an encouraging presence for those who’ve never sung in public before, making everyone feel like a superstar and providing the backup (and the harmonies). Should you meet that special someone at Tupelo or Slate Bar, DJ Purple even performs karaoke weddings.

Silver Cloud Restaurant & Karaoke Bar

You can always scratch your karaoke itch at Silver Cloud Restaurant & Karaoke Bar, located in the heart of the Marina District. The music runs nonstop through the late evening with a friendly vibe — sign up early to sing because you’ll find plenty of people ready to strut their stuff.

In between songs, there are plenty of games in the arcade in the back to grab your attention. Bartenders pour with a generous hand, and the place is happy to set up a private party for you.

A seasonal menu features locally sourced produce, meats, and seafood in clever California cuisine dishes — and yes, you can come back for weekend brunch. Don’t miss happy hour, where zesty appetizers and oysters pair with specialty cocktails to rev you up before you grab the microphone.

This family-owned spot is, not surprisingly, a fave of the locals, who also show up to watch sports or enjoy alternative music.

Cozy and Intimate Karaoke

Smaller karaoke venues bring a cozy vibe, sometimes even a hint of romance. Check out these intimate spots that are ideal for a fun evening with friends.

Festa Karaoke Bar

Relaxing and welcoming — That’s what you can expect at Festa Karaoke Bar, a wine and cocktail lounge in Japantown that keeps things intimate.

It's so intimate, in fact, you can even book a private room just for yourself if you need to sing your soul out alone. Or reserve the whole place for a private party of a couple dozen people, and spread that feeling of warmth to your whole crew.

This tiny gem hosts karaoke every night of the week, and it never allows overcrowding, so come with a very small group. The bonus? You never have to wait long to sing, and you can hold on to that main-stage feeling for several songs at a time.

The bartenders shake up a handful of signature cocktails, including a lychee martini to die for, and this spot’s sake game is on point. If you read and speak Japanese, you’ll find yourself especially at home, since the Japanese songs in the karaoke mix are printed in the language.

Don’t be surprised if bartenders start singing backup for you — that’s how supportive the vibe is at Festa. Everyone’s here for fun. You won’t find anyone practicing their audition for The Voice, so you can relax and let go.

Bow Bow Cocktail Lounge

With more than 40,000 songs cued up and ready to play, you’ll always find a reason to take the stage at the Bow Bow Cocktail Lounge in Chinatown. Karaoke is happening every night of the week at this spot, with a local history (and fan base) going back more than 35 years.

The playlist stays up-to-date with the most recent hits and all your favorite classics. An ample cocktail menu keeps you well-fueled for your evening’s excitement, or you can choose from a strong list of top-shelf liquors.

True karaoke fans know the quality of the mic and speakers matters — and you’ll be happy with how you sound at Bow Bow. The casual, intimate vibe encourages you to let your hair down and have fun, so don’t be surprised when you start to recognize the regulars who’ve made this their home.

Friendly bartenders keep everyone smiling. They hand out free bags of chips with your beer, and you won’t have to wait long before you get to sing. Everyone chimes in on the favorites, creating a sense of camaraderie that’s rare and joyful.

Photographer: Andrea Badino

K-BOX Karaoke

Sing your heart out in an intimate party room at this karaoke bar in San Francisco. K-BOX Karaoke, located in Japantown, is happy to host private parties (think bachelorette) and work conferences or team-building events. Book ahead of time to take advantage of the professional-level karaoke equipment and sound system.

Finding the right song is easy here, thanks to the user-friendly search function, and everyone can pick up a tambourine to join in on the fun. Tracks give you the option to use backing vocals if you want a little support.

Multiple mics let you team up for duets, and there’s even a mic hanging from the ceiling to help you bring the drama. Have fun with the disco lights to create your own exciting vibe.

K-BOX serves liquor (mostly soju), and you can order boba, milk tea, and snacks to keep the party rolling. Relax on the sofas in each karaoke room to enjoy the intimate atmosphere.

Photographer: Javier Esteban

Private Karaoke Rooms in San Francisco

When you’re ready to party with your closest friends or your whole crew from work, private room karaoke brings together intimacy and fun. Take a look at some of SF’s top choices for an immersive, escapist karaoke experience.

Pandora Karaoke & Bar

Looking for a big, private karaoke room in San Francisco for your showstopper karaoke party? Pandora Karaoke & Bar offers 14 rooms that can hold up to 30 people, each with a different theme.

Make your party unforgettable when you choose rooms themed around your favorite libations such as Grey Goose, Hennessy, Jameson, and more.

You can also go for rooms that revolve around basketball, superheroes, or the color pink. Each room features dedicated lighting, and bottle service is available. A relaxing lounge and bar welcomes those who haven’t booked a private room, with communal karaoke available for that authentic rock star experience.

Once you’re in your private room, you have complete control over your unforgettable evening. Individual sound systems make it easy to choose your music from the 100,000-plus songs available, and you can even opt for the original recordings for backup from your favorite artists.

Tiny rooms are perfect for those wanting private vocal lessons, and each room comes with a dedicated cocktail server to keep the fun flowing. Pandora is an adults-only venue. While the bar doesn’t serve food, you can bring your own.

Sakesan Sushi & Bistro

It’s all about elegance at Sakesan Sushi & Bistro, which hosts two dedicated private karaoke rooms, located in the Richmond District. Each private karaoke room features a tatami dining table, where you’ll feast on fresh, high-quality sushi and sake.

Make sure to order the Gambler sushi roll, which arrives lit on fire, for a thrill, and come at happy hour for amazing raw oyster specials. Get ready to party when you book a private karaoke room here, since you’ll have a 3-hour minimum.

Both karaoke rooms feature a solid selection of your favorite songs, and the sound system is easy to use. It’s such a treat to enjoy great food at a karaoke spot, and Sakesan definitely makes a special evening feel complete.

Photographer: Mahmoud Fawzy

Karaoke With a Unique Twist

Comedy clubs in San Francisco aren’t the only entertainment in town. Sometimes you want to go extra. When you’re ready to defy conformity, head to one of these groundbreaking spots for some of the best karaoke in San Francisco.

The Mint Karaoke Lounge

For more than 30 years, San Francisco's The Mint has been serving up karaoke to a thrilled group of fans who are convinced they’ve found karaoke nirvana in Lower Haight.

This legendary bar is a diverse and inclusive spot known for its Pride Month celebrations and other LGBTQ events, and it regularly wins “Best Karaoke” awards in the city.

If you’re planning a major event for your company, organization, or friend group, The Mint offers dazzling partial and full buyout options that can accommodate up to 150 people. Now that’s an unforgettable party!

You can also rent tables in the bar, since there are no private rooms here — and you can even plan ahead by searching the song selection online before you arrive.

The Mint's audiences are supportive and encouraging; the KJs are outstanding; and amazing singers bring their best to the karaoke stage. Looking for food? Order sushi from next door, or have the food delivery service of your choice drop off your faves to make the evening complete.

E Plus Karaoke & Restaurant

Head toward the airport for yummy dining and fun karaoke at E Plus Karaoke. The menu offers combos that pair karaoke and your meal, and depending on the size of your group, you may qualify for discounts on the private karaoke rooms, as well.

Three private rooms let you host up to 20 people at a time — though you may be so occupied with the delicious Hong Kong-style Chinese food that you give up your spot at the mic! This is one karaoke spot where the food gets raved about.

Comfy seating in the karaoke rooms adds to your enjoyment, and there’s plenty of space to get up and dance. Rooms are sanitized before each use, so you’ll always feel comfortable picking up the mic.

Enjoy a huge playlist of songs in multiple languages, with top-notch sound systems to make you sound your best.

Karaoke Nights at Bars and Pubs

Sometimes, the most fun happens when you’re out with friends and stumble upon an intimate experience — or plan ahead for some of the best karaoke in San Francisco at a welcoming night spot.

When your throat is sore and you’ve released your splendid song to the world, why not discover some Halloween events in San Francisco?

El Rio

Located in Bernal Heights, El Rio proudly announces itself as a queer space that prioritizes BIPOC folks, promotes the local arts scene, and treats one and all with respect. You’ll feel accepted and loved here.

El Rio’s packed calendar highlights joyful karaoke — or “karaokiki” — every Thursday, with a trio of rotating hostesses who delight the crowd and keep the party at its peak.

Swing back earlier or later in the week to join the other El Rio happenings, which include DJ sets, queer dance parties, throwback celebrations, bingo, Salsa Sundays, and lots and lots of live music from hot local bands.

Sometimes, there’s even karaoke with a live band, putting you in a true spotlight. We get it; our soundtracks come together with the notes of many instrumentalists. You might need that added flair.

Photographer: Aleksandr Popov

Finding Your Perfect Karaoke Spot in San Francisco

San Francisco is home to some of the most exciting nightlife on the West Coast. Whether you want to shake it all out at an immersive karaoke joint or head to one of SF’s famed comedy clubs, you’ll find diverse full-on performances to fill your calendar and your soul.

Our shows in San Francisco raise the bar on breathtaking experiences. Explore the art of clowning, pairing it with the acrobatics and escapist fun that we're known for. Astonishing feats will make you catch your breath for the entirety of the show.

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