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Holiday Traditions Around the World

'Twas the night before the premiere, when all through the theater
Not a performer was stirring, not even an acrobat;
The costumes were hung by the dressing rooms with care,
In hopes that the audience soon would be there;

From classic American celebrations to European traditions of olde, there's a sleigh-load of joyful family-focused festivities waiting for you. Grab your coziest blanket and a mug of hot cocoa, we’re about to unwrap the magic of the season with! 


Holiday Traditions in the US 

The festive season is upon us, and what better way to get into the holiday spirit than by exploring the countless traditions that American families observe during these times? Twinkling decorations, enchanting treats, heartwarming activities, and lively gatherings: here are some of our favorite holiday traditions from the US. 

Familial Holiday Traditions

Family traditions are the heart and soul of the festive season. Delightful dishes, homey celebrations and acts of kindness: let’s create memories that last a lifetime.

At-home Traditions 

Step into a world of festive flair with classic American traditions. Whether it’s the shimmering tree lighting up the room, a whimsical gingerbread house to satisfy your sweet tooth, or that hilariously hideous sweater dad pulls out every Christmas Eve, there’s a sparkle of joy in every corner. 

Deck the Halls and Decorate the Tree 

Gather your loved ones and enjoy this delightful moment with them. Whether you opt for a real tree or you’re on team faux, adorn it with glimmering lights, baubles, and cherished ornaments. And for that personal touch? Craft some DIY ornaments and let your creativity shine. 

Credits: Jonathan Borba

Wear an Ugly Sweater 

With your home echoing festive cheer, why not add a touch of holiday humor to your attire? Dive into the world of ugly sweaters. Look for a gem in a thrift store or craft your own, wear it with pride and spread the holiday giggles. 

Christmas Eve Celebrations and Christmas Morning Rituals

Make the most magical night of the year even more special with heartwarming traditions. Then wake up to the joy of Christmas morning with delightful moments. From gift unwrapping to festive breakfasts and calls to the extended family, let the magic continue.

Credits: Michael DeMoya

Gifts Exchange 

Dive into the world of festive gift-giving with playful exchanges like Secret Santa and White Elephant. Not all gifts are made in Santa’s Workshop or found in stores: try your hand at DIYing something for someone you love and remember, if it turns out imperfect, it’s the thought that counts! 

Spend Quality Time With Loved Ones 

Cherish the moments with the people you hold dear. Whether it’s a cozy cookie-baking afternoon, a festive film fest, or heartwarming gift exchanges, let the spirit of togetherness shine bright. 

Credits: Nichole Michalou

Activities and Entertainment 

The holiday season is a whirlwind of joyous activities: there’s magic in every moment. 

Write a Letter to Santa (and the Reindeers!) 

The age-old tradition of writing to Santa Claus is a heartwarming affair. Let the little ones pour out their wishes, and come Christmas Eve, leave out some treats for Santa and his trusty reindeer. It’s a sprinkle of magic that never grows old. 

Holiday Movies Marathon 

Curl up with your loved ones and dive into a world of festive films. Share timeless classics with the young ones or look for modern gems to tell, there’s a tale for every taste. Grab a bucket of fresh popcorn, snuggle under your warmest blanket, and let the movie magic take you away. What’s your movie pick? 

Sing Christmas Carols 

Lift your spirits and voices with the joyous melodies of Christmas carols. From age-old hymns to modern hits, let the holiday music fill your heart and home. Gather everybody and spread the festive cheer with song. 

Credits: David Beale

Play Tourist in Your Own Neighborhood and Admire the Lights 

Step into a luminous wonderland with the mesmerizing displays of holiday lights. Take a stroll through your neighborhood or set up your own display, let the lights guide your festive spirit. 


Delicious Traditions 

Gather around the table and indulge in the many delights of the season. Will you have company over for a grand feast this year? Carve up the Christmas ham and pour yourself a cozy cup of eggnog, you should indulge in some culinary magic. 

Holiday Food Traditions 

Celebrate the season with an all-out spread. Whether it’s a grand feast, a cookie swap, or a gingerbread extravaganza, let the flavors of the season take center stage. 

Credits: Jed Owen

Bake Christmas Cookies

The scent of freshly baked cookies in the air is the essence of holiday joy. Dive into a world of sugar cookies, gingerbread delights, and other festive favorites. Gather your family, roll up those sleeves, and let the baking bonanza begin!

Credits: Nicholas Safran

Make Homemade Hot Cocoa

Warm up those chilly evenings with a mug of rich hot chocolate. Go classic or jazz it up with marshmallows, candy canes, and a dollop of whipped cream. And for that extra touch of magic? Set up a cocoa bar and let everyone craft their perfect cup with toppings and syrups. 

Plan a Special Holiday Meal

Craft a festive feast that celebrates your family’s heritage. Think of traditional dishes you miss or come up with modern twists, let the flavors tell a tale of traditions and memories. 

Build and Decorate a Gingerbread House

Once your tree is standing tall and proud, it’s time for another festive favorite: the gingerbread house. Go all out with a DIY masterpiece or opt for a handy premade kit. And for a sprinkle of friendly competition? Host a decorating contest and crown the gingerbread champion! 

Credits: Randalyn Hill

Organize a Cookie Swap

Add a sprinkle of fun to your celebrations with a cookie exchange. Invite your loved ones, bring out your best cookie recipes, bake them, and swap them for a delightful assortment. 


Community and Giving Back

Spread the festive cheer beyond your home with acts of kindness. Step out and embrace the festive spirit of your community and let local festivities warm your heart! 

Give Back

Make a difference this festive season with acts of kindness. You could volunteer at a food bank, sponsor a family, or organize a drive, let the spirit of giving shine bright. 

Credits: Aaron Doucett

Contribute to a Toy Drive

Add a sprinkle of magic to a child’s festive season by participating in a toy drive. Whether you’re donating or organizing, every toy counts.

Help a Family Through a Charity

Spread the festive cheer beyond your home by adopting a family through a charity. Through gifts, meals, or direct support, every act of kindness counts.

Pick Your Own Tree at a Christmas Tree Farm

Support local farmers and bring home the scent of fresh pine with a visit to a Christmas tree farm. Choose your perfect tree and let the festive preparations begin.

Credits: Max Raber

Unique and Fun Traditions

Add a sprinkle of uniqueness to your festive celebrations with delightful traditions.

Take a Holiday Trip to the Library

Dive into the world of festive tales with a holiday trip to the library. Discover heartwarming stories and spread the joy of reading.

Start a Silly Ritual

Add a touch of humor to your celebrations with a silly ritual. Why not hold a Santa-beard contest or a festive game night? Let the laughter ring!


International Holiday Traditions

Embark on a festive journey around the globe and discover the myriad of ways people celebrate the holiday season. Let’s unwrap the heartwarming traditions of global holiday customs.

European Traditions

Europe, with its rich history and diverse cultures, offers a treasure trove of holiday traditions. Whether it’s the bustling Christmas Markets of Germany, the luminous Santa Lucia Day in Sweden and Italy, or the fiery Christmas Pudding in the UK, there’s a festive tale waiting at every corner.

Germany: Christmas Markets

Step into the enchanting world of Germany’s Christmas markets, where age-old traditions come alive. Amidst the glow of fairy lights, savor the warmth of glühwein, the aroma of roasted chestnuts, and the charm of handcrafted souvenirs. Let the festive spirit of Weihnachtsmärkte transport you to a winter wonderland.

Credits: Arthur Edelmans

Sweden and Italy: Santa Lucia Day

Journey to the snowy landscapes of Sweden and experience the radiant celebration of Santa Lucia Day. Envision a procession illuminated by candlelight, the air filled with the scent of saffron buns, and the harmonious melodies of traditional songs. And as you venture to Italy, discover their unique homage to Saint Lucy, a testament to the enduring spirit of light and hope.

Try an Icelandic Tradition

Embrace the Icelandic tradition of gifting books on Christmas Eve. Dive into a world of stories and let the magic of words warm your heart.

redits: Madara Parma

Celebrations From Around the Globe

A tapestry of cultures and traditions offers a unique perspective on holiday celebrations. Let’s delve into the festive wonders around the world.


Venture to the vibrant lands of India and partake in the jubilant festivities of Diwali. Lanterns are soaring and rangoli art adorns the streets. Savor the flavors of traditional sweets and embrace the teachings of ancient legends. Diwali, a festival of light and hope, is a testament to the triumph of good over evil.

Credits: Suchandra Roy Chowdhury

Simbang Gabi

Journey to the Philippines and experience the devout tradition of Simbang Gabi. As dawn breaks, churches come alive with prayers, lights, and melodies. And outside, stalls brimming with traditional treats beckon the faithful. It’s a spiritual experience that resonates with the essence of Christmas.


Step into the world of Kwanzaa, a celebration that honors African heritage and values. Kinara candles light up homes, immerse yourself in tales of unity, creativity, and faith. With music, dance, and storytelling, Kwanzaa is a festival of reflection and empowerment.

Credits: RDNE Stock project

Las Posadas

Venture to Spain and partake in the joyous festivities of Las Posadas. As processions reenact ancient tales and homes come alive with feasts and prayers, it’s a celebration that captures the spirit of community and faith.


Modern Takes on Classic Traditions

The festive season is ever evolving, and there’s always room for a modern twist on classic traditions. Try integrating technology, opting for sustainable celebrations, or hosting virtual gatherings with loved ones overseas, let’s explore the possibilities of a contemporary holiday season.

Incorporating Technology Into Traditions

Embrace the digital age and infuse your holiday traditions with a touch of technology. Virtual gatherings or e-cards, online games or streaming festive films, technology offers endless opportunities to make the season special.

Sustainable Holiday Celebrations

Step into a greener festive season with sustainable celebrations. Choose LED lights, repurpose decorations, and choose eco-friendly gifts. Opt for homemade presents or a plant-based feast to make sustainability the heart of your festivities.

Virtual Holiday Gatherings

In a world where distances fade away with technology, virtual holiday gatherings are the new norm. Whether it’s a virtual secret Santa with participants from all over the world, an online potluck, or a digital talent show.

From bustling markets to serene churches and age-old traditions to modern innovations, holiday celebrations are a testament to love, joy, and togetherness. If you celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, or Christmas doesn’t matter: the essence remains the same - a time of gratitude, love, and hope. So, as you embark on your festive journey, find traditions that resonate with your heart and make every moment magical.

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