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Halloween Events Las Vegas

One city, six shows, a single spooktastic Halloween weekend — some scary events are taking place in Sin City, and you’re invited to participate.

If you’re looking for things to do in Las Vegas next Halloween, get ready to mark up your calendar and create a top-tier itinerary.

From costume contests and pumpkin patches to dance fests and ghost stories, here’s everything you need to know about Halloween events in Las Vegas.

Haunted Houses and Thrill Attractions

Halloween in Las Vegas feels a bit different — literally. It’s often still warm out, but you’ll find plenty of chills, thrills, and mystery courtesy of haunted houses or our show Mystère.

Here are some of the best scary settings and other boo-tiful attractions throughout the valley.

1. Las Vegas Haunts: Asylum & Hotel Fear

Take a deep breath and discover why this spot at Meadows Mall has won awards for being the most fearsome escape in the state for four years in a row. Las Vegas Haunts: Asylum & Hotel Fear is a double feature of spooky creatures and bone-chilling backstories that’ll leave you full of goosebumps.

It starts with Hotel Fear, an inn that’s been the sight of unexplained disappearances and mental collapses. An under-the-radar government agency has taken over, and the rumor mill says all is not what it seems.

Over at the Asylum, tragedy reigns under the auspices of — you guessed it — the same unnamed government agency. It’s a one-two punch of petrifying expeditions, and locals love to come back year after year.

2. Halloween Maze Las Vegas

Turn back now! That’s what they’ll tell you when you first attempt to set foot inside Halloween Maze Las Vegas.

The scare factor is present, but the attraction’s founder, Nathan Harris, swears he sees little kids who brave the corridors with surprising aplomb.

The goal isn’t to terrify but to deliver a ton of fun — whether you get your giggle from neon clown murals and screaming makeup-adorned actors is up to you.

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3. Tunnel of Terror Haunted Car Wash

One of the weirder Halloween events in Las Vegas takes place at a car wash. How spooky can something as mundane as a scrub-a-dub tub for vehicles really be? You’ll have to buy a ticket to Tommy's Express Tunnel of Terror to find out.

While the tunnel is technically open to all ages, anyone who isn’t a big fan of jump scares, costumed villains, and spooky music may want to skip this ride — but everyone else is in for a treat.

The car wash slows the belt to its slowest setting, giving you a full 3 minutes of mind-numbing fright between the entrance and exit. Strobe lights and the swishing brushes amplify the multisensory experience. You never know who — or what — is hiding amongst the suds.

Ghost Tours and Paranormal Experiences: The Scariest Halloween Events in Las Vegas

Speaking of scary experiences, it’s time to commune with an otherworldly plane and bring a bit of the afterlife to Las Vegas. Or is it the other way around?

The veil between this life and the next blurs on Halloween, giving you the perfect opportunity to become BFFs with a ghost and party like it’s 1899.

4. Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum

The Best Haunted Destination in America for four years in a row (USA Today), the Best Museum in Las Vegas for five years in a row (Las Vegas Review-Journal), and the Best Attraction in Las Vegas (Las Vegas Weekly) — those many accolades must mean something.

See for yourself at Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum in downtown Las Vegas. The executive producer of Ghost Adventures has taken over the historic Wengert Mansion, the site of decades of occult activity.

Part of the attraction is filled with artifacts and paranormal exhibits. The shadowy hallways and secret passages call for a courageous explorer.

Amplify the angst with tickets for the Late-Night Flashlight Ghost Tour Experience. This Las Vegas haunted tour is the lights-out option — literally. You’re left alone with a flashlight, your fear, and whatever lurks in the basement.

The museum has over 30 rooms in all, including The Devil’s Rocking Chair (which inspired the Conjuring 3), Peggy the Doll, Dybbuk Box, Demon House, James Dean’s Transaxle (a haunted car part), and Dr. Death’s Van.

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5. Goodsprings Ghost Hunt

Goodsprings Ghost Hunt is about 35 minutes from Las Vegas. The tour van picks you up at the Tuscany Suites & Casino before transporting you to this town that time forgot.

Along the way, you’ll be prepped for your spooktacular time with stories from your guide and a mini documentary. And if that isn’t enough to get you ready, the drink and dinner you get at the Pioneer Saloon bar upon arrival should help.

Once it’s time to get down to business, you’ll get your equipment. Use the EMF meters, dowsing rods, and temperature guns to zero in on spirits still haunting the premises.

There are no actors or tricks here — just real accounts of supernatural happenings and an opportunity to commune with lost souls.

6. Las Vegas Ghosts

Las Vegas Ghosts takes tour guests through a swatch of paranormal activity, exploring the spookier side of the Las Vegas Strip. See if you can feel the presence of Sin City icons, such as Liberace and Bugsy Siegel, and see where rap superstar Tupac took his final breath.

You’ll also learn about construction accidents tied to the city’s growth spurts. As the Hoover Dam and buildings such as the Luxor went up, some workers went down, and it’s up to you to decide whether they’re stuck here waiting for a resolution.

Each Las Vegas tour lasts between 90 and 120 minutes, and high-tech audio tech and transmitters ensure you can always hear your guide’s narration while you traipse about.

Guides are locals, so keep your ears open for little tidbits that could make your trip extra special. Just be sure the whispers are coming from a real person.

Halloween Parties and Nightlife

Known as a gambling city, Las Vegas is always bustling with activity, and that’s never more true than when a holiday rolls around.

The slate of events in Vegas over Halloween weekend is impressive. It’s like the entire city turns up for costume parties and pumpkin carving, and the festivities extend to nightlife.

Photographer: David Vives

7. Sin City Halloween Weekend

Sin City Halloween Weekend caters to those who come into town or from the suburbs to spend 2 days partying with zombies, ghosts, and goblins.

Friday is Thriller, a party that’s been ruling the roost at Inspire Nightclub & Lounge for 15 years. The playlist features classic hits from the ‘80s, ‘90s, and 2000s played by a live band and a trio of DJs. VIP tickets score unlimited premium drinks and a separate mezzanine area so you can dance outside the crush.

On Saturday, it’s time for fun in costumes and masks at the Sin City Halloween Ball, also known as the Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball.

The Theater at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas becomes the best shindig in town, with performers such as Andy Moor, EDMA Best New Artist nominee Tim Clark, Bonka, and DJ Twin spinning the dance hits.

Fire-breathing performers and ornately clad dancers deliver energy and spice, which is totally on theme and right up our alley.

This party is inclusive of fantasy and fetish wear, which means your sassy uniforms, lingerie, latex, leather, lace, and feathers should be packed up and ready to travel well in advance.

8. Zouk Nightclub Halloween Weekend

The Temple of Zouk is less about candy hunts and more about shaking your tail feathers to some of the best DJs in the business. Zouk Nightclub’s Halloween weekend includes 4 days of dancing. In 2023, that culminated in an October 31st appearance by none other than Tiësto.

The club’s unique structure offers a panoramic view of the DJ stage. Whether you’re doing the Dougie with your besties or waiting in line for another vodka tonic, you can see what’s going on and keep up with the flow.

From hip-hop vibes to cyber noir, the music hits hard, with electrifying light shows and thumping bass to back it all up.

The Resorts World Las Vegas venue also has a few activities on the docket, such as the Sexiest Halloween Costume contest with top cash awards and prizes worth $10,000.

Photographer: Marcela Laskoski

Family-Friendly Events

The city may have a reputation as an adult playground, but not all Halloween events in Las Vegas are geared for the grown-ups.

It starts with the famous pumpkin patches that dot the city, bringing fantastic carnival rides, bounce houses, and midway games to the far corners of Clark County and North Las Vegas. Like those mini fairs, the to-dos below are suitable for all ages.

9. Haunted Harvest at the Springs Preserve

When the Springs Preserve opened in 2007, it served as a much-needed site of preservation and education in the heart of the city.

Through a combo of permanent displays, rotating interactive exhibits, and 180 acres of nature walks and displays, the preserve teaches visitors about local botany, natural history, and the wetlands that still exist in this desert locale.

In October, one of the most family-friendly Halloween activities in Las Vegas transforms the Springs Preserve into the venue’s annual event known as the Haunted Harvest. The grounds are sprinkled with candy stations for trick-or-treaters, as well as a petting zoo and a hay maze.

Little ones can participate in carnival games and monster training or get artsy via craft tables. Meanwhile, the parents can enjoy live entertainment and visit the food vendors serving up savory and sweet snacks on demand.

Haunted Harvest occurs on various dates throughout October, but the event sells out quickly. Get tickets ASAP to avoid missing out.

10. Parade of Mischief in Downtown Summerlin

Downtown Summerlin is a large outdoor shopping center that’s every bit as much of a gathering place as it is a mall.

The strategic layout seamlessly meshes department stores and little boutiques while leaving room for art festivals, movies on the lawn, and farmers' markets every weekend.

As Halloween nears, the spider web of streets crisscrossing the shopping center becomes the runway for the Halloween-themed Parade of Mischief.

About 30 local youths come together in costume to put on a family-friendly procession that’s both colorful and cool. Special features, such as an alien pod, a Día de los Muertos float, and appearances by Cruella de Vil, the Addams family, and the Hocus Pocus witches add even more pizazz.

The performers try to interact with parade goers when possible, so grab a seat on the sidewalk close to Park Centre Drive, and you might take home a few gold coins or stickers.


11. Dive-In Movie Night at Pavilion Center Pool

Some Vegas events around the Halloween holiday take full advantage of existing attractions. Pavilion Center Pool is open to the public for swim practice, open swim times, and exercise classes, but it also holds special events.

The pool’s dive-in movie series is especially popular. On Halloween weekend, the pool turns into a spooktacular experience where you can swim and watch a movie at the same time.

If your kids are feeling inspired by all the shallow dives and wanna-be synchronized swimmers, tickets to our show “O” may be the perfect way to round out the weekend.

The show weaves romance, surrealism, and acrobatics together. The result is a magnificent production that pays homage to Mother Nature and the human spirit — and all the fire and makeup are very on point for Halloween.

Unique Experiences

Rounding out our list of top Las Vegas Halloween attractions is an entry that isn’t spooky or backed by DJs. This experience is as unique as it is creepy, and it’ll take nerves of steel to get a ticket and follow through. Are you up to the challenge?

12. Saw and Blair Witch Escape Rooms – Escape IT

Do you believe in the Blair Witch? In 1999, a one-of-a-kind trailer hit the airwaves, introducing moviegoers to a trio of lost filmmakers who may or may not have been taken by a ghost in the woods around Blair Township.

Much mystery still surrounds their disappearance, but now you can outrun and outwit a similar fate. Escape Blair Witch is Halloween in Las Vegas for adults who love horror and puzzles.

It’s an immersive experience featuring multiple rooms and settings from the actual movies. You’ll have to unravel clues and find key information to beat the witch at her own game and get out with your sanity intact.

The same team is behind The Official Saw Escape Las Vegas. From the Egan & Co. Meat Packing plant to Jigsaw’s lair, each room is designed to push boundaries and test your limits.

Freedom is within reach — if you can solve the puzzles and work with your fellow would-be escapees.

Your Halloween Adventure in Las Vegas Awaits

From Charleston Boulevard and Caesars Palace to Omega Mart and Tivoli Village, Halloween events in Las Vegas promise fun nights and spooky adventures for the whole family.

Build on the Halloween theme with Michael Jackson ONE (yes, Thriller is in the mix), or surrender to the captivating battle at the heart of KÀ at MGM Grand. It’s one city with six shows on tap.

Where will your adventure take you next? Our shows in Las Vegas are nestled into casinos up and down the Las Vegas Strip.

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