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Gran Canaria Nightlife

Join us as we uncover the best nightlife experiences in Gran Canaria. An exhilarating evening awaits!

Peaceful beaches and tranquil surroundings make Gran Canaria picturesque. However, as evening sweeps across the island, the entire atmosphere changes. As unique and diverse as the island itself, Gran Canaria’s nightlife brings a new world of possibilities just waiting to be discovered.

Put on your dancing shoes and warm up your vocal cords as we take you through some of the best things to do in Gran Canaria, after dark. Whether you want to learn salsa or simply chill with a zesty cocktail, everything’s better under the moonlight.

Las Palmas: A Melting Pot of Nighttime Delights

Dating back to the 15th century, Gran Canaria’s capital, Las Palmas, brims with culture. While colonial architecture and Spanish tradition are recognizable throughout the city, the night comes to life in trendy destinations, such as Sotavento Club.

1. Chester

The party never stops at Chester in Meloneras. While there are many clubs in Gran Canaria, this one's unique, avant-garde architecture makes it special.

When you step inside and hear the Latin music wash over you, you can almost feel Spain’s breathtaking culture and history bouncing off the walls.

Then, things take a dramatic turn as the bass pumps and electronica or the latest DJ remixes reverberate through the club. This captivating blend of tradition and modern style makes Chester unforgettable. The beach is also just moments away, beckoning you for a moonlit stroll once you’re done dancing.

2. The Paper Club

Most clubs are known for edgy interiors, where neon lights pierce through the darkness to set the perfect ambiance for a lively night and raucous fun. However, The Paper Club is a little different.

While you’ll find your share of spaces here dripping with industrial style, the club’s distinctive use of outdoor areas brings more fun to your evening. Outside, the club’s terrace feels like a personal retreat. It’s the perfect place to capture stunning views while chatting with friends.

You’ll also find a tropical garden. We can't think of a better place to sip a mojito. We’re also captivated by the light-up tables and chairs. A little illumination and the perfect musical score set the stage for boundless entertainment.

3. Aqua Ocean Club

A fun night often begins with a few drinks with friends. If you’re looking for a cocktail that ushers a burst of flavor onto your palate to get things moving, Aqua Ocean Club doesn’t disappoint. The club’s extensive cocktail menu takes your taste buds worldwide, from fruity little Spanish numbers to bold American classics that pack a wild punch.

Make new friends and experience the colorful culture of Gran Canaria. Aqua Ocean Club is a favorite nightlife hot spot among locals, so it’s one of the best places to visit if you want to immerse yourself in the island’s festive spirit. With chic events and energetic concerts held regularly, there’s always something new to experience.

4. Drag Show at Sparkles Show Bar

If you’re looking for one of the best ways to celebrate nightlife in Gran Canaria, head to a drag show at Sparkles Show Bar. Its talented performers take traditional drag show antics to the next level with an extra dose of sassy humor blended into energetic song and dance numbers.

Want to belt out some tunes yourself? The venue offers karaoke before and after showtime.

5. Karaoke Night at Ricky’s Cabaret Bar

Another iconic nightlife venue, Ricky’s Cabaret Bar, is a place for fierce performances. The only thing reaching higher than those shrill upper notes is the drag performers' heels. While there are many places to experience karaoke in Las Palmas, you’ll agree Ricky’s has a unique charm and aesthetic. It’s also the oldest cabaret bar in the area.

With age comes wisdom, and Ricky’s Cabaret Bar has a few tricks up its sleeves. Expect wild games, sizzling dance-offs, and even a few giveaways to get you in the party mood. Grab a seat, order your drink, and prepare for a night's showstopper.

6. Attend a Beach Party at Anfi del Mar

White sands make a breathtaking backdrop for a beach party. While most of Gran Canaria’s beaches are exquisite, the party atmosphere peaks at Anfi del Mar. Of course, that’s the idea because this artificial beach was designed as the ultimate getaway and leisure spot.

Winding past hotels built alongside it, Anfi del Mar attracts rows of sunbathers sprawled out in deck chairs during the day. When night falls, the sun's golden light gives way to glittering LEDs that bathe the beach in a festive glow.

Hold tight to your tapas, lest they fly away when you find yourself dancing wildly into the night!

7. Taste Local Wines at Bodega Los Berrazales

The full body of Spanish wines gives rise to robust flavors, complementing the vibrancy of Mediterranean cuisine. However, there’s another reason Spain's wines are more potent than those produced in other European countries: the warm, sunny weather.

Wines produced in Gran Canaria are different yet again. Growers use many of the same time-honored Spanish techniques to bring them from grape to glass: The distinct climate on the island introduces unique nuances any wine lover enjoys discovering for the first time.

One of the best ways to sample these differences for yourself is to join a wine tasting at Bodega Los Berrazales. It's one of Gran Canaria’s most famous local wineries, over 200 years old. Old vines like these are often said to carry the most flavorful grapes.

8. Dine in the Sky at Restaurante 360°

You'll know you're in for a fun night when you sit down for dinner at Restaurante 360°. Perched atop Bohemia Suites & Spa, you can see the beach sprawled out below.

The menu features traditional and modern Spanish cuisine, served in innovative ways that will have you salivating. Think Iberian ham and ceviche. Since the restaurant is by the ocean, there's also plenty of fresh seafood.

Come for the views, but stay for the impressive selection of wines. Restaurante 360° benefits from one of Gran Canaria’s largest wine cellars. Not sure what to choose? Ask the sommelier to recommend the perfect drop to accompany your food.

9. Join a Salsa Dancing Night

Cuban immigrants in Miami invented salsa. Like many other exciting trends, it didn’t stay confined for long before spreading across Latin America and Europe. We think salsa's adaptability and ease make it so popular and fun.

There's no better way to mark a warm evening in Gran Canaria than embracing the free-flowing movements and individuality you can only find in salsa. From music venues to themed parties, this dance style takes flight in many places throughout the island. Lace up your leather-soled shoes and turn up the heat!

Playa del Inglés: The Epicenter of Nightlife

Walk along the Playa del Inglés promenade—Gran Canaria’s most iconic tourist spot. Warm, sandy beaches find their home against the bouncing sounds pouring from the clubs and bars in this entertainment hub.

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10. Watch a Live Show at Garbo’s

Think of a cabaret show. Now, imagine the classic show tunes replaced with iconic Broadway pieces and passionate renditions of hits by modern pop stars—think Lady Gaga—and you’ve begun to capture the essence of Garbo’s restaurant.

While you might be able to convince a waiter to sing Happy Birthday to you elsewhere, the servers are actually the stars of the show here. That’s because waiters at Garbo’s reveal their true talents between topping up drinks and delivering appetizers.

Don’t be surprised when they suddenly start singing Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You or launch into acrobatics.

11. Relax at Sahara Beach Bar

Watch football in style at Sahara Beach Bar. With its many screens showing broadcasts of major games worldwide, this authentic sports bar encourages camaraderie. However, unlike most sports bars where dark rooms and soggy peanuts are the norm, this one opens onto the beach and has a pool.

Not much of a sports fan? The incredible cocktails are just as likely to get you cheering with the locals. Sahara Beach Bar has four flavors of mojitos, pitchers of fresh sangria, and all the other classics. That first sip of a tequila sunrise or piña colada will have your taste buds rocking into vacation mode as the evening arrives.

Maspalomas: Chic and Sophisticated Evenings

As one of Gran Canaria’s most scenic regions, Maspalomas lets you enjoy the beauty of nature in between dancing.

12. Papagayo Beach Club

Breathtaking as it is during the day, Papagayo Beach Club truly transforms into something special at night. The sound of excited travelers and diners rings out toward the beach, filling the night with tangible excitement.

Papagayo Beach Club is the place to be if you’re looking for a sophisticated way to end the day. Think of the club as a choose-your-own-adventure story. You can dip in the infinity pool or lounge in a private cabana with a fresh cocktail.

Whether you’re in the mood for sushi or a walk on the beach, there are boundless opportunities, all of which are chic and exciting.

13. Attend the Maspalomas Carnival

Visiting around Easter? Don’t miss the chance to experience one of the island’s most captivating festivals, the Maspalomas Carnival.

Held three weekends before Easter and running for ten days, it draws in travelers worldwide. Many locals recount fond memories of past carnivals in Maspalomas, and it’s easy to understand why. No other event celebrates so many elements of Canary Island and Spanish culture, all mashed together.

However, the carnival isn’t old-fashioned. The festivities center around a new theme to keep things fresh each year. There are plenty of unique events to discover. How unique, you ask? Try canine costume competitions, a sardine burial for kids, and the much-anticipated Carnival Queen election.

Puerto Rico: Seaside Parties and Panoramic Views

Nestled between hills and offering panoramic ocean views, Puerto Rico will have you feeling carefree and relaxed. But don’t rest yet. This city is also home to a bustling commercial district.

14. Go Bar Hopping

Drinking with friends is all about the atmosphere. Why settle for one type of ambiance when you can experience a little of everything the Gran Canaria bars offer? Luckily, you could almost say Puerto Rico was set up with that in mind because most bars and restaurants are close together.

Seeking a little inspiration? Start your journey at The Bonnie Scot, where you can sip your first cocktail and catch the beginning of a football game. Next, head around the corner to Dicey Rileys for live music and karaoke. While you’ll find several other bars just moments away, there’s another cluster around Europa Shopping Centre.

15. Enjoy a Sunset Cruise

Set sail from the South Coast near Puerto Rico in the afternoon to see a completely different side of Gran Canaria. As the sun sets and you bob along, the lights from the clubs and restaurants back at shore create a mesmerizing backdrop.

Traveling around the island by ship is the most serene and romantic way to vacation in Gran Canaria. Imagine relaxing side-by-side, champagne in one hand and tapas or a charcuterie board to share.

Nothing enhances Gran Canaria’s warm weather like a refreshing drink and spicy chorizo as the sun disappears behind the shoreline.

San Agustín: The Undiscovered Nightlife Gem

A lesser-known gem, San Agustín grows in popularity each year. This southside resort city will dazzle you with its volcanic beaches and laid-back vibes.

16. The Terrace Cocktails & Chill Bar

With a name like The Terrace Cocktails & Chill Bar, you’d expect a friendly atmosphere and a place to unwind. That’s precisely what you’ll find in this relaxed bar near the beach. We think its ambiance perfectly captures the island’s joyful nature.

Order a cocktail made fresh from local fruit and enjoy the chill-out music. Gran Canaria’s nightclubs will still be there tomorrow. Today is about savoring the simple pleasures of island life.

Your Unforgettable Gran Canaria Nightlife Adventure

Take a moonlit trip around Gran Canaria, and you’ll see the island’s personality come to life. Gran Canaria has much to share, from heart-pounding parties in clubs to moving cabaret performances.

But if you’re looking for the perfect crescendo for your evening, leap into one of our shows in Gran Canaria. Our acrobats will mesmerize you as they perform otherworldly stunts in colorful costumes. Join us for a night of high-flying fun!

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