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The Best Places to Karaoke in Brisbane

Just like a night of unexpected karaoke brilliance, a Brisbane nightlife adventure is out of this world.

Hankering to escape the well-worn path of typical things to do in Brisbane? The city’s karaoke scene invites you to a place where inhibitions melt away, and songbirds reign supreme.

Under the veil of moonlight, there’s a world of playful energy and carefree fun. You’re not just stepping into a room or bar — you’re taking the stage. Intimate hideaways, polished lounges, and dive bars with stages showcase their unique twists on karaoke capers.

Brisbane’s international vibe makes for an endless selection of venues and songbooks. One night, you find yourself in an adorable Korean booth singing K-pop, and on another, you’re giving your best Whitney Houston impression in a themed room.

No one expects perfection. Just let go of your fears and cheer your mates on when it’s their turn. In this performance, you’re the star and the audience. Whether your voice soars with operatic flair or wobbles with endearing magnetism, it’s time to shine at karaoke in Brisbane.

Fortitude Valley

Fortitude Valley comes alive at night. It’s a neon-clad playground where Brisbane’s live music scene spills onto the streets, and an escapade awaits around every corner.

1. Blute’s Bar

Mosey on down to Blute’s Bar, a down-to-earth spot steeped in Aussie pub charm. You don’t need to be a pro to get on stage here. Just grab a cold one, and belt it out while a raucous crowd cheers you on. The neon-lit bar serves up no-frills drinks, such as lager, rum and coke, and plenty of strong bourbons.

Exposed brick, worn leather seats, and timber floors make for an old-timey, comfy, familiar pub aesthetic. Beer signs and flickering TV screens bring the nostalgia to life. It’s a place for singalongs, crowd-pleasers, and all the fun you can handle. Looking for a place to cut loose and sing your heart out? Blute’s is where it’s at.

2. Lost Souls Karaoke

With a purgatory waiting room and bar, this underworld-themed karaoke bar will have you “singing for your soul”. Designed by Nelson Gibbins, each room at the Lost Souls Karaoke features otherworldly decor that feels like a year-round Halloween party.

Let your inner star shine under the mood lighting, plush seating, and quirky touches that mirror the theme. We’ll tell you a secret: This is our favorite place to have a karaoke experience in Brisbane. The vibes are immaculate, perhaps best described as surreal luxury.

Rooms — or realms — take you into an animated world that blends seclusion and extravagance. Velvet couches, decadent cocktails, and funky stages bring out your inner diva. As if you need any help, right? Find your favorite track among a catalogue of recent chart toppers and beloved classics.

3. Holey Moley Golf Club Fortitude Valley

Karaoke is woven into Holey Moley Golf Club Fortitude Valley’s swinging soul. Come for its high energy and unashamedly loud atmosphere. Stay for the crazy golf, arcade games, and awesome karaoke.

Rooms accommodate up to 15 of your nearest and dearest. So, bring your coworkers, family, or a crowd of your best mates and get down here. It’s karaoke night seven days a week.

Top tunes include Let It Go, Wonderwall, and No Time to Die. Are you still working up the nerves to sing? Try one of their deliciously creative cocktails, like Rub a Dub Tub, served in a bathtub, or Mystic Peach, for some liquid courage.

4. Greaser Bar

Tucked away on Brunswick Street, Greaser Bar has an evocative cool-kid feel. Vintage prints, neon signs, and a healthy dose of rock 'n' roll imagery make for an edgy yet cozy feel. Pump your fist and rock out to indie, blues, and modern hits before hitting the backstage karaoke stage.

In true subversive style, karaoke nights are unpredictable, so expect the unexpected. You could listen to an indie head, followed by a classic rock lover, with a Kate Bush fanatic straight after. Greaser’s menu is all about fried chicken and beer, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Central Business District

By day, the CBD is all hustle and bustle. But, as the sun sets, it becomes a sophisticated playground with a dash of mischief. We get it. Our days are filled with rehearsals, practice, and hard work — we’re always ready to unwind with friends. And there are just so many fun things to do in Brisbane.

5. Music City Karaoke

Music City Karaoke is a simple space that lets the tunes do the singing. Flaunt your falsetto in one of its ten rooms, accommodating between two and fourteen people.

Unlike many of Brisbane’s karaoke rooms, an hour here won’t break the bank. Even dreamier for your wallet, BYO is 100% free. We know — that’s practically unheard of. But this venue's sole priority is for you to have an awesome time and get immersed in the music. Book in advance because it fills up fast!

6. Strike Karaoke

At Strike Karaoke, the good times are visceral. Songbirds flitter in and out throughout the week to unleash their inner rock star. Its state-of-the-art karaoke system is a breeze to use, and there’s a bumper karaoke song list to put your own spin on.

Whether you’re hitting a power ballad’s high notes or harmonizing with friends like a barbershop quartet, Strike is a barrel of fun. Get pizzas, burgers, sharing plates, and drinks delivered to your room. Ready to make spontaneous post-drinks karaoke decisions? Hit up the bowling alley, laser tag, or an escape room to round off your day.

7. Fat Louie’s

Enter cork-popping, Tokyo-style karaoke curators, Fat Louie’s, and get the party started. Karaoke is just one ingredient in this pie of limitless frivolity. It’s a huge hit with hens, bucks, and corporate folks ready to let their hair down.

Its private rooms, which range from small to large, are adorned with mesmerizing mirror balls and leather seats. A state-of-the-art sound system showcases your vocal prowess—or, at the very least, its authenticity.

Pick your best-loved tracks using handheld devices, and watch the lyrics light up on the screen as you warble and trill. Choose from a dazzling array of tunes spanning from the '70s to today’s smash hits. Thai, Korean, Japanese, and English songs are in the mix, so no one gets left out.

8. Dynamite Karaoke & Bar

Dynamite Karaoke & Bar’s eclectic charm and vibrant ambiance beckon. Within its walls, you’re transported to a world where heartfelt songs mingle with laughter, and creativity flows freely. Under the starlit ceiling, everything else melts away. It’s just you, your mates, and the performance of a lifetime.

After a singsong, guests can head to the bar or showcase their mastery of the dart board or pool table. Each visit is a catalyst for spontaneous moments of joy and camaraderie.

9. Cono Singing Booth

Cono Singing Booth is the most adorable — and affordable — karaoke outing in Brisbane. Ponder your musical choices in the tome-like songbook, where you will find something that resonates. Comfy booths fit between two and six people.

While Korean hits dominate, English, Spanish, and Japanese hits are also available. The booths are squeaky clean, and the sound system rocks. And thanks to the refreshing embrace of air conditioning throughout, you won't overheat. We thoroughly love grabbing a booth and pouring our feelings into song in this Korean-themed hot spot.

Mt. Gravatt

One of Brisbane’s southern suburbs, Mt. Gravatt, melds leafy streets with bustling energy. Groove your way down for a slice of the relaxed local lifestyle.

10. Cloud 8 Karaoke

We’re on cloud nine every time we head to Cloud 8 Karaoke. Are you serious about singing? This is your spiritual home, an all-out karaoke party in Westfield Mt Gravatt Shopping Centre.

With 14 themed rooms, it’s not a place you visit once. Bring your own food and drink, or order from one of the two partnered restaurants. Indulge in a feast as you hone your inner performer.

Are you tired of listening to your mates as they attempt to hit high notes? Maybe you’re that friend who doesn’t love karaoke as much as everyone else. No worries. There’s mah-jongg, Monopoly, and poker to play at no extra charge. This venue goes to town for birthday celebrations and decorates the room for you.

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South Brisbane

Edgy, artsy, and full of surprises, South Brisbane welcomes you into its riverside promenades and quirky bars.

11. Little Big House

Little Big House is a stylish spot on Grey Street with a 25-person room downstairs. It’s ideal for celebrating those heart-pounding special occasions. Have a blast as you find banger after banger in the extensive karaoke catalog.

Did we mention the pub is celebrity chef Matt Moran’s brainchild? The food and drink are high-quality. Think elevated pub classics, like burgers, butties, salads, and pasta. The drinks list is small but perfectly formed, featuring sauvignon blanc, pinot noir, espresso martinis, and Long Island iced tea.

New Farm

New Farm is all tree-lined sidewalks and chic cafés. Wander through its sprawling parks and riverside daily, and vibe out in its bars and pubs at night.

12. The Brunswick Hotel

Get ready for Karaoke Kaos at The Brunswick Hotel on Saturday nights. There are no booths to hide in here, but tons of unpretentious fun awaits. The whole pub is your captive audience as you take the stage and unleash the superstar within.

Here, people of all backgrounds come together to make impossible dreams come true. Between performances, chow down on sumptuous dishes such as local steaks, chicken parmesan, and salads. We love the welcoming environment and chaotic but chill atmosphere.

Sunnybank Hills

A pocket of vibrant energy with a global flavor — Sunnybank Hills is a foodie's paradise, where the aromas of authentic cuisine waft through the air.

13. Game Republic

Looking to gather a big, ol’ rowdy crew of your nearest and dearest? Game Republic’s karaoke rooms welcome between six and 45 people. The decor within is nothing short of breathtaking, ranging from sleek and modern to plush VIP lounges. Intricate light fixtures, opulent banquettes, and elegant microphones make it totally unique.

Create your own fun in this all-in-one entertainment hub, with pool tables and mah-jongg. Propping up the high-end feel, courteous staff are always on hand with champagne, brandy, whiskey, and more.

14. MOJO Karaoke Bar & Cafe

MOJO Karaoke Bar & Cafe has multiple sprawling rooms and mouth-watering Sichuan-style cuisine. Old-school songbooks filled with retro and modern hits promise nights of nostalgia and carefree exploits.

Cheer on your mates as they showcase their perfectly honed head voice or sing completely out of key. The joy is in the journey. Warm up your vocal cords and give it your all — what’s the worst that could happen?

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A quirky mix of old and new buildings sits next to trendy lounges in Woolloongabba — full of contrast, character, and unexpected delights.

15. Ben's Vietnamese & Chinese Restaurant

Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Ben's Vietnamese & Chinese Restaurant hosts karaoke night. Many unsuspecting guests come here anticipating nothing more than a delectable meal, and karaoke brings a surprise dose of cheer and closeness.

A stage is set at the front of the restaurant, so you can cater to friends and strangers as they sample the cuisine. Musical memories are waiting to be made, plus a cheeky hint of on-stage antics.

Wrapping Up Your Brisbane Karaoke Adventure

Vibrant bursts of melody dance in the air, and confidence blooms at karaoke bars in Brisbane. Those shared moments of karaoke bravery build character and strengthen bonds.

It’s the wonder of stepping out of your comfort zone and playfully embracing vulnerability. Tonight, you’re the karaoke king, queen, or royal. If weaving dreams across the stage leaves you breathless, you’ll love our shows in Brisbane.

You’ll see costumes shimmer like unearthed treasure. Music swells and ebbs in time with dancers, acrobats, and the crowd’s energy. Beneath the spectacle lies a raw, undeniable energy — a testament to our relentless pursuit of the extraordinary. There's only one thing missing: you! We hope to see you in our audience soon.

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