Behind the Curtain

Get Spooky with Cirque-inspired Makeup Looks

Can you hear the shackles of the ghouls clanking in the distance and the werewolves howling at the moon late at night? Halloween is peeking its warty nose around the corner, but no need to be frightened if you don’t have your costume figured out just yet. Cirque’s makeup artists have got you covered this year!

Some people would say that less is more when you’re trying to show off your makeup skills. To that, we say: be the daredevil you know you are. After all, it’s Halloween and we must show everybody – alive, dead, or undead – how it’s done!

We teamed up with our friends at NYX Professional Makeup to design eerie looks for you to try your hand at. You’re sure to give the heebie-jeebies to all the guests at your next scare-tastic party. If you’re feeling artsy, you can also try these unique looks whenever you want at home.

The Dragoness

As they say, when there’s smoke, there is fire… And this dragoness makeup is far beyond your traditional smoky eye. Adorned in your jewel-tone scales, treasures are sure to find their way to your hoard.

The challenge: Blending two rich colors together to create a contouring effect can prove tricky.

Our tip: opt for creams to blend them together easily, like NYX Professional Makeup SFX face and body paints. You’ll be better off using a sponge end to dab the side-by-side colors until you have a nice gradient. Don’t forget to set the colors with a layer of translucent powder.

The Mermaid

Live your underwater fantasy to the fullest with a pastel modern take on the ever-so-popular mermaid. Don’t just dip your toes this Halloween, jump in and make a splash. Looking like the hearth of the ocean, everybody will drink you up like a tall glass of water!

The challenge: getting your accessories to stick to your skin all night long.

Our tip: you don’t have to shave your head for this look; accessories can be clipped to your hair. But if you want to go the extra mile, eyelash glue will be you best friend to adhere stones, feathers, shells, and other thingamabobs safely to your skin. We recommend using the NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Color Palette in “Brights” to bring this look to life!

The Angel

Out with the halos and the store-bought wings, this angel is going fully biblical! Say your prayers, this extravagant take on a winged eyeliner is sent straight out from the heavens to give your fellow partiers the holiest of goosebumps.

The challenge: getting your wings impeccably symmetrical.

Our tip: with either a sheet of paper or a piece of thin plastic, create a stencil for your design to help you lay down the bigger shapes. It’s absolutely worth the extra effort — you’ll thank yourself for this prep work! Top off this look with the limited-edition Jumbo Lashes to create an even more angelic vibe!

The Enchantress

Get wicked this fall with a bewitching makeup inspired by ancient magicks. Adorned in a luscious gold crown made of snakes, this enchantress’ familiar. You’re sure to stand out on a ghostly night out and have everybody fall under your spell.

The challenge: accessorizing! Makeup is great and will transform you into your favorite character but go all out for this look!

Our tip: invest in your character: wigs, hats, jewelry, and over-the-top nails will help bring your character to life. It’s all in the details! Don’t be afraid to get creative using NYX Professional Makeup’s Line Loud or Epic Wear Liners to perfect your lines!

The Unicorn

Saddle up, this isn’t this glammed-up unicorn’s first rodeo. Show the world how unique you truly are with a makeup that’s out-of-the box (yes, this is a horse pun, look it up!). Ribbons, rhinestones, a whole lot of shimmer, and authenticity will make you the best-in-show this Halloween.

The challenge: the devil is in the details!

Our tip: practice, draft a plan and allow yourself enough time to create your masterpiece. We often think we can work faster than we should. You want to make a lasting impression? Set enough time aside, steady your brush and apply yourself to make your design look realistic.

The Phoenix

If you missed out on Halloween last year, this is your opportunity to rise from the ashes and burn brightly, even in the darkest of nights. This heated look merges multiples inspirations into one fiery and unforgettable look to soar high up and eclipse the moon.

The challenge: go halfsies!

Our tip: for a strong statement, find a cool character you’d like to go as. Go all out on one side of your face and do a beauty makeup on the other half. You can make an impact and be glam at the same time! Want an even stronger effect? Try to match your look to two different colored contacts lenses! This look can’t be completed without the new NYX Professional Makeup Lip Lingerie XXL in “naughty noir,” but are you feeling fiery enough to wear it?

NYX Professional Makeup is the Official Makeup Partner of Cirque du Soleil.